SSWA Shootout #2

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DATE & STREAM TIME: December 21st, 2015 at 4PM EST on EVOLVE!
LOCATION: Shooting Star Arena in Newcastle upon Tyne, England
FAN ATTENDANCE: 6,000 (100%)
COMMENTATORS: Bill Hall, Kevin Carrey


The tron lights up beginning with the sad Sarah McLachlan song that is usually joined with an Animal Cruelty “Angel” plays as a slow black and white video plays zoomed in on Casey Black’s face contorted moments after being kicked in the balls by Davis Coleman. Suddenly a familiar voice is heard over the devastation.

“For just 2 cents a day you can help this poor pup become complete.”

The black and white video continues in the slow motion watching Casey Black fall to the ground holding himself.

“He’s without morals, decency, or tact but we as a people cannot help the fact he was raised by wolves. What we can do dear people of the SSWA is help his confidence.”

---In the arms of the angel,
Fly away from here,
From this dark, cold hotel room,
And the endlessness that you fear---

Casey Black has since hit the floor tears welling in his eyes making emphasising such a tragedy.

“For two cents a day you can help him become whole. This is the Casey ‘Ball-less’ Black Fund. For just 2 cents you can help this man find what he has lost. Pride in his manhood. Lets help him shall we SSWA. Give him a chance at life, at children, at love.”

The last frame shows the tear finally falling from Casey Black’s eye as the black and white fades and shows SSWA Pure Champion Danielle Vasquez sitting in a chair with a comforting living room kind of set behind her. The championship belt hangs from her shoulder as a jar sits slightly to the side in front of her already showing signs of being ¼ filled with various dollars and change. A tag of ‘Help Casey’ is posted in the front as Danielle’s facial expression shows concern and care.

“Tonight I stand prepared to do the best I can to show Casey Black he’s not a monster. That he’s not any less of a man because of his deformity. I want to help him. SSWA, we are always able to come together in times of need and right now he needs us all. I pledge to do my part to make him whole again. In the ring, I will show him how to become a better wrestler so that when he sees his defeat he will be able to stand upon lessons and defeat others. Rise to be better than before. Just not better than Qoya.”

Danielle gives a genuine smile before looking to the jar in front of him.

“An appointment here in England is set and ready for Black as soon as we reach our goal. A pup in need must only raise half of the amount to help our dear friend. Such a tragedy, but there’s light at the other side Casey and we are here to help you. Just as you will have your stooges there to lift you up as you fall to Qoya tonight. It is ok Black. We are here to help you. The SSWA faithful will join together for the only way forward is not Black...but is white. Pure. Qoya. Even with all the negative words and dislike I...the SSWA Pure Champion, show you purity in giving. In caring. In helping. In turning the other cheek. Here, we can give you your other manpart. Call it consolation for NOT becoming Pure Champion because that…”

Danielle smiles and shrugs. The solemn facial expression turning into a cocky one.

“I simply cannot give you. Pure es Peru. Qoya es Pure.”

Danielle gives a slight bow with her hands pressed together in thanks before getting up and walking off screen with the Pure Title in one hand the ‘Help Casey’ jar in another.


Backstage we find The Teabag Kid and Big Tony Cool standing by with SSWA’s resident ball kicker Davis Coleman. Casey is looking particularly unhappy with Davis after the events of last week. Davis introduces the two men and quickly apologises to Casey for kicking him in the sack, claiming that “he was just doing what anybody would have in that situation.” Casey tells him to save it, but agrees, anybody would have done that in his situation.

“Which is why I have this.” Casey begins holding up a piece of paper. In thick black letters it reads ‘TEABAG ME - IN THE FACE!’

Casey carefully folds the note before sliding it into his trunks and winking at the camera. “Danielle - all good things must come to an end. 2015 is almost there and if you have any idea of the signs of the Chinese zodiac you will know that 2016 is the year of the Sack. Which is why tonight I am going to take from you the SSWA Pure Championship, strap it around my gorgeous waist and then let you bounce up and down on top of it for the best 37 seconds of your life.”

