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Welcome to House's House of Whining, the best place for House MD discussion on the web! (Not that we're biased, or anything...)
So, below are the ground rules - the stuff that you need to obey at it's most basic. Follow them and we shall get along just fine.
Anyway, they're not hard to remember.

  • Before you even consider posting in a thread, we recommend that you read either 15 pages or 15 days worth of content. This will help give you an idea of what that particular thread is about and helps keep everything on topic.
  • No ChatSpeak, please. If you want to know why not, take a trip over to the Fox Boards. I'm amazed anyone ever gets out of there alive...
  • You can disagree with someone all you want - it's healthy, even - but no personal attacks on anyone. I mean anyone - this includes other members, other communities on the web, members/moderators on said boards and critics. Personal attacks can result in instant suspension, or even banning. You have been warned.
  • This means no personal attacks via the PM system either. If you receive a PM from another member that concerns you please forward it immediately to a mod.
  • Admiring an actor/actress's looks/body is fine. Three pages of "he's so hot" isn't. The same goes for bashing an actor/actress's looks or body.
  • Be respectful with your posts. Do not casually toss around references that are known emotional triggers. If you have an issue, any issue, please contact a mod or admin.
  • Digressions and tangents in the conversation are ok, welcome even, but if you veer completely off topic and there's a lot of interest in discussing what you've veered to, it's probably a good idea to move the discussion to a more apt thread (where others who are interested in discussing the topic can find it.)
  • Attacking another poster’s theories as irrelevant/off-topic because you don’t agree with them is not allowed. If you don’t agree, argue your point of view (politely.) If you want to reply to a post that you believe is off-topic in a particular thread, simply indicate where your reply can be found. But, if you think a thread is offensive or has derailed, contact a moderator as soon as possible. It is the moderators' responsibility, not yours, to determine if a redirect or a mod note is in order.
  • Speaking of mod notes, we take removing them very personally. If you feel you have unfairly received a mod note, you should PM a mod. We will be glad to discuss the situation with you and with each other and, if we think it is appropriate, we will remove the note. Having been warned, be advised that editing out a mod note will result in immediate suspension for 24 hours, longer for repeat offenses.
  • Please do not presume to think you know what all fans or all members of a ship think or say. Discuss the show, not other fans.
  • Search before starting new threads, please. It makes everything much easier. Be completely sure that what you want to post cannot fit in any other thread - cluttered boards are not fun.
  • Try to post something with substance, rather than just one- or two-word posts. While it's fine to want to post in agreement to another post it's more interesting if you explain why you agree.
  • Please don't reply to yourself. Back to back posts clutter up the board. If you have something to add, use your edit button and put the new information in your original post. If you want to differentiate the new thoughts, simply add ETA: (which stands for edited to add) An exception would be when a significant time has passed between posts. For instance, if I post something in the HL thread. 24 hours later, I have another comment to make and mine was the last post in the thread, there would be no problem with a back to back post.
  • Formatting
    With over 100 episodes to talk about, it slows the conversation down when your readers have to stop and figure out what TSM, SM, TM, RM, TRS, DEC and DCE mean. Unless it’s very clear from the conversation so far, take the extra few seconds to spell out episode names.
    NO PUTTING YOUR ENTIRE POST IN CAPS. also don't put it all in lower case.
    Use colors as a highlight, not for your entire post.
    Don't make your entire post in bold type.
    Italics, underlines and big and small font sizes should also be used sparingly for occasional emphasis only.
    Empty lines between paragraphs make posts easier to read and will help you convey your message to your fellow HHoW members.
  • Speaking of copyrights, quoting from an article whets everyone's appetite but, if you are quoting several paragraphs (which are available to everyone), please quote highlights and post a link to the rest.
[/list]In other words, the anonymity of a screen name is no excuse for bad manners.
Now that you've read these, be sure to also read the SPOILER POLICY.
Contacting a Mod
Evil Nurse Brenda doesn’t check her PMs often. It’s best to PM another mod: arizonamyrie, extra_cat, fffaw, Hail the Random, galaxygirl, Poeia, radiosweetheart and sautomne. Our names are listed individually on the "Rules, Guidelines and Announcements" subforum. Just click on a name there (or use the links provided here) and send a PM.
To contact a mod right now (in case of emergency), scroll to the bottom of the front page. In the “Who is Online” section click on an orange or green name to contact a mod who is on HHoW (or at least has a tab open to it.)

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Just a quick post so this thread will be highlighted on everyone's menus.
There have been a few changes in the rules. Rereading them is a good way to start the new season.

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Rule Update:
The original rules stated:
No posting of pictures - the only graphics we want to see in posts are emoticons (in moderation) and avatars (no bigger than 100 x 100 pixels.) Please link to any and all pictures that you want to share. Not only do pictures clutter the boards, but there is a good chance that by posting them, you are violating copyright. To be safe, we are simply going to say that you should not post any pictures at all.
I don't think we need to worry about clutter these days and with the proliferation of photos everywhere, most stills are being posted for people to share. So here are the new picture rules:
1) You may post pictures if they are on-topic.
2) Please keep them a reasonable size. Unlike LiveJournal and the like, we cannot put pictures behind jump cuts so don't use pictures that are so big that the thread explodes. (Our members are, I believe, the most level-headed in the fandom so I'm not going to figure out a maximum pixel size.)
3) If you know (or can figure out) who owns the picture, credit the source and try to get permission.
4) Do not post pictures that invade the cast or TPTB's privacy. A picture of Jesse surfing is fine. A picture of him eating diner in a restaurant or one of Hugh on his private balcony, taken with a telephoto lens, is not.
5) Photos of family are alway an invasion of privacy unless they are at a public event where they had a reasonable expectation that they would be photographed. In other words, a shot of RSL & Gaby at an awards show may be posted, a shot of them walking down the street may not.
6) You may still include links to pictures that cannot be posted here.