Main Collection Build List, 2016 And Onward

Main Collection Build List, 2016 And Onward

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This step in the collection is being done to illustrate the Air Wing as designed, with the color code and squadron matching the Air Group/Wing the aircraft was assigned to. Unfortunately, this can't be done with just one Wing that included the "correct" squadron designators for the mission slot, using the correct colors to match it all up, in the same cruise,,,only ONE wing ever completely followed the "rules", and it was a reserve wing called up for one shakedown cruise, and there is only one set of decals for an F3H unit, none for the other 4 tactical squadrons. (and that F3H didn't use actual Insignia Red for the 100 slot, anyway)

Early Navy Wing Examples

Red, first VF,,,VF-31,,,F3H-2 {K-3301a} AC-111 133450 CV-60 1960,,,Emhar 3001 F3H-2(F-3B)

Yellow-Orange, second VF,,,See VF-162 F-8E

Blue, first VA,,,See VA-83 A4D-2

Int'l Orange, second VA,,,VA-144,,,A-4C {K-2101c} NK-408 149561 CV-64 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-26 A-4C

Green, third VA,,,See VA-135 AD-6

Black, sixth unit*,,,See VA-36 A-4C,,,(*if assigned)

Detachments from that time period

VAW,,,VAW-12,,,AD-5W {D-9514b} AJ-702 135183 CV-59 4/60,,,SuperScale 72-338

VAQ,,,****VAW-13,,,AD-5Q {S-xxxxx} VR-708 135051 xxx xxxx,,,SPARES

VA(AW),,,****VA(AW)-35,,,AD-5N {S-xxxxx} VV-824 132619 CV-19 xxxx,,,SPARES

VAH,,,VAH-9,,,A-3B* {WANT} AC-518 138976 xxx xxxx,,,Purchase (A-3B with tanker package, NOT KA-3B)

VFP,,,VFP-63,,,RF-8G {D-9697e} PP-621 146897 Miramar 11/75,,,Wolfpak 72-061

HC,,,HC-1,,,UH-2C {WANT} UP-004 149772 CV-31 xxxx,,,Purchase

Later on, the system broke down, and the colors and squadron designators stopped matching the Air Wing slot or the Wing

Later Navy Wing Examples

VF,,,See VF-74 F-4J

VF,,,See VF-103 F-4J

VA,,,See VA-37 A-7E

VA,,,See VA-56 A-7B

VA,,,See VA-85 A-6E

Detachment aircraft changed to

VAW,,,VAW-117,,,E-2C HE2K {K-4100a} NH-600 165649 CV-68 2/08,,,Hasegawa E-31 E-2C

VAQ,,,VAQ-135,,,EA-6B {D-9675c} NH-500 163399 CV-68 San Diego 9/10,,,Authentic 72-50

Tanker,,,VAQ-131,,,EKA-3B {K-4017a} AB-615 142252 CV-67 6/70,,,Hasegawa 924 EKA-3B

RVAH,,,RVAH-7,,,RA-5C early {D-9773a} NK-600 149291 CV-64 1969,,,SuperScale 72-858

HS,,,HS-4,,,SH-3D {D-9853b} NT-66 152711 LPH-5 5/69,,,Old 66 #AD7201B


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01 Feb 2017, 23:48 #4

One of Each Important Navair Aircraft Type

These are the aircraft that make up the bulk of my Fighter and Attack models.

A-1 Skyraider,,,See VA-135 AD-6

A-4 Skyhawk,,,See VA-76 A-4C

A-6 Intruder,,,VA-75,,,A-6A {D-9835b} AG-512 151593 CV-62 1965,,,Wolfpak 72-079

A-7 Corsair II,,,See VA-56 A-7B

F-1 Fury,,,See VA-116 FJ-4B

F-2 Banshee,,,See VF-171 F2H-3

F-3 Demon,,,See VF-61 F3H-2M

F-4B Phantom II,,,See VF-84 F-4B

F-4N Phantom II,,,VF-154,,,F-4N {D-9603a} NK-100 153065 CV-43 5/81,,,Aeromaster 72-179

F-4J Phantom II,,,See VF-121 F-4J

F-6 Skyray,,,See VF-102 F4D-1

F-8 Crusader,,,See VF-211 F-8J

F9F Panther,,,See VF-123 F9F-2

F9F Cougar,,,See VA-26 F9F-8

F-11 Tiger,,,See VA-156 F11F-1

F-14 Tomcat,,,See VF-191 F-14A

F/A-18A Hornet,,,See VFA-137 F-18A

F/A-18E Super Hornet,,,See VFA-22 F/A-18E

USN Aircraft Color Schemes

The major color schemes of the USN and USMC

Yellow Wings,,,I know there were a few variations of this, but, I am only doing one example

,,,,,See VS-71 TBD-1

Overall Gray,,,

,,,,,VB-3,,,SBC-4 {D-9623c} 3-B-11 CV-3 1941,,,Starfighter 72-101

Blue-Gray over Light Gray,,,

,,,,,See VF-3 F4F-4

Tri-Color scheme (4 colors),,,

,,,,,See VF-17 F4U-1 (Birdcage)

Gloss Sea Blue overall ANA,,,

,,,,,See VF(N)-41 F6F-5N

Metal colored aircraft,,,

,,,,,****VMF-122,,,FJ-2 {S-xxxxx} LC-314 xxxxxx CV-43 xxxx,,,SPARES

The schemes numbered 1-6 are often considered the same colors and scheme, but, they weren't

