Who's Next?

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”Three remain...”
BKA, Miguel, and Tristan Martinez are all seen standing in the ring, dressed in their ring gear.
”The two time RISE champion...”
Highlights of Tristan Martinez on his time in the show are shown.
”The Tag Team champions...”
Highlights of Boaz Kennedy Astor of his time in the show as well are shown.
”And the Wildcard...”
Miguel’s highlights of his time in the show are then shown.
”Who’s Next?”


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The show opens to Rusty Mahone welcoming everyone and thanking them for continuing to watch them throughout the season before congratulating the final three competitors for making it thus far. He then turns the attention to the tron and watches it come to life before showing what these young men have been doing since the show last week.
wrote:Boaz is seen warming up while Zero was smoking. Boaz looked over and shook his head before he began running, leaving his mentor behind to smoke a cigarette.

The shot then cuts to an interview room.

BKA: Look at us. We don’t even need to do any training.

It cuts to a different moment in time in the same room, but Zero’s there and Boaz is not this time.

ZERO MCHANNON: I didn’t even know this shit was still going on.

TRISTAN MARTINEZ: Close ... I don’t ever want to be that close to elimination again. Bianca put up an extremely tough battle last time and I was able to find an advantage. It’s down to three, I’m not going home!

Tristan was seen working on the bench, lifting 45 pound weights, trying to bulk up some strength that was clearly way off. Shaking his head as he obviously wasn’t pleased with how things went albeit still being in it, his mentor Christian Kane came walking into the picture. He looked at his student working the weights.

CHRISTIAN KANE: What are you doing?

TRISTAN MARTINEZ: Trying not to be “Bottom Two” again.

CHRISTIAN KANE: You live in the past way too much for my liking. Loosen up! You still alive. You still in it! Are you ready to WIN it?

Tristan nodded.

CHRISTIAN KANE: Well then, leave the past as it is. Focus on the present, the future. You are the RISE Champion. You are in the final three of this competition. Show me some damn swagger. Confidence is all you need, that flair, showcase it.

Again Tristan nodded, remaining quiet as he continued his reps with the weights in his hands.

TRISTAN MARTINEZ: You are right. You are always right. I need to stop sulking on what is the past. I survived last week now it’s time to win it this week!

CHRISTIAN KANE: Thatta’ boy! Now once you finishing ‘bulking up’, we can hit the town for some drinks.


CHRISTIAN KANE: Don’t worry about it!

Jaxon and Miguel are seen racing each other throughout the town, Miguel keeping up with Jaxon. The shot then changes to them lifting weights and Miguel doing twice as much as he used to do before the show. It finally ends with Queen and Giovanni facing each other in the ring and Miguel avoiding some of the things that would usually get him. Jaxon smiles as he gives Miguel a thumbs up before the shot cuts to an interview room and we see Miguel and Jaxon with each other.

MIGUEL GIOVANNI: I got this. I know I fucking got this.

JAXON QUEEN: We were the pairing that wasn’t supposed to work, but you fucking listened to me and now you’ve only got two people standing in front of you and that HKW contract. Win whatever challenge is left.
Rusty commented that this was another interesting week before saying that they would take a break before they’d come back for the final challenge.


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After they returned from break, the three RISE wrestlers and their mentors were all in the ring, ready to compete in the partner competition. Rusty mentioned why it was important (citing trust being a key factor in wrestling a lot) before handing a weight ball to every RISE wrestler. He then backed up and told them all that in order to advance to the finals, they had to be the last team to not drop the ball. He then told them all to start and they did.

For a few seconds there, it seemed to be going well for all three teams, but Boaz tossed it a little hard at Zero, who stared daggers through him. Zero then tossed it hard back, hitting Boaz in the stomach before he dropped it, eliminating him!
Boaz held his gut in pain and Zero realized his mistake...before reaching into his back pocket, pulling out a flask and taking a swig of it, then exiting the ring and leaving Boaz there to watch other two teams go. They both seemed to be going nonstop, not wanting to let the other team win and immediately get locked in for the House of Pain tag team match. Finally, Jaxon said something to CK, whispering it to him, and CK turned around right as Tristan tossed the ball! Kane had turned and screamed “where the titties at?” but stopped looking when the weight ball hit him in the family jewels! Christian dropped to the mat hold his frank and beans as the ball dropped right next to him, giving Miguel and Jaxon the win!
Jaxon walked over to Miguel and fist bumped him before raising his arm to a mixed reaction, almost showing off the fact that he and Miguel got to the finals of the whole thing despite being an odd couple pairing.

Rusty then walked towards the center of the ring and congratulated Miguel for making it to the finals, which will be a tag team match at House of Pain against tonight’s winner and their mentor! Mahone looked at BKA and Tristan afterwards and told them both to get ready (and get CK some help as he was holding his boys still and had crawled into the fetal position) before they went on break.

BKA vs Tristan Martinez

BKA shot out of his corner and ran right into a superkick from Tristan! The young man then went for the cover and got a two count!

Boaz then got on offense in the 2nd minute, hitting a quick snap DDT before going for the cover! A minute later, he went up top and hit a diving crossbody, or tried to, only to fall off the corner after slipping!

This then allowed Tristan to take over from there, hitting a multiple series of moves in the next three minutes! In the 8th minute, Boaz looked to his corner, but Zero wasn’t there! He then slowly got up before turning around and getting dropped with the Last Breath (standing shiranui)! Tristan then went for the cover and got the three count, eliminating Boaz and locking the second spot in that House of Pain tag team match!

WINNER: Tristan Martinez (8:58)
CK entered the ring, holding an ice pack to his nuts with one hand before using his other hand to raise Tristan’s arm in the air. Rusty got out of the commentary booth and congratulated Tristan and Miguel on making it to the finals before thanking Boaz for competing so well throughout the past few weeks.

Miguel and Jaxon then faced off with Christian and Tristan and talked some trash, their match at House of Pain now set in stone.