Keeping Up With Zola Star | EP 5

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Keeping Up With Zola Star: EP5 "OPPORTUNITY"

  • 1: The show opens with the ending from the last episode. Zola is shown hijacking the Evolution Title match and stealing the title.
  • 2: Opening video package plays, showing you different clips from the season focusing on Zola in training as well as photoshoot. Zola poses as the title comes up on the scene standing beside it.
  • 3-8: The show returns with Zola in the confessional holding her stolen Rise Evolution Championship. She simply laughs at the camera. “Yeah I did it. I stole the title, but who’s gonna stop me?”
  • 9-12: The next scene shows Zola shopping for a new dress she explains that she invited her best friend Ashley to meet with her and talk about her dinner she is supposed to have with Boaz. Ashley arrives and Zola hugs her tight explaining that the two don’t get to see eachother often. Ashley then notices Zola pull out the Rise Evolution title. She freaks out not believing that Zola actually stole it. Zola tells her she has to make big moves to get noticed. Ashley says that she could get fired.
  • 13-14: Zola and Ashley laugh off Zola’s antics and go through a montage of trying on different outfits. Zola swipes her card and pays for a new dress thats he plans on wearing for her birthday. She and Ashley head out and get into a car.
  • 15-19: Zola brings up her conversation with Boaz and explains that she’s not going to go to dinner with her. Ashley rolls her eyes and encourages Zola to go and squash the beef adding that she doesn’t like her friends having animosity. Zola says thats she has something she’s been keeping from the both of them and that she doesn’t want to reveal it. Ashley says that she has to or else it will eat away at her. Zola shakes her head and puts her hand on her forehead. Zola says she’s going away soon with someone special and Ashley tries to get a name out of her.
  • 20-23: The next scene shows Zola on the phone with the same mystery guy from before and she later reveals in the confessional that it was none other than Kol. She says that he’s been helping her with her wrestling endevours, but things aren’t serious between them just yet.
  • 24-30: Things fast forward to show Zola setting up for a via satelite appearance for Breakthrough #038. She explains that she did not show for work because she’s not giving the title back until she gets her opportunity. The show shows the clip of Zola, Brylee, and Gio bickering before Brett Sands comes out to announce that Zola will be added to the title match at It’s Time 2 if she returns the title. She agrees and the show goes to commercial.
  • 30-42: The show comes back from commercial and shows Zola getting ready to meet Boaz Kennedy for dinner. She mentions that her day was going so well, but it has to end on a sour note as she has to speak with Boaz. Dramatic music as she arrives in the restaurant she stares down Boaz before having a seat. The two sit in silence for a moment before they begin to argue. Boaz calls Zola a whore and she calls him a coward. She then reveals that she was pregnant with his child, but aborted it because it was clear he wanted nothing to do with her and that he wouldn’t be fit to be a father. She mentions how he kicked her out without warning in the streets as she was pregnant with his child! She calls him a piece of shit and throws water at his face. Boaz looks on shocked and wipes his face as Zola leaves the restaurant as the dramatic music plays.
  • 43-44: A preview for the next half of the season plays with Zola saying “When Keeping Up With Zola returns.” It shows Zola on a date with KOL. Another scene shows Zola clebrating her birthday. Zola says that 2018 is the year of the Starlet. The show cycles through more clips including one of Zola winning the Evolution title. The Evolve network logo comes up at the end signaling the official end to the show.