1/72 Squadron Decal Locator

1/72 Squadron Decal Locator

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25 Nov 2016, 23:51 #1

This will take a while to type up, but, it is a list of 1/72 Scale decals for the USN, USMC, USAF, and some foreign users of US Aircraft types.

I will include the HD Project number, in addition to the decal producer and item number.

Please note that these lists don't take into account the numerous starts and stops, and unit redesignations of the squadrons. These are just lists, sorted by number for convenience in finding the decals. I will cover the redesignations and establishments in "mini-articles" later on, in another thread. So, for now, don't panic if you see all of the VF-21 decals in one place, even though there were two units with that designation. It will all make sense later, well, as much sense as this very complex subject can ever make, lol. Likewise, you will see some squadrons in their own section, even if they really should be grouped with another,,,,,,,such as VA-63 having their own section, even though they should be in between the old VF-22 and the new VA-22.

For USN or USMC projects, you can just look in the appropriate section, find your squadron number, and you will find the 1/72 markings for that unit that I know about. You will have to browse through for other Air Forces, either in the Skyhawk or Phantom sections, or in the Other Aircraft sections. Keep in mind that this collection is USN/USMC centric,,,so finding something like an A-7 from Greece would not be the focus of my decal collection, but, if it was included on a sheet that I bought for another purpose I have listed it in the Greece portion of Other Aircraft.

{Not} means I don't have it, but, that it is either in my paper Superscale catalog, and/or reviewed on MM, ARC, HS, etc.

{WANT} means that it is on my wants list, to fill spots in my final collection.

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29 Nov 2016, 06:59 #2

Fighter, Attack, and Strike Fighter squadrons (1948 to present)

This is the main part of my planned model collection, with Marine and other aircraft as secondary builds.

NOTE 12/07/2016, all USN Aftermarket decals in Inventory are entered in the USN Numbered Squadrons List. (numbered as {D-9XXXx})

12/09/2016, USN Kit decals in Inventory are entered in the USN Numbered Squadrons List. (numbered as {K-XXXXx}

Select aftermarket decals on the "wanted list" (numbered as {D-XXXXx} because they are not in stock here) "WANT" for decals that I want for my collection, and "Not" for decals that I don't have.

VF-1,,,F-14A {K-1305b} (NK)-100 158979 Ferris xxxx,,,Hasegawa 793 F-14A
VF-1,,,F-14A {K-1305a} NE-100 162597 CV-61 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 793 F-14A

VSF-1,,,A-4C {D-9713b} AG-500 148586 CV-62 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-78

VF-2,,,F-14D® {K-1302a} NE-101 159630 CV-64 9/97,,,Hasegawa 626 F-14D
VF-2,,,F-14D® {K-1302b} NE-100 163895 CV-64 4/98,,,Hasegawa 626 F-14D
VFA-2,,,F/A-18F {K-1403d} NE-100 165916 CV-72 xxxx,,,Dragon 5053 EA-18G/Hasegawa E-18 F/A-18F
VFA-2,,,F/A-18F {K-1404c} NE-106 165922 CV-72 2003,,,Hasegawa 799 F/A-18F
VFA-2,,,F/A-18F {K-1404b} NE-106 165922 CV-72 2005,,,Hasegawa 799 F/A-18F

****VSF-3,,,A-4B {S-9959b} AK-111 142687 CV-11 xxxx,,,SPARES

VF-11,,,F8F-1 {D-9627b} T-106 95106 CV-40 1949,,,Starfighter 72-115
VF-11,,,F2H-2 {D-9776b} T-116 125068 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-268
VF-11,,,F2H-2 {K-3213a} T-116 125068 xxxx xxxx,,,MPC 4305 F2H
VF-11,,,F2H-4 {K-3201a} P-103 126455 CV-43 3/56,,,Academy 1626 F2H-3/4
VF-11,,,F2H-3 {K-3201b} P-102 126455 CV-43 3/56,,,Academy 1626 F2H-3/4
****F2H-4 {S-9951b} AP-110 127598 CV-9 xxxx,,,SPARES
VF-11,,,F8U-2NE {D-9754c} AB-208 149161 CV-42 1960,,,SuperScale 72-832
VF-11,,,F-8E {D-9754a} AB-208 149161 CV-42 1960,,,SuperScale 72-832 (NO F-8E in 1960!!)
VF-11,,,F-8E {D-9644a} AB-211 149172 CV-42 xxxx,,,Esci F-8 Decal
VF-11,,,F-4B {D-9789A} AA-100 150628 CV-59 11/68,,,Aeromaster 72-178
VF-11,,,F-4J {D-9800a} AA-100 157308 CV-59 1976,,,Aeromaster 72-206
VF-11,,,F-4J {D-9636b} AA-100 157308 CV-59 1976,,,CAM 72-014
VF-11,,,F-14B {D-9681a} AG-200 161433 CV-67 2002,,,Two Bobs 72-027
VF-11,,,F-14B {D-0681b} AG-201 162912 CV-67 2002,,,Two Bobs 72-027
VF-11,,,F-14B {D-9689a} AA-101 162912 CV-67 5/05,,,Two Bobs 72-051

VA-12,,,A4D-2 {D-9699b} AK-310 142693 CV-9 xxxx,,,XtraDecal 72-180
VA-12,,,A-4E {K-2161a} AB-413 150001 CV-42 'Nam era,,,Scalecraft Esci 9004 A-4E
VA-12,,,A-4E {K-2183a} AB-413 15000a CV-42 'Nam era,,,Esci 9004 A-4E
VA-12,,,A-4C {K-2101b} AJ-401 149553 CV-38 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-26 A-4C
VA-12,,,A-7E {D-9540c} AG-500 157563 CV-62 1972,,,XtraDecal 72-241
VA-12,,,A-7E {D-9534c} AG-400 157472 CV-62 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-333
VA-12,,,A-7E {D-9637b} AG-414 158835 CV-69 1985,,,CAMpro P72-002

VF-13,,,F9F-8 {D-9785e} J-203 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-207
VF-13,,,F4D-1 {D-9745a} AK-105 134953 CV-38 1960,,,SuperScale 72-569
VF-13,,,F-8E {D-9718a} AK-111 150844 CV-38 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-246

****VF-14,,,F4U-5 {S-9958a} T-411 xxxxx CV-49 xxxx,,,SPARES
VF-14,,,F4U-5 {K-5007a} T-410 122007 CV-42 1953,,,Revell 04143 F4U-5
VF-14,,,F3H-2 {D-9507a} AB-108 145288 CV-42 1961,,,SuperScale 72-658
VF-14,,,F-4B {D-9811a} AB-100 149448 CV-42 1/64,,,Hasegawa 796 F-4B decals only
VF-14,,,F-4B {D-9811b} AB-100 150628 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 796 F-4B decals only, either date or CV is wrong on this
VF-14,,,F-14A {D-9783a} AB-106 xxxxxx CV-67 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-191
VFA-14,,,F/A-18E {K-1401a} NH-200 165861 CV-68 xxxx,,,Hasegawa E-19 F/A-18E

VA-15,,,A-4B {D-9677f} AK-310 144918 CV-11 late 1966,,,XtraDecal 72-151
VA-15,,,A-4C {K-2101e} AA-412 148459 CV-59 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-26 A-4C
VA-15,,,A-7E {D-9775a} AE-300 159655 CV-66 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-342
VFA-15,,,F-18A {1431a} AC-304 163121 xxxx xxxx,,,Testors 284 F/A-18
VFA-15,,,F/A-18A {K-1441a} AJ-302 xxxxxx CV-71 1988,,,Airfix 3058 F/A-18A

****VA-16,,,AD-6 {S-9950b} AN-405 139758 xxx xxxx,,,SPARES

VF-21,,,FJ-3 {D-9766a} I-215 135862 Oceana 10/55,,,PrintScale 72-083
VF-21,,,F11F-1 {K-3005b} AD-205 141740 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 716 F11F-1
VF-21,,,F-4J {K-1011a} NE-200 158378 CV-61 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-1 F-4J
VF-21,,,F-14A {D-9813a} NK-205 161601 CV-64 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 774 F-14A
VF-21,,,F-14A {D-9813b} NK-200 161603 CV-64 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 774 F-14A

VF-22,,,F2H-2 {D-9776a} F-116 125035 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-268
VA-22 Det R,,,A-4B {D-9677c} NS-IIII 142134 CV-33 1963,,,XtraDecal 72-151
VA-22 Det R,,,A4D-2 {D-9772b} NS-II 142520 CV-33 1963,,,MicroScale 72-531
VA-22,,,A-7E {D-9719a} NL-300 157466 CV-43 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-113
VFA-22,,,F/A-18C {D-9631c} NH-314 164012 CV-70 1999,,,CAM 72-007
VFA-22,,,F/A-18E {D-9688a} NK-100 166437 CV-76 7/05,,,Two Bobs 72-044
VFA-22,,,F/A-18E {K-1402a} NK-100 166437 CV-76 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 815 F/A-18E
VFA-22,,,F/A-18E {K-1402b} NK-101 166438 CV-76 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 815 F/A-18E

VF-23,,,F4D-1 {D-9745b} NL-208 134952 CV-19 1958,,,SuperScale 72-569
VA-23,,,A-4F {D-9725c} NM-300 154201 CV-14 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-319

VF-24,,,F-8C {D-9530h} NP-443 147029 CV-31 5/67,,,Furball 72-002
VF-24,,,F-8C {D-9530i} NP-444 146981 CV-31 5/67,,,Furball 72-002
VF-24,,,F-8C {D-9530j} NP-442 147018 CV-31 7/67,,,Furball 72-002
VF-24,,,F-8C {D-9530k} NP-447 146992 CV-31 7/67,,,Furball 72-002
VF-24,,,F-8C {D-9786a} NP-449 146996 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-85
VF-24,,,F-8H {D-9660f} NP-224 148648 CV-19 9/68,,,XtraDecal 72-160
VF-24,,,F-8H {K-1221a} NP-224 148648 CV-19 1968,,,Italeri 1230 F-8
VF-24,,,F-8J {K-1205a} NP-201 150311 CV-19 8/72,,,Academy 12412 F-8J
VF-24,,,F-8J {K-1241a} NP-201 150311 CV-19 8/72,,,Revell 4364 F-8E
VF-24,,,F-8J {K-1205b} NP-207 150670 CV-19 8/72,,,Academy 12412 F-8J
VF-24,,,F-8J {K-1253b} NP-112? 149210 CV-19 xxxx,,,Heller 259 F-8
VF-24,,,F-14A {D-9670a} NG-201 xxxxxx CV-68 xxx,,,RepliScale 72-1025

VA-25,,,A-1H {K-2002b) NE-577 139768 CV-41 6/65,,,Hasegawa BP107 (Aeromaster decals)
VA-25,,,A-1H {D-9770b} NE-577 139768 CV-41 6/65,,,SuperScale 72-477
VA-25,,,A-7E {D-9854b} NE-501 xxxxxx CV-61 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-513
VA-25,,,A-7E {D-9707b} NE-400 158666 CV-61 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-162
VA-25,,,A-7E {D-98xxa} NE-400 xxxxxx CV-61 xxxx,,,US Airfix A-7E kit decals
VA-25,,,A-7E {K-2332b} NE-404 157495 CV-61 xxxx,,,Esci ERTL 9064 A-7E

****VA-26,,,F9F-8 {S-9952a} NC-302 144338 CV-33 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-27,,,A-7E {D-9512d} NK-400 157536 CV-65 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-221
VFA-27,,,F/A-18C {D-9601a} NF-200 164006 CV-62 xxxx,,,Aeromaster 72-173

VF-31,,,F8F-2 {D-9709a} K-105 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-301
VF-31,,,F3H-2 {K-3301a} AC-111 133450 CV-60 1960,,,Emhar 3001 F3H-2(F-3B)
VF-31,,,F-4B {D-9640f} AC-100 151450 CV-60 1967,,,Esci F-4 Decal
VF-31,,,F-4J {K-1011b} AC-101 157293 CV-60 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-1 F-4J
VF-31,,,F-4J {K-1143a} AC-103 157310 CV-60 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 021 F-4J

VF-32,,,F8U-1 {D-9709c} AC-202 143705 CV-60 1958,,,MicroScale 72-301
VF-32,,,F-4B {D-9632a} AB-200 152972 CV-67 1975,,,CAM 72-006
VF-32,,,F-14B Upgrade {D-9689b} 162691 CV-75 9/05,,,Two Bobs 72-051

****VF-33,,,F4U-4 {S-9974a} K-301/305 xxxxxx CV-32 fall 1951,,,SPARES
VF-33,,,F11F-1 {D-9724d} AF-206 141771 xxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-255
VF-33,,,F11F-1 {K-3005a} AF-210 141783 xxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 716 F11F-1
VF-33,,,F-8E {D-9535b} AF-201 149170 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-331 (for no hump F8U-2NE)
VF-33,,,F-4J {D-9534a} AG-200 155532 CV-69 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-333

VA-34,,,A4D-1 {K-2190a} K-312 139969 xxx xxxx,,,Airfix 1409 A4D-1
VA-34,,,A-4B {D-9712a} AC-301 144892 CV-60 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-77
VA-34,,,A-6E {D-9672c} AB-501 158798 CV-67 1974,,,Wolfpak 72-029
VA-34,,,A-6E TRAM {D-9774c} AB-510 155706 CV-67 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-591

VA-35,,,AD-6 {D-9709b} AC-402 139799 CV-60 1960s,,,MicroScale 72-301
VA-35,,,A-6B Mod 1 {D-9655b} AJ-517 152617 CV-66 Nam era,,,Wolfpak 72-009
VA-35,,,A-6A {D-9696a} NL-510 152645 CV-43 1970,,,Wolfpak 72-060
VA-35,,,KA-6D {K-2210e} AJ-523 152927 CV-68 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-15 KA-6D
VA-35,,,A-6E TRAM {K-2223a} AJ-501 160996 CV-68 xxxx,,,,Bilek 48 A-6E

VA-36,,,A-4C {D-9672a} AC-611 148543 CV-60 1963,,,Wolfpak 72-029
****VA-36,,,A-4C {S-9975a} NG-711 147747 CV-65 Vietnam,,,SPARES
VA-36,,,A-6E TRAM {D-9628b} AJ-531 155632 CV-71 1991,,,Starfighter 72-132
VA-36,,,A-6E TRAM {K-2221a} AJ-532 161662 CV-71 1993,,,Italeri 041 A-6E

VA-37,,,A-7E {D-9542a} AC-300 158830 CV-60 1978,,,XtraDecal 72-240
VA-37,,,A-7E {D-9775c} AC-300 158830 CV-60 1978,,,SuperScale 72-342
VFA-37,,,F/A-18C {D-9739a} AC-307 164252 CV-67 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-652

VF-41,,,F2H-3 {K-32221b} B-310 xxxxxx xxx 1952,,,HobbyCraft HC 1378 F2H-3
VF-41,,,F3H-2 {D-9698a} AG-100 143479 CV-62 1959,,,Almark Demon Decals
VF-41,,,F-4B {D-9605a} AG-108 150635 CV-62 1964,,,Double Ugly 72002
VF-41,,,F-4B {D-9605b} AG-101 149433 CV-62 1965,,,Double Ugly 72002
VF-41,,,F-4B {D-9605c} AG-100 150491 CV-62 1965,,,Double Ugly 72002
VF-41,,,F-4J {D-9605f} AE-110 155847 CV-42 1970,,,Double Ugly 72002
VF-41,,,F-4N {D-9605e} AE-100 151489 CV-42/Oceana 1975,,,Double Ugly 72002
VF-41,,,F-4N {D-9616a} AE-100 151489 CV-42/Oceana 1975,,,Eagle Strike 72033
VF-41,,,F-4N {D-9605d} AE-132 150464 CV-42/Oceana 1977,,,Double Ugly 72002
VF-41,,,F-14A {D-9783b} AJ-101 xxxxxx CV-68 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-191
VF-41,,,F-14A {D-9822a} AJ-107 160403 CV-68 xxxx,,,F-14 kit
VF-41,,,F-14A {D-9822b} AJ-102 160390 CV-68 xxxx,,,F-14 kit
VF-41,,,F-14A Plus {K-1331a} AJ-102 161403 CV-68 xxxx,,,Esci ERTL 9055 F-14A Plus

VA-42,,,AD-6 {K-2023a} I-402 137617 xxxx xxxx,,,Heller 79840 Skyraider
VA-42,,,AD-6 {D-9710c} AM-414 137551 CV-20 1957,,,MicroScale 72-529
VA-42,,,A-6A {D-9756b} AD-502 149479 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-80

VF-43,,,F9F-8 {K-3905a} F-201 144291 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 619 F9F-8
VF-43,,,A-4E {D-9708b} AD-320 151118 Oceana xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-170
VF-43,,,F-21A {D-9649b} 02 999732 xxxx 1985,,,IsraDecal IAF-70
VF-43,,,F-21A {K-4021a} 05 999735 xxxx 1986,,,Italeri 158 F-21
VF-43,,,F-16N {D-9740a} S-04 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-679

****VA-44,,,A-4E {S-9960a} AD-445 149986 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-45,,,TA-4F {D-9838a} AD-000 154315 Cecil Field pre-70,,,MicroScale 72-210
VA-45,,,TA-4F {D-9838b} AD-000 154315 Cecil Field 5/70,,,MicroScale 72-210
VA-45 Det 1,,,A-4E Super {D-9725a} AU-600 152008 CV-11 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-319
VA-45,,,TA-4J {D-9807a} AD-500 153502 xxxx xxxx,,,Fujimi kit decals F-25 TA-4J/F
VF-45,,,F-16N {D-9740b} AD-22 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-679
VF-45,,,F-16N {K-4016e} AD-20 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,Fujimi E-6 F-16N

VA-46,,,F9F-8 {D-9785a} X-304 141217 CV-15 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-207
VA-46,,,A-7B {D-9707d} AB-311 154502 CV-67 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-162
VA-46,,,A-7E {D-9637d} AC-307 160713 CV-67 1991,,,CAMpro P72-002

VF-51,,,F9F-3 {K-3915a} S-109 123071 xxxx 7/50,,,Hobby Boss 87250 F9F-3
VF-51,,,F9F-3 {K-3915b} S-106 122581 xxxx 1950,,,Hobby Boss 87250 F9F-3
VF-51,,,F11F-1 {D-9724b} NF-105 141825 CV-61 1958,,,SuperScale 72-255
VF-51,,,F-8E {D-9530u} NF-101 148178 CV-14 8/64,,,Furball 72-002
VF-51,,,F-8H {D-9530o} NF-116 148710 CV-31 6/68,,,Furball 72-002
VF-51,,,F-8H {K-1213b} NF-101 148691 CV-31 xxxx,,,Esci/ERTL 9074 F-8H
VF-51,,,F-8H {D-9530r} NF-102 147916 CV-31 8/68,,,Furball 72-002
VF-51,,,F-4B {D-9519i} NL-100 150456 CV-43 5/72,,,Furball 72-001
VF-51,,,F-4B {D-9716b} NL-100 153009 CV-43 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-111
VF-51,,,F-4B {D-9519j} NL-110 151398 CV-43 5/72,,,Furball 72-001
VF-51,,,F-4B {D-9519k} NL-113 149457 CV-43 6/72,,,Furball 72-001
VF-51,,,F-4B {D-9617a} NL-113 149457 CV-43 6/72,,,Eagle Strike 72060
VF-51,,,F-4B {D-9519l} NL-114 149473 CV-43 6/72,,,Furball 72-001
VF-51,,,F-4N {D-9615a} NL-76 150476 CV-43 1/76,,,Eagle Strike 72032
VF-51,,,F-4N {D-9723d} NM-100 152326 CV-42 7/76,,,SuperScale 72-218

VA-52,,,A-1H {D-9723a} NM-300 134569 CV-14 spring 1967,,,SuperScale 72-218
VA-52,,,A-1H {K-2001a} NM-300 134569 CV-14 spring 1967,,,Hasegawa BP-6 A-1H
VA-52,,,A-6A {K-2215a} NL-401 154133 CV-43 1969,,,Fujimi H-16 A-6A
VA-52,,,A-6A {D-9705a} NL-412 154144 CV-43 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-128

VF-53,,,F4U-4 {K-5008b} S-302 91473 CV-9 1952,,,Hobby Boss 80218 F4U-4
VF-53,,,F4U-4B {K-5002c} S-302 92473 CV-9 1952,,,Italeri 062 F4U-4B
VF-53,,,F-8E {D-9782a} NF-00 150323 CV-19 1966,,,SuperScale 72-833
VF-53,,,F-8E {D-9641c} NF-209 150900 CV-19 1967,,,Eduard 72006
VF-53,,,F-8E {D-9530q} NF-203 150349 CV-31 7/68,,,Furball 72-002

****VA-54,,,AD-7 {S-9960b} NF-404 142069 CV-31 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-55,,,FJ-4B {D-9766b} NF-507 143554 CV-20 1958,,,PrintScale 72-083
VA-55,,,A-4E {K-2189a} NF-507 150037 xxxx xxxx,,,IMC/Hawk 485 A-4E
VA-55,,,A-4F {K-2126a} NP-500 154173 CV-19 xxxx,,,Fujimi 35132 A-4F
VA-55,,,A-4F {K-2195a} NP-500 154173 CV-19 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 614 A-4E/F
VA-55,,,A-4F {K-2126b} NP-501 154209 CV-19 xxxx,,,Fujimi 35132 A-4F
VA-55,,,A-6E {D-9662a} AK-500 152642 CV-43 3/86,,,RepliScale 72-1001
VA-55,,,A-6E {D-9662b} AK-501 161675 CV-43 3/86,,,RepliScale 72-1001
VA-55,,,A-6E {D-9662c} AK-503 161676 CV-43 3/86,,,RepliScale 72-1001
VA-55,,,A-6E TRAM {D-9655d} AK-502 161681 CV-43 3/86,,,Wolfpak 72-009

VA-56,,,A4D-2 {K-2113d} NF-411 144986 xxx xxxx,,,Fujimi F-40 A-4B
VA-56,,,A-7A {D-9707a} AH-402 154509 xx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-162
VA-56,,,A-7A {D-9805a} NF-405 152682 CV-41 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1017 A-7A
VA-56,,,A-7B {K-2302b} NF-400 154547 CV-41 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-10 A-7B

VF-61,,,F9F-8 {D-9514c} E-00 131092 CV-11 1955,,,SuperScale 72-338
VF-61,,,F9F-8 {K-3905b} E-00 141092 CV-11 1955,,,Hasegawa 619 F9F-8
VF-61,,,F3H-2 {D-9507b} AJ-215 143637 CV-59 1959,,,SuperScale 72-658
VF-61,,,F3H-2M {K-3302b} AJ-215 133637 xxx 1959,,,Emhar 3002 F3H-2N or F3H-2M

VF-62,,,F2H-2 {D-9776c} P-214 123292 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-268

****VA-63,,,F9F-8B {S-9970a} M-310 141210 CV-38 xxxx,,,SPARES

VF-64,,,F3H-2 {K-3301b} NE-211 133457 xxx 1958,,,Emhar 3001 F3H-2(F-3B)
VA-64,,,A-4C {D-9713a} AG-606 148516 CV-62 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-78

