PreFix Plug Complications: Blood clots and stabbing sensations

PreFix Plug Complications: Blood clots and stabbing sensations

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Am 56 years old and in very good health. Just over 6 weeks ago had an inguinal repair on the right side. Surgery was performed by a local general surgeon who claims to have done dozens, or possibly more, of inguinal hernia repairs. During initial consult, he stated that he uses a plug and that he has had good success with it. There were no complications with surgery.

The day following surgery, started developing a cramp in right calf. Figured it was just a side effect from surgery. With each day, the pain/cramping began to increase but would subside after walking around the house a bit. 6th day pain was so severe I couldn't bare weight. Called surgeon. He informed me to go to ER immediately and be checked for blood clots. Sure enough, had 2. One behind the right, the other in the calf. After chest scan, it was determined they hadn't traveled to lungs. Now I'm forced to take blood thinners for 6 months in hopes that the DVT's will eventually dissolve. The surgeon was very puzzled to learn that I had developed DVT following this, what he called, basic surgery that took just over a half hour to complete. Have any of you heard of this occurring?

Recovery had been going well as I've been gradually increasing my activity level by walking, and doing some easy yard work. Then, last week, I began experiencing sharp, stabbing, tearing, almost cutting sensations down below the incision. Almost feels like getting poked with several pins at once. I'm not in constant pain, just when I move, or twist, a certain way. Walking has become a problem now too...little pokes and stabs.

After reading several of the posts here, it sounds like the "plug" isn't being very well received. Has anyone here who got the "plug" experienced this type of pain and had it go away after time?

Are there any "positive" experiences people have had with the "plug"?

Any input or shared experiences would be appreciated.