1) Light Gull Gray over White during TTC-595,,,FS 595 hadn't been developed yet when the "Gull Gray over White scheme was implemented

,,,,,VMF-223,,,F9F-5 {D-9703b} WP-24 125577 land 1956,,,MicroScale 72-212

2) Light Gull Gray over White FS 595 (gray rudder),,,This was the change to the scheme when the FS 595 was developed

,,,,,See VF-193 F2H-3

3) Light Gull Gray over White FS 595 + ANA period,,,A short lived scheme using FS 595 for the airframe, during a period when ANA trim colors replaced certain FS 595 colors

,,,,,See VA-72 A4D-2

4) Light Gull Gray over White,,,,,,the scheme after the return to full FS colors (and White Rudders)

,,,,,See VA-164 A-4B

5) Light Gull Gray over White FS 595A,,,the scheme from 1968 and up to 1972

,,,,,See VA-144 A-4F

6) Light Gray over White FS 595A,,,the scheme after the colors were changed to all gloss, and FS 16440 was renamed to Light Gray

,,,,,See VF-11 F-4J

Light Gray overall FS 595A,,,FS 16440 overall

,,,,,See VF-154 F-4N

Tactical Paint Scheme FS 595A,,,aircraft in TPS before the 1984 blunder by the GSA

,,,,,See VFA-303 F-18A

Tactical Paint Scheme Late FS 595A/B/C,,,The TPS after 1984 when the colors were "run together" on the same line

,,,,,See VFA-22 F/A-18E


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One from each Two Letter Tail Code

AA Air Wing 17 (CVW-17) (no single)
AB Air Group/Air Wing 1 (CVG-1/CVW-1) (ex-T)
AC Air Group/Air Wing 3 (CVG-3/CVW-3) (ex-K)
AD Air Group/Air Wing 4 (CVG-4/CVW-4) (ex-F)
AE Air Group 13 (CVG-13) (no single)
AE Air Wing 6 (CVW-6) (ex-AF)
AF Air Group 6 (CVG-6) (ex-C)
AF Reserve Air Wing 20 (RCVW-20) (no single)
AG Air Group/Air Wing 7 (CVG-7/CVW-7) (ex-L)
AH Air Group/Air Wing 16 (CVG-16/CVW-16) (no single)
AJ Air Group/Air Wing 8 (CVG-8/CVW-8) (ex-E)
AK Air Group/Air Wing 10 (CVG-10/CVW-10) (ex-P)
AK Air Wing 13 (CVW-13) (no single)
AL Air Group 17 (CVG-17) (ex-R)
AM Air Task Group 181 (ATG-181) (ex-I)
AN Air Task Group 182 (ATG-182) (ex-O)
AP Air Task Group 201 (ATG-201) (ex-J)
AQ Air Task Group 202 (ATG-202) (ex-X)
One Atlantic CVSG/CVSW

NA Air Task Group 1 (ATG-1) (ex-U)
NA Air Wing 17 (CVW-17) (ex-AA)
NB Air Task Group 2 (ATG-2) (ex-W)
NC Air Task Group 3 (ATG-3) (ex-Y)
ND Air Task Group 4 (ATG-4) (ex-Z)
ND Reserve Air Wing 30 (RCVW-30) (no single)
NE Air Group/Air Wing 2 (CVG-2/CVW-2) (ex-M)
NF Air Group/Air Wing 5 (CVG-5/CVW-5) (ex-S)
NG Air Group/Air Wing 9 (CVG-9/CVW-9) (ex-N, ex-D, ex-PS)
NH Air Group/Air Wing 11 (CVG-11/CVW-11) (ex-V)
NJ Air Group/Air Wing 12 (CVG-12/CVW-12) (ex-D)
NK Air Group/Air Wing 14 (CVG-14/CVW-14) (ex-A)
NL Air Group/Air Wing 15 (CVG-15/CVW-15) (ex-H, ex-A)
NM Air Group/Air Wing 19 (CVG-19/CVW-19) (ex-B )
NM Air Wing 10 (CVW-10) (no single)
NP Air Group/Air Wing 21 (CVG-21/CVW-21) (ex-G)
One Pacific CVSG/CVSW

(there were additional single letter Air Groups, but, not in *direct* lineage with the above,,,,,,in other words, they had a break in their existance)


AA-17,,,,see VA-152 A-4B
AB-1,,,,see VA-34 A-6E
AC-3,,,,see VA-105 A-7E
AD-4,,,,see VF-171 F-4J
AE-13,,,,see VA-135 AD-6
AE-6,,,,see VA-87 A-7E
AF-6,,,,see VA-106 A4D-2
AF-20,,,,see VA-203 A-4L
AG-7,,,,see VA-76 A-4C
AH-16,,,,VA-164,,,A-4B {D-9677e} AH-400 144904 CV-34 1963,,,XtraDecal 72-151
AJ-8,,,,see VA-83 A4D-2
AK-10,,,,see VA-12 A4D-2
AK-13,,,,see VFA-137 F-18A
AL-17,,,,VF-171,,,F2H-3 {S-9951a} AL-104 126489 CV-42 xxxx,,,SPARES
AM-181,,,,see VA-42 AD-6
AN-182,,,,see VA-16 AD-6
AP-201,,,,VF-11,,,F2H-4 {S-9951b} AP-110 127598 CV-9 xxxx,,,SPARES
AQ-202,,,,VF-102,,,F4D-1 {K-3613a} AQ-110 xxxxxx xxx xxxx,,,US Airfix 30050 F4D-1
CVSG/CVSW,,,,see VA-45 A-4E Super