VA-65,,,AD-5 {K-2033b} M-500 xxxxxx Alameda 1956,,,Revell 04398 A-1E/AD-5
VA-65,,,AD-6 {D-9611c} NE-504 137597 xxxx 1958,,,Eagle Strike 72030
VA-65,,,AD-6 {K-2011a} AF-406 139784 CV-65 1962,,,Hobbycraft HC-1369 AD-6/A-1H
VA-65,,,AD-6 {K-2011b} AE-406 139784 CV-65 1962,,,Hobbycraft HC-1369 AD-6/A-1H
VA-65,,,AD-6 {D-9535a} AF-400 137567 CV-11 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-331
VA-65,,,A-6E {D-9705c} AG-501 158532 xxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-128
VA-65,,,A-6E TRAM {K-2232a} AG-502 158533 xxxx,,,Revell 4365 A-6E
VA-65,,,A-6E TRAM {D-9628a} AJ-500 161675 CV-71 1991,,,Starfighter 72-132

VA-66,,,A-7E {D-9743b} AG-306 157538 CV-69 1982,,,SuperScale 72-848
VA-66,,,A-7E {D-9512a} AG-312 157566 CV-69 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-221

****VF-71,,,F2H-4 {S-9961b} AG-104 1x3590 CV-15 xxxx,,,SPARES

VF-72,,,F9F-2 {D-9534b} L-206 123484 CV-31 5/52,,,SuperScale 72-333
VA-72,,,A4D-2 {D-9677a} AG-300 144952 CV-15 1959,,,XtraDecal 72-151
VA-72,,,A4D-2N {D-9742a} AG-300 148467 CV-62 1962,,,SuperScale 72-846
VA-72,,,A4D-2N {D-9772a} AG-300 148456 CV-62 1963,,,MicroScale 72-531
VA-72,,,A-7E {D-9637a} AC-400 160552 CV-67 1991,,,CAMpro P72-002

****VF-73,,,FJ-3 {S-9962a} L-xxx xxxxxx CV-15 xxxx,,,SPARES

VF-74,,,F4D-1 {D-9745c} AL-xxx 134868 CV-42 1957,,,MicroScale 72-569
VF-74,,,F4D-1 {D-9701d} AF-110 139117 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-186
VF-74,,,F-4B {K-1190a} AJ-101 xxxxxx xxxx,,,Airfix F-4B
VF-74,,,F-4J {D-9615b} AJ-105 153795 CV-66 1973,,,Eagle Strike 72032
VF-74,,,F-4J {D-9603c} AJ-200 153784 CV-68 1976,,,Aeromaster 72-179
VF-74,,,F-14A Plus {K-1308a} AA-101 162919 CV-60 1991,,,Hasegawa Kt-2 F-14A Plus
VF-74,,,F-14A Plus {K-1328a} AA-105 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,Testors 649 F-14A Plus

VA-75,,,A-1H {D-9614a} AG-500 139802 CV-62 mid 60s,,,Eagle Strike 72062
VA-75,,,A-6A {D-9835b} AG-512 151593 CV-62 1965,,,Wolfpak 72-079
VA-75,,,A-6A {K-2215b} AG-512 151593 CV-62 1965,,,Fujimi H-16 A-6A
VA-75,,,A-6A {D-9818a} AG-510 149948 CV-62 xxxx,,,Frog A-6A
VA-75,,,A-6A {D-9756c} NH-514 152926 CV-63 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-80
VA-75,,,KA-6D {K-2201d} AC-520 152913 CV-60 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-15 KA-6D
VA-75,,,A-6E {Not} AC-500 152587 CV-60 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-299

VA-76,,,A-4C {K-2101a} AG-301 149645 CV-62 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-26 A-4C

VF-81,,,F9F-8 {D-9785c} O-111 141068 xxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-207 F9F-8
VF-81,,,F9F-8 {K-3906a} D-103 141036 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa (change to O )
VA-81 Det,,,A4D-2 {D-9699c} AJ-406 144930 CVS-9 10/61,,,XtraDecal 72-180
VA-81,,,A4D-2 {D-9771b} AJ-407 144922 CV-59 1961,,,SuperScale 72-829
VA-81,,,A-7E {D-9515b} AA-400 158028 CV-59 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-826
VA-81,,,A-7E {K-2332a} AA-407 159290 CV-59 xxxx,,,Esci ERTL 9064 A-7E
VFA-81,,,F/A-18C {D-9631b} AA-401 163508 CV-60 1/91,,,CAM 72-007
VFA-81,,,F/A-18C {D-9666a} AA-401 163508 CV-60 1/91,,,RepliScale 72-1032
VFA-81,,,F/A-18C {D-9666b} AA-410 163502 CV-60 1/91,,,RepliScale 72-1032
VFA-81,,,F/A-18C {D-9737b} AA-410 163502 CV-60 1/91,,,SuperScale 72-632
VFA-81,,,F/A-18C {D-9666c} AA-403 163484 CV-60 1/91,,,RepliScale 72-1032
VFA-81,,,F/A-18C {D-9618b} AA-400 xxxxxx CV-73 6/01,,,Eagle Strike 72072

****VF-82,,,F9F-5 {S-9962b} E-202 126089 CV-36 xxxx,,,SPARES
VF-82,,,F2H-2N {K-3203a} E-209 123300 CV-39 1954,,,Pro Resin 72-053 F2H-2N
VA-82,,,A-7E {D-9854c} AJ-305 xxxxxx CV-66 xxx,,,SuperScale 72-513
VFA-82,,,F/A-18C {D-9664a} AB-310 163456 CV-66 xxxx,,,RepliScale 72-1013
VFA-82,,,F/A-18C {D-9734b} AB-300 163467 CV-66 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-575
VFA-82,,,F/A-18C {D-9601b} AB-300 165200 CV-73 xxxx,,,Aeromaster 72-173

VA-83,,,F7U-3M {K-3701b} E-305 129739 xxxx xxxx,,,Fujimi H-12 F7U-3M
VA-83,,,A4D-2 {K-2133c} AJ-306 142138 CV-59 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-40 A-4B
VA-83,,,A4D-2 {D-9699e) AJ-301 145001 CV-59 4/60,,,XtraDecal 72-180
VA-83,,,A-7E {D-9541a} AA-300 157459 CV-59 1971,,,XtraDecal 72-242
VA-83,,,A-7E {D-9714c} AA-310 xxxxxx CV-59 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-81
VA-83,,,A-7E {D-9775b} AA-300 160614 CV-59 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-342
VFA-83,,,F/A-18C {D-9734a} AA-301 163475 CV-60 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-575

VF-84,,,F8U-2 {D-9767e} AG-209 145558 CV-62 1962,,,PrintScale 72-095
VF-84,,,F8U-2 {D-9644c} AG-200 145559 CV-62 1962,,,Esci F-8 Decal
VF-84,,,F-4B {D-9794a} AG-204 151491 CV-62 9/64,,,Vagabond 48-1001 (dual scale sheet)
VF-84,,,F-4B {D-9632b} AG-208 151474 CV-62 1965,,,CAM 72-006
VF-84,,,F-4B {K-1103a} AG-208 151474 CV-62 1965,,,Fujimi K-4 F-4B
VF-84,,,F-4B {K-1103b} AG-209 151472 CV-62 1965,,,Fujimi K-4 F-4B
VF-84,,,F-4J {D-9814a} xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,Revell F-4J
VF-84,,,F-4J {D-9794b} AE-204 155858 CV-42 1/70,,,Vagabond 48-1001 (dual scale sheet)
VF-84,,,F-4J {D-9794c} AE-204 157274 CV-42 1/71,,,Vagabond 48-1001 (dual scale sheet)
VF-84,,,F-14A {D-9783c} AJ-201 xxxxxx CV-68 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-191
VF-84,,,F-14A {K-1311b} AJ-210 160391 CV-68 xxxx,,,Hasegawa E-3 F-14A

VA-85,,,AD-6 {K-2004a} AJ-505 137560 CV-59 1959,,,Hasegawa 843 AD-6
VA-85,,,A-6A {K-2215c} NH-807 151787 CV-63 1965,,,Fujimi H-16 A-6A
VA-85,,,A-6A {D-9756d} NH-805 151785 CV-63 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-80
VA-85,,,A-6E {K-2211e} AA-500 158050 CV-59 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-13 A-6E
VA-85,,,A-6E TRAM {D-9774a} AA-501 161685 xx 1986,,,SuperScale 72-591

VA-86,,,F7U-3M {K-3701c} I-303 139897 xxxx xxxx,,,Fujimi H-12 F7U-3M
VA-86,,,A4D-2 {D-9677d} AG-402 142683 CV-15 xxxx,,,XtraDecal 72-151
VA-86,,,A-7A? {D-9804a} AJ-400 xxxxxx CV-66 xxxx,,,Revell 4100 A-7A kit decals
VA-86,,,A-7E {D-9836c} AJ-407 157510 CV-66 1981,,,Wolfpak 72-075
VA-86,,,A-7E {K-2331d} AJ-400 xxxxxx CV-68 xxxx,,,Italeri 1224 A-7E

VA-87,,,A-7E {D-9541d} AE-704 (404) 159640 CV-66 1970s,,,XtraDecal 72-242
VA-87,,,A-7E {D-9515a} AE-400 159968 CV-62 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-826
VA-87,,,A-7E {K-2331b} AE-410 xxxxxx CV-62 xxxx,,,Italeri 1224 A-7E
VFA-87,,,F-18A {D-9736c} AJ-400 163107 CV-71 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-602

****VF-91,,,F8U-2 {S-9962b} NG-111 147008 CV-61 xxxx,,,SPARES

VF-92,,,F2H-3 {D-9653a} NG-201 126419 CV-14 xxxx,,,Skylancer 7201
VF-92,,,F-4J {D-9602b} NG-205 153842 CV-64 4/75,,,Aeromaster 72-185
VF-92,,,F-4J {K-1132a} NG-204 155753 CV-64 xxxx,,,Monogram 5440 F-4J

VA-93,,,A4D-1 {D-9772c} NG-313 139949 CV-14 1958,,,MicroScale 72-531
****VA-93,,,A-4E {S-9963a} NF-313 151105 CV-19 xxxx,,,SPARES
VA-93,,,A-4F {D-9720b} NF-311 154976 CV-31 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-114
VA-93,,,A-4F {K-2193a} NF-311 154976 CV-31 xxxx,,,Minicraft Hasegawa 1048 A-4F
VA-93,,,A-4F {Not} NF-311 154976 CV-31 1970,,,SuperScale 72-828
VA-93,,,A-7A {D-9707c} NF-311 153191 CV-41 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-162
VA-93,,,A-7A {K-2301a} NF-300 152673 CV-41 Bicent,,,Fujimi F-12 A-7A
VA-93,,,A-7E {K-2317b} NF-301 160544 CV-41 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-9 A-7E
VA-93,,,A-7E {K-2331a} NF-301 160544 CV-41 xxxx,,,Italeri 1224 A-7E
VA-93,,,A-7E {K-2308b} NF-301 160544 CV-41 xxxx,,,Testors 340 A-7E
VA-93,,,A-7E {D-9743a} NF-310 160602 CV-41 1983,,,SuperScale 72-848

VF-94,,,FJ-3 {D-9766c} N-403 136157 Alameda 1955,,,PrintScale 72-083
VA-94,,,A-4E Super {K-2169a} NF-411 xxxxxx CV-31 Nam era,,,Esci/ERTL 9089 A-4E
VA-94,,,A-7E {D-9741a} NL-400 159976 CV-43 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-827
VA-94,,,A-7E {D-9512c} NL-400 159976 CV-63 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-221
VFA-94,,,F/A-18C {D-9687a} NH-400 164048 CV-70 post 01,,,Two Bobs 72-015
VFA-94,,,F/A-18C {D-9687b} NH-401 164027 CV-70 post 01,,,Two Bobs 72-015
VFA-94,,,F/A-18C {D-9687c} NH-407 164050 CV-70 post 01,,,Two Bobs 72-015
VFA-94,,,F/A-18C {D-9739b} NH-411 164067 CV-72 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-652

VA-95,,,A-4B {K-2113b} AJ-510 142897 CV-38 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-40 A-4B
VA-95,,,A-4B {K-2115a} AK-512 142833 CV-11 1966,,,Airfix A03029 A-4B
VA-95,,,A-4C {D-9712e} AB-507 147798 CV-67 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-77
VA-95,,,A-6A {D-9705d} NL-504 152954 CV-43 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-128
VA-95,,,KA-6D {K-2222b} NL-520 151810 CV-43 xxxx,,,Italeri 004 KA-6D
VA-95,,,A-6E {D-9729c} NH-503 152621 CV-66 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-490

VF-96,,,F-4B {D-9519d} NG-602 153036 CV-65 1968,,,Furball 72-001
VF-96,,,F-4J {D-9716c} NG-100 155800 CV-66 1970,,,SuperScale 72-111
VF-96,,,F-4J {K-1006a} NG-100 155800 CV-64 1972,,,Hasegawa 81 F-4J
VF-96,,,F-4J {K-1143b} NG-100 155800 CV-64 1972,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 021 F-4J
VF-96,,,F-4J {K-1006b} NG-107 155792 CV-64 1972,,,Hasegawa 81 F-4J
VF-96,,,F-4J {D-9602a} NG-100 155580 CV-64 4/75,,,Aeromaster 72-185

VF-97,,,A-7E {D-9719c} NK-300 156072 CV-65 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-113

VF-101,,,F2H-2B {K-3213a} T-103 125067 xxxx xxxx,,,US Airfix 4010 F2H
VF-101,,,A-4F {K-2163a} 074 xxxxxx Key West Det xxxx,,,Esci 9003 A-4F
VF-101,,,F-111B {K-4018c} AD-124 152714 xxxx xxxx,,,Revell H-208-A F-111 (useful as spares)
VF-101,,,F-14A Plus {K-1328b} AD-101 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,Testors 649 F-14A Plus
VF-101,,,F-14D {D-9658a} AD-160 164601 xxxx 9/05,,,VF-Decals VF-101
VF-101,,,F-14D {K-1306a} AD-160 164601 xxxx 9/05,,,Hasegawa 805 F-14D
VF-101,,,F-14D {K-1306b} AD-164 164342 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 805 F-14D

VF-102,,,F4D-1 {K-3613a} AQ-110 xxxxxx xxx xxxx,,,US Airfix 30050 F4D-1
VF-102,,,F-4J {D-9800c} AG-100 155510 CV-62 1976,,,Aeromaster 72-206
VF-102,,,F-14A Plus {K-1331b} AB-111 161283 CV-66 xxxx,,,Esci ERTL 9055 F-14A Plus
VF-102,,,F-14B (upgrade) {K-1303a} AB-102 163225 CV-71 2000,,,Hasegawa 745 F-14B
VF-102,,,F-14B (upgrade) {K-1303a} AB-102 163225 CV-71 10/01,,,Hasegawa 745 F-14B
VF-102,,,F-14B (upgrade) {K-1303a} AB-106 163225 CV-71 2002,,,Hasegawa 745 F-14B
VFA-102,,,F/A-18F {K-1403c} NF-102 165798 CV-70 3/02,,,Dragon 5053 EA-18G/Hasegawa E-18 F/A-18F
VFA-102,,,F/A-18F {K-1403b} NF-102 165798 CV-63 2003,,,Dragon 5053 EA-18G/Hasegawa E-18 F/A-18F
VFA-102,,,F/A-18F {K-1404a} NF-113 165892 CV-63 2005,,,Hasegawa 799 F/A-18F
VFA-102,,,F/A-18F {K-1406c} NF-100 165878 CV-63 8/05,,,Hasegawa 827 F/A-18F
VFA-102,,,F/A-18F {K-1406b} NF-100 165878 CV-63 9/05,,,Hasegawa 827 F/A-18F
VFA-102,,,F/A-18F {K-1406a} NF-100 165894 CV-63 5/06,,,Hasegawa 827 F/A-18F

VF-103,,,F-8E {K-1208b} AJ-201 150303 CV-59 1964,,,Academy 12521 F-8E
VF-103,,,F-4J {D-9636a} AC-206 157299 CV-60 1971,,,CAM 72-014
VF-103,,,F-4J {D-9789b} AC-200 155854 CV-60 1978,,,Aeromaster 72-178
VF-103,,,F-4S {K-1171a} AA-100 153872 xxxx xxxx, AMT/ERTL 8692 F-4S
VFA-103,,,F/A-18F {D-9833e} AG-201 CV-69 10/14,,,Wolfpak 72-083

****VA-104,,,AD-6 {S-9955b} AK-411 134551 CV-59 10/58,,,SPARES

VA-105,,,A-7E {D-9542b} AC-402 158673 CV-60 1972ish,,,XtraDecal 72-240
VA-105,,,A-7E {D-9741b} AC-400 158831 CV-60 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-827
VA-105,,,A-7E {D-9541b} AC-400 159970 CV-67 1970s,,,XtraDecal 72-242
VFA-105,,,F/A-18C {D-9618c} AC-401 xxxxxx CV-65 1999,,,Eagle Strike 72072
VFA-105,,,F/A-18E {K-1405b} AC-404 166654 CV-75 xxxx,,,Revell 04298 F/A-18E

VA-106,,,A4D-2 {D-9771a} AF-514 142782 CV-11 1958,,,SuperScale 72-829
VA-106,,,A4D-2 {D-9677b} AK-309 144956 CV-38 1/62,,,XtraDecal 72-151
VA-106,,,A4D-2 {K-2113a} AK-309 144956 CV-38 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-40 A-4B
VFA-106,,,F/A-18D {D-9744b} AD-400 163464 land xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-904

VF-111,,,F-8C {D-9530m} AH-106 146999 CV-34 12/67,,,Furball 72-002
VF-111,,,F-8C {D-9644b} AH-124 146991 CV-34 xxxx,,,Esci F-8 Decal
VF-111,,,F-8E {K-1232a} AH-124 149185 CV-34 1966,,,Hasegawa 643 F-8E
VF-111,,,F-8C {D-9530s} AK-103 146961 CV-11 9/68,,,Furball 72-002
VF-111,,,F-8C {D-9767b} AK-103 146961 CV-11 9/68,,,PrintScale 72-095
VF-111,,,F-8H {K-1211b} AH-107 148661 CV-14 xxxx,,,AMT/ERTL 8809 F-8H
VF-111,,,F-8H {D-9786b} AJ-105 148684 CV-38 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-85 (+Hasegawa Minicraft 1146 and Testors 413)
VF-111,,,F-4B {D-9751c} NL-201 153019? CV-43 3/72,,,SuperScale 72-145
VF-111,,,F-4B {D-9803a} NL-202 153020 CV-43 xxxx,,,MPC 4302 decals
VF-111,,,F-4N {K-1101a} NL-200 151000 CV-43 xxxx,,,Fujimi G-3 F-4N
VF-111,,,F-4N {D-9778b} NL-200 151000 CV-43 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-174
VF-111,,,F-4N {K-1001a} NM-200 153012 CV-42 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-3 F-4B/N
VF-111,,,F-4N {K-1001b} NM-200 153012 CV-42 Bicent,,,Hasegawa Ka-3 F-4B/N
VF-111,,,F-14A {K-1311a} NL-201 160660 CV-70 xxxx,,,Hasegawa E-3 F-14A
VF-111,,,F-14A {D-9822c} NL-200 160656 CV-70 xxxx,,,F-14 kit

VA-112,,,A-4C {D-9712c} AH-403 145132 CV-14 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-77

VF-113,,,F4U-4 {D-9608a} V-302 81251 xxxx Korea,,,PrintScale 72-052
VF-113,,,F9F-5 {D-9750b} V-306 125572 CV-21 1953,,,SuperScale 72-601
VA-113,,,A-4F {D-9536a} NG-312 154213 CV-65 1968,,,MicroScale 72-401
VA-113,,,A-7E {K-2317a} NE-312 157501 CV-61 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-9 A-7E
VFA-113,,,F-18A {K-1433a} NK-302 161706 CV-64 xxxx,,,Italeri 161 F/A-18
VFA-113,,,F/A-18C {D-9744a} NK-300 164682 CV-74/76 2005,,,SuperScale 72-904

VF-114?,,,F9F-5 {D-9703d} V-00 126549 CV-33 1953,,,MicroScale 72-212
VF-114,,,F-4B {D-9519m} NH-406 148430 CV-63 1963,,,Furball 72-001
VF-114,,,F-4J {D-9716a} NH-00 157270 CV-63 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-111
VF-114,,,F-14A {D-9722a} NH-105 xxxxxx CV-63 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-192

VA-115,,,A-1H {K-2004b} 507 1375207?? xxx 1966,,,Hasegawa 843 AD-6
VA-115,,,A-6A {D-9705b} NF-507 155715 CV-41 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-128
VA-115,,,A-6A {D-9763b} NF-505 154140 CV-41 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-428
VA-115,,,KA-6D {K-2201a} NF-513 149485 CV-41 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-15 KA-6D
VA-115,,,A-6E TRAM {K-2211c} NF-500 161100 CV-41 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-13 A-6E
VA-115,,,A-6E TRAM {K-2211a} NF-500 161110 CV-41 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-13 A-6E
VA-115,,,A-6E TRAM {-2216b} NF-500 161110 CV-41 xxxx,,,Testors 346 A-6E
VFA-115,,,F/A-18E {D-9682a} NK-203 165784 CV-72 post 01,,,Two Bobs 72-030
VFA-115,,,F/A-18E {D-9682b} NK-210 165789 CV-72 post 01,,,Two Bobs 72-030
VFA-115,,,F/A-18E {D-9682c} NK-212 165791 CV-72 post 01,,,Two Bobs 72-030
VFA-115,,,F/A-18E {K-1401b} NK-200 165781 CV-72 xxxx,,,Hasegawa E-19 F/A-18E

VF-116,,,FJ-4B {3101b} NB-406 143526 xxx xxxx,,,Emhar 1001 FJ-4B

VF-121,,,F3D-2T2 {K-3801a} NJ-197 124597 xxxx xxxx,,,Matchbox PK-134 F3D
VF-121,,,F11F-1 {D-9724c} NJ-101 141777 xxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-255
VF-121,,,F11F-1 {K-3001a} NJ-103 141798 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 601 F11F-1
VF-121,,,F-111B {K-4018b} NJ-105 152714 xxxx xxxx,,,Revell H-208-A F-111 (useful as spares)
VF-121,,,F-4J {D-9617b} NJ-164 153803 CV-61 12/76,,,Eagle Strike 72060
VF-121,,,F-4J {D-9780a} NJ-144 155779 Miramar xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-845

VF-122,,,F3H-2N {K-3302a} NG-405 137001 xxxx 1958,,,Emhar 3002 F3H-2N or F3H-2M
VA-122,,,A-1E {K-2033c} NJ-076 132437 Lemoore 1968,,,Revell 04398 A-1E/AD-5
VA-122,,,TA-7C {D-9669j} NJ-202 xxxxxx Lemoore 1985,,,XtraDecal 72086

VF-123,,,F9F-2 {D-9702b} D-307 123534 CV-47 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-206