Grinning smugly Casey adjusts himself and continues.

“Tonight is the dawn of a new age for SSWA. The beginning of a new era. As we press on into 2016 I must continue to cement my legacy here in SSWA . I must move forward. Not backwards, upwards, not forward and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards championship glory!”

As Casey twirls his way out of shot Tony FUCKING Harrison steps forward and takes up position front and centre.

“You heard it here first from Uncle Tony - in 2016 - The only way forward is black!”


Match #1: Pure Wrestling Rules Match
SSWA Pure Championship

Casey Black vs Danielle Vasquez ©

The bell rang and the audience immediately began a split chant, one half chanting “Let’s go Black” while the other chanted “Let’s go Qoya”. The two locked up and Danielle quickly put Casey in a headlock before he shoved her off. Black then charged in at her and was caught with a dropkick before she went for the cover, only to get a one count!

Danielle then took control of the match, hitting a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown during the 2nd minute of the match before she went for the cover, only to get a two count! Around a minute later, Vasquez flew towards Black and caught him with a flying front dropkick that floored him before she went for the cover, only to get another two count! Danielle then kept the attack going in the 4th minute, hitting a split-legged moonsault before she went for the cover, only to get another two count!

Black finally took control of the match a minute later, catching Danielle after rebound off of the ropes with a running STO that laid her out! He went for the cover and got a two count! Black then hit a fisherman suplex in the 6th minute before he went for the cover and got another two count! Casey then continued the attack as a minute later, he hit a double knee gutbuster before he went for the cover again, only to get another two count! In the 8th minute, Black hit "Did you ever know that you're my hero?" (springboard moonsault) on Vasquez before he went for the cover, only to get another two count!

Vasquez finally took control of the match again in the 9th minute, catching Black with a flying forearm smash! She then went for the cover and got another two count! Around a minute later, Danielle hit a springboard frankensteiner on Black before she went for the cover again, only to get another two count from the ref! Vasquez then hit a Shining Wizard around the 11th minute before she frantically went for the cover again, only for Black to kick out at two again! Danielle then got Black’s head in another clinch before she hit The Heavy Hitter (tilt-a-whirl DDT) around a minute later then went for the cover and got another two count! In the 13th minute, a frustrated Danielle hit Kisses (leaping reverse STO) before she went for the cover again, only for Black to kickout at two again!

Casey found the momentum back on his side a minute later as he caught Danielle with a springboard back elbow that floored her and allowed him to go for the cover, only to get a kickout at two! In the 15th minute, Black hit "How's it Taste, Motherfucker?" (vertical suplex to sit out face buster) before he went for the cover again, only to get another two count! A minute later, he hit "A Story at Three" (three deep arm drags followed with a lariat) before he quickly went for the cover, only for Danielle to kick out at two!

In the 17th minute, Black slowly got Vasquez to her feet, but she was playing possum as she leaped up, wrapped her legs around his head, and drove him into the mat with The Peru Passion (head smash hurricanrana)! The Vasquez fans in the arena cheered loudly, but began booing when Black unknowingly rolled out of the ring, forcing Vasquez to let out a frustrated sigh. She quickly exited the ring and rolled Black in slowly before she entered the ring as well.

Once she got to her feet however, she was met with a roundhouse kick from Black! Black then grabbed the dazed Vasquez before hitting Fade To Black (inverted suplex into cutter)! The audience gave a mixed reaction as Black then went for the cover, hooking both legs as the ref counted the ONE....TWO....THREE!

Casey quickly released Danielle afterwards and rolled towards the center of the ring and away from her. Tony Harrison then quickly grabbed the SSWA Pure championship away from the timekeeper before he entered the ring and walked over to the still lying Black before helping him to his feet. He then handed the title over to Casey, who still seemed to be in disbelief that he pulled off the victory.

