Jetting and tuning

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I recently put new jets in my T. I read several threads on here and kept seeing 45 and 185. I ordered a jet kit from carbjetkits they were cheap. The jets look like those used by the factory, same markings. I went with the ultimate kit I think for future uses if needed. It can with 2 45’s , 2 China per needle , 185,190,195 . I installed the 185 front and 190 rear ( it wasn’t til after I had reassembled that I should have moved rear to front and put 185 in rear) . The bike start and runs fine. I didn’t pop the covers to adjust mixture as it doesn’t smell rich and fines really good. Is this normal?
Anyways prior to I found I could get to 127 miles before I had to switch to reserve, last night I had to change switch to reserve at 107.
I know there are variables involved here.., I’ve been seeing what it can do with the new jets and I’m impressed.
My T has Harley slip ins modded to fit and the new jets. I haven’t went to a k&n yet but plan to. I haven’t checked plugs yet as I want to give it another tank before I check . In the end I’m hoping I don’t have to r&r the carbs again as it is such a headache. Tell me what you think gurus, I need your wisdom...

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