VF-124,,,F7U-3 {K-3702a} D-410 129592 CV-19 55-56,,,Testors 345 F7U-3
VF-124,,,F7U-3 {K-3702b} D-415 129601 CV-19 55-56,,,Testors 345 F7U-3
VF-124,,,F3H-2N {D-9698b} D-211 133610 xxxx 1957,,,Almark Demon Decals
VF-124,,,F-14A {D-9670d} NJ-453 162591 xxxx xxxx,,,RepliScale 72-1025

VFA-125,,,F-18A {K-1432c} NJ-501 161216 xxxx 11/80,,,Testors 681 F-18

VF-126,,,TA-4F {D-9838d} NJ-600 153468 Miramar 10/70,,,MicroScale 72-210
VF-126,,,F-5F {D-9757a} 50 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-543
VF-126,,,F-5E {D-9758f} NJ-51 160795 xxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-544
VF-126,,,TA-4J {D-9758a} 06 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-544
VF-126,,,A-4M {D-9833f} NJ-632 159486 Fallon 8/92,,,Wolfpak 72-083
VF-126,,,F-16N {K-4016c} xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,Fujimi E-6 F-16N

VA-127,,,A-4F {D-9758c} NJ-701 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-544
VA-127,,,A-4F Super {D-9758d} NJ-03 154973 xxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-544
VA-127,,,TA-4J {D-9757b} NJ-706 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-543
VA-127,,,TA-4J {D-9757d} NJ-707 153672 xxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-543
VA-127,,,TA-4J {D-9832c} NJ-713 153681 xxxx 6/84,,,Wolfpak 12/15 Thank You
VFA-127,,,F/A-18A {D-9646a} NJ-01 xxxxxx Fallon 1993,,,Hi-Decal 72-027

VA-128,,,A-6A {D-9513c} NJ-830 152634 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-429
VA-128,,,A-6E TRAM {D-9774b} NJ-801 162180 xxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-591

VFA-131,,,F-18A {D-9736b} AA-100 162421 CV-62 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-602
VFA-131,,,F-18A {D-9732b} AK-101 162423 CV-43 3/86,,,SuperScale 72-540
VFA-131,,,F/A-18C {K-1416a} AG-400 165217 CV-73 2003,,,Hasegawa 708 F/A-18C

VFA-132,,,F-18A {D-9665c} AK-200 162433 CV-43 xxxx,,,RepliScale 72-1016
VFA-132,,,F-18A {D-9732a} AK-200 161967 CV-43 3/86,,,SuperScale 72-540
VFA-132,,,F/A-18A {D-9631a} AE-306 162909 CV-59 1990,,,CAM 72-007

****VA-133,,,A-4B {S-9963b} AE-312 142885 CV-64 xxxx,,,SPARES

****VA-134,,,A-4B {S-9964a} AE-409 142743 CV-64 xxxx,,,SPARES

****VA-135,,,AD-6 {S-9950a} AE-501 137498 CV-64 xxxx,,,SPARES

VFA-136,,,F-18A {D-9733a} AK-303 xxxxxx CV-43 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-565
VFA-136,,,F-18A {D-9736a} AG-300 162845 CV-69 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-602

VFA-137,,,F-18A {D-9733b} AK-402 xxxxxx CV-43 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-565
VFA-137,,,F/A-18E {K-1405a} NE-200 165899 CV-72 2009,,,Revell 04298 F/A-18E

VF-141,,,F4D-1 {D-9612a} NK-213 134809 xxxx xxxx,,,Eagle Strike 72043

VF-142,,,F-4B {D-9778c} NK-200 152223 CV-?? xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-174
****VF-142,,,F-4B {S-9964b} NK-203 150629 CV-64 xxxx,,,SPARES
VF-142,,,F-4J {D-9751b} NK-212 155846 CV-65 12/72,,,SuperScale 72-145
VF-142,,,F-4J {D-9616b} AJ-200 155731 CV-66 8/74,,,Eagle Strike 72033
VF-142,,,F-14A {D-9670c} AG-201 162691 CV-69 1985,,,RepliScale 72-1025
VF-142,,,F-14A {D-9670b} AG-202 xxxxxx CV-69 xxx,,,RepliScale 72-1025

VF-143,,,F-4B {D-9640e} NK-302 152239 CV-64 1966,,,Esci F-4 Decal
VF-143,,,F-4B {D-9519b} NK-305 151444 CV-64 9/67,,,Furball 72-001
VF-143,,,F-4B {D-9519c} NK-307 150434 CV-64 10/67,,,Furball 72-001
VF-143,,,F-4B {D-9519n} NK-303 152252 CV-64 1968,,,Furball 72-001
VF-143,,,F-14A {D-9823a} AE-100 xxxxxx CV-66 xxxx,,,Airfix F-14
VF-143,,,F-14A Plus {K-1308b} AG-101 161417 CV-69 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Kt-2 F-14A Plus
VFA-143,,,F/A-18E {D-9688b} AG-100 166608 CV-69 8/05,,,Two Bobs 72-044
VFA-143,,,F/A-18E {D-9834a} AG-100 xxxxxx CV-69 9/14,,,Wolfpak 72-082

VF-144,,,F9F-5 {D-9703c} A-412 126960 CV-21 1955-56,,,MicroScale 72-212
VA-144,,,A-4C {K-2101c} NK-408 149561 CV-64 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-26 A-4C
VA-144,,,A-4C {K-2101d} NH-312 149532 CV-63 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-26 A-4C
VA-144,,,A-4F {D-9720c} NF-500 154178 CV-31 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-114

VA-145,,,AD-6 {D-9710b} NK-509 139701 CV-12 1957,,,MicroScale 72-529
VA-145,,,AD-6 {D-9611a} NK-509 139701 xxxx 7/58,,,Eagle Strike 72030
VA-145,,,AD-6 {D-9611b} NK-406 139633 xxxx late50s,,,Eagle Strike 72030
VA-145,,,A-1H {K-2001b} NK-504 134589 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa BP-6 A-1H
VA-145,,,A-1J {K-2041a} NK-502 142058 CV-61 xxx,,,Fujimi P-8 A-1H
VA-145,,,A-1J {K-2026a} NK-507 142015 xxxx xxxx,,,Airfix A-1J kit
VA-145,,,A-1J {D-9536c} AK-501 142033 CV-11 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-401
VA-145,,,A-6A {Not} NG-500 152806 CV-65 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-421
VA-145,,,A-6A {D-9656b} NE-504 155714 CV-61 7/72,,,Wolfpak 72-015
VA-145,,,KA-6D {K-2201c} NE-522 151810 CV-61 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-15 KA-6D
VA-145,,,A-6E {D-9513a} NE-502 155712 CV-61 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-429
VA-145,,,A-6E {Not} NE-500 155307 CV-61 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-302

VA-146,,,A-7E {D-98xxa} NG-301 156823 CV-66 1970,,,Airfix A-7D/E decals
VA-146,,,A-7E {D-9656g} NG-301 158012 CV-64 12/71,,,Wolfpak 72-015
VA-146,,,A-7E {D-9540b} NG-311 156831 CV-64 1978,,,XtraDecal 72-241
VA-146,,,A-7E {D-9542c} NG-300 160866 CV-64 1981,,,XtraDecal 72-240
VFA-146,,,F/A-18C {D-9737c} NG-307 164021 CV-68 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-632

VA-147,,,A-7E {K-2331c} NG-413 157479 CV-64 xxxx,,,Italeri 1224 A-7E
VA-147,,,A-7E {D-9637c} NG-401 153830 CV-63 1987,,,CAMpro P72-002
VFA-147,,,F/A-18C {D-9618a} NG-400 xxxxxx CV-74 6/01,,,Eagle Strike 72072

VF-151,,,F8F-2 {K-5401a} A-105 xxxxxx CV-21 1950,,,Sword 72021 F8F-1/2
VA-151,,,FJ-4B {D-9654d} NA-307 141457 CV-20 1958,,,XtraDecal 72-037
VF-151,,,F-4B {K-1001c} NF-200 153059 CV-41 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-3 F-4B/N
VF-151,,,F-4J {K-1136a} NF-200 153798 CV-41 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Monogram HM-2 F-4J
VF-151,,,F-4N {K-1102b} NF-201 150452 CV-41 1976,,,Fujimi K-4 F-4N
VF-151,,,F-4S {K-1015b} NF-200 153827 CV-41 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-2 F-4S
VF-151,,,F-4S {K-1021a} NF-200 153827 CV-41 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 394 F-4S
VF-151,,,F-4S {K-1021c} NF-200 153835 CV-41 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 394 F-4S
VF-151,,,F-4S {D-9522c} NF-205 153880 CV-41 1982,,,CAM 72-058

VF-152,,,AD-2Q {D-9613a} A-3 xxxx 10/49,,,Eagle Strike 72045
****VF-152,,,F2H-3 {S-9952b} H-204 127529 CV-18 xxxx,,,SPARES
VF-152,,,F2H-3 {D-9653b} NL-208 127533 CV-19 fall 1957,,,Skylancer 7201
VA-152,,,F2H-3 {D-9653d} ND-210 126417 CV-20 fall 1958,,,Skylancer 7201
VA-152,,,A-4B {D-9699d} AA-514 142676 CV-59 5/68,,,XtraDecal 72-180
VA-152,,,A-4B {D-9712d} AA-512 144954 CV-59 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-77
VA-152,,,A-4B {K-2111a} AA-512 144954 CV-59 xxxx,,,Fujimi 26101 A-4B
VA-152,,,A-4E Super {D-9725d} AJ-501 150044 CV-38 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-319

VF-153,,,F9F-5 {D-9750a} H-312 126652 CV-37 1953,,,SuperScale 72-601
VA-153,,,A-7A {D-9723b} NM-300 153237 CV-34 3/72,,,SuperScale 72-218

VF-154,,,F-8D {D-9530v} NL-413 148673 CV-43 5/65,,,Furball 72-002
VF-154,,,F-4B {K-1109a} NE-404 151507 CV-61 'Nam,,,Fujimi F-4B
VF-154,,,F-4B {K-1109b} NE-407 150644 CV-61 'Nam,,,,Fujimi F-4B
VF-154,,,F-4N {D-9603a} NK-100 153065 CV-43 5/81,,,Aeromaster 72-179
VF-154,,,F-14A TARPS {K-1301a} 161621 CV-63 1/2000,,,Hasegawa 127 F-14A
VF-154,,,F-14A {D-9645a} NF-101 161276 CV-63 3/03,,,Fightertown 72-005
VF-154,,,F-14A {D-9645b} NF-104 158620 CV-63 3/03,,,Fightertown 72-005
VF-154,,,F-14A {D-9645c} NF-103 161293 CV-63 3/03,,,Fightertown 72-005
VF-154,,,F-14A {D-9645d} NF-107 161296 CV-63 3/03,,,Fightertown 72-005

VA-155,,,A-4E {D-9671a} (NL)-504 151504 CV-64 1966,,,Wolfpak 12/11 Thanks
VA-155,,,A-4F {D-9816a} AH-515 155062 xxxx xxxx,,,Frog A-4K kit decals
VA-155,,,A-7B {D-9541c} NM-510 154390 CV-34 1970s,,,XtraDecal 72-242
VA-155,,,A-7B {D-9714b} NM-400 xxxxxx CV-34 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-81

VA-156,,,F11F-1 {D-9724a} NH-110 141745 CV-38 1958,,,SuperScale 72-255

VF-161,,,F-4B {D-9519a} NL-216 151500 CV-64 7/66,,,Furball 72-001
VF-161,,,F-4B {D-9519e} NF-100 153020 CV-41 5/72,,,Furball 72-001
VF-161,,,F-4B {D-9751a} NF-100 153020 CV-41 5/72,,,SuperScale 72-145
VF-161,,,F-4B {D-9519f} NF-110 153068 CV-41 5/72,,,Furball 72-001
VF-161,,,F-4B {D-9519g} NF-105 153915 CV-41 5/72,,,Furball 72-001
VF-161,,,F-4B {D-9519h} NF-102 153045 CV-41 1/73,,,Furball 72-001
VF-161,,,F-4N {K-1102a} NF-100 151433 CV-41 1976,,,Fujimi K-4 F-4N
VF-161,,,F-4S {K-1015a} NF-101 153881 CV-41 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-2 F-4S
VF-161,,,F-4S {K-1021b} NF-100 153808 CV-41 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 394 F-4S
VF-161,,,F-4S {D-9522b} NF-103 153858 CV-41 1982,,,CAM 72-058

VF-162,,,F4D-1 {Not} AF-102 xxxxxx xxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-329
VF-162,,,F-8E {K-1208a} AH-00 149203 CV-34 1966,,,Academy 12521 F-8E
VF-162,,,F-8E {D-9767a} AH-202 150908 CV-34 7/66,,,PrintScale 72-095
VF-162,,,F-8E {D-9530d} AH-210 149159 CV-34 10/66,,,Furball 72-002
VF-162,,,F-8E {D-9641b} AH-210 149159 CV-34 10/66,,,Eduard 72006
VF-162,,,F-8E {K-1231a} AH-203 150888 CV-34 xxxx,,,Hasegawa F-8
VF-162,,,F-8E {D-9786c} AH-200 149203 CV-34 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-85
VF-162,,,F-8E {D-9630n} AH-204 150879 CV-34 12/67,,,Furball 72-002

****VA-163,,,A-4E {S-9965a} NP-343 149998 CV-19 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-164,,,A-4B {D-9677e} AH-400 144904 CV-34 1963,,,XtraDecal 72-151
VA-164,,,TA-4F {D-9836a} NP-416 153491 CV-19 8/72,,,Wolfpak 72-075
VA-164,,,A-4F {K-2141a} NP-401 155022 CV-19 1972,,,Testors 648 A-4E/F
VA-164,,,A-4F {K-2126c} NP-400 155026 CV-19 xxxx,,,Fujimi 35132 A-4F
VA-164,,,A-4F {K-2126d} NP-403 155024 CV-19 xxxx,,,Fujimi 35132 A-4F

VA-165,,,AD-6 {D-9710a} AH-500 139071 CV-34 1962,,,MicroScale 72-529
VA-165,,,A-1J {D-9614b} AK-200 142065 CV-11 mid 60s,,,Eagle Strike 72062
VA-165,,,A-1J {D-9536b} AK-200 142065 CV-11 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-401
VA-165,,,A-6A {K-2215d} NG-500 155644 CV-64 1972,,,Fujimi H-16 A-6A
VA-165,,,A-6E {K-2211d} NG-500 155664 CV-64 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-13 A-6E
VA-165,,,A-6E {K-2216a} NG-500 155664 CV-64 xxxx,,,Testors 346 A-6E

****VF-171,,,F2H-3 {S-9951a} AL-104 126489 CV-42 xxxx,,,SPARES
VF-171,,,F-4J {D-9616c} AD-177 155530 Oceana 1977,,,Eagle Strike 72033

****VA-172,,,A-4C {-9965b} AJ-300 149621 CV-38 xxxx,,,SPARES

****VF-173,,,FJ-3M {S-9966a} AD-207 1x1416 CV-42 xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-174,,,A-7E {D-9540d} AD-401 158842 Cecil Field 1976,,,XtraDecal 72-241
VA-174,,,TA-7C {K-2321a} AD-372 156767 xxxx xxxx,,,Hobby Boss 87209 TA-7C
VA-174,,,TA-7C {K-2321b} AD-350 156757 xxxx xxxx,,,Hobby Boss 87209 TA-7C

****VA-175,,,AD-6 {S-9966b} R-405 xxxxxx xxx xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-176,,,A-1H {K-2011c} AK-408 139609 CV-11 1965,,,Hobbycraft HC-1369 AD-6/A-1H
VA-176,,,A-1H {K-2002a} AK-409 137543 CV-11 mid 60s,,,Hasegawa BP107 (Aeromaster decals)

VA-185,,,KA-6D {K-2201b} NF-411 149951 CV-41 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-15 KA-6D
VA-185,,,A-6E TRAM {K-2211b} NF-401 157025 CV-41 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-13 A-6E

VF-191,,,F9F-6 {D-9785d} B-110 xxxxxx xxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-207
VF-191,,,F11F-1 {K-3001b} NM-105 141785 xxxx 1958,,,Hasegawa 601 F11F-1
VF-191,,,F-8E {D-9530p} NM-101 150926 CV-14 7/68,,,Furball 72-002
VF-191,,,F-8E {D-9697f} NM-101 150926 CV-14 7/68,,,Wolfpak 72-061
VF-191,,,F-8E {K-1221c} NM-00 150326 CV-14 xxxx,,,Italeri 1230 F-8
VF-191,,,F-8J {D-9723c} NM-100 149143 CV-34 3/72,,,SuperScale 72-218
VF-191,,,F-4J {D-9615c} NL-101 153817 CV-43 10/76,,,Eagle Strike 72032
VF-191,,,F-14A {D-9697c} NM-105 159870 CV-62 (no Deploy) 1988,,,Wolfpak 72-061

VF-192,,,F4U-4 {D-9608c} B-216 81754 CV-37 9/52,,,PrintScale 72-052
VF-192,,,F9F-5 {D-9703a} B-216 126078 CV-34 1954-55,,,MicroScale 72-212
VA-192,,,FJ-4B {K-3101a} NM-208 143556 xxx xxxx,,,Emhar 1001 FJ-4B
VA-192,,,A-4F {D-9725b} NM-200 154998 CV-34 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-319
VA-192,,,A-7E {D-9719d} NH-00 xxxxxx CV-63 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-113
VA-192,,,A-7E {K-2308a} NH-303 157524 CV-63 1971,,,Testors 340 A-7E
VFA-192,,,F/A-18C {D-9646b} NF-300 xxxxxx CV-62 1994,,,Hi-Decal 72-027
VFA-192,,,F/A-18C {K-1414a} xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa DT-145 F/A-18C combo

VF-193,,,F4U-4 {D-9608b} B-304 81881 CV-37 8/52,,,PrintScale 72-052
VF-193,,,F2H-3 {D-9653c} NM-301 127541 CV-10 spring 1957,,,Skylancer 7201

VF-194,,,F2H-3 {K-3221} NC-204 xx7530 CV-33 1957,,,HobbyCraft HC 1378 F2H-3
VF-194,,,F-8E {K-1221b} NM-400 xxxxxx CV-14 xxxx,,,Italeri 1230 F-8
VF-194,,,F-8E {K-1253c} NM-400 xxxxxx CV-14 xxxx,,,Heller 259 F-8
VF-194,,,F-8J {K-1205d} NM-200 150864 CV-34 10/70,,,Academy 12412 F-8J
VF-194,,,F-8J {K-1205c} NM-200 150674 CV-34 3/76,,,Academy 12412 F-8J
VF-194,,,F-8J {D-9718c} NM-200 150864 CV-34 1976,,,MicroScale 72-246
VF-194,,,F-14A {D-9663a} NM-200 161297 xxxx xxxx,,,RepliScale 72-1012

VA-195,,,A-7E {D-9714a} NH-000 xxxxxx CV-63 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-81
VFA-195,,,F/A-18C {K-1413a} NF-400 164968 CV-63 11/98,,,Hasegawa D-8 F/A-18C
VFA-195,,,F/A-18C {K-1411a} NF-400 164968 CV-63 7/01,,,Hasegawa 399 F/A-18C
VFA-195,,,F/A-18C {K-1411b} NF-400 164968 CV-63 4/02,,,Hasegawa 399 F/A-18C
VFA-195,,,F/A-18C {K-1421a} NF-400 163758 CV-62 xxxx,,,Revell 04303 F/A-18C

VA-196,,,AD-6 {D-9770a} NA-402 135284 xxx 10/57,,,SuperScale 72-477
VA-196,,,A-6A {D-9756a} NK-400 152623 CV-64 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-80
VA-196,,,KA-6D {D-9513b} NK-522 152894 CV-65 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-429
VA-196,,,A-6A {Not} NK-500 155600 CV-65 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-493
VA-196,,,A-6E {D-9502c} NK-506 160425 CV-43 1977,,,MicroScale 72-495
VA-196,,,KA-6D {K-2222a} NK-522 152894 CV-43 xxxx,,,Italeri 004 KA-6D

VF-211,,,F-8E {D-9530a} NP-103 150924 CV-19 6/66,,,Furball 72-002
VF-211,,,F-8E {D-9641a} NP-103 150924 CV-19 6/66,,,Eduard 72006
VF-211,,,F-8E {D-9530b} NP-101 150910 CV-19 6/66,,,Furball 72-002
VF-211,,,F-8E {D-9530c} NP-104 150300 CV-19 6/66,,,Furball 72-002
VF-211,,,F-8E {D-9660e} NP-100 149152 CV-19 6/66,,,XtraDecal 72-160
VF-211,,,F-8E {D-9718b} NP-100 149199 CV-19 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-246
VF-211,,,F-8E {D-9530e} NP-110 150923 CV-31 5/67,,,Furball 72-002
VF-211,,,F-8E {D-9530f} NP-101 150348 CV-31 5/67,,,Furball 72-002
VF-211,,,F-8E {D-9530g} NP-102 150661 CV-31 5/67,,,Furball 72-002
VF-211,,,F-8E {D-9530l} NP-107 150859 CV-31 7/67,,,Furball 72-002
VF-211,,,F-8E {D-9530y} NP-00 150336 land 8/67,,,Furball 72-002
VF-211,,,F-8E {D-9530x} NP-101 149150 land 8/67,,,Furball 72-002
VF-211,,,F-8J {D-9530z} NP-112 149210 CV-19 3/71,,,Furball 72-002
VF-211,,,F-8J {D-9530t} NP-101 150900 CV-19 5/72,,,Furball 72-002
VF-211,,,F-14A {D-9722b} NG-101 159634 CV-64 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-192

VA-212,,,A-4E {D-9656e} NP-232 149971 CV-31 3/67,,,Wolfpak 72-015
VA-212,,,A-4F {K-2194a} NP-300 154213 CV-19 xxxx,,,Hasegawa C-7 A-4F
VA-212,,,A-4F {K-2141b} NP-304 154973 CV-19 1972,,,Testors 648 A-4E/F
VA-212,,,A-4F {K-2126e} NP-312 154992 CV-19 xxxx,,,Fujimi 35132 A-4F

VF-213,,,F4D-1 {D-9612b} NP-301 134947 xxxx xxxx,,,Eagle Strike 72043
VF-213,,,F4D-1 {K-3611b} NP-305 134967 xxxx xxxx,,,Airfix 3027 F4D-1
VF-213,,,F4D-1 {D-9701e} NP-310 134911 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-186
VF-213,,,F-3B {D-9698c} NP-303 145270 xxxx 1963,,,Almark Demon Decals
VF-213,,,F-4G {D-9729b} (NH)-102 150642 CV-63 1966,,,SuperScale 72-490
VF-213,,,F-4G {K-1103c} (NH)-102 150642 CV-63 1966,,,Fujimi K-4 F-4B
VF-213,,,F-4J {D-9729a} NH-100 155882 CV-63 8/74,,,SuperScale 72-490
VF-213,,,F-14A {D-9722c} NH-205 xxxxxx CV-63 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-192

VA-214,,,FJ-4B {D-9654b} ND-00 141467 CV-12 1958,,,XtraDecal 72-037

VA-215,,,A-7B {D-9719b} NM-400 154468 CV-34 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-113
VA-215,,,A-7B {K-2302a} NM-401 154433 CV-34 Bicent,,,Fujimi F-10 A-7B
VA-215,,,A-7B {D-9540a} NM-401 154479 CV-42 1976,,,XtraDecal 72-241

VA-216,,,A-4B {D-9699f} AC-600 144966 CV-60 3/67,,,XtraDecal 72-180

*******USN Reserves

VFA-201,,,F/A-18+ {D-9697a} AF-200 162904 Fort Worth 6/03,,,Wolfpak 72-061

****VF-202,,,?? {S-9967a} F-4, F-8 or F-14,,,SPARES

VA-203,,,A-4L {D-9720d} AF-315 147825 land xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-114

****VA-204,,,A-4L {S-9977a} AF-400 148611 land xxxx,,,SPARES
VA-204,,,A-7 {WANT} AF-413 xxxxxx xxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-348
VFA-204,,,F-18A {Not} AF-400 xxxxxx xxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-817

VA-205,,,A-7B (D-9542d} AF-500 154370 Atlanta 1976,,,XtraDecal 72-240
VA-205,,,A-7B {D-9512b} AF-500 154370 Atlanta 1976,,,MicroScale 72-221

****VA-209,,,A-4 {S-9968a} ,,,SPARES

****VA-210,,,A-4 {S-9968b} ,,,SPARES

VF-301,,,F-4S {K-1161a} ND-106 xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,Italeri kit F-4S

VF-302,,,F-8J {D-9660c} ND-206 150654 Miramar 1972,,,XtraDecal 72-16
VF-302,,,F-4N {D-9789c} ND-200 150442 Land 3/76,,,Aeromaster 72-178
VF-302,,,F-4S {D-9522a} ND-200 153832 Miramar 1981,,,CAM 72-058

VA-303,,,A-7A {not} ND-376 xxxxxx --- 1976,,,SuperScale 72-332
VFA-303,,,F-18A {D-9665b} ND-303 161743 xxxx xxxx,,,RepliScale 72-1016

****VA-304,,,A-7A {S-9978a} ND-402 154356 xxx xxxx,,,SPARES

VA-305,,,A-7A {K-2301b} ND-500 153268 xxxx Bicent,,,Fujimi F-12 A-7A
VA-305,,,F-18A {D-9665a} ND-505 161722 xxxx xxxx,,,RepliScale 72-1016

VF-653,,,F4U-4 {D-9608d} H-308 97143 CV-45 1951,,,PrintScale 72-052
VF-721,,,F9F-2B {D-9702b} A-124 123668 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-206
VF-781,,,F9F-2B {K-3911a} D-110 123656 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 618 F9F-2
VF-791,,,F4U-4 {D-9608e} A-211 81712 xxxx Korea,,,PrintScale 72-052
VF-871,,,F4U-4 {D-9608f} D-302 96941 CV-37 10/51,,,PrintScale 72-052


RJ TUcker
Joined: 30 Aug 2016, 20:57

30 Nov 2016, 02:24 #3

WoW! Rex, that's quite an undertaking.


