Who's Next?

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”Who will be the next one to join the main roster?”
Highlights of Boaz Kennedy Astor and Faith are shown as the show begins.
”Who will outlast six others and become the next big thing?”
Different highlights appear on the screen this time, showcasing Miguel Giovanni, Bianca Reed, and Tristan Martinez.
”Who will join Defiance or Subversion and continue their journey from RISE?”
More highlights, this time of Ashley Hamilton and June Kolby before finally showing a quick shot of all eight competitors and all eight of their mentors.
”Who’s Next?”


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Once the updated video package plays, showcasing the remaining seven wrestlers, the show cuts to the RISE Gym, where we see Rusty Mahone standing at the stage, to the left of the mentors. The audience chants “Who’s Next” before calming down, allowing Rusty to speak.

RUSTY MAHONE: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode of Who’s Next! I am your host, Rusty Mahone, and as usual, I am joined by seven mentors, all part of Hard Knox Wrestling!

Mahone motions to the mentors, who get a round of cheers from the audience, though a good portion of them seem to not acknowledge them. Clearly missing is Zero McHannon, but the fans probably don’t care too much. Rusty then continues on from there as he points to the tron.

RUSTY MAHONE: Alright, now let’s get right down to business! Our seven remaining competitors and their mentors were all told ahead of time what skill would come in handy this week, so let’s see what they did!

The tron then comes to life and begins showing what the competitors have been up to:
wrote:The video package began outside of the Hard Knox Wrestling business headquarters in Times Square, New York. Holding the camera was Boaz Kennedy Astor, his voice heard as he paced forward.

“We have a problem…”

Boaz spun the camera around, and began ranting about not hearing from Zero since the Knoxer Awards. He continued by telling the world that he’s out looking for Zero right now, claiming that his disappearance was all his sister Alexa’s fault.

“She doesn’t want me to be a star in this business, so she’s trying to take away everyone who does. I don’t know what happened between her and Zero at the awards show, but I know where Alexa likes to hangout and I’m going there right now to find my mentor.”

The picture turned into static…
Boaz found himself outside what used to be a pet store in downtown Brooklyn. He told the people watching that the place was now owned by Alexa, and it was where she kept her birds - specifying that she had an infatuation with black birds. He pushed open the door and saw Alexa’s friend and tag team partner, Zagan Solas, feeding one of Alexa’s ravens.

“Where is Zero?!” Boaz shouted, pushing forward in Zagan’s direction.

Zagan? She ignored Boaz and continued what she was doing. Boaz shouted the same thing once more, Zagan answering with a simple “I don’t know, and I don’t care.”

Boaz popped right in front of Zagan, pointed his finger at her face and said: “I never liked you.” before he spun around and walked out of the front door.

The scene cuts to an interview room.

BOAZ KENNEDY ASTOR: This is bullsh**. How does this happen to me?! How is it that it’s my mentor that goes missing? It’s a f***ing conspiracy against me and I’ve known it from the beginning! Posterboy my tan ass! This whole company from the top down to the bottom is against me because they don’t want to annoy my sister. Here’s a little unknown fact, panzis. My father, West Kennedy Astor, used to pump money into Hard Knox Wrestling when they first went independent. I should be treated like a SULTAN, but these panzis all want to throw dirt on my name!

He stopped, only to calm himself down.

BOAZ KENNEDY ASTOR: Best form of revenge is success they say … and I am winning this whole thing. If I have to do it on my own? So be it.

The video opened up to Jaxon and Miguel sitting in the office of the same gym he and Miguel were at in the last video. Both men seem to be watching videos of some of the worst wrestling promos ever known to man before they stop. Queen turned to Giovanni and asked him if he understood what a lot of them did wrong, but instead of waiting for Miguel to respond, he answered for him.


Jaxon stated that none of the people speaking in that had any confidence in their words. None of them believed what they were saying.

“I have confidence in my in ring skills. I just know I'm not the greatest at trash talk, never have been and never will be.”

Miguel was just being honest with himself. After looking at the tapes though, he knew he wasn't the worst either.

