SE side, Black Point (Miami) launch site.

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SE side, Black Point (Miami) launch site.

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Guys I know some of you make the trip across to the East side once in a while... just thought I'd post this as a warning, take if for what you want but be aware.

Went out today to a launch site I been to many many times... Black Point.

Arrived at 06:30 am.

Was not the best of days on the water, overcast, breezy, rained on twice, but then when I get back to the parking area about 11:30 am, to find Miami Scumbags had broken both driver and passenger side door windows out of my car, rummage'd through the console and dash pocket, nothing to steal so nothing lost, but a PITA
Called police, waited 1.5 hours in the hot sun for them to show and give me 5 minutes of their time and an incident #. Called insurance and the estimated quote is $444.xx to fix, and I have a $500.00 deductable on window glass.

Cop said best thing you can do is don;t park here and if you do leave your doors unlocked and nothing valuable in your car. Its an easy target, and common problem here, but if you doors are unlocked they will not usually break your window, he said they know most cars have alarms that sound if the door or trunk is opened so they try the door if its locked smash the window and lean in.


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