What's growing in your garden?

What's growing in your garden?

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February 21st, 2012, 3:10 pm #1

With our current wierd and wonderful weather, it's hard to know what season we are in. I was out in the garden this morning digging over my bean border and found a tiny St John's wort seedling. It always makes me happy when I can pot up a seedling to start off someone else's herb patch.

I also cut down the old stems of bronze fennel, marshmallow, marjoram, vervain and St Johns Wort and it was good to see new growth happily shooting up from the ground. The sage, thyme, rosemary and parsley look a bit ragged, but the sorrel has thrown out fresh leaves which were very tasty and I saw the first chive shoots. Spinach has been growing all winter, but has been too tough for salads, so I'm waiting for new growth before I start picking again.

In my Cotswold sanctuary we've been cutting down ash and field maple trees to let light into the pond area. Hopefully this means my meadowsweet will be much happier and if I'm very lucky maybe the sweet flag will flower this year. My heart sinks every time I look at the herb beds as there is so much to do, but they will have to wait until my next visit next month. The rosemary,white horehound and sage look very well as does the myrtle and wintergreen. The Joe Pye weed wants cutting down, along with the catmint, bergamot, motherwort, goats rue and New England Aster. I haven't dared search for the wormwoods as rabbits have dug enormous entrances to their warren in the bank they've decimated one of the top beds.

I'm planning a new scullcap bed this year and trying to think of what else I'd like to grow.

What's happening in your garden and what herbs are you planning to entertain this year?