“I got to improve Jaxon, I've got to stop being the one people forget about.”

Queen nodded before the two went back to watching what they were watching before the scene turned towards an interview room and Jaxon Queen was seen sitting by.

JAXON QUEEN: He knows his weaknesses. That’s good. That’ll get him far in this thing. Hell, he might even be able to win the whole thing if he can fix the stuff he’s terrible at.

It then transitioned to Miguel in the same interview room.

MIGUEL GIOVANNI: Jaxon has taught me a lot about myself in such a short time. He opened my eyes to the fact I need to accept my weaknesses and work upon them. Jaxon and I are going to win, I just know it.

That wrapped up the interviews as Miguel got up and left.

The scene opens in the RISE gym in Detroit, where Artemis and Faith are meeting at the beginning of the new week. Artemis opens by telling Faith that she’s exceedingly proud of her total victory in the first challenge. But now is not the time to rest on her laurels, there are other challenges that stretch before her. To which Faith responds that she doesn’t have any intentions of slacking off, that goes against her nature. A response that earns her a smile from her mentor before Kaiser motions for the younger blonde to follow, leading her off to the side where they can speak more privately, where she begins outlining her plan to eliminate the remaining challengers each in turn.

Bianca Reed was chosen the week before, because, while her score was the lowest, she still represents a threat. Particularly in the coming week. Faith makes a face, commenting that she’s not exactly a fan of this week’s proposed challenge. It isn’t, she says, that she can’t trash talk, more that she doesn’t like to, someone who has the talent, and the capability, doesn’t need to get under their opponent’s skin to achieve victory. Artemis informs her that a competitor does what they must. She goes on to add that setting up that groundwork will give you the psychological edge. Faith narrows her eyes at her mentor. She goes on to say that it is not the best way.

Artemis turns into her heel to stare at Faith. For once, there is a look of disdain on her face towards her pupil. She tells her that without it, how can one advance properly when skill is not enough? It is that psychology in and out that will be able to push her that brink. It will help her win this contest, whether she likes it or not. Defeating an opponent mentally, physically, and emotionally will ensure dominance. Faith should see all the things Artemis has done for more details; Artemis smiles proudly on the matter.

Faith’s temper issues are fairly well documented, and for a moment...for a moment it might appear that she’s on the cusp of one of her snarling episodes. But, instead of giving into the anger she exhales slowly and says that while she doesn’t agree, she’s mature enough to acknowledge that entering into this competition, and being a part of RISE in general, means acknowledging that she doesn’t know everything, that there’s always something for her to learn. And being part of Who’s Next especially means accepting the advice of her mentor.

Artemis’s sharp eyes and hostile demeanor subsides in favor of a warmer one. She openly apologizes for her coarse words, and shrugs. She tells her that she found her own path in wrestling; Faith will find hers. She has done well so far, but Artemis gave her this piece of advice not to adhere by, but to linger on. Something to think about when Faith needs to. She taps on her temple, before giving Faith a quick smirk.

After some morning workouts at the Slaughterhouse Gym in Los Angeles, CA, Bianca Reed and Emilio Vialpando were seen sitting outside catching a breather. The two began to talk about what happened last show when Reed was voted to the bottom two. Vialpando didn’t think she deserved to be there and he was glad she was able to defeat Michelle Storm to stay alive in this competition. With that said, he says they have to move past that and focus on this upcoming week.

The next challenge for the Who’s Next contestants was based on their trash talking ability, certainly something both Vialpando and Reed were efficient but Reed of course needed some improvement. Vialpando began to talk about his own experience with his trash talking and throughout the years he’s learned that you have to be creative and willing to cut deep with your words. He told Bianca that he was gonna help her with that as well on just speaking in general.

Bianca nodded, throwing out that she’d been able to hold her own on Twitter so far, but insulting someone in one hundred forty characters or less was easy. Throwing down live, when she didn’t have a delete key and gifs to help her out, was a whole different story. She wasn’t afraid to rip her opponents to shreds - she just needed material and practice making it sound natural. Bianca told her mentor that while she could have looked to her brothers for ideas and inspiration, she wanted to focus on developing her own style, instead of just imitating what Aries and Cassius had done in the past.

