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9th Age Game Vs Warriors

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May 3 2016, 01:45 AM #1

Very interesting game as usual vs Warriors. We both typically just want to fight. But they do it better. I was able to chaff up his units while the minos took on the knights of pestilence and saw them off. Then the longhorns and a chariot flank charged the warriors with his lord and took them out. Finally the minos and 2 chariots took out the chosen.

Lowlights were his skullcrackers making an 18in charge to a chariot, I survived and held, flank charged the skullies with a horde of 50 wildhorns with a totem hero with impaler. LOST, broke,and was run down. gah!

I tried gargoyles, raiders, razortusks, and a jabberwocky for the first times. All pretty much did what I expected. still not sold on the jabber.
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