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I've been using my iPad fairly frequently in the past two months to create digital drawings, as part of a personal project to rebuild my drawing skills. I've been somewhat disappointed with the broad, rubbery-tipped capacitive touch styluses I've tried, and the conductive brushes were certainly no better. Don't get me wrong, in general, they're ok, and a bit more precise, offering a bit more control than simply using your finger, but, they're still pretty imprecise if you have any intent to write in a reasonably sized font, or draw… when undertaking these activities a line that's off centre by a couple pixels can really make a difference.

This weekend I was poking around some shops and found a stylus that I thought might be a bit better than what I've been using, the Adonit Jot Mini; there're also non-mini versions, but the active disc on them is about 1.5mm wider in diameter, some a little cheaper, and more advanced once for significantly more (up to 4.5x more!). I picked it up (it was ~$20) and have given it a bit of a test drawing on my iPad, primarily with the app ProCreate, which apparently makes use of an Adonit Jot SDK to work well with the stylus (I have been using the app for a couple weeks, I didn't buy it for the stylus). So far, I'm pleased enough with the stylus. The tip has a capacitive metal disc mounted in a clear plastic disc, attached to the shaft with a ball joint; the clear disc, and small capacitive surface let you see through the tip to the screen and get the tip pretty much exactly where you want it with ease, and the screen is as responsive with it as with any other stylus I've tried. The body of the stylus is made of powder-coated aluminum with a brushed texture, and includes a cap that screws on over the tip when not in use, and mounts to the end when it is being used; the design seems sturdy and durable… but we'll see how it holds up in the long run.

Of course, it's just a passive touch system, so you do have to be careful to keep other fingers or your palm off the screen, or they'll be interpreted as a touch. There are active bluetooth, or otherwise connected, styluses that will override screen touch, allowing you to touch the screen with your hand (e.g. resting the edge of you hand while you draw), but they're rather more expensive units, and occasionally require a dongle to connect to your device. For what it is, the Jot Mini is a good option if you're after a decent degree of precision in your capacitive touch stylus at not much cost.
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