2017 Series Championship & Tournament Series Rules

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2017 Series Championship & Tournament Series Rules

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A. ► Participation is open to anyone 18 years of age or older who is a registered member of the HardCore Kayak Anglers Club (HCKAC) for at least 30 days prior to the date of the tournament. This also includes any 321fish tournaments that HCKAC sets up.
However, non-members and HCKAC members that have not met the 30-day rule may be allowed to fully participate if sponsored by a tournament eligible HCKAC member. The Tournament Committee may also allow non-members and/or HCKAC members that have not met the 30-day rule to participate in any event.

B. ► Minors are eligible to participate with a participating parent, legal guardian or have Parent/Guardian Sign Waiver and Release Form. Please get with Dan Currey (TexasDan), Steve Burke (Tide1on) for the form.

C. ► In the event that a participant wants to use a tandem kayak/canoe, both anglers must be registered members of HCKAC for the event.

D. ► The HCKAC’s Tournament Committee retains the right to refuse entry into the tournament to anyone for any reason.

E. ► By signing up for any HCKAC tournament you agree and understand the rules set forth for each and every HCKAC tournament events
and agree to the following release of liability. PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING UP AND PAYING:
In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in the HCKAC fishing tournaments the undersigned,
acknowledge, appreciate and agree that:
1. The risk of injury from the activities involved in tournament fishing does exist.
2. I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown and assume full responsibility for my participation.
3. I agree to comply with the terms and conditions of participation.
4. I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, personal representatives and next of kin, hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless the
HCKAC, Tournament Committee, Sponsors and Advertisers, and if applicable, Owners and lesser of premises used to conduct the event.

F. ► NEW-B Qualifications for the "New-B Challenge": You have never signed up and participated in the HCKAC Series Championship.
If you have never participated in the HCKAC "Series Championship" then you qualify as a HCKAC Series Championship New-B. Also, as a New-B you can win any other category (i.e., 1st thru 5th place overall in the "Series Championship" including 1st or 2nd "13FISHING Snook, Red & Trout") along with 1st thru 3rd place in the New-B Challenge.

Safe boating must be observed at all times. During competition, each contestant is required to comply with U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) regulations including the possession of a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and a sounding device. If launch times are before true sunrise or after true sundown Navigation-Lights per U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) regulations are required. All USCG and Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) regulations are in effect at all times. It's the anglers responsibility to comply and know All USCG and Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) regulations.
USCG: http://uscgboating.org/regulations/stat ... g-laws.php
Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC): http://myfwc.com/boating/regulations/
Florida Boater's Guide: http://www.boat-ed.com/florida/handbook ... ion-Lights

A. ► There will be no designated check-in locations. Check-In is your payment which must be received by Friday 6:30PM the week of the each Tournament. For payment options (See Rule 15).

B. ► Weigh-In will be at the designated time and place as set forth in the official tournament thread posted on HCKAC forum.
C. ► All participants must submit their score cards or be in line prior to the end of the official weigh-in time for submissions to be eligible. At weigh-in, a scoring card must be filled out with each individual contestant’s catches. Subsequently, the Tournament Committee will request the photos from the contestant for review if needed.

D. ► Participants may use digital cameras or camera phones for recording scoring fish. Each participant shall take the first photo of their kayak & token no earlier than five (5) minutes of the set launch time. (You must "print" by hand your username on the token before taking any photos) at the start of the event. Any fish photos taken before the kayak & token photo will not count for a submission. Entrants must bring their camera, storage chip and the download cable for their camera to weigh-In so that pictures may be retrieved. No sharing of cameras will be permitted. Each entrant will use a unique scoring token provided via email the evening before each event. In the scoring fish pictures, the appropriate entrant's kayak must also be included in the picture.

A. ► All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, fishing etiquette, and conservation. Participants shall maintain 100ft distance minimum between competitors except if expressly agreed or invited to fish at a closer distance.

B. ► Any use of drugs, alcohol, participation in criminal activities, or any other conduct reflecting unfavorably upon our efforts to promote safety, sportsmanship, fair competition, and/or compliance with tournament rules are grounds for immediate disqualification and return of any prizes awarded.

All fish must be caught via hook and line. Only artificial lures may be used. Scented products (e.g. Berkley Gulp baits, Pro-Cure Scent, etc.) are permitted. No chumming is permitted. All fish must be caught from a kayak. No shore fishing is permitted. Wading is permitted but the kayak must be tethered to the angler. Anglers are permitted "only 1 line" in the water at a time.

The use of a boat or motorized water vehicle/vessel to transport your boat while on the water is prohibited. All craft must be self-propelled; no engines or motors of any kind are permitted.

Boundaries that are specific to each event will be posted on the official tournament thread on HCKAC Forum. You must launch, fish and exit within the posted boundaries. You cannot paddle outside the posted boundaries. All fishing must be done in waters accessible according to the law, USCG, and FWC regulations. Any angler observed fishing in an area deemed "NO ENTRY" by law enforcement will be disqualified from that event. Participants must launch from public launches, launching from private property is not permitted.

During competition, participants may not obtain or receive assistance including but not limited to following; a non-competitor's boat, the placing of markers by a non-competitor, being towed or riding motorized vessels, or receiving electronic, voice, or data communications from non-competitors, or the use of any drones.

A. ► The event uses CPR (catch-photo-release) scoring determined by the length of each fish, combined in the case of slam and individually for each class. Snook, Redfish & Trout will be the only scoring fish in this tournament.

