6.04 - The Tyrant

In which House finally gets a 2-hour episode and then other interesting things happen as well.
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July 15th, 2012, 2:14 am #131

Cameron: Did you see who the patient is?
Chase: That's one of the reasons it'll be interesting.
Cameron: Dibala is one of the most repressive dictators in the world.
Foreman: You had no problem treating a guy on death row.
Cameron: Who was still in prison after we patched him up. We fix Dibala, he gets on a plane and executes half his country. He's been repressing an ethnic rebellion in the south, the Sitibi people.
Cameron: What is it? You won’t help Cindy but you’re obsessed with this piece of dirt!
Oh yeah. She had no problem at all with treating a guy on death row (plus I'm not sure she actually did treat him -- she spent the episode with Cindy.)