Who's Next?

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”Three have been eliminated...”
Highlights of Ashley Hamilton, June Kolby, and Michelle Storm are shown.
”Five remain, looking for their shot at the big time...”
Boaz, Bianca, Faith, Miguel, and Tristan are all shown in the highlights, showcasing their wrestling ability.
”So...Who’s Next?”


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We open to the RISE Gym, where there are multiple fans in the stands. In the ring, Rusty Mahone is standing by with all of the remaining members of the competition. The remaining mentors are all sat in chairs on the stage, all lightly clapping. Rusty then begins to speak.

RUSTY MAHONE: Welcome to the 4th episode of Who’s Next! I am your host, Rusty Mahone, and with me in the ring tonight are our five remaining contestants! Bianca Reed!

Mixed reaction.

RUSTY MAHONE: Boaz Kennedy Astor!

Heavy round of boos.


A solid portion of cheers and some boos.

RUSTY MAHONE: Miguel Giovanni!

Another round of heavy boos.

RUSTY MAHONE: And Tristan Martinez!

Big pop for the RISE champion.

RUSTY MAHONE: Now, let’s not waste any time! Let’s see what our contestants and their mentors did this past week!

Mahone points to the tron, which comes to life and begins to display the small videos involving all the remaining competitors.
wrote:The scene fades inside of a wrestling ring at the Slaughterhouse Gym in Los Angeles, CA where it looks that Bianca and Emilio have been hard at work. Emilio has been tough on Bianca this week and has turned it up a notch. In their sparring sessions he hasn’t really been holding back on her as he has been going full force and full speed with her. When she asked for breaks, he denied her of them telling her to stop acting weak well...That’s the PG version but simply just letting her know they wasn’t taking any breaks until he said so.

The purpose of this was for Emilio to see how far he could actually push Bianca. He wanted to see just how tough the Reed family member was whether it be physically or mentally. Vialpando knew that only way he could truly know how good she was, he’d have to know how far he could push her to see how tough she was in both spectrums.

Bianca was clearly pissed off and tired, but she gritted her teeth and kept going, wondering if she’d get a break for knocking him out. It was more than any of her trainers had put her through in one session before, but she wasn’t about to quit. Not when she had just won the last challenge. But her determination was laced with stubborn anger and she spent a fair amount of time pushing back against Emilio, most of what she called him getting bleeped out later by the censors. It gave her a second wind as she worked with her mentor, even as she wondered if she was going to have to pass out before he let her get a break.

After the training, Emilio loosened up a little and told her how well she did as well as how proud he was of her. He told her that she needs to remember not to ever let up if she wants to be the best or even make it to the top. No one else will push you as hard as you can yourself. After telling her this he took her out to get something to eat and just finally relax after a long day of hard work and busting their asses.

BIANCA REED: I been busting my ass lately not only with RISE and Who’s Next, but also filming for Clockwork Knight and tryna figure out the holidays so when I got to Los Angeles to train with Emilio I was not at all in the mood for the workout he put me through. Dunno if I would’ve been even if I’d been fully rested, you know what I mean? But this was a lesson I had to learn. I want to be the best there is in this business and you don’t get to that level by taking it easy on yourself. I’m lucky I got someone who’s not gonna take it easy on me and who’s not gonna let me rest on a win. In a lot of ways, Emilio’s like my brothers. He doesn’t hand me anything and he won’t give me an out. There’s no excuses for not being at the top of your game and at the end of the day, I’m the one getting in that ring every show and I’m the only one I can blame if things don’t go my way. I want to be successful in this business, more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. I want to show everyone else in this competition that they can’t sleep on me, or else they’re gonna get blown away. Winning this competition won’t be the first time I’ve taken my destiny into my own hands, and it sure as hell won’t be the last. I know I can do this, and now I just have to prove it to everyone else.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: As you can see...I wasn’t being easy on Bianca. She has to know that to make it to the top you gotta push yourself hard whether it be just training or out there in the ring during the shows. When people notice how hard you work they know there’s more to you than just what they think. The more work you put in the much better off you’re gonna be from it. I’m sure Coach Lassie es training the kids in RISE to do that but...This ain’t RISE and I ain’t no damn Coach Las. I don’t have any trainers anymore since I left mi familias gym. I’m in here in Slaughterhouse busting my own ass every time I step in here getting work done. Pushing myself. Why? Because I have a goal in mind. To stay on the top of my game. If Bianca wants to be that in her days when she moves up, then she’s gonna have to know that she’s the one that has to push herself. No one is gonna be there to hold her hand anymore like in RISE or anyplace else. Sure, you’ll have people you can work out with or even work out with the trainers HKW has available but it’s you...You that’s gonna be the only one to help make you to wherever it is you wanna be. Guess I can thank mi padre for that lesson...Only I can do this myself. No One else can do it for me. Mi y Bianca are the same when it comes to being from a well known wrestling dynasty. But our familias aren’t the ones whose gonna make us better or get us to the top. It’s ourselves. I’ve done that. Time to see if Bianca has what it takes to do the same. And honestly? I think she does...But it’s up to her to take the reins on that potential she has inside her.