Black has his hand raised by the ref before he looks over at Vasquez, who is slowly getting up to both feet, looking disappointed. She takes a few steps towards Casey, who seems ready to start fighting...before she extends out her hand as a sign of respect. Black stares at her hand for a second, seemingly more surprised by this than the fact that he won the match...before he meets her hand with his and shakes hands with her. The two then nod at one another before Danielle exits the ring, allowing Black to celebrate his victory.

WINNER (and NEW champion): Casey Black (18:35)


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“What is with the name change, Mr…erh, Reville?” a young interviewer asked. The presence of Captain Honorable loomed the poor lad who looked nervously about. Reville Kaiser, the man formerly known as Gage Kaiser, stood proudly there. He grinned lightly, having shaved off his infamous mustache. His hair even brightened up a tad, showing signs of dye in previous times. He placed a comforting hand on the interviewer’s shoulder.

“It’s time for a change,” Rev explained. “As we Kaisers advance in the world, we all take on different names. Warriors of old do the same thing. It’s to show that we’re ready to advance in the world,” Rev paused, looking downward. “I haven’t been the best man that I could be, but tonight, I have to try to prove myself in this Royal Battle. I have to prove myself in Young Guns. If I am to become SSWA Heavyweight Champion, I have to die, young sir. When I do, I must look deep into myself and realize that I must change. I must be reborn. My name has changed, yes, but now it is time for the boy to die and the man to be reborn.”

“Gage Kaiser is dead to the world. Reville is my warrior’s name. I just hope tonight that I can prove that I am more than what I used to be. I am no longer just some idiotic twit who wasted away in the slums of the internet. I am now a wrestler, a successful one who wants to become legendary. That’s why I changed my name,” Rev told the interviewer, who looked satisfied with his answer.

“I must be off now. Training awaits me,” Reville left the reporter behind, allowing the feed to cut to another scene.


Match #2: Trios Match
Team sN vs The Best of British

Before the bell rang, Team sN looked out at the audience and nodded at them...before they were jumped from behind by Nigel and Rupert, both knocking two members out of the ring and turning their attention to the solo member! They caught him with a kick to the gut before they hit a double team suplex! Once Rupert exited the ring, the bell was rung and Nigel went for the cover, only to get a two count! In the 2nd minute of the match, Nigel hit a snap DDT on Bluejay before he went for the cover, only for GHOST to come in and break it up! Rupert then hit the ring and was met with a dropkick that sent him out of the ring!

This allowed Team sN to take over after Bluejay caught Nigel with a lariat that floored him during the 3rd minute of the match! A minute later, GHOST was tagged in and he hit a rolling leg drop from the top rope before he went for the cover, only to get a kickout at two! X-Matic then came in and hit a high impact lariat before he went for the cover as well, only to get another two count! Bluejay was then tagged in in the 6th minute before he hit a standing corkscrew shooting star press and went for the cover, only for Rupert to come in and break it up! GHOST and X-Matic then hit the ring and chased after Rupert, who quickly hightailed out of the ring as they followed him around the ring!

In the closing seconds of the match, Bluejay irish whipped Nigel towards the ropes and Katie tagged herself in before Nigel bounced back into a superkick that floored him! Bluejay looked to go for the cover, but Katie grabbed him from behind and hit the Social Whirl (Cross Rhodes) before she quickly went for the cover and got a three count!

Nigel and Katie then rolled out of the ring afterwards to join Rupert while the rest of Team sN hit the ring and checked on their partner. Stella walked over and looked like she was about to congratulate Katie...only to push her out of the way and raise the hands of the two men of the trio! Katie watched this happen and shook her head as she folded up her arms, slightly ticked that she was still not getting the recognition from her team.

WINNERS: The Best of British (7:53)


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Barrett Keaton Huff was shown backstage, talking on the phone with an unidentified voice. The GM of SSWA and HKW VP of Talent Relations smiled before he responded to what the person on the other line was saying with “come in during Supercard #11 and we’ll have that contract for you”. However, before he could go any further, he noticed that one of the cameramen had quickly snuck in. Angered, Huff barked at the cameraman to get out of his office and close the door, which the cameraman did (after probably pissing himself due to fear) before we cut back to ringside.


