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NOTE: This may contain content pertaining to real life.

Halloween 2012.

I am embarrassed that my files are all but gone, save for my outside backup. That deletion was done by a so-called "technician" who forgot to search what is the best way to fix the UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME that I want to fix all by my myself. The "technician" is actually adhering to some of of the principles I don't like.

Because of this, I finally decide to retire from Warcraft III modding, and to sever my links to almost all people I know within it.

I realize that uploading a huge amount of resources to my dear forum is so time-consuming for me and to speed it up, require the work of more than one trusted person. I also do not have the time to interact with those that I know me, citing internet instability and other commitments.

Before this announcement you know me as obeying to the notes about redistribution/editing found on every resource if any, correcting the missing/incomplete credits to some resources, and as an outstanding and respected member of Warcraft GV (because of that I promoted to admin status there last year).

Because of this, I didn't have enough time to develop my HGFT map so I decided to make it a standalone game for free download. I also "globalized" the concept and story of HGFT. (The rewritten story will be taken online before this year ends.)

I recovered some of my unpublished graphic material including my 2011-2012 signatures and my related works.

I am planning to make a deviantART account to post my works.

I want to see my files related to my past Warcraft III modding career and GFX, so I will post a big text file showing the names of those files.

For Kisuke Urahara, I sent you your models that I downloaded but no longer online for re-release to the public.

You can now redistribute/edit my own WC3 resources and released 3D models anywhere (regardless of their respective exclusive status to one forum), with the obligation that you must credit me if you do that things.

I will leave the reuploading of resources from Warcraft GV that are not mine and The Hive Workshop rejected models that I have outside my dear forum to one of my fans. I will upload all Warcraft GV resources with mine as one of the authors unless reuploaded elsewhere on my dear forum. (All these may take some time to complete).

The Multi-Purpose Resource Test Map, the unfinished HGFT map, and the unprotected version of ShiroiSenji/WhiteSenji's Manga Madness map will also be released to the public because I want all these three maps to be of some use (and in the case of the latter, everybody to continue it, with the condition of giving ShiroiSenji/WhiteSenji credit).

The first HGFT forum created by me will stay alive, with giving Arisato/Gyldarts the second-highest staff position, and serving as a resource archive.

I will share my greater, unified plan for the good of all WC3 modding communities across the world, regardless of the language they use respectively, and I have apologize with a certain person I once trusted but later clashed because I think in building his own WC3 modding forum he and his staff members uploaded others' resources that have a permission-before-redistribution or do-not-redistribute flag (including most of my first icon packs released under my own current name).

I hope you bless me good luck making my own HGFT's switch to a standalone project and establishing itself as a successful digital artist and 3d modeler.


P.S. I unsubscribed to all YouTube channels that have Warcraft III-related videos uploaded, and I unliked all WC3 modding-related pages. However, I will open a loading screen/minimap preview shop that will be opened in the near future, and the outcomes will be published instead in my upcoming deviantART account.
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I just got back and you're gone :(, i hope you get your dreams done, wish you luck, Arisato
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