Phantoms phorever!

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Advanced Member
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30 Nov 2016, 02:37 #4

RJ, it will start out with only the decals that I have in stock here.

I will add things like the MicroScale/SuperScale decals later on, I think.

But, I won't do any guessing, it will all be decals that I have, or have had and used on a model. I have an old SuperScale paper catalog, since I can see the sheets and the text both, I think I will add those in.

But, if there is a project number {9600x}, I have the decal. Getting those was the first step in my collection, I needed them in order to decide what kits to get.

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30 Nov 2016, 07:15 #5

USN squadrons (pre-9/48)

VF-1B...F11C-2 {D-9609a} 1-F-2 9267 CV-3 4/33-3/34,,,Starfighter 72-140
VF-1B...F11C-2 {D-9609b} 1-F-3 9268 CV-3 4/33-3/34,,,Starfighter 72-140
VF-1B...F11C-2 {D-9609c} 1-F-4 9270 CV-3 4/33-3/34,,,Starfighter 72-140
VF-1B,,,F11C-2 {K-5608a} 1-F-4 9270 CV-3 xxxx,,,Monogram PA210 F11C-2
VF-1B...F11C-2 {D-9609d} 1-F-5 9271 CV-3 4/33-3/34,,,Starfighter 72-140
VF-1B...F11C-2 {D-9609e} 1-F-7 9336 CV-3 4/33-3/34,,,Starfighter 72-140
VF-1B...F11C-2 {D-9609f} 1-F-13 927? CV-3 4/33-3/34,,,Starfighter 72-140
VF-1B...F11C-2 {D-9609g} 1-F-14 927? CV-3 4/33-3/34,,,Starfighter 72-140
VF-1B...F11C-2 {D-9609h} 1-F-16 9282 CV-3 4/33-3/34,,,Starfighter 72-140
VF-1B...BFC-2 {D-9609i} 1-F-18 9332 CV-3 4/33-3/34,,,Starfighter 72-140
VF-1B,,,F4B-3 {D-9799b} 1-F-1 8898 CV-3 1932,,,Starfighter 72-131
VF-1B,,,F4B-4 {D-9760b} 1-F-5 xxxx CV-3 1933,,,Starfighter 72-103

VO-1,,,SOC-3 {K-6312a} 1-O-9 1077 xxxx,,,Hasegawa SOC-3
VO-1,,,SOC-3 {K-9827a} 4-O-1 1110 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft JS-057 decals only
VO-1,,,OS2U-1 {D-9852c} 1-O-1 1695 BB-39 11/41,,,Aeromaster 72-182
VO-1,,,OS2U-1 {D-9852d} 1-O-2 1696 BB-39 11/41,,,Aeromaster 72-182
VO-1,,,OS2U-1 {D-9852e} 1-O-3 1697 BB-39 11/41,,,Aeromaster 72-182
VO-1,,,OS2U-1 {K-6311a} 1-O-1 xxxx BB-39 12/41,,,Airfix A02021 Kingfisher

VOF-1,,,F6F-5 {D-9768e} 8 USS Tulagi CVE-72 xxxx,,,Kagero Hellcat Book Decals

CAG-1,,,F8F-1 {D-9627a} T-00 95131 CV-40 1948,,,Starfighter 72-115

VF-2,,,F6C-2 {K-5602a} 2-F-5 A-6974 NAS North Island 1926,,,Pro-Resin F6C-2
VF-2,,,F4B-4 {D-9760d} 2-F-1 9042 CV-2 1937,,,Starfighter 72-103
VF-2,,,F4B-4 {K-5606a} 2-F-7 8915 CV-2 xxxx,,,Monogram PA-209 F4B-4
VF-2,,,F2A-2 {K-5501b} 2-F-7 xxxx CV-2 1941,,,Airfix A02050 F2A-1
VF-2,,,F2A-3 {D-9620d} 2-F-4 xxxx CV-2 41-42,,,Starfighter 72-124
VF-2,,,F6F-3 {D-9753a} 21 xxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-737

VB-2B,,,BFC-2 {D-9609j} 2-B-1 9267 CV-3 3/34-7/37,,,Starfighter 72-140
VB-2B,,,BFC-2 {K-5605a} 2-B-1 9267 CV-3 1937,,,Starfighter PK72-03 BFC-2
VB-2B,,,BFC-2 {D-9609k} 2-B-7 9272 CV-3 3/34-7/37,,,Starfighter 72-140
VB-2B,,,BFC-2 {D-9609l} 2-B-13 9332 CV-3 3/34-7/37,,,Starfighter 72-140
VB-2B,,,BFC-2 {D-9609m} 2-B-18 9332 CV-3 3/34-7/37,,,Starfighter 72-140
VB-2B,,,BFC-2 {D-9609n} 2-B-1 9339 CV-3 3/34-7/37,,,Starfighter 72-140
VB-2B,,,BFC-2 {D-9609o} 2-B-2 9276 CV-3 3/34-7/37,,,Starfighter 72-140

VB-2,,,F4B-4 {D-9760c} 2-B-16 9012 CV-2 1937,,,Starfighter 72-103

VS-2,,,SBC-4 {D-9623a} 2-S-1 1269 CV-2 1939,,,Starfighter 72-101
VS-2,,,SBC-4 {D-9851a} 2-S-1 1269 CV-2 1939,,,Starfighter 72-150
VS-2,,,SBD-3 {D-9769c} 2-S-12 xxx Spring 1942,,,Aeromaster 72-101

VT-2,,,TBD-1 {D-9791c} 2-T-1 0300 CV-2 1939,,,Starfighter 72-123
VT-2,,,TBD-1 {D-9624b} T-1 CV-2 5/42,,,Starfighter 72-108

VF-3B,,,F4B-4 {D-9761a} 3-F-7 9256 CV-4 1933,,,Starfighter 72-102
VF-3B,,,F4B-4 {D-9798a} 3-F-1 9246 CV-1 1934,,,Starfighter 72-145
VF-3B,,,F4B-4 {D-9798b} 3-F-3 8820 CV-1 1932,,,Starfighter 72-145

VF-3,,,F2A-1 {D-9620b} 3-F-1 1387 1939-40 Worlds Fair Display,,,Starfighter 72-124
VF-3,,,F2A-1 {D-9620a} 3-F-13 1393 CV-3 1940 Thatch,,,Starfighter 72-124
VF-3,,,F2A {K-5502a} 3-F-18 xxxx xxxx,,,Revell H-636 F2A
VF-3,,,F4F-3A {D-9621e} 3-F-2 3973 CV-3 10/41,,,Starfighter 72-112
VF-3,,,F4F-3 {K-5202b} F-15 CV-2? xxxx,,,Hobby Boss 80219 F4F-3
VF-3,,,F4F-4 {D-9630k} 1 5174 CV-5 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136
VF-3,,,F4F-4 {D-9630l} 10 5149 xxxx 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136
VF-3,,,F4F-4 {D-9622b} 23 5093 Thatch CV-5 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-114
VF-3,,,F8F-1 {K-5401b} 3-F-4 95801 1946,,,Sword 72021 F8F-1/2

VB-3,,,BFC-2 {D-9609p} 3-B-7 9333 CV-3 7/37-1/38,,,Starfighter 72-140
VB-3,,,BFC-2 {D-9609q} 3-B-13 9277 CV-3 7/37-1/38,,,Starfighter 72-140
VB-3,,,BFC-2 {K-5605b} 3-B-13 9277 CV-3 1937,,,Starfighter PK72-03 BFC-2
VB-3,,,SBC-4 {D-9623c} 3-B-11 CV-3 1941,,,Starfighter 72-101
VB-3,,,SBD-3 {D-9769d} B-10 xxx 6/42,,,Aeromaster 72-101
VB-3,,,SB2C-4 {D-6103b} 114 CV-10 late 1944,,,Sword 72008 SB2C-4

VT-3,,,TBD-1 {D-9630h} 1 0285 xxxx 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136

CAG-3,,,F6F-5 {D-9753c} CAG 3 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-737

VO-4,,,OS2U-1 {D-9852a} 4-O-4 1685 BB-45 late 1940,,,Aeromaster 72-182

VF-5,,,F4B-2 {K-5601b} 5-F-15 9827 CV-2 1932,,,Pro-Resin 72-031
VF-5,,,F4F-3 {D-9621c} 5-F-2 xxxx 1940,,,Starfighter 72-112
VF-5,,,F4U-1D {D-9792d} 4 xxxx CV-13 3/45,,,Starfighter 72-143
VF-5,,,F4U-1 {K-5009b} 69 CV-13 xxxx,,,Revell 4112 F4U-1

VB-5,,,F4B-4 {D-9761c} 5-B-7 9051 CV-2 1934,,,Starfighter 72-102

VS-5,,,SBD-3 {D-9630c} 17 4659 xxxx 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136
VS-5,,,SBD-2 {D-9769a} S-3 CV-5 spring 1942,,,Aeromaster 72-101

VT-5,,,TBD-1 {K-6301b} 5-T-1 0331 xxx xxxx,,,Airfix A02034

VS-5D4,,,OS2U-2 {D-9852b} 5D4-S-1 2190 NAS Cape May xxxx,,,Aeromaster 72-182 (became VS-35)

VCS-5,,,SOC-1 {D-9630n} 10 9891 CA-33 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136

VF-6B,,,F4B-2 {K-5601a} 6-F-1 8535 xxx 1931,,,Pro-Resin 72-031
VF-6B,,,F4B-4 {D-9798c} 6-F-4 9950 CV-3 1934,,,Starfighter 72-145
VF-6B,,,F4B-4 {D-9798d} 6-F-16 9252 CV-3 1934,,,Starfighter 72-145

VF-6,,,F4B-4 {D-9761b} 6-F-4 9246 CV-6 8/37,,,Starfighter 72-102
VF-6,,,F4F-4 {D-9630j} 23 5174 xxxx 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136
VF-6,,,F4F-4 {K-5209b} 6-F-9 CV-6 1942,,,Airfix A02070 F4F-4
VF-6,,,F4F-4 {D-9622d} 13 5193 CV-6 8/42,,,Starfighter 72-114
VF-6,,,F4F-4 {K-5205b} 6-F-16 xxxx,,,Hasegawa AP24 F4F-4
VF-6,,,F6F-3 {K-5101b} 19 CV-11 2/44,,,Hasegawa 617 F6F-3/5

VBF-6,,,F4U-1D {D-9792e} 28 xxxx CV-19 3/45,,,Starfighter 72-143

VB-6,,,BFC-2 {D-9609r} 6-B-16 9338 CV-6 (no deploy) 1938,,,Starfighter 72-140
VB-6,,,BFC-2 {D-9609s} 6-B-17 9333 CV-6 (no deploy) 1938,,,Starfighter 72-140
VB-6,,,SBD-3 {D-9630a} B1 4687 xxxx 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136
VB-6,,,SBD-3 {K-6003a} B-11 CV-6 6/42,,,Airfix A02022 SBD-3/5

VT-6,,,TBD-1 {D-9791a} 6-T-16 0319 CV-6 1940,,,Starfighter 72-123
VT-6,,,TBD-1 {D-9791b} 6-T-1 0324 CV-6 1940,,,Starfighter 72-123
VT-6,,,TBD-1 {D-9624d} 6-T-4 xxx 3/41,,,Starfighter 72-108
VT-6,,,TBD-1 {D-9624e} 6-T-4 xxx 10/41,,,Starfighter 72-108
VT-6,,,TBD-1 {D-9624h} 8 xxx CV-6 4/42,,,Starfighter 72-108
VT-6,,,TBD-1 {D-9630e} 3 0279 xxxx 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136
VT-6,,,TBD-1 {D-9630g} 1 0298 xxxx 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136

CAG-6,,,SBC-4 {D-9623b} 1295 CV-6 1940,,,Starfighter 72-101
CAG-6,,,SBC-4 {K-6122a} 1295 CV-6 1940,,,Matchbox 40035 SBC-4
CAG-6,,,SBD-3 {D-9630b} GC 4619 xxxx 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136

VF-7,,,F6F-5 {D-9753b} 17 CV-19 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-737

VF-8,,,F4F-4 {D-9630m} F17 5089 xxxx 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136
VF-8,,,F6F-3 {D-9768a} 33 CV-12 xxxx,,,Kagero Hellcat Book Decals

VB-8,,,SBC-4 {D-9851b} 8-B-6 4284 CV-8 1941,,,Starfighter 72-150
VB-8,,,SB2C-1 {K-6101a} 8-B-16 East Coast USA late 1943,,,Revell 04142 SB2C-1

VS-8,,,SBD-3 {D-9630d} S-9 4665 xxxx 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136

VT-8,,,TBD-1 {D-9624f} T-14 CV-8 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-108
VT-8,,,TBD-1 {D-9630f} T-16 1506 xxxx 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136
VT-8,,,TBD-1 {D-9624g} T-16 xxx CV-8 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-108
VT-8,,,TBD-1 {D-9624c} 8-T-1 xxx 2/42,,,Starfighter 72-108
VT-8,,,TBD-1 {K-6302a} 8-T-1 xxx xxxx,,,MPC 2109 TBD-1

VF-9,,,F4F-4 {K-5205a} 9-F-20 xxxx,,,Hasegawa AP24 F4F-4
VF-9,,,F6F-5 {D-9753d} 19 CV-16 2/45,,,SuperScale 72-737

VF-10,,,F4U-1D {K-5011b} 29 CV-11 4/45,,,Hasegawa C-13 F4U-1D

VF-11,,,F4F-4 {D-9622c} F-21 xxxx Guadalcanl 6/43,,,Starfighter 72-114

VF-11A,,,F8F-1 {D-9626b} V-101 95208 CV-45 1948,,,Starfighter 72-121

VB-12,,,SB2C-4E {D-9642c} 15 CV-15 2/45,,,Eduard 72012

VC-12,,,FM-2 {K-5206b} 20 USS Core CVE-13 1944,,,MPM 72049 FM-2

VF-13A,,,F8F-1B {D-9626c} P-00 121509 CV-37 7/48,,,Starfighter 72-121

****VB-15A,,,SB2C-4/5 {S-9953b} A-311 xxxxx CV-48 xxxx,,,SPARES

CAG-15,,,F6F-3 {K-5101c} the Minsi CV-9 9/44,,,Hasegawa 617 F6F-3/5
CAG-15,,,F6F-5 {K-5101a} Minsi III CV-9 10/44,,,Hasegawa 617 F6F-3/5

VB-16,,,SBD-5 {D-9769b} 45 CV-16 11/43,,,Aeromaster 72-101

VF-17,,,F6F-5 {D-9768c} 59 CV-12 xxxx,,,Kagero Hellcat Book Decals
VF-17,,,F4U-1 {K-5001a} 17-F-12 CV-17 1943,,,Tamiya 60774 F4U-1 Birdcage
VF-17,,,F4U-1 {K5001b} 17-F-13 CV-17 1943,,,Tamiya 60774 F4U-1 Birdcage
VF-17,,,F4U-1A {D-9787a} 9 Ondonga 1943,,,SuperScale 72-740
VF-17,,,F4U-1A {D-9787b} 34 Ondonga 1943,,,SuperScale 72-740
VF-17,,,F4U-1A {D-9806a} 1 Big Hog xxxx 3/44,,,Testors 623 F4U-1
VF-17,,,F4U-1 {K-5009a} 29 CV-17 xxxx,,,Revell 4112 F4U-1

VB-17,,,SB2C-1 {K-6101b} 17-B-1 CV-17 7/43,,,Revell 04142 SB2C-1

VT-17,,,TBF-1 {K-6202a} 301 xxx xxxx,,,Academy 1651 TBF-1

****VF-19,,,F8F-1 {S-9956a} K-101 xxxxx CV-27 xxxx,,,SPARES

CAG-19,,,F8F-1 {D-9723e} B-100 95320 CV-21 6/47,,,SuperScale 72-218
CAG-19,,,F8F-1 {K-5408a} B-100 xxxxx xxx summer 1947,,,Revell 04680 F8F-1

VF-22,,,F4F-4 {K-5208a} 22-F-1 CV-22 xxxx,,,Dragon 5024 F4F-4
VF-22,,,F4F-4 {K-5201b} 22-F-1 CV-22 xxxx,,,Hasegawa AP159 F4F-4
****VF-22,,,F6F-5 {S-9954b} 9 xxxxx CV-25 xxxx,,,SPARES

VF-27,,,F6F-3 {D-9768b} 17 CV-23 xxxx,,,Kagero Hellcat Book Decals
VF-27,,,F6F-5 {K-5103a} 7 CV-23 10/44,,,Revell 04140 F6F-5
VF-27,,,F6F-5 {K-5109a} 10 CV-23 10/44,,,Lindberg 70956 Hellcats & Betty
VF-27,,,F6F-5 {K-5109b} 17 CV-23 10/44,,,Lindberg 70956 Hellcats & Betty

VF-31,,,F8F-1 {D-9626a} 3-F-4 95081 1946,,,Starfighter 72-121

VF-41,,,F4F-3 {D-9621a} 2-6 2526 1940,,,Starfighter 72-112
VF-41,,,F4F-3 {D-9621b} 41-F-7 CV-4 1940,,,Starfighter 72-112
VF-41,,,F4F-3 {K-5202a} 41-F-4 CV-4 1941,,,Hobby Boss 80219 F4F-3
VF-41,,,F4F-4 {D-9622a} 41-F-8 4084 CV-4 1942,,,Starfighter 72-114
VF-41,,,FR-1 {K-4151a} B-17 xxxx,,,MPM 72040 FR-1

VF(N)-41,,,F6F-5N {D-9768d} 13 CV-22 xxxx,,,Kagero Hellcat Book Decals
VF(N)-41,,,F6F-5N {K-5102c} 13 CV-22 1944,,,Italeri 1228 F6F-5N

VS-42,,,TBD-1 {D-9680b} 42-S-18 0296 CV-4 3/41,,,Starfighter 72-109
VS-42,,,TBD-1 {D-9624a} 42-S-16 xxx 5/41,,,Starfighter 72-108

VP-44,,,PBY-5A {D-9630i} 44-P-4 04982 6/42,,,Starfighter 72-136

****VF-45,,,F6F-5 {S-9957a} 5 xxxxx CV-30 xxxx,,,Spares

VF-71,,,F4F-3 {D-9621d} 71-F-12 NAS Norfolk 3/40,,,Starfighter 72-112

VS-71,,,TBD-1 {D-9680a} 71-S-16 0299 CV-7 1940,,,Starfighter 72-109

VF-72,,,F4F-3 {D-9621f} 72-F-14 xxxx Pungo Airfield, NC late 1941,,,Starfighter 72-112

VB-82,,,SB2C-4E {D-9642d} 95 CV-20 2/45,,,Eduard 72012

VB-83,,,SB2C-4 {D-9642e} 207 CV-9 xxxx,,,Eduard 72012

VF-83,,,FG-1D {D-9792b} 185 82797 CV-9 5/45,,,Starfighter 72-143

VF-84,,,F4U-1D {K-5011a} 183 CV-17 2/45,,,Hasegawa C-13 F4U-1D
VF-84,,,F4U-1D {K-5006b} 167 CV-17 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 511 F4U-1D
VF-84,,,F4U-1D {D-9806c} 157 CV-17 2/45,,,Testors 623 F4U-1

VB-84,,,SB2C-4E {D-9642f} 205 CV-17 3/45,,,Eduard 72012
VB-84,,,SB2C-4 {D-9642g} 210 CV-17 5/45,,,Eduard 72012

VBF-85,,,F4U-1D {D-9792a} 9 57897 CV-38 4/45,,,Starfighter 72-143

VB-85,,,SB2C-4 {K-6103a} 80 CV-38 6/45,,,Sword 72008 SB2C-4

VB-87,,,SB2C-4E {D-9642a} 203 CV-14 6/45,,,Eduard 72012
VB-87,,,SB2C-4E {D-9642b} V-209 CV-14 7/45,,,Eduard 72012

VC-93,,,FM-2 {K-5206a} 20 USS Petrof Bay CVE-80 1945,,,MPM 72049 FM-2

VC-94,,,TBM-3 {K-6203a} 89 xxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa AP34 TBM-3