Match #3: Falls Count Anywhere Match
Anastasia Starling vs Aria Hall

The bell didn’t even ring before Aria charged at Ana and tackled her through the ropes and out of the ring! She then grabbed Anastasia and threw her over the table and into the announcers, who tried their best to move out of the way as Aria went on the attack to start this match.

In the 2nd minute of the match, Aria grabbed a steel chair and watched Ana crawl onto the top of the announce table before she drove the chair into her back repeatedly to boos from the audience. A minute later, Aria suplexed Ana onto the ground outside before she went for the cover, only to get a two count! Aria kept the attack going in the 4th minute as she hit a German suplex that sent Ana’s back crashing into the barricade and the audience groaning out in pain! She went for the cover afterwards and got a two count! A minute later, Aria hit a snap suplex that caused Ana’s back to hit the top of the barricade before she dragged her off and went for the cover, only to get another two count!

In the 6th minute, Ana finally took control, catching Aria with a leg lariat that floored her and allowed the young woman to go for the cover, only for Aria to kickout at two! Ana then hit a hurricanrana that sent Aria crashing into the barricade outside before she turned her over and went for the cover, getting another two count! Around the 8th minute, Ana hit a shiranui before she went for the cover, only for Aria to kickout at two again! Then, after placing Aria up against the steel steps outside, Ana hit Cannonbal!!!! (flipping senton) on Aria...then dragged her off before she went for the cover, only to get another two count!

Around the 10th minute, Aria caught a charging Ana with a jumping knee before she went for the cover, only to get another two count! Aria then threw Ana back into the ring in the 11th minute before she checked under the ring and pulled out...a pogo stick! The audience booed Aria as she then entered the ring with the toy and walked over to Ana...before driving the handle of the pogo stick right into the young woman’s back! Aria then tossed the pogo stick and went for the cover, but only got a two count! In the 13th, Aria caught Anastasia with an Axe Kick before she went for the cover again, only to get another two count! A minute later, Aria caught Ana with a running STO before she went for the cover again, only to get another two count!

The closing seconds of the match happened just a minute later, outside of the ring. Aria charged in at Ana, who caught her with Our Lady Peace (spinning bicycle kick) that absolutely floored her! Ana then threw Aria on top of the announce table before she went into the ring and quickly climbed the turnbuckles. Letting out a deep breath, she leaped off and crashed right into an already laid out Aria with Songbird’s Flight (Phoenix Splash), destroying the announce table! The audience roared loudly as Ana went for the cover...and got the three count and the victory!

The audience cheered as the bell rang and Ana released Aria and slowly got to her feet. Starling held her ribs with one arm as the ref raised the other arm to another massive pop from the audience. After that, Starling scolded a still knocked out Hall, letting her know that they were now finished before she walked off, grabbing the pogo stick that was tossed aside and taking it with her.

WINNER: Anastasia Starling (15:42)


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The show cuts backstage to where Kickass Smurf is standing with Davis Coleman. The interviewer asks for the former SSWA Heavyweight Champion about his thoughts ahead of the XWA Supreme Championship match later tonight; Smurf replies that he's sure that he and Laurel will put on a smurftacular match for the fans tonight! And that he knows the title is on the line, but it's just an honour for him to face one of his best buddies tonight. And that win or lose he'll know that the fans left happy after this match...but he's gonna try and end this year as the XWA Supreme Champion and the #1 contender to the SSWA Heavyweight Championship after the Royal Battle next week! #SmurfYeah


Main Event: Singles Match
XWA Supreme Championship

Kickass Smurf vs Laurel Anne Hardy ©

In a break from tradition, the champion was the first to emerge for the title match, the Supreme XWA Champion and Britain's own daughter Laurel Anne Hardy getting massive cheers. She took her time getting to the ring as she played to the fans, hugging, high fiving and shaking hands. Once in the ring she took the mic and made a short speech thanking the SSWA fans for their warm welcome, as well as praising the company on nurturing some of the most promising young talent in the country and from around the world and letting them gain experience against relative veterans like Prince Wadjethotep and Casey Black. She told them it was an honour to be able to do her thing in front of them and that she couldn't have asked for a better collaborator in making some magic tonight than Kickass Smurf.

