SSWA Episode #027 (CCP/SSWA Special)

Joined: 11:02 PM - Apr 28, 2014

9:24 PM - Jun 16, 2015 #1

DATE & STREAM TIME: June 22nd, 2015 at 5PM EST on EVOLVE!
LOCATION: Shooting Star Arena in Newcastle upon Tyne, England
FAN ATTENDANCE: 6,000 (100%)
COMMENTATORS: Bill Hall (SSWA), Stephen Creed (CCP)


Match #1: Hardcore Match
Alex Schafer vs Suzume Mitsuyoshi

Match #2: Macy Dover’s Open Challenge
CCP Wrestler vs Macy Dover

Match #3: Tag Team Match
The Blood Seekers vs WILDCATS

Match #4: World Crown Championship Scramble Match
Alisyn vs Crazy Seth vs Chayce Payne vs MECHA APE vs Utopia Vidal vs Danielle Vasquez ©

Match #5: 2/3 Falls Match
Damon Warrens vs Kickass Smurf

Match #6: CCP Television Championship Match
Alyce Karsten © vs Tommy Bledsoe

Match #7: Rising Star Championship Match
Jay Harris vs Chelle Harper ©

Main Event: Champion vs Champion
Brian Stryker vs Prince Wadjethotep

*Note: If Prince Wadjethotep and/or Kickass Smurf are not cleared to compete next Monday, they will be replaced by other SSWA talent.