B. All participants must use either the 321Fish.Com or the IFA Kayak Tour measuring stickers with a vertical nose stop at the “Zero” line. If your concerned or have any questions about your sticker and/or board, please get with Dan Currey (TexasDan), Steve Burke (Tide1on), Russ Caipen (LimeCider) or PJ (mrpj1972) well in advance of the tournament day to discuss measuring sticker / board acceptability.

C. ► Each angler will be issued a unique scoring token at or before the start of each Tournament. Fish must be photographed in or on the kayak, clearly showing the full length of the fish on the approved measuring device with the scoring token visible (including username). Date/Time stamp is not required. More than one photo of a fish may be taken. Official scoring length is determined from the forward-most point of the fish (with its mouth closed on the “zero” line of the approved measuring device) to the pinched top of the tail. No unnatural bending of the fish allowed. Fish-grips or Boga-grips of any kind must be removed from the mouth of the fish before photographing as to not obscure the photo or interfere with assuring that the mouth of the fish is on the “zero” line of the approved measuring device. You cannot use restraining devices of any kind (e.g. Fish-grips, Boga-grips or similar devices, bungee or rope, etc.) to hold the fish to the measuring board. Official scoring by the Tournament Judges shall be to the nearest 0.10”.

D. ► The winner of Individual Inshore Slam Tournament Series events will be determined by the most total inches of the three species. Only the longest fish of each of the 3 species will be scored. Slams beat out any two or single fish entries. In the event of a tie, the entry weighed-In earliest will be declared the winner. The Tournament Committee will review the photos to verify reported results and determine place winners.

E. ► You cannot use two of the same species twice. You do not have to catch all 3 species to win. In the event that a slam is not caught by any of the participants, the winner will be determined by the most total inches of 2 of the 3 species. In the event that 2 of the 3 species are not caught, the winner will be determined by the longest catch of any valid species.

F. ► For all participants in the Series Championship, photos of your tournament submitted fish must be uploaded by the participating angler to the HCKAC forum post (initiated by the Tournament Committee at the conclusion of each tournament) no later than 10:00PM on the first Monday evening following each event so that the fish can be officially scored and recorded for the Series Championship. Photo entries submitted after this deadline "will not" be accepted and shall receive an official score of zero. All photo uploads are the participating anglers responsibility.

G. ► The Tournament Committee is responsible for the final decision in all matters.

All protests must be made in writing and delivered to any Tournament Committee personnel, Dan Currey (TexasDan), Steve Burke (Tide1on), Russ Caipen (LimeCider) or PJ (mrpj1972) during the Weigh-In time. The Tournament Committee has / is the final authority in all protest considerations.

Rule interpretations are exclusively left to the Tournament Committee. The decisions of the Tournament Committee are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal.

A. Series Individual Events
Events 1, 2 and 3 - The first and third place cash awards for each of the 6 events in the series will be awarded on a 50%, 30% and 20% basis of all entry fees per event.
Events 4, 5 and 6 - The first, second, third, fourth and fifth place cash awards for each of the 6 events in the series will be awarded on a 44%, 24%, 16%, 10% and 6% basis of all entry fees per event.

B. Series Championship
Series Championship points will be determined on an individual basis by adding total inches of Snook, Redfish, and Trout officially contributing to the participant's score on each of the 6 individual events of the Series. Prizes for the Series Championship will be announced in a separate post on the HCKAC Forum by the Tournament Committee.

C. 13FISHING Snook, Red & Trout
13FISHING Snook, Red & Trout (13Fishing Rod & Cash) Winners will each be determined on an individual basis by adding total # of inches of each species separately officially contributing to the participant's score on each of the 6 individual events of the Series. The first and second place cash awards for each the 13FISHING Snook, Red & Trout will be awarded on a 60% and 40% basis of all entry fees collected for each of the three species divisions.

D. Raffle Prizes
Angler(s) must be present to win.

No pre-fishing the area set forth in the boundaries will be allowed the Thursday or Friday preceding each event.

A. ► A $20 entry fee per participating angler is required for each individual event and is due at or prior to the PayPal deadline (See Rule 3a). A token will be provided "via email" the Friday evening preceding each event. Tokens must be machine printed (black & white or color). Hand written tokens will not be accepted. Also, you must "print" (by hand) your username on the token "before" you take any photos (including the pre-launch photo). If your username is not on your token or it's not clearly visible in the picture or legible for judging that catch or all catches will be disqualified.

B. ► A $30 entry fee per participating angler is required if the member decides to participate in the Series Championship. This one time fee covers each event. NOTE: Participating anglers will only be scored on any fish caught after the $30 entry fee payment has been received.

C. ► Your token must be turned in on or before the weigh-in cut off time as designated on the sign-in thread for that days event for your submissions to count for each tournament event and for the Series Championship. If for any reason you cannot make it to the weigh in you can have any participating angler submit your token before the cut off time for you. If you do not turn in a token at the weigh-in then your submission will not count for the Series Championship. The Tournament Committee will verify your token with your photos in order for them to count for the Series Championship.

A. ► PayPal (preferred method).

B. ► Have someone pay with PayPal for you (token will be emailed to the person that paid).

C. ► Prepay for any future event at a weigh-in or prepay for the entire series all at one time.

D. Mail a "Money Order" Payable to: Steve Burke. "No personal checks" will be accepted and "PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH".
PM Tide1on (Steve Burke) for his address to mail payment. All payment deadlines are the same (see rule 3A).

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