Looking over at Vialpando, she asked him how he wanted to start off, whether he wanted her to just start talking or if there was someone or something he wanted her to focus on. Whatever he wanted from her, she was ready to do so that they could figure out how to strengthen her weaker points.

Emilio told her that in order to do this she’d gonna have to find her own voice. They talked a while long before the two started shooting on a few pictures of those in RISE. Vialpando then begins to shoot on Bianca seeing how she would react. She caught on and the two began to shoot on each other until. Vialpando was saying all that he possibly could that would cut her deep and it was working.

Even though what he said hurt, it only fueled her desire to get back at him and she gave as good as she got. Her anger and her passionate desire to not let the HKW Hall of Famer win - despite his status - made her forget any worries she had about how she would come off to her hypothetical audience. She lost any self-consciousness she might have had in the heat of the moment and found that she was enjoying the battle of wits and words with her mentor. It made her feel confident that once she got to the challenge, she’d be just fine.

After their sparing of verbal jabs, the two ending their day on some sparring inside the ring. Afterwards the two reflected on what went on today.

BIANCA REED: After what happened last week, I definitely don’t want to be in the bottom two again. So I’m looking forward to this week because this relies on creativity rather than brawn. We’re still figuring out how to get me an edge in future physical challenges so those odds won’t be so against me. But that’s for after this challenge. Right now, I’m focused and I’m ready for whatever gets thrown at me. I know I can go in on anybody in this competition - just give me that mic and get out of my way. This is only the second week. There’s a lot more y’all ain’t seen yet from me and I promise you, the longer I stay on this show, the better I’m gonna get. I didn’t come here to play games. I came here to go all the way. And let me tell you, there ain’t anybody in this who’s gonna stand in my way. Y’all gonna see why they call me Killer B, just watch me.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: Last week was tough on Bianca breh. Hard on me too, just because I had to see her fall to the bottom two. She didn’t deserve to be there but with how that challenge went...It just wasn’t in her favor. This upcoming show is a whole other story though. She has to go out there and bust one helluva promo and I think she honestly has the tools to do so. Sure, you might look around and see some pequenos en this competition that talk the talk much like her so I think she has a great chance of avoiding the bottom. We only just got pass the first hump of this competition but I’m not looking for a early fucking exit. She’s not either. We came to compete breh. I wanna bring out the best in Bianca, we’ve have yet to see that but it’s coming breh. It’s coming….It’s about to be Showtime ...soon.

Christian Kane and Tristan Martinez are seen in the office of Brett Sands. Sands isn’t there, but he’s allowed his good pal Kane to use the office. Kane rolls in a flat screen TV before he hands Tristan Martinez a box set of “The Best of Christian Kane” #STUDLIFE”. Kane tells Martinez that all he needs to learn about trash talk is in those tapes before walking off, saying he’s gotta go back to LA to tittyfuck his wife.

Once Christian’s left the room, Tristan looks at the box set for a second, shaking his head...before pulling out one of the DVDs and putting it into the DVD player. Martinez then sits back and watches the best trash talking and wrestling from his mentor.

The scene then cuts to an interview room, where Tristan is at.

TRISTAN MARTINEZ: I’m going to be honest with you...I learned a lot from that.

It then cuts to CK, who only says one word.


June and Cassius are seen standing in front of a statue of Muhammad Ali, though the location seems to be unknown. Cassius tells June that Ali was a man of a few words, but when the man said something people listened. That’s what Reed wants June to do. Not speak too much, but when he does, he makes sure everyone’s listening.

June agrees, saying that he’s the underdog in this thing, but he’s sure that whatever is thrown his way, he can get through it, especially with someone as FUNKY~! as Cassius. Reed agrees and yells out FUNK~! as well before the two fist bump and walk off.

We then cut to an interview room, where we see a smiling June Kolby.

JUNE KOLBY: Cassius knows exactly what to say and I almost admire that. I think he’s helped me enough this week that when my time comes to show the world what I can do on the mic, I’ll impress them.