VC-97,,,TBM-3 {K-6203b} 32 xxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa AP34 TBM-3

VF(N)-107,,,F6F-5N {K-5102a} 7-6 1945,,,Italeri 1228 F6F-5N

VS-201,,,F2A-2 {D-9620c} 201-S-13 USS Long Island CVE 1941,,,Starfighter 72-124

,,,F4F-4 {K-5203b} 50 xxxx,,,Hobby Boss 80220 F4F-4
,,,F4F-4 {K-5201a} G-1 xxxxx,,,Hasegawa AP159 F4F-4
,,,F4F-4 {K-5204a} G-8 xxxx,,,Revell H-639 F4F-4FM-2 decals only
,,,FM-2 {D-9828a} 373 xxxx,,,US Airfix 10050
****,,,FM-2 {S-9959a} M-3 xxxxx IX-81 xxxx,,,SPARES

,,,F6F-5 {D-9753e} 31 xxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-737
****,,,F6F-5 {S-9954a} 8 77713 CV-24 xxxx,,,SPARES
****,,,F6F-5 {S-9956b} 33 xxxxx CV-28 xxxx,,,SPARES

,,,F7F-3 {K-5303a} 462 Tigercat as delivered by Grumman,,,Monogram 6813 Tigercat

,,,F4U-1 {K-5015a} 740 F4U-1 Birdcage,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1179 Birdcage Corsair

,,,JB-1 {K-4144a} 0801 Flag aircraft xxxx,,,AZmodel 7291 Staggerwing
,,,JB-1 {K-4144c} xxxx xxxx,,,AZmodel 7291 Staggerwing

,,,OS2U-3 {D-9852h} 5733 CA-68 2/44,,,Aeromaster 72-182

,,,NJ-1 {K-4141b} 12 xxxx 1940,,,Special Hobby 72069 BT-9/NJ-1/SK 14

,,,SNJ-3 {K-4106b} 75 6775 xxxx,,,Testors 663 SNJ
,,,SNJ-5 {K-4106a} PA-45 90950 xxxx,,,Testors 663 SNJ
****CQU,,,SNJ-3C {S-9958b} J-6 01876 IX-64 xxxx,,,SPARES

,,,N2S-2 {K-4035a} 401 3553 Corpus Christi 1943,,,Revell 04676 Kaydet
,,,N2S-3 {D-9849a} 103 07103 NAS Corpus Christi 1943,,,XtraDecal 72258
,,,N2S-3 {D-9849d} 73 39123 USN 1944,,,XtraDecal 72258
,,,N2S-4 {D-9849f} 241 29950 NAS Grosse Ile 1940s,,,XtraDecal 72258
,,,N2S-5 {K-4142a} 52941 xxxx,,,Revell H-649 PT-13D
,,,N2S-? {K-4143b} xxxxx xxxx,,,Revell H-649 Kaydet

,,,SB2C-4 {K-6102a} 76 xxx xxxx,,,US Airfix 20020 Helldiver

,,,TBD-1 {K-6301a} 2 1509 xxx xxxx,,,Airfix A02034 TBD-1

****,,,TBM {S-9955a} C-31 xxxxx CV-26 xxxx,,,SPARES

Anacostia,,,F4B-4 {D-9760a} 9045 NAS Anacostia 1935,,,Starfighter 72-103

Charleston,,,F6F-5N {K-5102b} 7-11 899 NAAS Charleston 1945,,,Italeri 1228 F6F-5N

Livermore,,,NFG-1D {D-9538a} G-3 92041 NAS Livermore late 1946,,,Starfighter 72-147

Pensacola,,,TD2C-1 {K-4115b} D-58 X 8 NAS Pensacola,,,Pavla PQ-14/TD2C-1

Terminal Island,,,GB-1 {K-4144b} 334 xxxx,,,AZmodel 4144 Staggerwing

CinC US Fleet,,,OS2U-1 {D-9852f} 1691 Pearl Harbor 1940,,,Aeromaster 72-182

Commander,,,OS2U-2 {D-9852g} Com. Patrol Wings Atlantic Fleet NAS Norfolk 2/42,,,Aeromaster 72-182

biplane emblems

VF-1B, VF-2B, VF-3, VB-4,,,{D-9625},,,Starfighter 72-105 USN USMC Emblems 1930s Part I
VF-2 1927-1941,,,{D-9625},,,Starfighter 72-105 USN USMC Emblems 1930s Part I
VF-3S, VF-7B,VF-5,,,{D-9625},,,Starfighter 72-105 USN USMC Emblems 1930s Part I
VF-6, VF-8B, VF-1B until 1942,,,{D-9625},,,Starfighter 72-105 USN USMC Emblems 1930s Part I
VS-3B, VS-2,,,{D-9625},,,Starfighter 72-105 USN USMC Emblems 1930s Part I
VB-5B, VB-2,,,{D-9625},,,Starfighter 72-105 USN USMC Emblems 1930s Part I
VB-6,,,{D-9625},,,Starfighter 72-105 USN USMC Emblems 1930s Part I
E for Excellence, with M for Machine Gun,,,{D-9625},,,Starfighter 72-105 USN USMC Emblems 1930s Part I
C for Communications,,,{D-9625},,,Starfighter 72-105 USN USMC Emblems 1930s Part I
Battle Efficiency Pennant,,,{D-9625},,,Starfighter 72-105 USN USMC Emblems 1930s Part I


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Advanced Member
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30 Nov 2016, 07:16 #6

VC, HS, VAH, and other Navy Squadrons (also called Detachment or Support squadrons)

HS-2,,,SH-3D {K-4108a} NK-5 154107 xxxx xxx,,,Lindberg 71140 SH-3

HS-4,,,SH-3D {D-9853a} NU-66 152711 CVS-10 12/68,,,Old 66 #AD7201B
HS-4,,,SH-3D {D-9853b} NT-66 152711 LPH-5 5/69,,,Old 66 #AD7201B
HS-4,,,SH-3D {D-9853c} NT-66 152711 CVS-12 7/69,,,Old 66 #AD7201B
HS-4,,,SH-3D {D-9853d} NT-66 152711 CVS-12 11/69,,,Old 66 #AD7201B
HS-4,,,SH-3D {D-9749e} NT-66 152711 CVS-12 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-120
HS-4,,,SH-3D {D-9793b} NT-66 152711 xxxx xxx,,,Old 66 #AD7202
HS-4,,,SH-3D {D-9793a} NT-66 152711 LPH- 4/70,,,Old 66 #AD7202

HSL-34,,,SH-2F {K-4104a} 230 159748 xxxx,,,MPC 4210 SH-2F

HU-1,,,HUP-2 {K-4026a} UP-4 130037 xxxx,,,Mach 2 MC0012 H-25-HUP-2
****HU-1,,,HUS-1A {S-9973a} UP-38 145728 Ream Field 1962,,,SPARES

GMGRU-1,,,TV-2D {D-9765b} ZZ-29 131885 xxxx,,,Iliad T-Birds

VC-1,,,A-4E Super {D-9720a} UA-10 151112 land xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-114
VC-1,,,A-4E Super {K-2121d} UA-05 150044 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-24 A-4E/F
VC-1,,,TA-4J {D-9807b} UA-00 153473 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-25 TA-4 kit decals

VC-2,,,A-4C {D-9708a} JE-00 148609 land xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-170
VC-2,,,A-4L {D-9648c} JE-07 149497 Oceana 6/75,,,IPMS Tidewater
VC-2,,,TA-4 {D-9648b} JE-01 155110 Oceana 1/77,,,IPMS Tidewater
VC-2,,,TA-4 {D-9648a} JE-02 158136? Oceana 4/80,,,IPMS Tidewater

VC-3,,,F4U-5N {K-5004b} NP-21 xxxxx CV-37 Korea 1953,,,Italeri 044 F4U-5N
VC-3,,,F7U-3 {K-3702c} NP-75 129550 Moffet 1955,,,Testors 345 F7U-3

VC-4,,,F2H-2N {K-3203b} NA-94 123308 CV-42 1950,,,Pro-Resin 72-053 F2H-2N

VC-5,,,A-4B {D-9699a} UE-27 142874 Cubi Pt 1967,,,XtraDecal 72-180

VC-7,,,QF-4B {D-9781a} 40 148365 Point Mugu xxxx,,,MicroScale AC72-0021

VFC-12,,,F/A-18A {D-9690b} AF-02 162869 NAS Oceana xxxx,,,Two Bobs 72-069
VFC-12,,,F/A-18A {K-1415a} AF-07 xxxxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 625 F/A-18A
VFC-12,,,F/A-18B {D-9690a} AF-15 161924 NAS Oceana xxxx,,,Two Bobs 72-069

VC-13?,,,TAF-9J {D-9785b} 144272 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-207
VC-13,,,F-8H {D-9660a} UX-07 148692 New Orleans 1974,,,XtraDecal 72-160
VFC-13,,,F-5E {K-3507a} AF-23 761541 xxxx,,,Hobby Boss 80207 F-5E

VRC-50,,,US-3A {4103a} RG-714 157997 xxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa US-3A

VFC-111,,,F-5N Sharknose {D-9676a} AF-101 761548 xxxx,,,Authentic 72-33
VFC-111,,,F-5N Sharknose {D-9676b} AF-106 761557 xxxx,,,Authentic 72-33
VFC-111,,,F-5N Sharknose {D-9676c} AF-116 xxxxxx xxxx,,,Authentic 72-33
VFC-111,,,F-5N Sharknose {D-9676d} AF-121 761550 xxxx,,,Authentic 72-33
VFC-111,,,F-5N Sharknose {D-9676e} AF-120 761591 xxxx,,,Authentic 72-33
VFC-111,,,F-5F Sharknose {D-9676f} AF-100 840456 xxxx,,,Authentic 72-33

RVAH-3,,,RA-5C late {K-4005a} GJ-300 156609 NAS Key West 1975,,,Trumpeter 01616 RA-5C

RVAH-7,,,RA-5C early {D-9773a} NK-600 149291 CV-64 1969,,,SuperScale 72-858

VAH-9,,,A-3B {WANT} AC-506 142248 CV-60 xxxx,,,from Hasegawa 00029 Early A-3
RVAH-9,,,RA-5C late {K-4005b} GM-602 156621 shore xxxx,,,Trumpeter 01616 RA-5C
RVAH-9,,,RA-5C late {K-4000b} AJ-603 156624 CV-68 1975,,,Airfix 5019 RA-5C

RVAH-14,,,RA-5C early {D-9773b} AG-604 148925 CV-62 1974,,,SuperScale 72-858
RVAH-14,,,RA-5C early {K-4000a} AB-602 149276 CV-67 1968,,,Airfix 5019 RA-5C

VAH-21,,,AP-2H {D-9607a} SL-4 145902 Cam Ranh Bay 1968,,,Zotz 72/033
VAH-21,,,AP-2H {D-9607b} SL-2 148353 Cam Ranh Bay 1968,,,Zotz 72/033
VAH-21,,,AP-2H {D-9607c} SL-3 148337 Cam Ranh Bay 1968,,,Zotz 72/033

VAP-61,,,RA-3B {D-9671d} 144847 CV-64 1966,,,Wolfpak 12/11 Thanks
VAP-61,,,RA-3B {D-9832e} 144834 CV-64 1967,,,Wolfpak 12/15 Thank You

VFP-61,,,F2H-2P {K-3212b} 128784 xxxx xxxx,,,US Airfix 4010 F2H
****VFP-61,,,F2H-2P {S-9974b} 125703 CV-31 1957,,,SPARES

VFP-63,,,RF-8G {D-9697e} PP-621 146897 Miramar 11/75,,,Wolfpak 72-061
VFP-63,,,F-8H {K-1213a} PP-102 147916 xxxx xxxx,,,Esci ERTL 9074
VFP-63,,,F-8J {D-9660d} PP-101 150661 El Paso 1980,,,XtraDecal 72-160

VQ-1,,,EA-3B {K-4032a} NK-006 xxxxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 2126 EA-3B
VQ-1,,,EA-3B {K-4032b} NH-004 xxxxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 2126 EA-3B

VQ-5,,,ES-3A {D-9833h} NF-721 159420 CV-63 1/99,,,Wolfpak 72-083

VAQ-33,,,EA-4F {D-9648e} GD-6 153481 Norfolk mid 70's,,,IPMS Tidewater
VAQ-33,,,EA-4F {D-9648d} GD-8 152852 Norfolk 9/78,,,IPMS Tidewater
VAQ-33,,,EA-6A {D-9837f} GD-104 151599 Key West 11/92,,,Wolfpak 72-073

VAQ-34,,,EA-7L {D-9669f} GD-202 156743 Point Mugu 10/83,,,XtraDecal 72086
VAQ-34,,,EA-7L {D-9669h} GD-200 156743 Point Mugu 10/86,,,XtraDecal 72086

VAQ-130,,,EKA-3B {K-4017b} NG-614 147660 CV-64 6/72,,,Hasegawa 924 EKA-3B
VAQ-130,,,EA-6B {K-4004a} AJ-612 158542 xxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1137 EA-6B

VAQ-131,,,EKA-3B {K-4017a} AB-615 142252 CV-67 6/70,,,Hasegawa 924 EKA-3B
VAQ-131,,,EA-6B {D-9817a} NH-621 xxxxxx CV-66 xxxx,,,AMT Hasegawa kit decals only

VAQ-133,,,KA-3B {D-9505a} NH-610 138915 CV-63 1970,,,SuperScale 72-782
VAQ-133,,,EKA-3B {K-4031a} NH-614 147655 CV-63 xxxx,,,Hasegawa K148 EKA-3B
VAQ-133,,,EKA-3B {K-4013b} NK-616 147663 CV-64 xxxx,,,Hasegawa K148 EKA-3B

VAQ-134,,,EA-6B {D-9730a} NL-604 158040 CV-70,,,SuperScale 72-533

VAQ-135,,,KA-3B {D-9505b} NL-613 142647 CV-43 1973,,,SuperScale 72-782
VAQ-135,,,EA-6B {K-4003b} AB-605 158032 CV-66 xxxx,,,Hasegawa K-14 EA-6B
VAQ-135,,,EA-6B {D-9675d} NH-501 161881 CV-68 Whidbey Island 2004,,,Authentic 72-50
VAQ-135,,,EA-6B {D-9675a} NH-500 158544 CV-68 5/07,,,Authentic 72-50
VAQ-135,,,EA-6B {D-9675f} NH-503 159908 CV-68 5/07,,,Authentic 72-50
VAQ-135,,,EA-6B {D-9675b} NH-500 163399 CV-68 NAS Fallon 4/09,,,Authentic 72-50
VAQ-135,,,EA-6B {D-9675c} NH-500 163399 CV-68 San Diego 9/10,,,Authentic 72-50
VAQ-135,,,EA-6B {D-9675e} NH-502 161350 CV-68 Whidbey Island 10/10,,,Authentic 72-50

VAQ-137,,,EA-18G {D-9834c} AB-500 168266 CV-71,,,Wolfpak 72-082

VAQ-139,,,EA-6B {D-9730b} NK-605 161774 CV-64,,,SuperScale 72-533

VAQ-209,,,EA-6A {K-4006b} AF-701 156983 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-14 EA-6A

VAQ-309,,,EA-6A {K-4006c} ND-610 156981 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-14 EA-6A

****VA(AW)-35,,,AD-5N {S-9971a} VV-824 132619 CV-19 1958,,,SPARES

VFAW-3,,,F4D-1 {D-9612c} PA-32 134802 NORAD 2/55,,,Eagle Strike 72043
VFAW-3,,,F4D-1 {D-9701c} PA-12 139097 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-186
VFAW-3,,,F4D-1 {K-3621a} PA-12 139097 xxxx xxxx,,,Testors 940 F4D-1
VFAW-3,,,F4D-1 {K-3601a} PA-71 139164 xxxx xxxx,,,Tamiya 60741 F4D-1

VAW-12,,,AD-5W {D-9514b} AJ-702 135183 CV-59 4/60,,,SuperScale 72-338

****VAW-13,,,AD-5Q {S-9970b} VR-708 135051 xxx 1962,,,SPARES

VAW-112,,,E-2C HE2K {D-9674a} NG-603 165825 CV-74 2009-2010,,,Authentic 72-30

VAW-113,,,E-2C HE2K (4-blade) {D-9674b} NK-600 165648 CV-76 6/06,,,Authentic 72-30

VAW-116,,,E-2C HE2K {D-9674d} NE-603 166504 CV-72 3/07,,,Authentic 72-30
VAW-116,,,E-2C HE2K {D-9674c} NE-600 165817 CV-72 5/07,,,Authentic 72-30

VAW-117,,,E-2C HE2K {K-4100a} NH-600 165649 CV-68 2/08,,,Hasegawa E-31 E-2C
VAW-117,,,E-2C {D-9674e} NH-600 164352 CV-63 11/09?,,,Authentic 72-30
VAW-117,,,E-2C HE2K {D-9674f} NH-602 165828 CV-68 11/09?,,,Authentic 72-30

VAW-123,,,E-2C {K-4101a} AB-602 162797 CV-66 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-23 E-2C

VAW-125,,,E-2C HE2K {K-4100b} AG-600 165813 CV-69 2007,,,Hasegawa E-31 E-2C

VS-20,,,S2F-1 {K-4112a} SV-7 136398 xxx,,,Hasegawa 824 S2F-1

VS-21,,,S2F-1 {K-4112b} BS-4 136411 xxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 824 S2F-1
VS-21,,,S-2A {K-4111b} NS-15 136701 xxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa JS-102 S2F-1(S-2A)
VS-21,,,S-2A {K-4120b} NS-15 136701 xxx xxxx,,,Hobby Craft HC1351 S2F-1(S-2A)

VS-29,,,S-3A {D-9638b} NE-711 150598? CV-61 1979,,,CAM 72-060

VS-31,,,S-3A {D-9638a} AG-700 159769 CV-62 1977,,,CAM 72-060

VS-32,,,S-3B {D-9738b} AB-701 159751 CV-66 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-649

VS-33,,,US-3A {K-4103b} NH-712 157998 CV-63 77-78,,,Hasegawa US-3A
VS-33,,,S-3A {D-9738a} NG-712 159413 CV-68 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-649

VS-41,,,OV-10A {D-9673c} RA-8 155470 North Island 1971,,,Wolfpak 72-028

VX-3,,,F6U-1 {K-4045a} XC-19 122499 Patuxent River 1/50,,,Meikraft 1504 F6U-1
VX-3,,,F7U-3 {K-3702d} XC-03 129643 NOTS Chincoteague 1954/55,,,Testors 345 F7U-3

VX-4,,,F7U-3M {K-3701a} XF-32 129875 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-12 F7U-3M
VX-4,,,TA-4J {D-9838c} XF 153674 Point Mugu xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-210
VX-4,,,F-4J {D-9778a} 76 xxxxxx xxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-174
VX-4,,,F-4J {D-9781b} XF-6 155896 Point Mugu xxxx,,,MicroScale AC72-0021
VX-4,,,F-4J {D-9781d} xxx 153783 Point Mugu xxxx,,,MicroScale AC72-0021

VX-5,,,A-4M Big Doors {K-2149a} XE-15 160264 Norton AFB 11/86,,,Testors 271 A-4
VX-5,,,TA-7C {D-9669d} XE-07 154458 China Lake xxxx,,,XtraDecal 72086
VX-5,,,TA-7C {D-9669g} 82 xxxxxx NAWC Point Mugu 1993,,,XtraDecal 72086
VX-5,,,AV-8B(N) {D-9735b} XE-11 162966 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-585
VX-5,,,AV-8B(N) {K-4009a} XE-11 162966 xxxx,,,Italeri 193 AV-8B Night

VX-23,,,OA-4M {D-9837g} SD-305 152874 Paxtuxent River 1991,,,Wolfpak 72-073
VX-23,,,T-45C {D-9511a} SD-201 165080 Paxtuxent River 2011,,,Caracal 72028

VX-30,,,F-4S {D-9780b} 121 155741 Point Mugu xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-845

ATU-206,,,F9F-2 {D-9702a} F-56 127534 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-206
ATU-206,,,F9F-2 {K-3911b} F-53 125116 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 618 F9F-2

ATU-800,,,T-28B {K-4127b} CD-034 137691 Corpus Christi 1955,,,Testors 410 T-28B/D

VT-1,,,T-34A {K-4034a} 2S-00 140808 NASS Saufley Field xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1088 T-34A
VT-1,,,T-34A {K-4135f 2S-00 140808 NASS Saufley Field xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft JS-088 T-34A
VT-1/5,,,TT-1 {K-4039c} 2S-404 144234 NAAS Saufley Field 1960,,,Special Hobby 72072 TT-1

VT-4,,,T-2C {D-9695a} 2F-304 156687 NAS Pensacola xxxx,,,Two Bobs 72-088

VT-7,,,T-2C {D-9695c} 2K-701 157058 NAS Meridian c1970,,,Two Bobs 72-088
VT-7,,,TA-4J {D-9839a} 776 158130 Meridian 12/76,,,MicroScale 72-211
VT-7,,,T-45C {D-9511d} A-167 165609 NAS Meridian 2006,,,Caracal 72028
VT-7,,,T-45C {D-9511e} A-107 165629 NAS Meridian 2011,,,Caracal 72028

VT-9,,,T-2C {D-9695d} A-909 159722 NAS Meridian 9/03,,,Two Bobs 72-088
VT-9,,,T-45C {D-9511c} A-109 165088 NAS Meridian 2012,,,Caracal 72028

VT-10,,,T-2C {D-9695b} F-38 158898 NAS Pensacola c1980,,,Two Bobs 72-088

VT-19,,,T-2C {D-9694a} A-501 159165 NAS Meridian c1975,,,Two Bobs 72-089
VT-19,,,T-2C {K-4138a} A-522 157034 NAS Meridian 1975,,,Revell 04289 T-2C/E

VT-21,,,TA-4J {D-9839d} 100 158500 Kingsville xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-211
VT-21,,,T-45C {D-9511b} B-321 167099 NAS Kingsville 2012,,,Caracal 72028

VT-22,,,TA-4J {D-9731a} 275 158085 land 5/86,,,SuperScale 72-538

VT-23,,,F11F-1 {K-3004b} 3H-350 141792 (F11F-1, F-11A or TF-11A?),,,Hasegawa D-17 F11F-1
VT-23,,,T-2C {D-9694b} B-350 159722 NAS Kingsville c1984,,,Two Bobs 72-089
VT-23,,,T-2C {K-4136a} B-324 158882 NAS Kingsville 1983,,,Matchbox PK-42 T-2C/E

VT-24,,,TA-4J {D-9839b} C-400 153478 Chase Field xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-211
VT-24,,,TA-4J {D-9731b} C-475 158723 land 5/86,,,SuperScale 72-538

VT-26,,,TAF-9J {K-3906b} 3L-665 138891 xxxx,,,Hasegawa D-12 F9F-8
VT-26,,,T-2C {D-9694c} C-600 159717 CV-16 NAS Meridian c1970,,,Two Bobs 72-089

