Soooo....Whatcha up to Bruce?

Bruce Hirst
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03 Dec 2017, 18:10 #11

At the moment I have four projects ongoing and I advance on certain ones depending on what kinds of problems I can solve.

I will do the sci-fi idea eventually but I want to do it right. It won't be for everyone but it's still a project I've wanted to do for a long time. It's a 1/285 scale (6mm) star fortress which could be used to make the surface of the death star. This is also the same scale as Battletech figures. Individual blocks are actually full buildings in this scale. The trick is to find the shapes and method of building to make them all work together. It will probably have to go through three phases of building, remaking the blocks and rebuilding again to get the look that I want. This is a project I enjoy taking my time on, so maybe sometime next year I'll finish it.

I'm also working on ideas to expand the brick lines.

However, the current project is to make a Gloomhaven board using the existing molds and maybe adding one new mold. Bum Kim posted a Youtube video on a board that he had made which has given me a lot of good ideas, but I am altering his approach just a little. I'm hoping to have this project finished by mid January when most folks will finally get their second edition printing of the board game in the mail.

Finally, I also intend to add another hex mold if I can figure out how to sculpt the grass. I don't want to just make a bristle texture but instead put some detail into it. I already have dirt and rock hexes for half of the mold (1.5" size) and the other half will be grass once I figure out how to sculpt it.

Bruce Hirst

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03 Dec 2017, 19:20 #12

Thanks for the feedback 👍

I hope the sewer brick mold and some of the ideas discussed here will still be in the pipeline.

Marell le Fou
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04 Dec 2017, 03:00 #13

Nice informations for the 6mm Building mold(s). Its Games Workshop Epic's scale too. I will post the information in the Epic forum.

As for the rest, it's nice to see you're interested in finding a way to have grass. Like the idea. It will open possibilities.