NA-1,,,,VA-151,,,FJ-4B {D-9654d} NA-307 141457 CV-20 1958,,,XtraDecal 72-037
NB-2,,,,see VA-116 FJ-4B
NC-3,,,,see VA-26 F9F-8
ND-4,,,,see VA-214 FJ-4B
ND-30,,,,see VF-302 F-4N
NE-2,,,,see VF-21 F-4J
NF-5,,,,see VA-93 A-4E
NG-9,,,,see VF-92 F-4J
NH-11,,,,see VF-213 F-4J
NJ-12,,,,see VF-121 F-4J
NK-14,,,,see VA-196 KA-6D
NL-15,,,,see VA-22 A-7E
NM-19,,,,see VA-23 A-4F
NM-10,,,,VF-191,,,F-14A {D-9697c} NM-105 159870 CV-62 (no Deploy) 1988,,,Wolfpak 72-061
NP-21,,,,see VA-212 A-4E
CVSG/CVSW,,,,VS-21,,,S-2A {K-4111b} NS-15 136701 xxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa JS-102 S2F-1(S-2A)


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One from Each Squadron Number VF-1 to VA-216 (plus Reserves)

VF-1,,,F-14A {K-1305a} NE-100 162597 CV-61 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 793 F-14A

VSF-1,,,A-4C {D-9713b} AG-500 148586 CV-62 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-78

VFA-2,,,F/A-18F {K-1403d} NE-100 165916 CV-72 xxxx,,,Dragon 5053 EA-18G/Hasegawa E-18 F/A-18F

****VSF-3,,,A-4B {S-9959b} AK-111 142687 CV-11 xxxx,,,SPARES

VF-11,,,F-4J {D-9800a} AA-100 157308 CV-59 1976,,,Aeromaster 72-206

VA-12,,,A4D-2 {D-9699b} AK-310 142693 CV-9 xxxx,,,XtraDecal 72-180

VF-13,,,F9F-8 {D-9785e} J-203 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-207

VF-14,,,F-4B {D-9811a} AB-100 149448 CV-42 1/64,,,Hasegawa 796 F-4B decals only

VA-15,,,A-4B {D-9677f} AK-310 144918 CV-11 late 1966,,,XtraDecal 72-151

****VA-16,,,AD-6 {S-9950b} AN-405 139758 xxx xxxx,,,SPARES

VF-21,,,F-4J {K-1011a} NE-200 158378 CV-61 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-1 F-4J

VA-22,,,A-7E {D-9719a} NL-300 157466 CV-43 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-113

VA-23,,,A-4F {D-9725c} NM-300 154201 CV-14 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-319

VF-24,,,F-8H {D-9660f} NP-224 148648 CV-19 9/68,,,XtraDecal 72-160

VA-25,,,A-7E {D-9707b} NE-400 158666 CV-61 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-162

****VA-26,,,F9F-8 {S-9952a} NC-302 144338 CV-33 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-27,,,A-7E {D-9512d} NK-400 157536 CV-65 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-221

VF-31,,,F-4J {K-1011b} AC-101 157293 CV-60 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-1 F-4J

VF-32,,,F-4B {D-9632a} AB-200 152972 CV-67 1975,,,CAM 72-006

VF-33,,,F-8E {D-9535b} AF-201 149170 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-331 (for no hump F8U-2NE)

VA-34,,,A-6E {D-9672c} AB-501 158798 CV-67 1974,,,Wolfpak 72-029

VA-35,,,A-6B Mod 1 {D-9655b} AJ-517 152617 CV-66 Nam era,,,Wolfpak 72-009

VA-36,,,A-4C {D-9672a} AC-611 148543 CV-60 1963,,,Wolfpak 72-029

VA-37,,,A-7E {D-9542a} AC-300 158830 CV-60 1978,,,XtraDecal 72-240

VF-41,,,F-4B {D-9605c} AG-100 150491 CV-62 1965,,,Double Ugly 72002

VA-42,,,AD-6 {D-9710c} AM-414 137551 CV-20 1957,,,MicroScale 72-529

VF-43,,,A-4E {D-9708b} AD-320 151118 Oceana xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-170

****VA-44,,,A-4E {S-9960a} AD-445 149986 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-45 Det 1,,,A-4E Super {D-9725a} AU-600 152008 CV-11 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-319

VA-46,,,A-7B {D-9707d} AB-311 154502 CV-67 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-162

VF-51,,,F-4B {D-9519i} NL-100 150456 CV-43 5/72,,,Furball 72-001

VA-52,,,A-1H {K-2001a} NM-300 134569 CV-14 spring 1967,,,Hasegawa BP-6 A-1H

VF-53,,,F-8E {D-9530q} NF-203 150349 CV-31 7/68,,,Furball 72-002

****VA-54,,,AD-7 {S-9960b} NF-404 142069 CV-31 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-55,,,A-4F {K-2126b} NP-501 154209 CV-19 xxxx,,,Fujimi 35132 A-4F

VA-56,,,A-7B {K-2302b} NF-400 154547 CV-41 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-10 A-7B