CNATRA,,,TA-4J {K-2153a} 000 155097 xxxx,,,Hasegawa TA-4J

VP-40,,,SP-5B {D-9835e} QE-10 135533 Cam Rhan Bay 1967,,,Wolfpak 72-079

FAGU,,,FJ-4B {D-9654a} TR-41 139522 FAGU Miramar 1957,,,XtraDecal 72-037

NATC,,,F6U-1 {K-4045b} 481 122481 Patuxent River 5/50,,,Meikraft 1504 F6U-1
NATC,,,TT-1 {K-4039d} 226 144226 Patuxent River 3/58,,,Special Hobby 72206 TT-1
NATC,,,TT-1 {K-4039a} 228 144228 Patuxent River 1958,,,Special Hobby 72206 TT-1

NPF,,,F3D-2 {D-9746a} 642 124642 xxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-571

Strike,,,F-18A {D-9733c} 05 161736 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-565

NSAWC,,,F-14A {D-9647e} 10 159855 NAS Fallon 1998,,,HiDecal 72051 (Blue/Gray)
NSAWC,,,F-14A Bombcat {D-9647f} 13 160913 NAS Fallon 2000,,,HiDecal 72051 (Brown/Tan)
NSAWC,,,F/A-18A {K-1415b} 35 xxxxxx 7/98,,,Hasegawa 625 F/A-18A

NSWC,,,TA-7C {D-9669i} 31 156765 Fallon 5/87,,,XtraDecal 72086

NWC,,,TA-7C {D-9669c} 700 154464 China Lake xxxx,,,XtraDecal 72086 (second TA-7C)
NWC,,,TA-7C {D-9669a} 768 156768 China Lake xxxx,,,XtraDecal 72086 (FLIR test)

NWTS,,,QF-4N {D-9504b} 140 150465 Point Mugu 1999,,,Aeromaster 72-214
NWTS-PM,,,QF-4N {K-1003a} 145 153030 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 604 QF-4N

NFWS,,,These camo patterns varied so much, I will list those schemes later

NFWS,,,A-4E {D-9757f} 54,,,149656 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-543
NFWS,,,A-4E {K-2121a} 555 150044 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-24 A-4E/F
NFWS,,,A-4E {K-2121b} 56 150023 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-24 A-4E/F
NFWS,,,A-4E {K-2149b} 55 151095 xxxx,,,Testors 271 A-4
NFWS,,,A-4F {K-2163b} 24 xxxxxx xxxx,,,Esci 9003 A-4F
NFWS,,,A-4F {K-2163c} 7 xxxxxx xxxx,,,Esci 9003 A-4F
NFWS,,,A-4F Super {D-9758e} 52,,,151033 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-543
NFWS,,,F-5E {D-9843a} 540,,,159882 1982,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5E {K-3505a} 540,,,159882 Miramar xxxx,,,Testors 679 F-5E
NFWS,,,F-5E {K-3501b} 540,,,159882 Miramar xxxx,,,Testors 686 F-5E
NFWS,,,F-5E {D-9843b} 543,,,159881 1982,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5E Sharknose {D-9843c} 544,,,160793 1986,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5E Sharknose {D-9843d} 545,,,160794 1986,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5E Sharknose {D-9843e} 543,,,159881 1985,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5E Sharknose {D-9843f} 542,,,159880 1985,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5E Sharknose {D-9843g} 541,,,162307 1986,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5E Sharknose {D-9843h} 544,,,159882 1984,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5E {D-9843i} 540,,,159882 1977,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5E {K-3504b} 544,,,xxxxxx xxxx,,,Revell 4369 F-5E
NFWS,,,F-5F {D-9843j} 546,,,160964 1977,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5E {D-9843k} 542,,,159880 1980,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5F Sharknose {D-9843l} 550,,,160966 1987,,,Furball 72-005 (sent to RJ)
NFWS,,,F-5E {D-9843m} 550,,,160966 1978,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5E {D-9843n} 544,,,159878 1976,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5F {D-9843o} 547,,,160965 1981,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5E Sharknose {D-9843p} Black 1987,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,F-5E {D-9757c} 541,,,162307 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-543
NFWS,,,F-5E {D-9759f} 40 159892 pre 4/78,,,MicroScale 72-312
NFWS,,,F-5F Sharknose {D-9843q} 160965 Black 1985,,,Furball 72-005 (Black-Movie)
NFWS,,,F-5F {D-9757d} 547,,,xxxxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-543
NFWS,,,F-5F {D-9758b} 550,,,xxxxxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-544
NFWS,,,T-38A {D-9843r} 552,,,610855 1976,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,T-38A {D-9843s} 12,,,591604 1978,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,T-38A {D-9843t} 11,,,591604 1976,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,T-38A {D-9843u} 13,,,591603 1976,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,T-38A {D-9843v} 551,,,610851 1976,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,T-38A {D-9843w} 15,,,591603 1976,,,Furball 72-005 (
NFWS,,,T-38A {D-9759g} 15 591603 pre 4/78,,,MicroScale 72-312
NFWS,,,F-16N {K-4016a} 163268 xxxx,,,Fujimi E-6 F-16N
NFWS,,,TF-16N {K-4016b} xxxxxx xxxx,,,Fujimi E-6 F-16N
NFWS,,,F-16N {K-4016g} Initial Delivery Jet 163270 xxxx,,,Fujimi E-6 F-16N
NFWS,,,F-16N {K-4010a} Initial Delivery Jet 163270 xxxx,,,Hasegawa C-12 F-16N
NFWS,,,F-16N {K-4010b} 46 163272 xxxx,,,Hasegawa C-12 F-16N
NFWS,,,F/A-18B {K-1417a} 00 161714 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 40 F/A-18B

NOTS,,,F8F-1 {D-9627c} 759 94759 NOTS Inyokern 1950,,,Starfighter 72-115

Whidbey,,,CH-46D {D-9749a} 153326 NAS Whidbey Island xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-120

Point Mugu,,,F3D-1M {D-9746d} 758 123758 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-571
Point Mugu,,,CH-3E {D-9749d} 3 13291 NAS Pt Mugu xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-120

China Lake,,,F-8E {D-9660b} 150284 China Lake 1960s,,,XtraDecal 72-160

Kirkland AFB,,,TA-7C {D-9669b} 750 xxxxxx Kirkland xxxx,,,XtraDecal 72086

Shaw AFB,,,T-1A {K-4040c} 173 144173 Shaw AFB 1970,,,Sword 72072 T2V-1

NRAB Anacostia,,,SBC-4 {D-9851d} 1322 1940,,,Starfighter 72-150
NAS Anacostia,,,F8F-1 {K-5408b} A-33 VFM-321 8/52,,,revell 04680 F8F-1

NAS Glenview,,,TV-2 {D-9765a} V-146 138977 Glenview xxxx,,,Iliad T-Birds

NAS Glynco,,,T-33B {D-9765d} 4B-109 137952 Glynco c1974,,,Iliad T-Birds

NAS Kingsville,,,T-2C {D-9694d} 75 156721 75th anniversary 1987,,,Two Bobs 72-089

NAS Memphis,,,T2V-1 {K-4040a} 2M-249 144176 Memphis c1962,,,Sword 72072 T2V-1
NRAU Memphis,,,FJ-4 {D-9766f} 6M-6 139437 Memphis xxxx,,,PrintScale 72-083

NAS Oakland,,,NFG-1D {D-9538b} FF-68 92236 1/48,,,Starfighter 72-147

NAS Sand Point,,,FG-1D {D-9538c} T-70 92150 xxx,,,Starfighter 72-147

NAF Washington,,,US-2 {K-4113a} 607 136607 1976,,,Hasegawa 658 US-2
NAF Washington,,,US-2 {K-4113b} 590 132590 1976,,,Hasegawa 658 US-2

???,,,SH-2F {K-4117a} 1323 151323 xxxx,,,Fujimi SH-2F

,,,P-2H {K-4201a} Generic P-2 USN markings,,,Hasegawa Minicraft JS-082 P-2H


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USMC Squadrons all years (excluding the Helo units unless I have decals for one)

NOTE, AOA USMC A-6 sheet (64 options) are only added for the first of each of the four options, the rest are to be found by examining the instructions CD

MAW-1 HQ,,,SBC-4 {D-9851c} 4214 8/41,,,Starfighter 72-150

HMX-1,,,MV-22B {D-9837h} 04 168292 xxxx 9/13,,,Wolfpak 72-073

VMB-1,,,SBD {D-9610b} 1-MB-7 xxxx MCAS Quantico 1940,,,Starfighter 72-138


VCM-1,,,AD-4N {D-9613c} RM-3 125723 K-16 Korea 2/54,,,Eagle Strike 72045
VMCJ-1,,,EA-6A {D-9686a} RM-2 156989 xxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-79


VMB-2,,,SBD {D-9610a} 2-MB-1 xxxx MCAS North Island 1940,,,Starfighter 72-138

MABG-2,,,FG-1 {D-9501g} ABG-2 17656 Marine Air Base Group 2 3/45,,,XtraDecal 72209

VMCJ-2...EA-6A {D-9686c} CY-22 149475 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-79
VMCJ-2,,,EA-6A {D-9763c} AA-612 156992 CV-59 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-428

VMAQ-2,,,EA-6A {K-4006a} CY-00 147865 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-14 EA-6A
VMAQ-2,,,EA-6A {K-4006d} CY-622 151598 xxxx,,,Fujimi H-14 EA-6A
VMAQ-2,,,EA-6A {K-4002b} CY-21 156992 xxxx,,,Italeri 051 EA-6A
VMAQ-2,,,EA-6B {D-9730c} CY-06 160435 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-533
VMAQ-2,,,EA-6B {K-4003a} CY-06 160435 xxxx,,,Hasegawa K-14 EA-6B


VMCJ-3,,,RF-4B {D-9777a} TN 153092 xxxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-320
VMCJ-3,,,RF-4B {K-1188a} TN-18 151979 xxxx xxxx,,,IMC RF-4B
VMCJ-3,,,RF-4B {K-1032c} RF-9 153099 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-9 RF-4B

VMFP-3,,,RF-4B {K-1038a} RF-610 153107 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa 71 RF-4B
VMFP-3,,,RF-4B {K-1111c} RF-610 153107 xxxx xxxx,,,Fujimi G-13 RF-4B
VMFP-3,,,RF-4B {K-1031a} RF-32 157347 xxxx 1980,,,Hasegawa 657 RF-4B
VMFP-3,,,RF-4B {K-1031b} RF-21 153105 xxxx 1980,,,Hasegawa 657 RF-4B
VMFP-3,,,RF-4B {K-1111b} RF-23 153107 xxxx xxxx,,,Fujimi G-13 RF-4B
VMFP-3,,,RF-4B {K-1032b} RF-26 153110 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegwa Ka-9 RF-4B
VMFP-3,,,RF-4B {K-1111a} RF-23 153107 xxxx xxxx,,,Fujimi G-13 RF-4B
VMFP-3,,,RF-4B {K-1032a} RF-00 157342 xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-9 RF-4B

VB-4M,,,F4B-3 {D-9799c} 4-B-4 8894 1934,,,Starfighter 72-131


4 MAW,,,F4U-1D {K-5010a} 636 xxxx xxxx,,,Airfix 07101 F4U-1D

VJ-6M,,,JR-3 {K-4169b} xxxxx USMC 7/30,,,Airfix 4009 5-AT

VF-10M,,,Insignia {D-9625i},,,Starfighter 72-105

SS-11,,,F4U-1A {D-9501h} SS 11 No BuNo SS-11 of MAG-11 New Hebrides 1945,,,XtraDecal 72209

H&MS-11,,,TA-4F {D-9839c} TM-1 153506 Da Nang 6/70,,,MicroScale 72-211
H&MS-11,,,OA-4M {D-9537l} TM-02 154620 land 1988,,,Furball 72-003

A&ES-12,,,AD-4B {K-2041b} 307 132307 xxxx,,,Fujimi P-8 A-1H

H&MS-12,,,TA-4F {D-9807d} WA-00 153089 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-25 kit decals
H&MS-12,,,OA-4M {D-9537i} WA-00 152856 land 1984,,,Furball 72-003
H&MS-12,,,OA-4M {D-9537m} WA-01 154638 land 1989,,,Furball 72-003
H&MS-12,,,OA-4M {K-2127a-h} WA-00-07 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-29 OA-4M
H&MS-12,,,OA-4M {K-2146a} WA-02 xxxx,,,Italeri 165 OA-4M
H&MS-12,,,OA-4M {K-2151a} WA-01 154638 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 613 OA-4M
H&MS-12,,,OA-4M {K-1251b} WA-06 154645 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 613 OA-4M

H&MS-13,,,OA-4M {D-9537h} YU-7 154335 land 1980,,,Furball 72-003
H&MS-13,,,OA-4M {K-2146b} YU-03 xxxxxx xxxx,,,Italeri 165 OA-4M

H&MS-15 Det M,,,A-4C {D-9712b} YV-81 147681 CVS-12 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-77

H&HS-32,,,TV-2 {D-9765c} MV-8 131777 xxxx,,,Iliad T-Birds
H&MS-32,,,OA-4M {D-9537j} DA-00 153507 land 1984,,,Furball 72-003
H&MS-32,,,OA-4M {D-9537o} DA-04 154628 land 1987,,,Furball 72-003
H&MS-32,,,OA-4M {D-9537p} DA-01 154306 land 1987,,,Furball 72-003
H&MS-32,,,OA-4M {D-9537n} DA-01 154306 land 1990,,,Furball 72-003
H&MS-32,,,OA-4M {K-2151c} DA-03 153527 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 613 OA-4M

MARS-37,,,T2V-1 {K-4040b} QF-7 144750 MCAS El Toro c1962,,,Sword 72072 T2V-1

VMFT(N)-20,,,F3D-2T2 {D-9746c} BP-2 127047 xxx xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-571

VMAT-102,,,A-4E Super {K-2195b} SC-1 151984 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 614 A-4E/F
VMAT-102,,,TA-4J {D-9838e} SC-22 153663 El Toro xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-210


VMF-112,,,F4U-1D {D-9792c} 3 83225 CV-20 2/45,,,Starfighter 72-143
VMFA-112,,,F-4S {D-9661f} MA-03 158365 Fallon 5/84,,,RepliScale 72-1035
VMFA-112,,,F-4S {D-9661g} MA-09 153884 Andrews 12/91,,,RepliScale 72-1035
VMFA-112,,,F-4S {D-9661h} MA-08 153834 Andrews 12/91,,,RepliScale 72-1035

VMF(AW)-114,,,F4D-1 {D-9701a} EK-10 139197 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-186
VMF(AW)-114,,,F4D-1 {K-3601b} EK-3 139068 xxx xxxx,,,Tamiya 60741 F4D-1

VMF-115,,,F4U-1A {D-9501b} K-99-103 17965 5/44,,,XtraDecal 72209
VMF-115,,,F9F-2 {K-3914b} AE-17 125091 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1138 F9F-2
VMF(AW)-115,,,F4D-1 {K-3611a} AG-101 139114 CV-62 xxxx,,,Airfix 03027-4 F4D-1
VMF(AW)-115,,,F4D-1 {D-9701b} VE-10 134826 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-186
VMF(AW)-115,,,F4D-1 {K-3601c} VE-16 134895 xxxx xxxx,,,Tamiya 60741 F4D-1
VMFA-115,,,F-4B {K-1001d} VE-10 152217 land xxxx,,,,Hasegawa Ka-3 F-4B/N
VMFA-115,,,F-4J {D-9604c} AA-105 155731 CV-59 1981,,,Aeromaster 72-186

VMA-121,,,A-4E {D-9713d} VK-18 152099 land xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-78
VMA-121,,,A-4E {K-2161b} VK-10 150092 Thailand 1968,,,Scalecraft Esci 9004 A-4E

VMF-122,,,FG-1A {D-9787c} 056 14056 Peleliu 1944,,,SuperScale 72-740
VMF-122,,,F4U-1D {D-9501l} 600 Marine's Dream Peleliu 1945,,,XtraDecal 72209
VMF-122,,,FG-1D {D-9538d} 643 76643 Peleliu 1954 (Warbird resto),,,Starfighter 72-147
****VMF-122,,,FJ-2 {S-9972a} LC-304 131953 CV-43 1955,,,SPARES
VMF-122,,,F-8A/B {D-9644d} DC-16 143812 land xxxx,,,Esci F-8 Decal
VMFA-122,,,F-4B {D-9755a} DC-6 148377 Da Nang 11/67,,,Fox One 72-003
VMFA-122,,,F-4B {D-9755d} DC-6 152301 El Toro mid 1967,,,Fox One 72-003
VMFA-122,,,F-4J {D-9604b} DC-01 157242 Beaufort 7/76,,,Aeromaster 72-186

VMF-124,,,F4U-1 {K-5001d} 13 02337 xxxx,,,Tamiya 60774 F4U-1 Birdcage

VMA-131,,,A-4M {D-9537g} QC-00 160024 land 1993,,,Furball 72-003
VMA-131,,,A-4M {D-9837e QC-00 160024 Willow Grove 6/93,,,Wolfpak 72-073

VMA-133,,,A-4C {D-9742b} ME-9 149614 land xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-846


VMA-142,,,A-4L {D-9708c} MB-5 148505 Jacksonville xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-170
VMA-142,,,A-4F Late {D-9537d} MB-16 155028 land 1985,,,Furball 72-003

HMM-163,,,UH-34D {K-4037a} YP-20 150219 xxxx,,,Hobby Boss 87222 UH-34D
HMM-163,,,CH-46D {D-9749c} YP-15 153385 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-120

VMAT-203,,,AV-8A {D-9510h} KD-18 159368 xxxx,,,Caracal 72017
VMAT-203,,,AV-8A {D-9510i} KD-00 159252 xxxx,,,Caracal 72017
VMAT-203,,,TAV-8B {K-4042b} KD-05 163161 MCAS Cherry Point 1990,,,Heller 80344 TAV-8B

VMA-211,,,A-4E Super {D-9708d} CF-22 149661 Iwakuni xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-170
VMA-211,,,A-4E Super {K-2194c} CF-1 150076 xxxx,,,Hasegawa C-7 A-4F
VMA-211,,,A-4M {D-9537e} CF-01 159780 land 1989,,,Furball 72-003

VMF-212,,,F4U-5 {K-5007b} LD-20 xxxxxx Korea 12/50,,,Revell 04143 F4U-5
VMA-212,,,AU-1 {D-9608g} LD-10 192359? xxxx,,,PrintScale 72-052
VMF(AW)-212,,,F-8E {D-9530w} WD-114 150340 CV-34 1965,,,Furball 72-002
VMF(AW)-212,,,F-8E {D-9782b} WD-107 150654 CV-34 1965,,,SuperScale 72-833
VMFA-212,,,F-4J {D-9755c} WD-14 155819 Da Nang 5/72,,,Fox One 72-003
VMFA-212,,,F-4J {K-1011c} WD-10 155890 land xxxx,,,,Hasegawa Ka-1 F-4J

VMF-214,,,F4U-1 {K-5001c} 83 02337 xxxx,,,Tamiya 60774 F4U-1 Birdcage
VMF-214,,,F4U-1A {D-9518a} 740 17740 Boyington 12/43,,,Fundekals F4U
VMF-214,,,F4U-1A {D-9518c} 883 17883 Boyington 12/43,,,Fundekals F4U
VMF-214,,,F4U-1A {K-9806b} 86 xxxx Boyington 10/43,,,Testors 623 F4U-1
VMF-214,,,F4U-1D? {K-5016a} 86 xxxx Boyington xxxx,,,Revell H-45 f4U-1D
VMA-214 Det N,,,A-4B {D-9699g} WE-84 142879 CVS-12 5/64,,,XtraDecal 72-180
VMA-214,,,A-4M {D-9537f} WE-01 160030 land 1989,,,Furball 72-003
VMA-214,,,A-4M {K-2135c} WE-6 160027 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-22 A-4M
VMA-214,,,A-4M {K-2135b} WE-19 158414 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-22 A-4M
VMA-214,,,A-4M {K-2147b} WE-14 xxxxxx xxxx,,,Italeri 157 A-4M
VMA-214,,,AV-8B {K-4007a} WE-02 163862 MCAS Yuma,,,Airfix 4039 Harrier GR-7

VMF-215,,,F4U-1A {D-9518d} 883 17883 Aldrich 1/44,,,Fundekals F4U

VMF-216,,,F4U-1D {D-9792f} 114 xxxxx CV-18 2/45,,,Starfighter 72-143

VMF-217,,,F4U-1A {D-9787d} 850 49850 Guam 1943,,,SuperScale 72-740

VMF-223,,,F4F-4 {K-5209a} 2 Henderson Field 1942,,,Airfix A02070 F4F-4
VMF-223,,,F4F-4 {K-5203a} 2 1942,,,Hobby Boss 80220 F4F-4
VMF-223,,,F4U-1A {D-9518b 833 17833 12/43,,,Fundekals F4U
VMF-223,,,F4U-1A {D-9518e} 991 17991 12/43,,,Fundekals F4U
VMF-223,,,F9F-5 {D-9703b} WP-24 125577 land 1956,,,MicroScale 72-212
VMA-223,,,A-4E {D-9713e} WP-9 152032 land xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-78

VMA-224,,,A4D-1 {2191a} WK-4 xxxxxx xxxx,,,US Airfix 10020 A-4
VMA-224,,,A-4C {D-9713c} WK-18 148467 land xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-78
VMFA(AW)-224,,,{K-1418a} BM-501 164694 7/99,,,Hasegawa D-9 F/A-18D

VMA(AW)-225,,,A-6A {D-7 Options} CE-03+ Da Nang 69-71,,,AOA Decals
VMFA(AW)-225,,,F/A-18D {K-1434a} CE-01 164650 1992,,,Testors 662 F/A-18D

VMSB-231,,,SBD-5 {K-6001a} 2 xxxx South Pacific 5/44,,,Airfix 02022 SBD-3/5
VMA-231,,,AV-8A {D-9632c} NM-605 159245 CV-42 75-76,,,Wolfpak 12/10 Thanks
VMA-231,,,AV-8A {D-9510b} NM-607 159248 CV-42 xxxx,,,Caracal 72017
VMA-231,,,AV-8A {D-9510c} CG-00 158702 xxx xxxx,,,Caracal 72017
VMA-231,,,AV-8A {D-9510d} CG-03 159256 xxx xxxx,,,Caracal 72017
VMA-231,,,AV-8A {D-9510e} CG-05 159248 xxx xxxx,,,Caracal 72017
VMA-231,,,AV-8B {D-9735a} CG-01 162084 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-585
VMA-231,,,AV-8B {K-4028a} CG-01 163662 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 355 AV-8B
VMA-231,,,AV-8B {K-4028b} CG-05 162943 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 355 AV-8B

VMFA(AW)-232,,,F-8E {K-1217b} WT-8 149186 xxxx,,,Esci ERTL 9066 F-8E
VMFA(AW)-232,,,F-8E {K-1201b} WT-14 150329 NAS North Island 11/67,,,Academy 1615 F-8E
VMFA-232,,,F-4J {D-9797c} WT-2 155754 Nam Phong 7/72,,,Fox One 72-006
VMFA-232,,,F-4J {D-9706d} WT-2 155754 Nam Phong 7/72,,,MicroScale 72-155
VMFA-232,,,F-4J {D-9711c} WT-2 153792 land xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-75
VMFA-232,,,F-4J {D-9506b} WT-7 153818 Iwakuni 1974,,,SuperScale 72-822
VMFA-232,,,F-4J {K-1014a} WT-76 155783 Iwakuni 1976,,,Hasegawa 712 F-4J
VMFA-232,,,F-4S {K-1161b} WT- xxxxxx xxxx xxxx,,,Italeri F-4S
VMFA-232,,,F/A-18C {K-1413b} WT-01 163702 4/96,,,Hasegawa D-8 F/A-18C