Cut to Cassius in the same position, in the same room.


Ashley Hamilton and Cyncity are seen talking to each other as they take in an indy wrestling show. One competitor gets on the mic and immediately begins stumbling, unable to say what he has to say. Cyncity scoffs and begins booing the young man, who just hangs his head in shame before he exits the ring.

Cyncity then turns to Ashley and tells her that the one thing she can’t do during her time on the mic is stumble. She needs to say everything with conviction, otherwise she’s going to lose the challenge. Ashley nods, agreeing with her mentor, before she asks Cyncity if she knew what exactly she had to trash talk about. Cyncity shrugs and tells her it doesn’t matter, she needs to be ready for whatever anyway. Hamilton slowly nods her head before we cut to the interview room, where the RISE wrestler is standing by.

ASHLEY HAMILTON: Cyncity and I are really clicking as a duo right now...she’s a good teacher. That’s really gonna help me in the long run.

The scene transitions to Cyncity in the same room at a later time.

CYNCITY: If she pays attention to meeee and what I said, then she should win this week’s challenge.
Rusty Mahone, smiling, watches the tron die down before he turns to the cameras.

RUSTY MAHONE: Looks like most of the mentors, with the exception of the missing Zero McHannon, all used something to teach their wrestlers about trash talk. After this quick break, I will meet all of the RISE wrestlers in the ring and we will begin the trash talk challenge!


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The show returns to Mahone standing in the ring with the seven remaining competitors. Next to Rusty in the center of the ring on a high table is a box with no lid. He smiles as he looks out at the audience.

RUSTY MAHONE: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! It is now time for the second ever challenge of Who’s Next! Faith.

Rusty turns to the winner of last week’s challenge.

RUSTY MAHONE: As the winner of last week’s challenge, you can pick who goes first in this challenge today. Who do you want starting things off?

Faith looks around for a bit...before she steps forward, getting a round of applause from the audience and a surprised look from Rusty.

RUSTY MAHONE: Well then! Gotta say, I’m a bit surprised, but then again, you don’t back down from challenges. And this one is a doozy. You see, today, I will pull a category out of this box or a topic or maybe even the name of an item. Your job will be to then trash talk whatever it is and you will get 60 seconds to do so! Ready?

Faith nods before Rusty reaches into the box and pulls out a small card before reading out what she has to trash talk about!

RUSTY MAHONE: Your topic is...idiots! Go!

Mahone hands his mic over to Faith and her time begins. She takes a few seconds to think about what she wants to say before she begins, saying that she doesn’t like idiots. That they’re the type of people who believe they’re always right when they’re actually very wrong. The audience doesn’t seem to be too much into it, but then Faith says that there’s even idiots in the wrestling business, picking up some steam, but unable to finish her point as the buzzer rings out! Artemis gives a light round of applause as the camera moves over to show her.

RUSTY MAHONE: Oh! Not enough time to get your point out but a good performance nonetheless! Thank you, Faith!

Faith steps back before Mahone points to Tristan Martinez to step forward, which he does.

RUSTY MAHONE: Alright, Tristan. You’re next. Your topic is...

Rusty reaches into the box and pulls out another card before he smiles.

RUSTY MAHONE: The Green Bay Packers! Go!

The mic is handed to Tristan and he immediately rips the Packers, saying that they’re the most overrated team in the NFL, getting a big pop! Martinez says that they are nowhere near the Detroit Lions this season, pandering to the Michigan audience a bit, before he states that their defense isn’t so hot. The audience seems to enjoy what Tristan is putting down and he finishes just in time before handing the mic back to Rusty. Christian gets up from his seat and yells out that that is his wrestler to the other mentors.

RUSTY MAHONE: Great job by Tristan Martinez on that one! Almost surprised you had it in you! Thank you, Tristan!

Martinez steps back before Rusty points to June, who slowly steps forward.

RUSTY MAHONE: Ok, June. You’re up next. Here is your topic...

Rusty reaches into the box and pulls out another card before reading it out loud!