VF-61,,,F3H-2M {K-3302b} AJ-215 133637 xxx 1959,,,Emhar 3002 F3H-2N or F3H-2M

VF-62,,,F2H-2 {D-9776c} P-214 123292 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-268

****VA-63,,,F9F-8B {S-9970a} M-310 141210 CV-38 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-64,,,A-4C {D-9713a} AG-606 148516 CV-62 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-78

VA-65,,,A-6E TRAM {D-9628a} AJ-500 161675 CV-71 1991,,,Starfighter 72-132

VA-66,,,A-7E {D-9743b} AG-306 157538 CV-69 1982,,,SuperScale 72-848

****VF-71,,,F2H-4 {S-9961b} AG-104 1x3590 CV-15 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-72,,,A4D-2 {D-9677a} AG-300 144952 CV-15 1959,,,XtraDecal 72-151

****VF-73,,,FJ-3 {S-9962a} L-xxx xxxxxx CV-15 xxxx,,,SPARES

VF-74,,,F-4J {D-9615b} AJ-105 153795 CV-66 1973,,,Eagle Strike 72032

VA-75,,,KA-6D {K-2201d} AC-520 152913 CV-60 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-15 KA-6D

VA-76,,,A-4C {K-2101a} AG-301 149645 CV-62 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-26 A-4C

VA-81 Det,,,A4D-2 {D-9699c} AJ-406 144930 CVS-9 10/61,,,XtraDecal 72-180

Purchase,,,VA-82,,,A-7E {WANT} AJ-305 xxxxxx CV-66 xxx,,,SuperScale 72-513

VA-83,,,A4D-2 {D-9699e) AJ-301 145001 CV-59 4/60,,,XtraDecal 72-180

VF-84,,,F-4B {D-9794a} AG-204 151491 CV-62 9/64,,,Vagabond 48-1001 (dual scale sheet)

VA-85,,,A-6E {K-2211e} AA-500 158050 CV-59 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-13 A-6E

VA-86,,,A4D-2 {D-9677d} AG-402 142683 CV-15 xxxx,,,XtraDecal 72-151

VA-87,,,A-7E {D-9541d} AE-704 (404) 159640 CV-66 1970s,,,XtraDecal 72-242

****VF-91,,,F8U-2 {S-9962b} NG-111 147008 CV-61 xxxx,,,SPARES

VF-92,,,F-4J {D-9602b} NG-205 153842 CV-64 4/75,,,Aeromaster 72-185

****VA-93,,,A-4E {S-9963a} NF-313 151105 CV-19 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-94,,,A-4E Super {K-2169a} NF-411 xxxxxx CV-31 Nam era,,,Esci/ERTL 9089 A-4E

VA-95,,,A-4B {K-2113b} AB-510 142897 CV-38 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-40 A-4B

VF-96,,,F-4J {D-9716c} NG-100 155800 CV-66 1970,,,SuperScale 72-111

VF-97,,,A-7E {D-9719c} NK-300 156072 CV-65 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-113

VF-101,,,F-14D {D-9658a} AD-160 164601 xxxx 9/05,,,VF-Decals VF-101

VF-102,,,F-4J {D-9800c} AG-100 155510 CV-62 1976,,,Aeromaster 72-206

VF-103,,,F-4J {D-9636a} AC-206 157299 CV-60 1971,,,CAM 72-014

****VA-104,,,AD-6 {S-9955b} P-401 xxxxxx CV-32 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-105,,,A-7E {D-9542b} AC-402 158673 CV-60 1972ish,,,XtraDecal 72-240

VA-106,,,A4D-2 {D-9771a} AF-514 142782 CV-11 1958,,,SuperScale 72-829

VF-111,,,F-8C {D-9530s} AK-103 146961 CV-11 9/68,,,Furball 72-002

VA-112,,,A-4C {D-9712c} AH-403 145132 CV-14 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-77

VA-113,,,A-4F {D-9536a} NG-312 154213 CV-65 1968,,,MicroScale 72-401

VF-114,,,F-4B {D-9519m} NH-406 148430 CV-63 1963,,,Furball 72-001

VA-115,,,KA-6D {K-2201a} NF-513 149485 CV-41 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-15 KA-6D

VF-116,,,FJ-4B {3101b} NB-406 143526 xxx xxxx,,,Emhar 1001 FJ-4B

VF-121,,,F-4J {D-9617b} NJ-164 153803 CV-61 12/76,,,Eagle Strike 72060

VA-122,,,TA-7C {D-9669j} NJ-202 xxxxxx Lemoore 1985,,,XtraDecal 72086

VF-123,,,F9F-2 {D-9702b} D-307 123534 CV-47 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-206

VF-124,,,F3H-2N {D-9698b} D-211 133610 xxxx 1957,,,Almark Demon Decals

VFA-125,,,F-18A {K-1432c} NJ-501 161216 xxxx 11/80,,,Testors 681 F-18

VF-126,,,A-4M {D-9833f} NJ-632 159486 Fallon 8/92,,,Wolfpak 72-083

VA-127,,,TA-4J {D-9832c} NJ-713 153681 xxxx 6/84,,,Wolfpak 12/15 Thank You

VA-128,,,A-6A {D-9513c} NJ-830 152634 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-429

