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blondie 2.JPG Lowriderblondie
 October 1, 2002 ----- August 6,2018

        Blondie is a Labrador mix canine and the adopted daughter of
Lowridertommy (Tommy Summers), one of the ADMINs here at HC.com
 Blondies main job was being Security as well as the on site Greeter,
at Lowriders By Summers.
 She handled those duties diligently for all of the 15 plus years of
her time here on earth.
 Sadly, on Monday August 6th she developed a tumor (possibly an
aneurysm) to her Brain and she surrendered to a comatose state.
 Her time had come and Tommy had no choice but to relieve her pain and
prevent her from living a poor quality of life.
 A few members here have experienced her charming personality and the
rest of you have listened to Tommy talk about her and her antics for
the past 15 years..