RUSTY MAHONE: Detroit traffic! Go!

Mahone hands June the mic and he almost seems surprised by what he’s given. It takes him a couple of seconds, but June starts talking about Detroit traffic...only to immediately stumble and forget what he had to say. He watches the time run out, unable to think of anything, before handing the mic over to Rusty. Cassius is seen shaking his head, unable to really react otherwise.

RUSTY MAHONE: Uh...well, at least you tried. Thanks, June.

June goes back in line and Rusty points to Boaz, who steps forward with some swagger.

RUSTY MAHONE: Someone looks confident. Let’s see how confident you are after we pick your topic.

Rusty reaches into the box again and pulls out a card before reading it out loud like he did the others.

RUSTY MAHONE: Bad haircuts! Go!

Boaz immediately grins as he gets handed the mic. He states that if you have a bad haircut, it’s because your mom cuts it for you like she cuts the crust off of your sandwiches. He then motions to some of the fans in the front row, saying that they’re perfect examples of what he was just talking about. He then asks Rusty if he knows someone who has a bad haircut because he does; SEAN SANDS. Boaz then tears into Sean Sands’ haircut, saying it makes him look more like Ellen Degeneres than an actual man. The audience lets out an “ooh” at that as he gets that part off just as the time runs out, handing the mic back to Rusty before heading back in line.

RUSTY MAHONE: Wow! That was really good! Makes me glad I’m bald now! Thank you, Boaz!

Ashley Hamilton is the next one to step forward after Mahone motions to her.

RUSTY MAHONE: Alright, Ashley. Here is your topic!

Rusty reaches into the box and pulls out a card before yelling it out.

RUSTY MAHONE: The Cleveland Indians! Go!

Rusty hands the mic over to Ashley, who begins by saying that the Cleveland Indians blew a 3-1 lead, getting a pop from the Detroit audience. She then states that the Cleveland Indians were overconfident and it came back to bite them. Ashley makes good points, but some of the audience seems to be into it and some doesn’t. Her time eventually runs out and she hands the mic back before a shot of Cyncity is shown, not applauding but just looking at her wrestler. Ashley heads back in line as Rusty gets back on the mic.

RUSTY MAHONE: Great job, Ashley!

Mahone then motions for Bianca to step up and she does, smiling as she looks around at the fans.

RUSTY MAHONE: Okay, Bianca. Here is your topic!

Rusty reaches into the box and pulls out a card before he smiles.

RUSTY MAHONE: Oh boy! You’ve got...Cain Morgan! Go!

Bianca grins as she immediately says that when you look in the dictionary the word “flop”, there would be a picture of Cain Morgan. She rips into the first ever HKW champion, saying that he had the world in his hands and screwed it up. That he basically fumbled at the one yard line. She keeps going, eventually getting stopped by the buzzer before she hands the mic over, a big smile on her face as the audience cheers! Emilio seems absolutely proud of his wrestler, getting up from his seat and applauding her as he begins laughing, his history with Cain Morgan being a big reason why.

RUSTY MAHONE: Someone was ready to bring the fire and they brought it! Great job, Bianca!

Bianca heads back in line as Miguel, the final competitor, steps forward.

RUSTY MAHONE: Ok, Miguel! Let’s see what you got here!

Mahone reaches into the box and pulls out a card before yelling out what it is.

RUSTY MAHONE: Your topic is BROCCOLI! And...go!!

Rusty hands the mic over to Miguel, who smirks as he only says one thing about broccoli. “Broccoli sucks. It tastes like sh*t!” Some of the audience cheers loudly as Miguel hands the mic back with a lot of time still left on the clock, saying he doesn’t need anymore. Jaxon looks almost confused before looking around at the other mentors and saying “he ain’t lying”. Rusty definitely seems confused, but shakes it off and continues his job.

RUSTY MAHONE: Short and sweet trash talk there by Miguel. I guess some of us can agree that broccoli does indeed taste terrible. But that’s all for the challenge, folks! Now, we find out who won this challenge and earned themselves immunity from being voted into the bottom two this week!