VFA-131,,,F/A-18C {K-1416a} AG-400 165217 CV-73 2003,,,Hasegawa 708 F/A-18C

VFA-132,,,F/A-18A {D-9631a} AE-306 162909 CV-59 1990,,,CAM 72-007

****VA-133,,,A-4B {S-9963b} AE-312 142885 CV-64 xxxx,,,SPARES

****VA-134,,,A-4B {S-9964a} AE-409 142743 CV-64 xxxx,,,SPARES

****VA-135,,,AD-6 {S-9950a} AE-501 137498 CV-64 xxxx,,,SPARES

VFA-136,,,F-18A {D-9736a} AG-300 162845 CV-69 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-602

VFA-137,,,F-18A {D-9733b} AK-402 xxxxxx CV-43 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-565

VF-141,,,F4D-1 {D-9612a} NK-213 134809 xxxx xxxx,,,Eagle Strike 72043

****VF-142,,,F-4B {S-9964b} NK-203 150629 CV-64 xxxx,,,SPARES

VF-143,,,F-4B {D-9519c} NK-307 150434 CV-64 10/67,,,Furball 72-001

VA-144,,,A-4F {D-9720c} NF-500 154178 CV-31 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-114

VA-145,,,A-6A {D-9656b} NE-504 155714 CV-61 7/72,,,Wolfpak 72-015

VA-146,,,A-7E {D-9656g} NG-301 158012 CV-64 12/71,,,Wolfpak 72-015

VA-147,,,A-7E {K-2331c} NG-413 157479CV-64 xxxx,,,Italeri 1224 A-7E

VF-151,,,F-4S {K-1021a} NF-200 153827 CV-41 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 394 F-4S

VA-152,,,A-4B {D-9699d} AA-514 142676 CV-59 5/68,,,XtraDecal 72-180

VA-153,,,A-7A {D-9723b} NM-300 153237 CV-34 3/72,,,SuperScale 72-218

VF-154,,,F-4B {K-1109a} NE-404 151507 CV-61 'Nam,,,Fujimi F-4B

VA-155,,,A-7B {D-9541c} NM-510 154390 CV-34 1970s,,,XtraDecal 72-242

VA-156,,,F11F-1 {D-9724a} NH-110 141745 CV-38 1958,,,SuperScale 72-255

VF-161,,,F-4B {D-9519a} NL-216 151500 CV-64 7/66,,,Furball 72-001

VF-162,,,F-8E {D-9630n} AH-204 150879 CV-34 12/67,,,Furball 72-002

****VA-163,,,A-4E {S-9965a} NP-343 149998 CV-19 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-164,,,TA-4F {D-9836a} NP-416 153491 CV-19 8/72,,,Wolfpak 72-075

VA-165,,,A-6E {K-2211d} NG-500 155664 CV-64 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-13 A-6E

VF-171,,,F-4J {D-9616c} AD-177 155530 Oceana 1977,,,Eagle Strike 72033

****VA-172,,,A-4C {-9965b} AJ-300 149621 CV-38 xxxx,,,SPARES

****VF-173,,,FJ-3M {S-9966a} AD-207 1x1416 CV-42 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-174,,,A-7E {D-9540d} AD-401 158842 Cecil Field 1976,,,XtraDecal 72-241

****VA-175,,,AD-6 {S-9966b} R-405 xxxxxx xxx xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-176,,,A-1H {K-2002a} AK-409 137543 CV-11 mid 60s,,,Hasegawa BP107 (Aeromaster decals)

VA-185,,,KA-6D {K-2201b} NF-411 149951 CV-41 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-15 KA-6D

VF-191,,,F-8E {D-9530p} NM-101 150926 CV-14 7/68,,,Furball 72-002

192,,,,VA-192,,,A-7E {K-2308a} NH-303 157524 CV-63 1971,,,Testors 340 A-7E

VF-193,,,F2H-3 {D-9653c} NM-301 127541 CV-10 spring 1957,,,Skylancer 7201

VF-194,,,F-8J {D-9718c} NM-200 150864 CV-34 1976,,,MicroScale 72-246

VA-195,,,A-7E {D-9714a} NH-000 xxxxxx CV-63 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-81

VA-196,,,KA-6D {K-2222a} NK-522 152894 CV-43 xxxx,,,Italeri 004 KA-6D

VF-211,,,F-8J {D-9530z} NP-112 149210 CV-19 3/71,,,Furball 72-002

VA-212,,,A-4E {D-9656e} NP-232 149971 CV-31 3/67,,,Wolfpak 72-015

VF-213,,,F-4J {D-9729a} NH-100 155882 CV-63 8/74,,,SuperScale 72-490

VA-214,,,FJ-4B {D-9654b} ND-00 141467 CV-12 1958,,,XtraDecal 72-037

VA-215,,,A-7B {D-9719b} NM-400 154468 CV-34 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-113

VA-216,,,A-4B {D-9699f} AC-600 144966 CV-60 3/67,,,XtraDecal 72-180

*******USN Reserves

VFA-201,,,F/A-18+ {D-9697a} AF-200 162904 Fort Worth 6/03,,,Wolfpak 72-061


VA-203,,,A-4L {D-9720d} AF-315 147825 land xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-114

Purchase VA-204,,,A-7 {WANT} AF-413 xxxxxx xxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-348

VA-205,,,A-7B (D-9542d} AF-500 154370 Atlanta 1976,,,XtraDecal 72-240



VF-301,,,F-4S {K-1161a} ND-106 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,Italeri kit F-4S

VF-302,,,F-4N {D-9789c} ND-200 150442 Land 3/76,,,Aeromaster 72-178

VFA-303,,,F-18A {D-9665b} ND-303 161743 xxxx xxxx,,,RepliScale 72-1016


VA-305,,,A-7A {K-2301b} ND-500 153268 xxxx Bicent,,,Fujimi F-12 A-7A

This will be expanded later to include the multiple designations of squadrons that came and went over the USN's lifetime.

