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I have been pounding the table for years on here that going vegan could be all you need to prevent HCL from coming back.  I can't find the post but I think Rob had a recent link for a study showing that going vegan may or does prevent the mutation caused by sunlight.  Assuming that is true then there should be a better chance that eating vegan will prevent HCL from returning.  Yes, I realize there may be no connection.  A vegan diet is extremely disease preventative.  I don't buy the argument that there is nothing that we can do.  It was clear to me that the people who get HCL often seem like they are health conscious.  However, they didn't talk about being vegan.  If you want to take a shot I think going vegan is the way to go.  No harm in trying and it just might be the answer.  Remember, the medical community wants to get paid for helping you.  Always keep that in the back of your mind.  

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