The visual began inside the HKW Training Facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Zero McHannon was in the middle of an exhibition match with Boaz Kennedy Astor, urging him to use everything he knew.

It was easy to see that Zero didn’t have his foot pressed down on the gas as he allowed Boaz to hold control. Boaz hit Zero with a couple of fluid dropkicks, then lifted him on his shoulders for a torture rack, but Zero slid down Boaz’s back and landed a neckbreaker!

“Don’t get overconfident.” Zero told Boaz as he transitioned the neckbreaker into a side headlock. “That’s how they get you.”

Boaz tried to fight out of the headlock, but Zero’s grip was too tight. “PANZI! YOU’RE SQUISHING MY CHEEKBONES!”


Boaz tried…

And tried…

And tried some more, but all it did was tire him out. He took a second to regain his energy before pushed up to his feet and tried to rip his head away once more. Realizing that wasn’t working, Boaz wrapped his arms around Zero’s waist and dropped him back with a bridging belly to back suplex. Boaz made the count.


“WAIT, NO?!”

Boaz let go of Zero and bounced up to his feet, throwing his arms up in the air as he did so. “”I just beat you!” Boaz yelled, a grin on his face.

“This doesn’t count in the record books, Boaz.”

“Yes. Yes it does.”


Everything went quiet.




Christian Kane and Tristan Martinez are seen inside of the RISE Gym in Detroit. CK tells Martinez he can’t stand being in Detroit and hands him a stack of papers before he looks to leave. Tristan stops him and asks him what this is before CK smiles and tells him to read up; it’s the autobiography he’s written. “Christian Kane: I Did Do Blow Out Of A Hooker’s Ass”.

Kane then leaves the gym while Tristan stands there, looking confused and almost regretting the fact that he got paired with Christian. Sighing, he finds a seat and begins reading, a look of disgust appearing on his face almost ten seconds into reading it.

TRISTAN MARTINEZ: I think this was a horror story, not an autobiography.

CHRISTIAN KANE: Once he’s done reading that, Tristan will go out there and be the second greatest wrestler in the world, right behind the SAVIAAAAAAAAH!

The scene opens in the RISE gym in Detroit, where Faith is first found working over a heavy bag before she was joined by her Who’s Next coach, Artemis Kaiser. After exchanging greetings Artemis complimented her form, but went on to say that there is always room for improvement. And as such, this week, they were going to work on her precision and speed. A series of clips followed, showing the young blonde cycling through a collection of punching bags with targets painted on them. Each time she missed her mark, Artemis would stop her, and have her start over from the beginning. A successful completion was met only with a ‘Again. Faster.’ Which was typically met with an exasperated sigh and a roll of the eyes from the student. Until at last, Artemis seemed satisfied and called a halt.

ARTEMIS KAISER: Faith continues to show promise, and an understanding that sometimes, in order to improve, we must trust in those more experienced than ourselves. It is obvious that sometimes she does not approve of my methods or my philosophies, but she is, at the very least, willing to learn.

FAITH: Not approve is a little bit of an understatement. I came to RISE to learn and to better myself, but that doesn’t make it easier to take being told what to do.

Jaxon Queen and Miguel Giovanni are both sitting outside of the RISE gym, dressed in clothes not meant for the cold weather of Michigan (sweats). The two just sit on a bench and stare at the gym before Jaxon speaks, telling Miguel that he needs to calm down when it comes to doing these challenges. He needs to stop overthinking it all. That’s why they’re out there tonight. Jaxon wants Miguel to stay out here in the cold and not think about it. Not thinking about how he’s freezing. Not think about how he could get sick. But think about something to take his mind off of it. To keep himself calm.

Queen then slaps Giovanni on the back and begins to head back inside. Miguel asks him how long he has to stay out there and Queen responds with “as long as it takes” before entering the gym, leaving Miguel out there.

JAXON QUEEN: Well, he actually managed to do it. He managed to calm down and slow everything down. That’s good. That’s real good.

MIGUEL GIOVANNI: It took a while, but I managed to do what Jaxon asked of me. At first I thought he was crazy but now I understand he is crazy and smart.
The shot cuts back to ringside, where Rusty begins chuckling.

RUSTY MAHONE: Some of you mentors really do have interesting ways of going about things. Now, when we come back from this little break, we will begin our challenge...which will test each wrestler’s memory and knowledge!