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One from each Carrier

Angled Deck

9,,,Essex,,,A4D-2 from VA-12

10,,,Yorktown,,,F2H-3 from VF-193

11,,,Intrepid,,,A-4B from VA-15

12,,,Hornet,,,FJ-4B from VA-214

14,,,Ticonderoga,,,A-4F from VA-23

15,,,Randolph,,,A4D-2 from VA-86

16,,,Lexington,,,VX-4,,,F7U-3M {K-3701a} XF-32 129875 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-12 F7U-3M

18,,,Wasp,,,****VF-152,,,F2H-3 {S-9952b} H-204 127529 CV-18 xxxx,,,SPARES

19,,,Hancock,,,A-4E from VA-93

20,,,Bennington,,,AD-6 from VA-42

31,,,Bon Homme Richard,,,A-4E from VA-212

33,,,Kearsarge,,,F9F-8 from VA-26

34,,,Oriskany,,,A-4B from AH

36,,,Antietam,,,****VF-82,,,F9F-5 {S-9962b} E-202 126089 CV-36 xxxx,,,SPARES

38,,,Shangri La,,,A-4B from VA-95

41,,,Midway,,,A-7B from VA-56

42,,,F D Roosevelt,,,VF-11,,,F8U-2NE {D-9754c} AB-208 149161 CV-42 1960,,,SuperScale 72-832

43,,,Coral Sea,,,A-7E from VA-22

59,,,Forrestal,,,A-4B from VA-152

60,,,Saratoga,,,A-7E from VA-105

61,,,Ranger,,,F-4J from VF-21

62,,,Independence,,,A-4C from VA-76

63,,,Kittyhawk,,,F-4J from VF-213

64,,,Constellation,,,F-4J from VF-92

65,,,Enterprise,,,A-4F from VA-113

66,,,America,,,A-7E from VA-87

67,,,Kennedy,,,A-6E from VA-34

68,,,Nimitz,,,VF-74,,,F-4J {D-9603c} AJ-200 153784 CV-68 1976,,,Aeromaster 72-179

69,,,Eisenhower,,,VF-33,,,F-4J {D-9534a} AG-200 155532 CV-69 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-333

70,,,Carl Vinson,,,VF-111,,,F-14A {K-1311a} NL-201 160660 CV-70 xxxx,,,Hasegawa E-3 F-14A

71,,,T Roosevelt,,,A-6E TRAM from VA-65

72,,,Lincoln,,,F/A-18F from VFA-2

73,,,Washington,,,F/A-18C from VFA-131

74,,,Stennis,,,VFA-147,,,F/A-18C {D-9618a} NG-400 xxxxxx CV-74 6/01,,,Eagle Strike 72072

75,,,Truman,,,VF-32,,,F-14B Upgrade {D-9689b} 162691 CV-75 9/05,,,Two Bobs 72-051

76,,,Reagan,,,VFA-22,,,F/A-18E {K-1402a} NK-100 166437 CV-76 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 815 F/A-18E



Straight Deck

1,,,Langley,,,VF-3B,,,F4B-4 {D-9798a} 3-F-1 9246 CV-1 1934,,,Starfighter 72-145

2,,,Lexington,,,VB-2,,,F4B-4 {D-9760c} 2-B-16 9012 CV-2 1937,,,Starfighter 72-103

3,,,Saratoga,,,VF-3,,,F2A-1 {D-9620a} 3-F-13 1393 CV-3 1940 Thatch,,,Starfighter 72-124

4,,,Ranger,,,VF-41,,,F4F-3 {K-5202a} 41-F-4 CV-4 1941,,,Hobby Boss 80219 F4F-3

5,,,Yorktown,,,VF-3,,,F4F-4 {D-9622b} 23 5093 Thatch CV-5 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-114

6,,,Enterprise,,,CAG-6,,,SBC-4 {D-9623b} 1295 CV-6 1940,,,Starfighter 72-101

7,,,Wasp,,,VS-71,,,TBD-1 {D-9680a} 71-S-16 0299 CV-7 1940,,,Starfighter 72-109

8,,,Hornet,,,VT-8,,,TBD-1 {D-9624f} T-14 CV-8 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-108

13,,,Franklin,,,VF-5,,,F4U-1D {D-9792d} 4 xxxx CV-13 3/45,,,Starfighter 72-143

17,,,Bunker Hill,,,VF-17,,,F4U-1 {K-5001a} 17-F-12 CV-17 1943,,,Tamiya 60774 F4U-1 Birdcage

21,,,Boxer,,,VF-721,,,F9F-2B {D-9702b} A-124 123668 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-206

22,,,Independence,,,VF(N)-41,,,F6F-5N {K-5102c} 13 CV-22 1944,,,Italeri 1228 F6F-5N