The cheers Hardy received, overwhelming as they were, still paled in comparison to the deafening love the SSWA fans showered upon their resident superhero when he appeared! Kickass too made a show of appreciation to the fans, and the two friends shook hands as the bell rang. Hardy seemed to want to start things with a lockup, but her more acrobatically-inclined opponent pushed her hand away with his foot then span in to a back mule kick. With Laurel off balance he pulled her into a double knee facebreaker, and thence transitioned to a monkey flip to send her onto her back. After an impressive standing shooting star senton he went for an early cover, not so much in expectation of the win as to probe his opponent, and got a one count. The two agile young wrestlers both kipped up then began to exchange moves at dizzying speed, with the champion primarily going for dextrous throws and momentum-based takedowns while her challenger responded with a blitz of strikes and running and springboard attacks. After a few minutes Laurel, demonstrating her veteran experience over Kickass, shifted gears to a slower and more calculating pace to stymie her opponent's high octance offence - rather than throws, she started using grapples which would keep him grounded in the centre of the ring, pinned under her own weight from whence she could unleash volleys of strikes or apply momentum-killing submission holds. She even broke out one of her more rarely-used big match moves, the scissored armbar with knees to the skull known as the Echo Chamber, but the determined Smurf refused to give in.

At last the man better known for his high flying managed to power free from Hardy's control using his weight advantage as well as sheer willpower. Not wanting to lose her favourable position Hardy grabbed him around the waist and tried to haul him up in a German suplex, but he reversed it into a victory roll wheelbarrow facebuster for a near fall! From there he took decisive control, building his speed back up and leaving his opponent reeling with his frenetic assault of kicks, body blocks and throws. Laurel was left playing catch-up trying to get inside his response cycle, having to match his pace. But as capable a flier as Laurel is, she couldn't keep up with the staggeringly fast Smurf for more than a minute or two at a time. His superior aerial ability, as well as her documented respiratory problems, allowed him to maintain control. Over the course of several minutes he managed to get numerous pins on the Supreme XWA Champion, and it was only her famed resilience that kept her in the contest.

Things finally shifted back in Hardy's favour as Kickass took one high risk too many in the name of putting her down for good, and she reversed a ropewalk headscissors by using his own rotations to spin him into a backbreaker. Now well past the ten minute mark, she went for her first cover attempt of the match... close two count! We saw a brief shot of Kickass's girlfriend and Hardy's best friend, FGA's Evangelista, watching nervously from the front row - still in a neck brace courtesy of Johnny Cannon breaking her neck. Hardy regained control again as the two competitors got up, stunning Kickass with a hadouken. She dropped into a legsweep then went for another pin and got another kickout, a more authoritative one this time. As she picked Kickass up he fired off elbow shots to the gut, then swung her down with a hiptoss and found a shin kick to the back of the head. Once again he applied his superior speed and conditioning, again dominating the defending champion for several minutes. He scored several near falls off the back of a range of impressive and unorthodox moves during this period, including a ten-rotation spinning headscissors, a springboard into a tornado ranhei, and sidestepping a waistlock attempt into a backflip facebuster, all of which drew wild cheers from the audience! What none of them drew however was the victory, Laurel each time showing the same fortitude which made her Supreme XWA Champion in the first place.

It was closer to the twenty than the fifteen minute mark when Kickass ran up the turnbuckles and backflipped into a moonsault block only for Laurel to catch him and drop him into a sitout wheelbarrow facebuster! She rolled him over and nodded along with the count as she straddled him. One... two... kickout! Wasting no time, Hardy blocked Smurf from getting up and tried to lock him into The Doors of Perception! The masked man fought it, doing everything he could to block the champion's most dangerous move until he finally hooked a foot over the bottom rope. Laurel quickly made a clean break, backing up and allowing Kickass to get to his feet before re-engaging. Both realising it was time to go big, they began exchanging huge bombs with abandon. Backcracker from Smurf. Sitout powerbomb from Hardy. Smurfin' Bird crossbody from the challenger. Winter Garden Photograph throatbuster from the champion. But nothing was enough for that elusive three count!

