FYI:Tapatalk location an email address if you're having problems.

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Tapatalk, Inc.
202 Bicknell Avenue,
Santa Monica, CA 90405.   ( ... _BIIiQEwCg

I found the address inside an email that went to my junk folder. In the inbox the email won't show the address--interesting? (y/n)?

I put up Chris W email. She is who I can go to for help. As far as I know she's openly accessible. I have no instruction about only "me" contacting her. Anyone can, as I understand it. So.... when you have technical problems try me first it might be a setting I have control over. If I can't fix it try her. =


PS: All my settings are wide open; intended to let anyone easily post messages. The session logout limits are set to unlimited--you don't even have to ever log out.

BTW: What you're seeing here is free, no cost to me. And Anyone may set up their own site in this way. If you pay, there are other perks, but I don't care to have them myself. So, here's what you have from me. If my site goes down, because I was abducted by space aliens or something anyone can have a Hairy Cell Leukemia site or any site. Just sayin.....

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