Rusty looks out at the audience.

RUSTY MAHONE: And it’s the audience that’s voting! Each person has a clicker with all seven names on there. You all have 60 seconds to vote for who you thought talked trash the best! And those 60 seconds start now!

Rusty stands back as he watches all seven competitors look around at the audience, Boaz yelling at the same people he insulted to vote for him while the others remain silent. When the 60 seconds are over, a buzzer rings out and Mahone comes back on the mic.

RUSTY MAHONE: And that’s it! Thanks for the votes, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s see who you guys selected to win immunity this week!

Rusty Mahone points at the tron, which comes to life...and shows the percentages!
wrote:Ashley Hamilton: 10%
Bianca Reed: 25%
Boaz Kennedy Astor: 29%
Faith: 14%
June Kolby: 0%
Miguel Giovanni: 2%
Tristan Martinez: 20%
RUSTY MAHONE: Boaz is your winner this week!

Boaz grins as he mocks the other competitors, getting sour looks from people like Faith and Tristan. Bianca looks disappointed as she came the closest to winning, while Miguel looks absolutely stunned as he repeats 2% to himself.

Mahone turns to the cameras as the RISE wrestlers continue to react.

RUSTY MAHONE: Well, Boaz has earned immunity, keeping him safe from being voted into the bottom two! When we come back from a quick break, we will see who the judges vote into the bottom two and who the fans vote as well! Don’t miss it!

Rusty turns back to the wrestlers, trying to calm them down as the show goes on a quick break.


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After the quick break is over, we return to Rusty Mahone standing near ringside, right next to the six competitors up for nomination for the bottom two.

RUSTY MAHONE: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! For those of you who missed it, the fans in attendance voted Boaz Kennedy Astor as the winner in the trash talk skill challenge. Right now, we are opening polls on the HKW site that will allow you to vote for who you want to see in the bottom two. You have until all the mentors make their decision to decide who you want to see in the bottom two.

Rusty turns towards the judges.

RUSTY MAHONE: Now let’s get down to business. All six mentors in attendance have written a name on a card and will vote for as to who they think should be in the bottom two. First, we’ll start with Emilio Vialpando!

The audience cheers as Emilio gets up from his seat, the large card in his hands, the name unrevealed. When he gets to the center of the stage, he flips the card over and shows that he voted for....June Kolby! June lets out a sigh as Rusty announces the vote.

RUSTY MAHONE: That’s one vote for June! Up next, Christian Kane!

Emilio sits down and Christian gets up from his seat before he walks towards the center of the stage. Again, being bitter about something, CK flips the card over and reveals that he voted for Ashley Hamilton! Ashley rolls her eyes as Rusty announces Christian’s vote.

RUSTY MAHONE: And now one vote for Ashley! Cassius, you’re up next to vote!

Cassius gets up from his seat and passes Kane as he swaggers up to the center of the stage. Reed flips his card over almost immediately, revealing that he’s voted for Miguel Giovanni! Miguel shakes his head as Rusty announces Cassius’ vote.

RUSTY MAHONE: And that’s one vote for Miguel! We’ve got a three way tie so far! Who will Jaxon Queen vote and will he break it?

Cassius heads back to his seat while Jaxon gets up from his seat and walks towards the center of the stage. He flips his card over and reveals that like Emilio, he voted for June Kolby! Kolby rubs the back of his neck, forced to accept that at least two mentors thought he did not do good. Mahone yells out Queen’s vote afterwards.

RUSTY MAHONE: And now that’s two for June! Can Artemis Kaiser help June out and vote for someone but him?

Artemis walks up to the center of the stage after Jaxon heads back to his seat. She looks at the six competitors up for nomination to the bottom two before flipping her card over and showing that she voted for Miguel Giovanni! Miguel waves it off as Rusty announces Artemis’ pick.

RUSTY MAHONE: And Artemis selects Miguel! That’s two for Miguel and two for June! Now, we know Cyncity isn’t voting for Ashley. Is she voting for one of these two gentlemen though? Let’s find out!

