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Here are some additions that would look awesome in a hirstarts dungeon!

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Hello All,

Would love to introduce everyone to our store. We are an authorized Hirst Arts Reseller.

Online store and shop located in San Diego, CA.

We carry everything there is terrain related. $3 Merlins Magic Hirst Arts mold casts. We also cast any Hirst arts molds in pressure cast resin, absolutely no bubbles!

Check out our site - we carry tons of other brands as well as make our own terrain pieces. Here is just a short list of some of the product brands we carry.

Aleenes, Almore Surfactant, Badger Airbrush, Hirst Arts, JTT Microscale, Juweela, Liquid Fusion, Milliput, Secret Weapon, Tabletop World, Woodland Scenics,
Check out our store.... Terrain Genesis

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Hi all

I have been running my store down but still have a lot of WotC minis left, they are for Star Wars, D&D and Axis and Allies games.
I am in the UK but ship everywhere, £3.5 in UK per order no matter the size, £5.5 outside the UK.
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