VMF(AW)-235,,,F-8E {D-9754b} DB-6 149204 Da Nang 1967,,,SuperScale 72-832
VMF(AW)-235,,,F-8E {K-1217a} DB-13 147903 xxxx,,,Esci ERTL 9066 F-8E
VMFA-235,,,F-4J {D-9706c} DB-9 153907 land xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-155
VMFA-235,,,F-4S {K-1015c} DB-04 157276 land xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-2 F-4S

VMA(AW)-242,,,A-6A {D-19 options} DT-3+ Da Nang 66-70,,,AOA Decals
VMA(AW)-242,,,A-6A {D-9686b} DT-04 155634 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-79

VMFA-251,,,F-4B {D-9706a} DW-00 148398 land xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-155
VMFA-251,,,F-4J {D-9604a} DW-14 153838 Beaufort 8/72,,,Aeromaster 72-186

HML-267,,,OV-10A {K-4129b} UV-25 155404 California 1970,,,Academy 1665 OV-10A

VMF-311,,,F9F-3 {D-9702d} WL- 125092? xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-206
VMA-311,,,A-4E Super {D-9720e} WL-00 149651 land xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-114
VMA-311,,,A-4E Super {K-2169b} WL-4 152070 xxxx,,,Esci ERTL 9089 A-4E
VMA-311,,,A-4E Super {K-2194b} WL-00 159651? xxxx,,,Hasegawa C-7 A-4F
VMA-311,,,A-4M {K-2135d} WL-10 160028 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-22 A-4M
VMA-311,,,A-4M {K-9537a} WL-07 160024 xxxx,,,Fujimi F-22 A-4M
VMA-311,,,A-4M {D-9537c} WL-02 158186 land 1984,,,Furball 72-003
VMA-311,,,AV-8B {K-4028c} WL-01 163512 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 355 AV-8B
VMA-311,,,AV-8B(N) {K-4027a} ET-55 164117 4/98,,,Hasegawa 283 AV-8B Night

VMF-312,,,F4U-1D {K-5006a} 530 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 511 F4U-1D
VMF-312,,,F7F-3 {D-9629a} G-142 MCAS El Toro 1946,,,Starfighter 72-129
VMF-312,,,F7F-3 {D-9629b} A-99 MCAS El toro 1946,,,Starfighter 72-129
VMF-312,,,F4U-4 {D-9608h} WR-15 97380 CV-29 4/51,,,PrintScale 72-052
VMF-312,,,F9F-4 {K-3921b} WR-18 125829 MCAS Cherry Point 1954,,,Revell 04286 F9F-4/5
VMF(AW)-312,,,F-8E {K-1232b} DR-007 149195 11/66,,,Hasegawa 643 F-8E
VMF(AW)-312,,,F-8E {K-1251b} DR-00 150675 xxxx,,,Testors 413 F-8E
VMF(AW)-312,,,F-8E {K-1231b} DR-00 150675 xxxx,,,Hasegawa F-8E
VMFA-312,,,F-4B {D-9706b} DR-4 151471 land xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-155
VMFA-312,,,F-4J {D-9603b} DR-3 155733 Cherry Point 1976,,,Aeromaster 72-179
VMFA-312,,,F-4J {D-9779c} DR-3 155733 Cherry Point 1976,,,MicroScale 72-200

VMFA-314,,,F-4B {D-9696h} VW-3 153006 Chu Lai 11/68,,,Wolfpak 72-060
VMFA-314,,,F-4B {D-9711d} VW-9 152309 land xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-75

VMF-321,,,F4U-1A {D-9518f} 042 50042 8/44-12/44,,,Fundekals F4U
VMF-321,,,F4U-1A {D-9518g} 165 50165 8/44-12/44,,,Fundekals F4U
VMF-321,,,F4U-1D {K-5010b} 831 xxxx xxxx,,,Airfix 07101 F4U-1D
VMFA-321,,,F-4B {D-9504a} MG-1 152292 Andrews xxxx,,,Aeromaster 72-214
VMFA-321,,,F-4B {D-9779b} MG-6 151007 Andrews xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-200
VMFA-321,,,F-4S {D-9661a} MG-04 157261 Key West Det 4/91,,,RepliScale 72-1035
VMFA-321,,,F-4S {D-9661b} MG-06 155580 Key West Det 4/91,,,RepliScale 72-1035
VMFA-321,,,F-4S {D-9661c} MG-11 153823 Key West Det 4/91,,,RepliScale 72-1035
VMFA-321,,,F-4S {D-9661d} MG-000 153904 Key West Det A? 7/91,,,RepliScale 72-1035
VMFA-321,,,F-4S {D-9661e} MG-01 153809 Key West Det 4/91,,,RepliScale 72-1035

VMA-322,,,A-4E Super {D-9537a} QR-50 149985 land 1982,,,Furball 72-003
VMA-322,,,TA-4J {D-9537k} QR-01 158482 land 1986,,,Furball 72-003

VMF-323,,,F4U-4 {K-5008a} WS-18 xxxxxx xxxx,,,Hobby Boss 80218 F4U-4
VMF-323,,,F4U-4B {K-5002a} WS-6 62979 xxxx,,,Italeri 062 F4U-4B
VMA-323,,,AU-1 {K-5005b} WS-24 129401 Korea 1953,,,Italeri 048 F4U-7
VMF-323,,,FJ-4 {D-9654c} WS-20 139462 land 1958,,,XtraDecal 72-037
VMFA-323,,,F-4B {D-9711a} WS-14 150632 Vietnam xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-75
VMFA-323,,,F-4B {D-9711b} WS-4 151463 Vietnam xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-75
VMFA-323,,,F-4N {D-9502b} NK-100 150480 CV-43 11/76,,,MicroScale 72-495
VMFA-323,,,F-18A {K-1451a} WS-05 161731 xxxx,,,AMT/ERTL 8802 F-18

VMA-324,,,A-4B {D-9677g} AG-503 142800 CV-62 1963,,,XtraDecal 72-151
VMA-324,,,A-4M {K-2137e} DX-9 158162 11/71,,,Fujimi 1059 A-4KU
VMA-324,,,A-4M {K-1237f} DX-18 158171 11/71,,,Fujimi 1059 A-4KU
VMA-324,,,A-4M {K-2199a} DX-14 158163 MCAS Beaufort xxxx,,,AMT/Matchbox 7118 A-4M

VMA-331,,,A-4M {K-2147a} VL-2 xxxxxx xxx,,,Italeri 157 A-4M
VMA-331,,,A-4M {K-2199b} VL-10 xxxx MCAS Beaufort xxxx,,,AMT/Matchbox 7118 A-4M
VMA-331,,,A-4M {D-9537b} VL-03 160036 land 1982,,,Furball 72-003
VMA-331,,,AV-8B {D-9735c} VL-000 162069 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-585

VMA-332,,,F4U-4B {K-5002b} MR-16 62969 Korea 1953,,,Italeri 062 F4U-4B
VMA(AW)-332,,,A-6E {K-2231a} EA-01 159178 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1023 A-6A
VMA(AW)-332,,,A-6E TRAM {K-2221b} EA-503 159567 Camp Wilson 1993,,,Italeri 041 A-6E

VMF(AW)-333,,,F-8E {K-1201a} DN-7 150852 MCAS Yuma 3/67,,,Academy 1615 F-8E
VMFA-333,,,F-4J {D-9506a} AJ-203 153855 CV-66 1972,,,SuperScale 72-822
VMFA-333,,,F-4J {D-9514a} AJ-113 155523 CV-68 xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-338

VMF-334,,,F9F-5 {D-9750c} MX-3 125919 Korea 1953,,,SuperScale 72-601
VMF-334,,,FJ-4 {D-9766d} WV-9 139523 Atsugi 1957,,,PrintScale 72-083
VMFA-334,,,F-4J {D-9797a} WU-6 155735 Da Nang 11/68,,,Fox One 72-006
VMFA-334,,,F-4J {D-9797b} WU-1 155541 Chu Lai spring 1969,,,Fox One 72-006

VMF-351,,,FG-1D {D-9518i} FF-75 88056 CVE-109 7/45-8/45,,,Fundekals F4U

VMFT-401,,,F-5E {K-3507b} 01 xxxxxx 6/06,,,Hobby Boss 80207 F-5E
VMFT-401,,,F-21A {D-9649a} 01 999731 1984,,,IsraDecal IAF-70
VMFT-401,,,F-21A {D-9649c} 06 999716 1987,,,IsraDecal IAF-70
VMFT-401,,,F-21A {D-9649d} 03 999764 1984,,,,,,IsraDecal IAF-70

VMF-422,,,F4U-1A {D-9501a} 8 17965 5/44,,,XtraDecal 72209

VMF-441,,,F4U-1D {D-9518h} 417 50417 4/45,,,Fundekals F4U

VMF-451,,,FJ-4 {D-9766e} VM-19 139475 Ping Tung 1957,,,PrintScale 72-083
VMFA-451,,,F-4J {D-9779a} AA-200 153775 CV-59 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-200

VMF-512,,,F4U-1D {D-9518j} 22 82732 CVE-107 7/45-8/45,,,Fundekals F4U

VMF(N)-513,,,F4U-5N {K-5004a} WF-16 xxxxx Korea 1950,,,Italeri 044 F4U-5N
VMF(N)-513,,,F7F-3N {D-9533a} WF-6 Korea 1952,,,Starfighter 72-120
VMF(N)-513,,,F7F-3N {D-9533b} WF-24 Korea 1952,,,Starfighter 72-120
VMFA-513,,,F-4B {D-9747a} WF-17 148426 xxxx 1973,,,SuperScale 72-869
VMA-513,,,AV-8A {D-9510j} WF-14 158976 xxxx,,,Caracal 72017
VMA-513 Det A,,,AV-8A {D-9510k} WF-5 158975 xxxx,,,Caracal 72017
VMA-513 Det B,,,AV-8A {D-9510l} WF-11 158966 xxxx,,,Caracal 72017
VMA-513,,,AV-8A {K-4030c} WF-6 158389 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 028 Harrier GR-1
VMA-513,,,AV-8B(N) {K-4027b} YP-56 164141 7/98,,,Hasegawa 283 AV-8B Night

VMFA-531,,,F-4B {D-9678a} EC-00 148373 El Toro xxxx,,,Model Decal 72-2
VMFA-531,,,F-4N {D-95021} NK-200 152323 CV-43 11/76,,,MicroScale 72-495
VMFA-531,,,F-4N {D-9747b} NK-200 152323 CV-43 1980,,,SuperScale 72-869
VMFA-531,,,F-18A {K-1451b} EC-07 161742 xxxx,,,AMT/ERTL 8802 F-18

VMF(N)-532,,,F4U-2 {K-5013a} 201 xxxx,,,Hasegawa AP111 F4U-2
VMF(N)-532,,,F4U-2 {K-5013b} 211 xxxx,,,Hasegawa AP111 F4U-2

VMA(AW)-533,,,A-6A {D-19 options} ED-1+ Chu Lai 67-69,,,AOA Decals
VMA(AW)-533,,,A-6A {D-19 options} ED-1+ Nam Phong 72-73,,,AOA Decals
VMA(AW)-533,,,A-6A {D-9686c} ED-11 155692 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-79
VMA(AW)-533,,,A-6A {D-9763a} ED-5 155585 xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-428
VMA(AW)-533,,,A-6A {K-2215e} ED-8 154165 Chu Lai 1966,,,Fujimi H-16 A-6A
VMA(AW)-533,,,A-6E TRAM {K-2223a} ED-401 161663 xxxx,,,Bilek 48 A-6E
VMFA(AW)-533,,,F/A-18D {K-1418b} ED/BM-401 164866 11/98,,,Hasegawa D-9 F/A-18D

VMF(N)-542,,,F7F-3N {D-9533c} WH-3 Kimpo Korea,,,Starfighter 72-120
VMFA-542,,,F-4B {D-9755b} WH-3 152287 Chu Lai 9/67,,,Fox One 72-003
VMFA-542,,,F-4B {D-9755e} WH-5 152039 Chu Lai 9/67,,,Fox One 72-003
VMA-542,,,AV-8A {D-9510f} WH-25 158967 xxxx,,,Caracal 72017
VMA-542,,,AV-8A {K-4029a} WH-25 158967 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 615 AV-8A
VMA-542,,,AV-8A {K-4008a} WH-25 158967 xxxx,,,AMT ERTL 8801 AV-8A
VMA-542,,,AV-8A {D-9510g} WH-10 158950 xxxx,,,Caracal 72017

Headquarters USMC,,,F4B-3 {D-9799a} 8911 1935,,,Starfighter 72-131

El Toro,,,TV-2 {9765e} 532 141532 El Toro 10/61,,,Iliad T-Birds

xxxxx,,,AH-1J {D-9749b} 14 xxxx Sea Cobra xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-120

****,,,xxxx {S-9976a} aircraft from before Yellow Wings era,,,SPARES

USMC Insignia,,,{D-9625h},,,Starfighter 72-105


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Other Skyhawks and Phantoms (all nations)


A-4G,,,{K-2162b} 887,,,xxxxxx Australia RAN HMAS Melbourne xxx,,,Esci 9008 A-4E
A-4G,,,{K-2121c} 885,,,154906 Australia RAAF xxxx,,,Fujimi F-24 A-4E/F
A-4E,,,{K-2162a} Z18,,,Israel xxxx (A-4E or A-4H?),,,Esci 9008 A-4E
TA-4H,,,{D-9807c} 732,,,157433 Israel xxxx,,,Fujimi F-25 kit decals
A-4KU,,,{K-2137a} 809,,,160188 Kuwait 1/91,,,Fujimi 1059 A-4KU
A-4KU,,,{K-2137b} 814,,,160193 Kuwait 1/91,,,Fujimi 1059 A-4KU
A-4N,,,{K-2137c} 317,,,Israel 10/73,,,Fujimi 1059 A-4KU
A-4N,,,{K-2137d} 322,,,Israel 10/73,,,Fujimi 1059 A-4KU
A-4P,,,{K-2115b} C-240,,,Argentina 4/82,,,Airfix A03029 A-4B
A-4Q,,,{K-2111b} 3-A-307,,,0660 Argentine Navy xxxx,,,Fujimi 26101 A-4B

***USAF Phantoms

F-4C,,,{K-1189a} 40733,,,F-4C thin wing USAF xxxx,,,Revell H-229 F-4C (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9842a} 37591,,,111-FIS Texas ANG 1983,,,Caracal 72023 (ADC Gray)
F-4C,,,{D-9842b} 40888,,,114-FIS Oregon ANG 1985,,,Caracal 72023 (ADC Gray)
F-4C,,,{D-9842c} 40658,,,132-FIS Oregon ANG 1983,,,Caracal 72023 (ADC Gray)
F-4C,,,{D-9842d} 40949,,,178-FIS North Dakota ANG 1983,,,Caracal 72023 (ADC Gray)
F-4C,,,{D-9842e} 40914,,,199-FIS Hawaii ANG 1982,,,Caracal 72023 (ADC Gray)
F-4C,,,{D-9842h} 37376,,,171-FIS Michigan ANG 1986,,,Caracal 72023 (ADC Gray)
F-4C,,,{D-9835a} XN-704,,,12-TFW Cam Rhan Bay AFB 1968,,,Wolfpak 72-079 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9836d} FP-699,,,435-TFS Ubon RTAB 5/67,,,Wolfpak 72-075 (SEA) (no bump)
F-4C,,,{D-9678b} FP-680,,,497-TFS, 8-TFW Ubon 1967,,,ModelDecal 72-2 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9640a} GG-633,,,35-TFS, 347-TFW xxxx 1969,,,Esci Phantom sheet (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9685c} WS-856,,,91-FS, 81-TFW RAF Woodbridge circa 1971,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9685d} WT-911,,, 92-FS, 81-TFW RAF Woodbridge circa 1970,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9685f} 40864,,,81-TFW RAF Woodbridge 1966,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (LGG over White)
F-4C,,,{D-9606a} AT-40820,,,389-TFS, 366-TFW Da Nang 6/67,,,Fox One 72-001 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9606b} AK-40776,,,389-TFS, 366-TFW Da Nang 4/67,,,Fox One 72-001 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9606c} BB-37500,,,366-TFW Da Nang 10/67,,,Fox One 72-001 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9606d} CO-40759,,,366-TFW Da Nang 10/67,,,Fox One 72-001 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9606e} BQ-803,,,390-TFS, 366-TFW Da Nang 6/67,,,Fox One 72-001 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9606f} CE-40660,,,480-TFS, 366-TFW Da Nang 5/67,,,Fox One 72-001 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9606g} CS-37704,,,480-TFS, 366-TFW Da Nang 5/67,,,Fox One 72-001 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9503j} 460,,,57-FIS Air Defense Command xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-198 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9704b} OO-870,,,xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-112 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9704d} FG-829,,,8-TFW xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-112 (SEA)
F-4C,,,{K-1024b} FS-40748,,,184-TFS, 188-TFG Arkansas ANG xxxx,,,Hasegawa 798 F-4C/D (?camo)
F-4C,,,{D-9801a} 618,,,57-FIS ADC xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-4 kit decals only (SEA)
F-4C,,,{D-9801b} 37699,,,123-FIS, 142-FIG Oregon ANG xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-4 kit decals only (ADC Gray)
F-4C,,,{D-9801c} 411,,,184-TFS, 188-TFG Arkansas ANG xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-4 kit decals only (?camo)
F-4C,,,{K-1125b} 647,,,119-TFS, 154 TFG Hawaii ANG xxxx,,,Fujimi G-2 F-4C/D (SEA)
F-4C,,,{K-1137a} 40888,,,114-TFTS, 142-FIG Oregon ANG xxxx,,,Hasegawa Monogram HM-1 F-4C/D (ADC gray)
F-4C,,,{K-1137b} 37490,,,114-TFTS, 142-FIG Oregon ANG xxxx,,,Hasegawa Monogram HM-1 F-4C/D (camo?)
F-4C,,,{K-1134a} FP-680,,,8-TFW Vietnam 1/67,,,Accurate Miniatures 0410 F-4C/D (SEA) (QRC-160 ECM)
F-4C,,,{K-1134b} FG-829,,,8-TFW 5/67,,,Accurate Miniatures 0410 F-4C/D (SEA)
F-4C,,,{K-1134c} 76-76,,,58-TFTW Luke AFB 1976,,,Accurate Miniatures 0410 F-4C/D (SEA)
F-4C,,,{K-1134e} 442,,,171-FIS 1982,,,Accurate Miniatures 0410 F-4C/D (ADC Gray)
F-4C,,,{K-1134f} 460,,,171-FIS 1982,,,Accurate Miniatures 0410 F-4C/D (ADC Gray)
F-4C,,,{K-1134g} 475,,,171-FIS 1982,,,Accurate Miniatures 0410 F-4C/D (ADC Gray)
F-4C,,,{K-1134h} 482,,,171-FIS 1982,,,Accurate Miniatures 0410 F-4C/D (ADC Gray)
F-4C,,,{K-1134i} 529,,,171-FIS 1982,,,Accurate Miniatures 0410 F-4C/D (ADC Gray)

EF-4C,,,{D-9692a} ZG-840,,,67-TFS, 18-TFW Korat RTAFB 11/72,,,Two Bobs 72-047 (SEA)
EF-4C,,,{D-9692b} ZG-791,,,67-TFS, 18-TFW Korat RTAFB 11/72,,,Two Bobs 72-047 (SEA)
EF-4C,,,{D-9692c} ZG-470,,,67-TFS, 18-TFW Korat RTAFB 11/72,,,Two Bobs 72-047 (SEA)
EF-4C,,,{D-9692d} ZG-423,,,67-TFS, 18-TFW Korat RTAFB 11/72,,,Two Bobs 72-047 (SEA)
EF-4C,,,{D-9692e} ZG-474,,,67-TFS, 18-TFW Korat RTAFB 11/72,,,Two Bobs 72-047 (SEA)

F-4D,,,{D-9697d} 7466,,,431-TFTS George AFB xxxx,,,Wolfpak 72-061 (SEA) (no bump)
F-4D,,,{K-1144a} 7466,,,431-TFTS George AFB xxxx,,,AMT A-655 F-4 (SEA) (no bump)
F-4D,,,{D-9656a} FG-709,,,433-TFS, 8-TFW Ubon AFB xxxx,,,Wolfpak 72-015 (SEA) (Pave Knife)
F-4D,,,{D-9656c} FA-505,,,25-TFS, 8-TFW Ubon AFB xxxx,,,Wolfpak 72-015 (SEA) (GBU-10 only)
F-4D,,,{D-9656d} FA-593,,,25-TFS, 8-TFW Ubon AFB xxxx,,,Wolfpak 72-015 (SEA) (HOBOS)
F-4D,,,{D-9842f} 65648,,,179-FIS Minnesota ANG 1985,,,Caracal 72023 (ADC Gray)
F-4D,,,{D-9842g} 67457,,,171-FIS Michigan ANG 1986,,,Caracal 72023 (ADC Gray)
F-4D,,,{D-9832a} TX-745,,,704-TFS, 924-TFG Bergstrom AFB 7/86,,,Wolfpak 12/15 Thanks (Grays)
F-4D,,,{D-9832d} TX-788,,,704-TFS, 924-TFG Bergstrom AFB 7/86,,,Wolfpak 12/15 Thanks (Grays)
F-4D,,,{D-9685a} WR-261,,,78-FS, 81-TFW RAF Woodbridge 1977,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (SEA)
F-4D,,,{D-9685aa} TJ-261,,,401-TFW Torrejon, Spain post 1977,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (SEA)
F-4D,,,{D-9685b} WR-553,,,78-FS, 81-TFW RAF Woodbridge 1977,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (SEA)
F-4D,,,{D-9685e} WR-696,,,78-FS, 81-TFW RAF Woodbridge 1973,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (SEA)
F-4D,,,{D-9685g} LN-721,,,493-FS, 48-TFW RAF Lakenheath 1976,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (SEA w/ 34201)
F-4D,,,{D-9685h} LK-773,,,48-TFW RAF Lakenheath pre Aug 1972,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (SEA)
F-4D,,,{D-9685i} LN-502,,,48-TFW RAF Lakenheath 1975,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (SEA)
F-4D,,,{D-9685j} LN-659,,,48-TFW RAF Lakenheath 1975,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (SEA w/ 34201)
F-4D,,,{D-9619d) CO-775,,,480-TFS, 366-TFW Da Nang 1968,,,Eagle Strike 72025 (SEA)
F-4D,,,{D-9503i} 37,,,North Dakota ANG xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-198 (SEA)
F-4D,,,{D-9503k} SP-793,,,23-TFS, 52-TFW xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-198 (SEA)
F-4D,,,{D-9503l} HO-49,,,49-TFW xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-198 (SEA)
F-4D,,,{K-1024a} DO-554,,,89-TFS, 906-TFG xxxx,,,Hasegawa 798 F-4C/D (?camo)
F-4D,,,{K-1027a} ZF-31,,,307-TFS, 31-TFW xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-5 F-4D (?camo)
F-4D,,,{K-1027b} 65608,,,179-FIS, 146-FIG Minnesota ANG xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-5 F-4D (ADC Gray)
F-4D,,,{K-1027c} 491,,,136-FIS, 107-FIG New York ANG xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-5 F-4D (?camo)
F-4D,,,{K-1125a} ZZ-463,,,44-TFS, 18-TFW xxxx,,,Fujimi G-2 F-4C/D (SEA)
F-4D,,,{K-1137c} WP-8,,,8-TFW Vietnam xxxx,,,Hasegawa Monogram HM-1 F-4C/D (SEA over White?)
F-4D,,,{K-1133a} OY-463,,,Vietnam xxxx,,,Monogram 5439 F-4C/D (SEA)
F-4D,,,{K-1134d} SA-678,,,4-TFW Korea 1968,,,Accurate Miniatures 0410 F-4C/D (ADC Gray)

