Herb Gardens at Tatton Flower Show

Herb Gardens at Tatton Flower Show

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July 4th, 2007, 7:52 pm #1

I was sad to see that The Herb Society hasn’t got a stand at Tatton this year. However I have looked at the website and find at least 5 gardens that are entirely or predominantly herbal. They are in the back-to-back category.

They are :

Cancer Research- Thyme and Money

Colour My Garden The Herbal Tea Party portraying the social pleasures and medicinal benefits of herbal teas.

Clare Tucker. Worts and All
All the plants are chosen for their medicinal properties

Jules Miller and Susan C Jones Living Medicine
A garden designed for the contemporary medicinal herbalist, featuring plant material for use in the dispensary. It is inspired by the monastic gardens of the mediaeval period.

Welsh Garden of Horticulture A Herb Garden for the 21st Century

I’d love to see them, but as yet I am not strong enough. I hope they are featured on the TV coverage.