Thoughts On New Brayherd Rules

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Thoughts On New Brayherd Rules

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29 Aug 2017, 07:17 #1

So, I've gotten to take a nice long look at our new allegiance rules, and would assume that a number of you have as well. I was pretty happy at first, because now we've got command traits and artefacts, as well as a few other things like herdstones and ambush on all of our models, then I was annoyed, because all of our named characters either became nerfed, generic versions of themselves or just got killed off (Rip my Morghur, Malagor, and Khazrak models) and we lost a bunch of our old formations. Now I'm somewhere around neutral on the matter. What are all of your thoughts? Do you think recent events have been a win for us, or no?

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Just picked it up today. I don't mind developing new heroes and fluff for the new era of the game. The named heroes have come and gone over the various WFB editions in the past. With the speed of updating books in the AoS era they may very well be back when they do a beastmen focused book.
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I think its good that they gave the herds some attention, at least we know now that we will not be dropped like the Brets and TK, however the fact the abilities etc. are in the GHB seem to indicate that there will be no Beasts of Chaos battletome for the foreseeable future. Which is shame as even though we have traits and artefacts it would have been good to have fluff and characters brought into the new setting and actually feel like we have a place in AOS.

As to the allegiance abilities them-self, i'm not a fan and would probably stick with using generic Chaos to be honest, allowing me access to more factions than just a 400 point allies. I will convert any other factions to fit the Beastman theme though.

I think the best thing they could have done would been to combine Brayherds and Warherds (why should we have to ally in Warherds????) and allow units to take a mark in a similar way to Slaves to Darkness. Imagine Hordes of Khorne marked Gor and Bestigor in range of a Bloodsecrator!

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26 Sep 2017, 19:48 #4

I don't anticipate a Brayherd/warherd battletome anytime soon.

Beastmen are an awesome ally for a number of factions (providing cheap fast objective takers), and if you focus on summoning, the allegiance may be pretty strong. I think brayherds themselves lost more bite than they gained around the herdstone, so I don't see non-summoning brayherd as particularly competitive. Maybe a wildstalker brayherd army, but that's a heavy ask to collect all those models and will result in drawn out games due to the need to move models in a skirmish fashion (you need to break units up, even if you use movement trays).

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I'm assuming that if you ambush with your general you can't have the herdstone?

Ambushing with the herdstone now that could be good. Potential +2 to hit with the artifact