Cyncity begins to make her way up to the center of the stage as Artemis finds her way back in her seat. The Sex Sells member looks at the two young men hoping she votes for neither of them before she flips her card over and reveals she voted for...June Kolby! June puts his hands on his head as Rusty announces the bad news.

RUSTY MAHONE: Cyncity votes June Kolby, which means that with three votes, he will be one of the two members into the bottom two! Sorry, June.

June can’t do anything but shake his head as he stands to the side while Miguel looks relieved.

RUSTY MAHONE: Alright, now let’s get to the second part of the voting; the fan vote! The poll is now officially locked and we’d like to thank all the fans who voted. Now comes the part we’ve been waiting for, Let us find out who joins June in the bottom two.

Mahone is handed a card, which he pulls out before reading who’s safe.

RUSTY MAHONE: Okay, the three people with the least amount of votes were...Tristan Martinez...

Big pop.

RUSTY MAHONE: Bianca Reed...

Round of applause and cheers.


Same reaction for Bianca comes around for Faith. All three competitors step aside after letting out sighs of relief, knowing they were advancing to the next round.

RUSTY MAHONE: Now, the person joining June in the bottom two is...

Ashley and Miguel both stare at Rusty, wanting to know if they needed to get ready. Mahone takes a few seconds before yelling out the second member of the bottom two.


Ashley lets out a sigh of relief while Miguel slaps the mat in frustration. Jaxon is shown, looking annoyed at the fan voting. Rusty then comes back on the mic, looking at the cameras.

RUSTY MAHONE: Alright, ladies and gents! We will take another quick break and when we come back, June Kolby will take on Miguel Giovanni for the right to move on to the next round and save themselves from elimination!

June and Miguel face off as we go to break.


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The show returns for one final time, Rusty Mahone standing by, a big smile on his face as he sits in the announcer’s booth. In the ring, Miguel and June are both warming up, with their mentors/coaches telling them what they need to do to win before hopping off.

RUSTY MAHONE: Welcome back! Miguel and June are already in the ring and they’re ready to get this thing started, so let’s go! Who will survive? We will find out right now!
June Kolby vs Miguel Giovanni

The bell rang and June quickly shot out of his corner, catching Miguel with a running front dropkick that sent Miguel crashing into the turnbuckles! June pulled him out of the corner and went for the cover, but Miguel kicked out at two!

In the 2nd minute, June hit a spinning heel kick before going for the cover and getting another two count! Around a minute later, June locked in a crossface, but Miguel grabbed a hold of the ropes and forced the break!

Miguel took control in the 4th minute, hitting an enzuigiri before going for the cover and getting a two count! A minute or so later, Miguel hit a double underhook suplex, going for the cover afterwards and getting another two count!

Kolby found his way back on offense in the 6th minute, hitting a running yakuza kick before going for the cover and picking up a two count! Around a minute later, June hit the June Delivery (spear) before going for the pin, only to get a two count!

He then missed with a corner splash a minute later as Miguel moved out of the way before stumbling right into Miguel’s grip, who locked in the Dementia Lock (kimura lock)! June tried fighting out of it, but had no choice but to tap out!

Post-match, June rolled to the outside next to a disappointed Cassius while Jaxon entered the ring and chest bumped Miguel before raising his arm in the air in victory!

WINNER: Miguel Giovanni (8:29)
Rusty gets up from the commentary booth and grabs his microphone before announcing the winner.

RUSTY MAHONE: Here is your winner and advancing to next week’s show...MIGUEL GIOVANNI!

Rusty walks up the steel steps into the ring before looking outside to June and Cassius.

RUSTY MAHONE: Gentlemen, thank you for your time here. It was a pleasure having you both.

Rusty then turns towards Miguel and Jaxon and shakes hands with them before they exit the ring, leaving Rusty to close the show.

RUSTY MAHONE: That’s all for us today, folks! Join us next week where we see who will be fighting to stay in this competition! Until then, I am Rusty Mahone, wishing you all a good night!

The show comes to a close with Jaxon and Miguel walking up the ramp, looking at the other competitors and mentors.