Finally, at around 22 minutes, Laurel managed to get the closest fall yet after countering a running kick with a sack of potatoes into a sidewalk slam. Calling for the end, she staggered to the corner and climbed up, and patted her elbow for her patented corkscrew shooting star elbow drop, Stronger Than Dirt. She leaped off... and Kickass moved aside! As she bounced up clutching her arm and gasping in shock, he peppered her with kicks to the head and chest. She pushed him away and stood up but Smurf found a dropsault sending Hardy into the corner! He backed up, calling for the SMURRRFFFONBALL!!! - but Laurel rolled out of the way and Smurf's tailbone hit the buckles! Laurel started to pull him up into a full nelson, no doubt for another of her many finishers, The Dragon's Jaw. But Smurf slipped from her grasp and bounced off the ropes in a springboard spinning heel kick that sent her tumbling down. She kipped straight back up - into another spinning heel kick right to the dome that knocked her back down! Kickass leapt from the top in a 450 splash, but this time it was Laurel who moved away. The fans roared their approval as he managed to pull up and land on his feet! But his opponent still met him with a superkick to double him over, then lifted him up in a front butterfly, leaving his legs dangling off the ground. He kicked around but before he could get anywhere with it, Laurel deadlifted him up into the air, and as she drilled him back down, she span him and slipped her legs around him to make it a small package driver! She held on tight... and that was the three count!

After the match, Laurel helped Kickass to his feet. They embraced, then Laurel raised his arm to massive cheers before encouraging the fans to applaud the youngster. But one clap stood out amongst the rest - a slow, sarcastic clap from the direction of the stage. All eyes turned that way, and cheers turned to boos at the sight of XWA's incumbent Lord of the Ring and PRW Undisputed Champion, Razer, and, supplying the clap, his fiancée and manager Bella Quinn! The 260lb Scouser had his right hand raised to his chin and he flexed the fingers on it to let his ring glint in the stage lights, reminding the world that whoever emerged from Hardy's current series as Supreme XWA Champion, Razer would be awaiting them upon XWA's return as the #1 contender. Hardy beckoned to Razer to come get some, but he just clenched his fist for a moment to let his Lord of the Ring ring gleam again.

Suddenly the champion was struck from behind! A muscular bald man hit her in the back of the head with her own title belt! Kickass turned at the noise and caught the guy with a dropsault, sending him sprawling into the ropes, then bundled him all the way through to ringside where two more men, one a giant with long black hair, the other with a sly smirk and a goatee, joined him. Razer and Bella charged down to the ring, the fans booing since they assumed they were behind this. The Scouser and the Weegie slid into the ring and crossed straight to Smurf, but to everyone's shock, they took up his flanks and helped him keep the mystery trio at bay! As the smallest man made a move for the ring, Razer kicked him away, and Smurf helped Laurel back to her feet.

The three men backed up and were joined by a fourth figure, smiling smugly at the message her crew sent. It was none other than, of all people, North Atlantic Wrestling's Legacy Champion Alice Harris! Nobody had any idea what she was doing here, but she took the Supreme XWA Championship belt from her associate, glanced at it for a moment, then tossed it onto the floor and stamped a foot on it arrogantly. She and her boys stared down the unlikely alliance of Laurel, Razer, Bella and Kickass Smurf, then turned and calmly left, but not before Alice spat on the XWA title then disrespectfully kicked it towards the ring. Hardy and Razer glanced at each other uneasily as they realised that despite their longstanding rivalry with each other they apparently have a new enemy in common.

Finally, as Laurel's music hit at last, Razer and Bella left the ring while Laurel once again hyped up Kickass Smurf in front of his home-fed fans, celebrating his fantastic performance tonight.

WINNER (and STILL champion): Laurel Anne Hardy (25:58)