We go to break as Mahone speaks to the competitors away from the mic.


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The show returns to the ring, where we see the competitors on one side, the mentors on the other, and Rusty in the center. He smiles as he looks at everyone occupying the ring with him before speaking.

RUSTY MAHONE: Welcome back! Now, as I mentioned before the break, we are going to test each competitor’s knowledge and memory....and we’re going to have your mentors help out with this one! I will give each competitor a question about their mentor and they will all write it down on the whiteboard while their mentor will write the correct answer on theirs. If the answer does not match, that competitor will “lose a life” so to speak. Get two incorrect and you are automatically eliminated. The last person remaining will be declared the winner and will earn immunity this week! Now, are you all ready to go?

All 10 people in the ring nod before Rusty yells out the first question.

RUSTY MAHONE: What is your mentor’s birthdate? This mean you have to get the day, month, and year they were born correctly!

Everyone begins writing on their boards. Once they’re all done, Rusty looks at the 5 competitors.

RUSTY MAHONE: Okay, flip your boards. Let’s see your answers!

All of them do and Rusty observes them for a bit, laughing at Boaz’s answer of a big question mark. He then turns to the mentors.

RUSTY MAHONE: Mentors, flip your boards!

They do the same and Rusty begins to match them up.

RUSTY MAHONE: Bianca...correct answer! Boaz...wrong answer! Faith...correct answer! Miguel...correct answer! Tristan...correct answer! Okay, everyone but Boaz managed to get the first question correctly! That means it’s do or die for every question from now on, Boaz!

Rusty then shouts off the next answer after every competitor erases their board.

RUSTY MAHONE: Name your mentor’s primary finisher!

All competitors begin scribbling away at their boards. Once they’re all done, Rusty turns to the competitors.

RUSTY MAHONE: Okay, let’s see what you got!

The RISE wrestlers all flip their boards and Rusty smiles as he looks at some of their answers before turning to the mentors.

RUSTY MAHONE: Mentors? Let’s see how many of them got it right! Flip your boards over!

They do the same and Rusty looks at the boards to see who matches who and who doesn’t.

RUSTY MAHONE: All five competitors have gotten this correctly! Nice job! Next up, write down what city your mentor was born in,

Again, all competitors and mentors erase and write. Once they’re all done, Rusty turns to the competitors.

RUSTY MAHONE: Okay, flip your boards and let’s see those answers!

The competitors do as told and reveal their answers. Rusty looks at them for a second before turning to the mentors, who already know what they need to do without even being told. They flip over their boards and Rusty begins to check out the answers before announcing the results,

RUSTY MAHONE: Bianca and Miguel and Tristan got that right! Boaz and Faith got that wrong! Boaz is officially eliminated from this week’s challenge!

Boaz seems unhappy as he exits the ring, leaving the other four in there. Zero also exits the ring and goes to Boaz, beginning to ask him what the hell that was.

RUSTY MAHONE: Okay, next question. Who is your mentor’s number one inspiration?

The cycle repeats with the four remaining competitors and their mentors. Once that’s all done, Rusty just motions to them to flip the boards and they do. He motions to the mentors to do the same and they do as well. He looks at the answers before giving us the results.

RUSTY MAHONE: Miguel and Tristan got theirs right but Bianca and Faith did not! Faith is eliminated from this week’s challenge!

Faith shakes her head and exits the ring as Artemis does the same.

RUSTY MAHONE: Alright, let’s move on. What is your mentor’s favorite food?

Bianca, Miguel, and Tristan all erase and write quickly. The mentors do the same, knowing that immunity is on the line here. Once the RISE wrestlers are done, Rusty motions for them to flip over their boards. He checks those answers out before going over to the mentors and watching them do the same. Mahone checks those answers out as well before giving out the results.

RUSTY MAHONE: Miguel and Bianca got it right, Tristan did not as he answered with waffles while Christian answered with pussy! Miguel still with no wrong answers! Bianca and Tristan with one and another one will eliminate them right here! Let’s go!

He looks at the next question.

RUSTY MAHONE: Give me one word that went through your mentor’s head when they first found out they’d be teaming with you.

This one’s a quick one as all 6 remaining people in the ring seem to have gotten this answer written down quick. Rusty looks at the wrestlers’ answers after he tells them to flip the boards over before moving on to the mentors. They do the same when he asks and he checks those answers out before giving out a response.

RUSTY MAHONE: Bianca wrote “legacy” while Emilio wrote....”determined”! Which means Bianca is eliminated!

Bianca seems to apologize to Emilio before she and her mentor exit the ring.

RUSTY MAHONE: Miguel wrote “fuckboy” while Jaxon wrote...”fuckboy”! I can’t believe it, Miguel’s got another one!

