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Illustrations Of Angband & Mordor (2017 Image Salv

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Aug 24 2017, 11:25 PM #1

Having done ancient Mesopotamian image salvage (main thread), it was time to turn toward the other leg on which the Chaos Dwarf inspiration stands: The ashen hellscapes of Angband and Mordor in Tolkien's Middle Earth.

Google Drive
Imgur Album

Games Workshop had the brilliant idea in the 1990s to combine the cruel and colourful ancient Assyrians with Sauron's Mordor, and ended up with a vibrant race like no other in fantasy. Subsequent additions of Daemonsmithing, bound K'daai Daemons and so on has only added to the mystique and stimulating tensions which are built into the Dawi Zharr. Chaos Dwarfs are becoming an archetype in fantasy, in no small part due to the unique marriage of inspiration in Warhammer. As reference for polluting industry and forbidding landscapes of the Blacksmiths of Chaos, Angband and Mordor is a given.

Time for grimdark, Tolkien style.



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That's a lot of images. Very cooll.
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