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Underground is HKW’s “indy” brand started on October 26th 2016. The first show took place on November 25th, 2016. Shows originally were held at smaller venues and the brands trying to establish itself as it’s own thing compared to Defiance and SubVersion. Even through it's growth, it is rare that UG uses arenas with a capacity higher than 10k, but due to it's increasing popularity, the brand has recently started branching out to larger arenas due to the high fan demand for tickets. Underground is open to any and all talent levels, but mainly looking for wrestlers who have at least some experience/namevalue. Underground has recently opened a Tornado Tag division, moving away from being singles focused.

World: HKW Underworld
Secondary: HKW North American
Specialty: HKW Tapout
Tag Team: HKW Tornado Tag Team

*NOTE: Like all Brands, Underground Brand Members can compete for the ITV Championship

Underground has shows bi-weekly and tours all around, leaving the United States last year for the hugely successful Cult Classic Tournament. Underground tends to tour smaller venues in cities that don’t usually get big shows, but occasionally does branch out. Shows are every other Friday and everything Underground airs on the Evolve Network, with PPVs every five shows. There has been talk of a move to primetime television broadcasting, but no further information is available at present.

We only accept summarized segments and the match results will be kept as basic as possible with only important notes featured.This will never change unless the brand has a full staff of its own like Defiance and SubVersion. Results are judged by participation. You participate, sell your angles, submit segments, we’ll take care of you. You don’t, you’ll be gone fast. It’s nothing personal, just how we work. If we are putting in the work to make something of your characters, we would like you to do something to make something of this brand. We're very easy going, to be fair. If you’re ever confused about anything, please don’t be shy and DM the HKW Underground account, or PM the Bobby B. Barabbas account on here.

Director: Bobby B. Barabbas
Interim General Manager: Mora Findlay
On Air Staff: Click


Lass - Head of the Brand - Contact myself on the Bobby account on here, or the UG Twitter account for any questions. I am the only person you should be discussing UG booking with, other brand heads and staff have no control over the bookings here.
Mina - Second - Mina is mostly a match writer and a trusted advisor. She is officially my second, but please don't bother her with general UG enquiries, come straight to me.