Rusty then looks at Christian Kane and Tristan Martinez.

RUSTY MAHONE: Tristan wrote “babyface” while Christian wrote...”Messican”. Well, I don’t know what to say about all that except for the fact that Tristan got this one wrong and is also eliminated!

Tristan looks over at CK, confused as to what the hell he wrote that down for. Rusty points to Miguel and Jaxon, who are the only two left in the ring after CK and Martinez leave.

RUSTY MAHONE: Here’s the winner of this week’s challenge...MIGUEL GIOVANNI! Congrats on the immunity you’ve earned this week!

Rusty and Miguel shake hands before Giovanni goes over to Queen and the two shake hands and smirk as they both realize they’ll be here next week.

RUSTY MAHONE: And now we will take another quick break! Up next, the mentors and fans vote on the bottom two!


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Once again, the show comes back to a shot of Rusty Mahone. This time, he’s outside of the ring, standing by with the four competitors up for elimination. The mentors are at the stage again and each of them is carrying a large card with a name on it, that person being who they voted for.

RUSTY MAHONE: Alright, we’re back! As usual, we are going to find out who is in our bottom two! First, the mentors will vote one member of the bottom two, then we will look at who the fans here and at home voted for the other member of the bottom two! Let’s start the mentors voting now. Artemis, you are first.

Kaiser gets up from her seat. She quickly walks to the stage and quickly flips over her card, revealing she voted for Boaz.

RUSTY MAHONE: That’s one vote to Boaz! Zero, you’re up next!

Zero, hobbling a bit, makes his way onto the stage before flipping his card over and revealing he voted for Faith.

RUSTY MAHONE: One vote for Faith and one for Boaz! Emilio, you’re up next!

Emilio walks up next, smiling at the reaction he gets from the fans, before flipping his card over and revealing he voted for Boaz.

RUSTY MAHONE: That’s two for Boaz! Christian, you’re next!

CK slowly makes his way up, letting the other mentors know that they suck. Once he’s up there, Kane reveals he voted for Boaz, even calling Boaz a “fag” before heading back to his seat!

RUSTY MAHONE: And that is three for Boaz, which means Boaz will be in the bottom two tonight!

The audience cheers while Boaz sports a sour look on his face. Astor steps aside after that, allowing Rusty to look at the remaining three.

RUSTY MAHONE: Now let’s see which one of you will be joining him....

Mahone is handed a card by one of the stagehands. He looks at it, seeing the results of the fan vote, before announcing it for all to know.

RUSTY MAHONE: Joining Boaz in the bottom two is....FAITH!!!

Faith looks disappointed, but Bianca and Tristan both look relieved to be safe for another round. Mahone then turns to the cameras.

RUSTY MAHONE: Now, we will be taking another little break! When we come back, Faith will take on Boaz! The winner will advance to next week’s show and the loser will go home! Don’t miss this!


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Rusty Mahone is at the commentary table as the show comes back from commercial break.

RUSTY MAHONE: Let’s get to it! Faith and Boaz are both in the ring! Let’s get this started right now!
Boaz Kennedy Astor vs Faith

The bell rings and Faith is immediately on Boaz, catching him with a bicycle kick before going for the cover and getting a two count!

In the 2nd minute, Faith connected with a spinning back kick before going for the cover and getting a two count again! Around a minute later, Faith rocked BKA with some lightning fast jabs, catching him with one last shot in the end that dropped him and allowed her to go for the cover, only to get a two count! Faith then hit Stand and Die (reverse springboard double stomp) before going for the pin attempt once more and getting another two count!

Zero decided to interject in the 6th, hopping on the apron and distracting the ref! Artemis saw this and came around, ripping Zero off of the apron and telling him off. Faith turned back to the laid out Boaz and tried to pick him up, but he pulled her into a small package pin and got the three count, the ref turning to see that!

Boaz quickly escaped the ring after that as Artemis slid in. She went to Faith, who looked annoyed as she got robbed of a victory while Boaz and Zero celebrated like two drunken buffoons.

WINNER: Boaz Kennedy Astor (6:58)
Rusty gets off of the commentary table and announces everything that happened due to the result.

RUSTY MAHONE: Faith, I’m sorry, but Boaz has officially moved on to the next round while you have officially been eliminated. It’s been a real pleasure having you here.

The audience applauds Faith, who gets to her feet and nods to them while Artemis says something to her. Boaz and Zero have now gone to the back, waving goodbye to everyone who booed them and even the rest of the competition.

RUSTY MAHONE: And that’s all for us tonight, folks! Tune in next week for the 5th episode of Who’s Next!

The show comes to an end with Artemis raising Faith’s hand once more to applause.