23,,,Princeton,,,VF-27,,,F6F-5 {K-5103a} 7 CV-23 10/44,,,Revell 04140 F6F-5

24,,,Belleau Wood,,,****,,,F6F-5 {S-9954a} 8 77713 CV-24 xxxx,,,SPARES

25,,,Cowpens,,,****VF-22,,,F6F-5 {S-9954b} 9 xxxxx CV-25 xxxx,,,SPARES

26,,,Monterey,,,****,,,TBM {S-9955a} C-31 xxxxx CV-26 xxxx,,,SPARES

27,,,Langley,,,****VF-19,,,F8F-1 {S-9956a} K-101 xxxxx CV-27 xxxx,,,SPARES

28,,,Cabot,,,****,,,F6F-5 {S-9955b} 33 xxxxx CV-28 xxxx,,,SPARES

29,,,Bataan,,,VMF-312,,,F4U-4 {D-9608h} WR-5 97380 CV-29 4/51,,,PrintScale 72-052

30,,,San Jacinto,,,****VF-45,,,F6F-5 {S-9967a} 5 xxxxx CV-30 xxxx,,,Spares


37,,,Princeton,,,VF-153,,,F9F-5 {D-9750a} H-312 126652 CV-37 1953,,,SuperScale 72-601

39,,,Lake Champlain,,,VF-81,,,F9F-8 {K-3906a} O-103 141036 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa (change to O )

40,,,Tarawa,,,CAG-1,,,F8F-1 {D-9627a} T-00 95131 CV-40 1948,,,Starfighter 72-115

45,,,Valley Forge,,,VF-51,,,F9F-3 {K-3915a} S-109 123071 xxxx 7/50,,,Hobby Boss 87250 F9F-3

47,,,Philippine Sea,,,F9F-2 from VF-123

48,,,Saipan,,,****VB-15A,,,SB2C-4/5 {S-9953b} A-311 xxxxx CV-48 xxxx,,,SPARES

49,,,Wright,,,****VF-14,,,F4U-5 {S-9958a} T-411 xxxxx CV-49 xxxx,,,SPARES

Training, CVE, LPH, etc

IX-64,,,Wolverine,,,****CQU,,,SNJ-3C {S-9958b} J-6 01876 IX-64 xxxx,,,SPARES

IX-81,,,Sable,,,****,,,FM-2 {S-9959a} M-3 xxxxx IX-81 xxxx,,,SPARES


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01 Feb 2017, 23:51 #8

One of each Detachment Aircraft Type

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One of each US Skyhawk squadron and each Skyhawk type worldwide.

Each USN and USMC Skyhawk squadron

VSF-1,,,A-4C from earlier set

VSF-3,,,A-4B from earlier set

VA-12,,,A-4E {K-2161a} AB-413 150001 CV-42 'Nam era,,,Scalecraft Esci 9004 A-4E

VA-15,,,A-4B from earlier set


VA-23,,,A-4F from earlier set

VA-34,,,A-4B {D-9712a} AC-301 144892 CV-60 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-77

VA-36,,,A-4C from earlier set

VA-43,,,A-4E from earlier set

VA-44,,,A-4E from earlier set

VA-45,,,A-4E Super from earlier set


VA-55,,,A-4F from earlier set

VA-56,,,A4D-2 {K-2113d} NF-411 144986 xxx xxxx,,,Fujimi F-40 A-4B

VA-64,,,A-4C from earlier set


VA-72,,,A4D-2 from earlier set

VA-76,,,A-4C from earlier set

VA-81,,,A4D-2 from earlier set

VA-83,,,A4D-2 from earlier set

VA-86,,,A4D-2 from earlier set

VA-93,,,A-4E from earlier set

VA-94,,,A-4E Super from earlier set

VA-95,,,A-4B from earlier set

VF-101,,,A-4F {K-2163a} 074 xxxxxx Key West Det xxxx,,,Esci 9003 A-4F

VA-106,,,A4D-2 from earlier set

VA-112,,,A-4C from earlier set

VA-113,,,A-4F from earlier set


VA-126,,,A-4M from earlier set

VA-127,,,TA-4J from earlier set

VA-133,,,A-4B from earlier set

VA-134,,,A-4B from earlier set

VA-144,,,A-4F from earlier set


VA-152,,,A-4B from earlier set


VA-155,,,A-4F {D-9816a} AH-515 155062 xxxx xxxx,,,Frog A-4K kit decals

VA-163,,,A-4E from earlier set

VA-164,,,A-4B from earlier set


VA-172,,,A-4C from earlier set

VA-192,,,A-4F {D-9725b} NM-200 154998 CV-34 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-319


VA-212,,,A-4E from earlier set

VA-216,,,A-4B from earlier set

VA-203,,,A-4L from earlier set









VMAT-102,,,TA-4J {D-9838e} SC-22 153663 El Toro xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-210


VMA-121,,,A-4E {D-9713d} VK-18 152099 land xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-78


VMA-131,,,A-4M {D-9537g} QC-00 160024 land 1993,,,Furball 72-003

VMA-133,,,A-4C {D-9742b} ME-9 149614 land xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-846


VMA-142,,,A-4L {D-9708c} MB-5 148505 Jacksonville xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-170




VMA-211,,,A-4E Super {D-9708d} CF-22 149661 Iwakuni xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-170


VMA-214,,,A-4M {K-2135c} WE-6 160027 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-22 A-4M

VMA-223,,,A-4E {D-9713e} WP-9 152032 land xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-78

