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Tips + Tricks for Getting into the Journalism Career

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Freelancers!  Want to make it big in HTG Town journalism?  Then pick up that pen and prove your worth!  Start submitting articles to the Hollywood Times (submit via email to! Or start a blog and open your own news organization! There are some very nifty items to help your earning potential and show your master journalism status. 

But what do I write about?!?!?!?

Lists (everyone loves lists!)
Make a list with your top ten favorite HTG films, favorite talents, most used/underused talents, best producers, favorite (insert genre here), what's hot/what's not, thumbs up/down, weekend match ups, etc. The ideas are endless.

Celebrity Interviews

Who are the "players" in HTG Town?  Interview them as real people.  Interview them in their game persona.  However you want to do it.  Interview established players.  Interview new players. Interview "actors".  There are plenty to choose from.  Check out the Introduce Yourself topic from the message board.

Upcoming Films
For each film on the release calendar (when films go up on the release calendar!), you can interview the writer/producer and studio head releasing the film. Can make a typical "coming soon" article.  If it's further down the line of the year, it can be an "on the set" article. Link to Release Calendar

Show Me the Money
Who has the real power in HTG Town?  Check out the Leaderboards to see who has the points and the cash.

Box Office Reports
People love them and they are easy to do. Concentrate on just the top ten or top five or if you have the time take a look at the top twenty!

Who has been buying what and what are they planning to do with it? Are people sitting on big franchises? Should that be allowed? Lets here what you think!

**If you're really, really new here, you might check with the Times EIC before you try to interview anyone to find out who's still playing and who's dropped out.**

Each article is worth up to $5 million and between 1 and 5 journalist points.  

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