Roborally board set up (the maelstrom)

Roga Danar
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Roga Danar
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August 26th, 2018, 5:15 pm #1

Had a couple of games of Roborally yesterday.  Tried to recreate one of the original boards called the Maelstrom.  Super fun.
roborally board.jpeg
Starting squares are the blue ones on the right.  All conveyors lead to the pits in the middle (don't shut down too long!).  Pushers on the edges.
Note the four lasers around the pit and flag positions 1 and 4. I won a game by a single phase (and the was pushed into a pit)
For a twist, take this same map and make the flags move on the conveyor belts. When they fall into the pits, they respawn at the edge conveyors and
loop through again.  That one is crazy. Especially if one set of flags are on slow conveyors and the other is on the fast conveyors.
This was made from Bruce's Robot Factory project.