VMA-224,,,A4D-1 {2191a} WK-4 xxxxxx xxxx,,,US Airfix 10020 A-4



VMA-311,,,A-4E Super {D-9720e} WL-00 149651 land xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-114

VMA-322,,,A-4E Super {D-9537a} QR-50 149985 land 1982,,,Furball 72-003

VMA-324,,,A-4B {D-9677g} AG-503 142800 CV-62 1963,,,XtraDecal 72-151
VMA-324,,,A-4M {K-2137e} DX-9 158162 11/71,,,Fujimi 1059 A-4KU

VMA-331,,,A-4M {D-9537b} VL-03 160036 land 1982,,,Furball 72-003




In addition to the above, there were VT, H&MS, VFC, VAQ, and reserve squadrons, those will listed as an Edit to this post

Each US Skyhawk type

A4D-1 with Refueling Probe
A4D-1 with Folding wings

A-4B Chaff Bomber
A-4B no Refueling Probe
YA-4B Rudolph the Red Nosed Skyhawk
A-4B Sidewinders

A-4B or A-4C with Tank Refueling system

A-4C Shoehorn
A-4C US Army


A-4E Super
A-4E VT-7
A-4E Front Insignia
A-4E Super with pylon Camera

A-4F before Hump
A-4F Super (Hump Removed)
A-4F Super (with Hump and Hot Dog)
A-4F Super (Hump Removed, Hot Dog added)
A-4F nose bump (I will get the designation later)
A-4F nose window (I will get the designation later)

A-4M early
A-4M late
A-4M Big Doors
A-4M Mighty Mike

TA-4J new build
TA-4J 5 pylons (from TA-4Fs)

Each Foreign Skyhawk type

A-4E Israel
A-4H Super Fox intakes
A-4H SF intakes, plus Hump
A-4N late

A-4P late

A-4E Canada Test
A-4M France Test






Special models to build

A-4E with A-4M markings from VMA-324
A-4E with Tow Target
A-4E with JATO and Napalm
A-4E on SATS Catapult
A-4E Tied Down and fully flagged


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One of each US Phantom squadron and each Phantom type worldwide

USN Phantom Squadrons

VF-11,,,F-4J from earlier set

VF-14,,,F-4B from earlier set

VF-21,,,F-4J from earlier set

VF-31,,,F-4J from earlier set

VF-32,,,F-4B from earlier set

VF-33,,,F-4J from earlier set

VF-41,,,F-4B from earlier set

VF-51,,,F-4B from earlier set

VF-74,,,F-4J from earlier set

VF-84,,,F-4B from earlier set

VF-92,,,F-4J from earlier set

VF-96,,,F-4J from earlier set


VF-102,,,F-4J from earlier set

VF-103,,,F-4J from earlier set

VF-111,,,F-4N {D-9778b} NL-200 151000 CV-43 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-174

VF-114,,,F-4B from earlier set


VF-121,,,F-4J from earlier set


VF-142,,,F-4B from earlier set

VF-143,,,F-4B from earlier set

VF-151,,,F-4S from earlier set

VF-154,,,F-4B from earlier set

VF-161,,,F-4B from earlier set

VF-171,,,F-4J from earlier set

VF-191,,,F-4J {D-9615c} NL-101 153817 CV-43 10/76,,,Eagle Strike 72032


VF-213,,,F-4J {D-9615c} NL-101 153817 CV-43 10/76,,,Eagle Strike 72032



VF-301,,,F-4S from earlier set

VF-302,,,F-4N from earlier set


USMC Squadrons



VMFA-115,,,F-4B {K-1001d} VE-10 152217 land xxxx,,,,Hasegawa Ka-3 F-4B/N

VMFA-122,,,F-4J {D-9604b} DC-01 157242 Beaufort 7/76,,,Aeromaster 72-186




VMFA-232,,,F-4J {D-9797c} WT-2 155754 Nam Phong 7/72,,,Fox One 72-006

VMFA-235,,,F-4J {D-9706c} DB-9 153907 land xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-155
VMFA-235,,,F-4S {K-1015c} DB-04 157276 land xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-2 F-4S

VMFA-251,,,F-4B {D-9706a} DW-00 148398 land xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-155

VMFA-312,,,F-4J {D-9603b} DR-3 155733 Cherry Point 1976,,,Aeromaster 72-179


VMFA-314,,,F-4B {D-9696h} VW-3 153006 Chu Lai 11/68,,,Wolfpak 72-060

VMFA-321,,,F-4S {D-9661d} MG-000 153904 Key West Det A? 7/91,,,RepliScale 72-1035


VMFA-333,,,F-4J {D-9506a} AJ-203 153855 CV-66 1972,,,SuperScale 72-822



VMFA-451,,,F-4J {D-9779a} AA-200 153775 CV-59 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-200

VMFA-513,,,F-4B {D-9747a} WF-17 148426 xxxx 1973,,,SuperScale 72-869

VMFA-531,,,F-4B {D-9678a} EC-00 148373 El Toro xxxx,,,Model Decal 72-2





VMCJ-3,,,RF-4B {D-9777a} TN 153092 xxxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-320


In addition to the above, there were VAQ, VX, VC, etc units and NATC, PMTC, etc units, these will be added in an Edit to this post.

Phantoms not in USN Line Squadrons

Phantom type list, with notes where needed