F-4E,,,{D-9835d} LC-339,,,421-TFS 366-TFW Da Nang xxxx,,,Wolfpak 72-079 (SEA)
F-4E,,,{D-9672e} RS-481,,,512-TFS 86-TFW 1984,,,Wolfpak 72-029 (SEA Wrap) (Nuke)
F-4E,,,{D-9503a} GA-116,,,35-TFW xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-198 (26132, 24064 over aluminum)
F-4E,,,{D-9503b} SA-251,,,334-TFS, 4-TFW xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-198 (SEA)
F-4E,,,{D-9503c} SB-272,,,335-TFS, 4-TFW xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-198 (SEA)
F-4E,,,{D-9503d} SC-288,,,336-TFS, 4-TFW xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-198 (SEA)
F-4E,,,{D-9503e} SJ-182,,,4-TFW xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-198 (SEA)
F-4E,,,{D-9503f} FC-493,,,43-TFW, 21-CW xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-198 (SEA)
F-4E,,,{D-9503g} BT-271,,,22-TFS, 36-TFW xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-198 (SEA)
F-4E,,,{K-1182b} BT-245,,,22-TFS, 36-TFW xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1085 F-4E (SEA)
F-4E,,,{D-9503h} 265,,,Air Defense Weapons Center xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-198 (SEA with 34159, 34424)
F-4E,,,{D-9704c} JV-308,,,469-TFS, 338-TFW xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-112 (SEA)
F-4E,,,{D-9704e} JJ-279,,,34-TFS, 338-TFW xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-112 (SEA)
F-4E,,,{D-9704f} ED-362,,,58-TFS, 33-TFW xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-112 (SEA)
F-4E,,,{K-1041a} SL-131,,,110-TFS, 131-TFW Missouri ANG,,,Hasegawa 790 F-4E (?camo)
F-4E,,,{K-1041b} NJ-534,,,141-TFS, 108-TFW New Jersey ANG,,,Hasegawa 790 F-4E (?camo)
F-4E,,,{K-1042a} HF-384,,,181-TFS, 122-TFW Indiana ANG,,,Hasegawa 895 F-4E (?camo)
F-4E,,,{K-1165b} 382,,,57-FIS Keflavik, Iceland xxxx,,,Testors 687 F-4E/G (ADC Gray)
F-4E,,,{D-9802a} ZD-320,,,xxxx xxxx,,,,Hasegawa kit decals F-4E (SEA)
F-4E,,,{D-9802b} JV-288,,,xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa kit decals F-4E (SEA)

F-4G,,,{D-9632a} WW-270,,,35-TFW George AFB 1982,,,Wolfpak 12/10 Thanks 2010 (SEA)
F-4G,,,{K-1046a} WW-37,,,563-TFS, 37-TFW xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-8 F-4G (?camo)
F-4G,,,{K-1046b} SP-255,,,23-TFS, 52-TFW xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-8 F-4G (?camo)
F-4G,,,{K-1127a} PN-254,,,90-TFS, 3-TFW, Clark AFB xxxx Fujimi 26006 F-4G (?camo)
F-4G,,,{K-1127b} WW-236,,,xxxx xxxx xxxx Fujimi 26006 F-4G (?camo)
F-4G,,,{K-1127c} SP-247,,,81-TFS, 52-TFW xxxx Fujimi 26006 F-4G (?camo)
F-4G,,,{K-1165c} WW-582,,,363-TFS, 35-TFW George AFB ,,,Testors 687 F-4E/G (SEA)
F-4G,,,{K-1164a} WW-257,,,xxxx xxxx xxxx,,,Tamiya 60713 F-4G (SEA)

RF-4C,,,{D-9697b} AC-448,,,12-TRS Tan Son Nhut AFB 1968,,,Wolfpak 72-061 (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{D-9777a} JO-009,,,363-TRW xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-320 (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{D-9777b} KE-423,,,163-TRS Kentucky ANG xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-320 (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{D-9777c} Z,,,68-571 17-TRS, 26-TRW xxxx 1974,,,MicroScale 72-320 (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{D-9685k} 41077,,,10-TRW RAF Alconbury 1967,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (LGG over White)
RF-4C,,,{D-9685l} AS-007,,,30-TRS, 10-TRW RAF Alconbury pre 1971,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{D-9685m} AR-381,,,1-TRS, 10-TRW RAF Alconbury 7/85,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (Euro I)
RF-4C,,,{D-9685n} AR-433,,,1-TRS, 10-TRW RAF Alconbury 1970,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{D-9685o} AR-564,,,,1-TRS, 10-TRW RAF Alconbury 1982,,,XtraDecal 72-072 (SEA Wrap)
RF-4C,,,{D-9693a} ZZ-582,,,15-TRS Kadena AFB 1985 or 1986,,,Two Bobs 72-048 (34102, 34092, 36081)
RF-4C,,,{D-9693b} ZZ-0582,,,15-TRS Kadena AFB 1985 or 1986,,,Two Bobs 72-048 (34102, 34092, 36081)
RF-4C,,,{D-9704a} OO-033,,,xxxx xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-112 (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{K-1033a} 021,,,192-TRS Nevada ANG,,,Hasegawa 742 RF-4C (?camo)
RF-4C,,,{K-1033b} BH-106,,,106-TRS, 117-TFW Alabama ANG,,,Hasegawa 742 RF-4C (?camo)
RF-4C,,,{K-1035a} BH-64041,,,117-TRW Alabama ANG,,,Hasegawa 787 RF-4C (?camo)
RF-4C,,,{K-1037a} ZR-38,,,38-TRS, 26-TRW USAFE,,,Hasegawa Ka-10 RF-4C (?camo)
RF-4C,,,{K-1037b} BH-106,,,106-TRS, 117-TRW Alabama ANG,,,Hasegawa Ka-10 RF-4C (?camo)
RF-4C,,,{K-1037c} ZZ-551,,,15-TRS, 18-TFW PACAF,,,Hasegawa Ka-10 RF-4C (?camo)
RF-4C,,,{K-1114a} ZZ-0551,,,15-TRS, 18-TFW xxxx,,,Fujimi G-14 RF-4C (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{K-1114b} ZZ-15,,,15-TRS, 18-TFW xxxx,,,Fujimi G-14 RF-4C (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{K-1114c} ZZ-145,,,15-TRS, 18-TFW xxxx,,,Fujimi G-14 RF-4C (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{K-1114d} ZZ-693,,,15-TRS, 18-TFW xxxx,,,Fujimi G-14 RF-4C (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{K-1114e} 897,,,152-TRG Nevada ANG xxxx,,,Fujimi G-14 RF-4C (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{K-1114f} 886,,,152-TRG Nevada ANG xxxx,,,Fujimi G-14 RF-4C (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{K-1167a} JO-462,,,33-TRTS, 363-TRW Shaw AFB 1973,,,Testors 682 RF-4 (SEA)
RF-4C,,,{K-1175a} 746,,,160-TRS, 187-TRG Alabama ANG xxxx,,,Esci 9029 RF-4C/E (SEA)


***UK Phantoms

F-4K,,,{D-9678c} FG.1 VL-153,,,XT868 767 Squadron FAA Yeovilton 1969,,,ModelDecal 72-2 (640 over White)
F-4K,,,{D-9640b} FG.1 VL-726,,,XT860 700(P) Squadron FAA xxxx 1968,,,Esci Phantom Sheet (640 over White)
F-4K,,,{D-9544a} FG.1 VL-725,,,XT859 700P Squadron FAA Yeovilton 9/68,,,RAM 72-001 (640 over White)
F-4K,,,{D-9544b} FG.1 ,,,XT867 NASU RN Yeovilton 9/68,,,RAM 72-001 (640 over White)
YF-4K,,,{D-9544c} FG.1,,,XT595 McDonnell Douglas flight 6/66,,,RAM 72-001 (640 over White)
F-4K,,,{D-9544d} FG.1 153,,,XT868 767 Squadron RNAS Yeovilton 7/71,,,RAM 72-001 (640 over White)
F-4K,,,{D-9544e} FG.1 7,,,XT857 A&AEE HMS Eagle 3/69,,,RAM 72-001 (640 over White)
YF-4K,,,{D-9544f} FG.1,,,XT595 McDonnell Douglas flight 6/66,,,RAM 72-001 (640 over White)
F-4K,,,{D-9544g} FG.1 157,,,XV579 767 Squadron RNAS Yeovilton 1969,,,RAM 72-001 (641, 638 over 627)
F-4K Doppler,,,{D-9544i} FG.1 ,,,XT597 A&AEE Boscombe Down 1982,,,RAM 72-001 (640 over White, with green, gray and red parts)
F-4K,,,{D-9657a} FG.1 J,,,XT874 43 Squadron RAF 1972,,,XtraDecal 72-003 (641, 638 over 627)
F-4K,,,{K-1122a} FG.1 R-007,,,XT864 892 Squadron RN xxxx,,,Fujimi H-32 FG.1 (?camo)
F-4K,,,{K-1122b} FG.1 R-002,,,XV568 892 Squadron RN xxxx,,,Fujimi H-32 FG.1 (?camo)
F-4K,,,{K-1122c} FG.1 A,,,XV571 43 Squadron RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi H-32 FG.1 (?camo)
F-4K,,,{K-1122d} FG.1 G,,,XT863 111 Squadron RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi H-32 FG.1 (?camo)
F-4K,,,{K-1141a} FG.1 R-004,,,XV592 892 Squadron RN xxxx,,,Hasegawa D-1 F-4K/M

F-4M,,,{D-9543a} FGR.2 473,,,XV473 14 Squadron RAF Bruggen, West Germany 1972,,,Model Alliance 72187 (Gray/Green)
F-4M,,,{D-9543a} FGR.2 484,,,XV484 31 14 Squadron RAF Bruggen, West Germany 1972,,,Model Alliance 72187 (Gray/Green)
YF-4M,,,{D-9544h} FG.1/FGR.2 ,,,XT853 BAe 1967,,,RAM 72-001 (641, 638 over 627)
YF-4M,,,{D-9544j} FG.1/FGR.2 ,,,XT852 7/67,,,RAM 72-001 (641, 638 over 627)
F-4M,,,{D-9748a} FGR.2 ,,,XV424 Alcock and Brown 1979,,,MicroScale 72-238 (16440 with trim)
F-4M,,,{D-9700a} FGR.2 B,,,XT899 19 Squadron RAF,,,XtraDecal Special
F-4M,,,{D-9657b} FGR.2 H,,,XV416 111 Squadron RAF 1974/75,,,XtraDecal 72-003 (641, 638 over 627)
F-4M,,,{K-1124a} FGR.2 ,,,XV495 41 Squadron RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi H-20 F-4M (641, 638 over 627)
F-4M,,,{K-1124b} FGR.2 E,,,XV429 54 Squadron RAF Coningsby xxxx,,,Fujimi H-20 F-4M (641, 638 over 627)
F-4M,,,{K-1124c} FGR.2 E,,,XV422 6 Squadron RAF Coningsby xxxx,,,Fujimi H-20 F-4M (641, 638 over 627)
F-4M,,,{K-1124d} FGR.2 ,,,XV436 228 OCU RAF Coningsby xxxx,,,Fujimi H-20 F-4M (641, 638 over 627)
F-4M,,,{K-1141b} FGR.2 F ,,,XV493 41 Squadron RAF xxxx,,,Hasegawa D-1 F-4K/M

F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104a} T,,,ZE350 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104b} I,,,ZE351 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104c} G,,,ZE352 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104d} E,,,ZE353 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104e} R,,,ZE354 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104f} S,,,ZE355 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104g} Q,,,ZE356 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104h} N,,,ZE357 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104i} H,,,ZE358 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104j} J,,,ZE359 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104k} O,,,ZE360 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104l} P,,,ZE361 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104m} V,,,ZE362 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104n} ,,,ZE263 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)
F-4J(UK),,,{K-1104o} Z,,,ZE364 74 Sqn RAF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-17 Phantom F-3 (?camo)

***Japan Phantoms

F-4EJ,,,{D-9652a} 377,,,67-8377 302 Squadron Chitose Air Base, JASDF 1976,,,ModelDecal 43 (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{D-9652b} 369,,,57-8369 301 Squadron Hyakuri Air Base, JASDF 1976,,,ModelDecal 43 (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{D-9639a} 07-8434,,,301 Squadron, 5th Air Wing, JASDF 1994,,,CAM 72-037 (White with trim)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1043c} 323,,,301 Sq, 5th Wing JASDF 1989,,,Hasegawa Ka-104 RF-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1043d} 377,,,302 Sq, 83 AG JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-104 RF-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1043e} 305,,,305 Sq, 7 AW JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-104 RF-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1043f} 435,,,306 Sq, 6 AW JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-104 RF-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1043g} 327,,,301 Sq, 7 AW JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-104 RF-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1043h} 398,,,303 Sq, 6 AW JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-104 RF-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1043i} 408,,,303 Sq, 6 AW JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-104 RF-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1043j} 369,,,304 Sq, 8 AW JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-104 RF-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1043k} 301,,,APW JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-104 RF-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1043l} 301,,,ADTW JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-104 RF-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1126a} 432,,,302 Sq JASDF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-4 F-4EJ (3 Blues camo)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1165a} 432,,,302 Sq JASDF xxxx,,,Testors 687 F-4E/G (3 Blues camo)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1126b} 432,,,302 Sq JASDF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-4 F-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1126c} 357,,,301 Sq JASDF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-4 F-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1126d} 343,,,302 Sq JASDF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-4 F-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1126e} 316,,,304 Sq JASDF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-4 F-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1126f} 333,,,305 Sq JASDF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-4 F-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1126g} 319,,,306 Sq JASDF xxxx,,,Fujimi G-4 F-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1181a} 301,,,xxxx JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa JS-080 F-4EJ (LG over White)
F-4EJ,,,{K-1181b} 302,,,xxxx JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa JS-080 F-4EJ (LG over White)

F-4EJ Kai,,,{K-1045a} 07-8435,,,301 Sqn 5-Air Wing JASDF Nyutabaru AB xxxx,,,Hasegawa 693 F-4EJ Kai (white with trim)

RF-4E,,,{K-1167c} 909,,,501 Recon SQ Hyakuri AB JASDF 1979,,,Testors 682 RF-4 (Greens and Grays)

RF-4EJ,,,{K-1043a} 406,,,501st SQ ARG JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-104 RF-4EJ (?camo)
RF-4EJ,,,{K-1043b} 406,,,ADPW JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Ka-104 RF-4EJ (?camo)

***Israeli Phantoms

F-4E,,,{D-9679a} ,,,Akrav (Scorpion) Sqn Heyl 'Ha Avir 1982,,,HiDecal 72-025 (check camo)
F-4E,,,{D-9679b} 147,,,Atalev (Bat) Sqn Heyl 'Ha Avir 10/73,,,HiDecal 72-025 (check camo)
F-4E,,,{D-9679e} 151,,,Zanav Katom (Orange Tails) Sqn Heyl 'Ha Avir 1982,,,HiDecal 72-025 (check camo)
F-4E,,,{D-9679f} ,,,Ahat Sqn Heyl 'Ha Avir 10/73,,,HiDecal 72-025 (check camo)
F-4E,,,{D-9679h} 317,,,Ha'Patishim (Hammers) Sqn Heyl 'Ha Avir 10/73,,,HiDecal 72-025 (SEA)
F-4E,,,{D-9802c} 167,,,Israel xxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa kit decals F-4E (Israel camo)

Kurnass 2000,,,{D-9679c} ,,,Atalev Sqn Heyl 'Ha Avir 1994,,,HiDecal 72-025 (check camo)

RF-4E,,,{D-9679g} 497,,,Ha'Patishim (Hammers) Sqn Heyl 'Ha Avir 1983,,,HiDecal 72-025 (check camo)
RF-4E,,,{K-1036a} 488,,,Bat 119 Sqn Israeli Air Force xxxx,,,Hasegawa 823 RF-4E (check camo)
RF-4E,,,{K-1036b} 497,,,Ahat 201 Sqn Israeli Air Force xxxx,,,Hasegawa 823 RF-4E (check camo)
RF-4E,,,{K-1036c} 493,,,107 Sqn Knight of the Orange Israeli Air Force xxxx,,,Hasegawa 823 RF-4E (check camo)

F-4E(S),,,{D-9679d} 492,,,Atalev (Bat) Sqn Heyl 'Ha Avir 1988,,,HiDecal 72-025 (check camo)

***German Phantoms

F-4F,,,{K-1164c} 37+88,,,Germany xxxx,,,Tamiya 60713 F-4G (Modified German camo)
F-4F,,,{K-1151a} 37+86,,,Germany xxxx,,,Revell 04615 F-4F (Red & Black)
F-4F,,,{K-1151b} 37+56,,,Germany xxxx,,,Revell 04615 F-4F (German gray camo)

RF-4E,,,{K-1115a} 35+88 AC,,,Germany xxxx,,,Fujimi G-16 RF-4E (German camo)
RF-4E,,,{K-1115b} 35+23,,,Germany xxxx,,,Fujimi G-16 RF-4E (German camo)
RF-4E,,,{K-1115c} 35+01,,,Germany xxxx,,,Fujimi G-16 RF-4E (German camo)
RF-4E,,,{K-1115d} 35+18,,,Germany xxxx,,,Fujimi G-16 RF-4E (German Modern camo)
RF-4E,,,{K-1167b} 35+32,,,Germany 1978,,,Testors 682 RF-4 (German camo)
RF-4E,,,{K-1175b} 35+87,,,Germany xxxx,,,Esci 9029 RF-4C/E (German camo)

***Iran Phantoms

F-4D,,,{D-9640d} 3-804,,,14873 306-FS IIAF xxxx,,,Esci Phantom Sheet (Iran camo) (no bump nose)

***Australia Phantoms

F-4E,,,{D-9640c} 05,,,90305 xxxx Amberley RAAF xxxx,,,Esci Phantom Sheet (SEA)

***Turkey Phantoms

F-4E,,,{K-1164b} I-290,,,Turkey xxxx xxxx xxxx,,,Tamiya 60713 F-4G (SEA)

***Spain Phantoms

RF-4C,,,[K-1175c} ,,,Spain xxxx xxxx,,,Esci 9029 RF-4C/E (SEA)


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Other Aircraft

*****Prototype and Demo Aircraft

YRF-4C,,,{D-9781c} 12200 Fly By Wire Edwards AFB xxxx,,,MicroScale AC72-0021

YF-4E,,,{K-1183a} ED-50713,,,Edwards AFB xxxx,,,Kitech 08M-3219 YF-4E
F-4E,,,{D-9781e} 5000th 70290 xxxx 5/78,,,MicroScale AC72-0021
F-4E,,,{K-1182a} 5000th 70290 xxxx 5/78,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1085 F-4E
F-4E,,,{K-1192a} Thunderbirds,,,,,,,,,,,Revell 4 Pack Thunderbirds kit
F-4E,,,{D-9802} Thunderbirds,,,,,,,,,,Hasegawa kit decals F-4E

F-4J,,,{K-1193a} Blue Angels,,,,,,,,,,,,,Revell 4 pack Blue Angels kit
F-4J,,,{K-1149a} 153072,,,First Flight F-4J xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft JS-021 F-4J + AMT A-655 F-4

A-4F,,,{K-2131a-f} Blue Angels 1-6,,,Fujimi 26019 A-4F/TA-4J
TA-4J,,,{K-2131g} Blue Angels 7,,,Fujimi 26019 A-4F/TA-4J
TA-4J,,,{K-2153b} Blue Angels 7,,,Hasegawa TA-4J

TA-7C,,,{D-9669e} Corsair II2 156801 xxxx xxxx,,,XtraDecal 72086

AV-8A,,,{D-9510a} 703 158703 xxxx xxxx,,,Caracal 72017
AV-8B,,,{K-4041a} 161398 xxxx,,,Testors 688 AV-8B
Harrier GR.5,,,{K-4041b} xxxx xxxx,,,Testors 688 AV-8B

XF5F-1,,,{K-4150a} 1442 1940,,,MPM 72022 XF5F-1

F9F-2,,,{K-3914c} Blue Angels 5 xxxxxx xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1138 F9F-2
F9F-5,,,{K-3921a} Blue Angels 1-6 xxxxxx NAS Pensacola 1952-53,,,Revell 04286 F9F-4/5
F9F-8,,,{K-3906c} Blue Angels 1 131205,,,Hasegawa D-12 F9F-8

F-14,,,{K-1321a} Top Gun movie Maverick 104,,,Testors 273 F-14A
F-14,,,{K-1321b} Top Gun movie Maverick 114,,,Testors 273 F-14A
F-14,,,{K-1321c} Top Gun movie Iceman 104,,,Testors 273 F-14A
F-14,,,{K-1315a} Super Tomcat F-14D 157986,,,Fujimi 35116 F-14D
F-14,,,{K-1315b} F-14D 161867,,,Fujimi 35116 F-14D

F-15,,,{K-4014a} F-15E 71-291 Strike Eagle Demo xxxx,,,Monogram 5434 F-15

F-18,,,{K-1420a} F-18A 160776 Prototype 2 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1154 F-18
F-18,,,{K-1432b} F-18A 160777 Prototype 3 xxxx,,,Testors 681 F-18
F-18,,,{K-1420b} F-18A 160777 Prototype 3 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1154 F-18
F-18,,,{K-1442a} F-18A 160780 Prototype 6 xxxx,,,MPC 4304 F-18
F-18,,,{K-1432a} TF-18A 160781 Prototype 7 xxxx,,,Testors 681 F-18
F-18,,,{K-1438a} F/A-18E 165164 Prototype xxxx,,,Italeri 083 F/A-18E
F-18,,,{K-1403a} EA-18G Prototype xxxx,,,Hasegawa/Dragon 5035 EA-18G

F-20,,,{K-4020a} F-20 second prototype 20063,,,Hasegawa F-20

F-85,,,{K-4048a} XF-85,,,6523 Edwards AFB summer 1948,,,MPM 72042 XF-85
F-85,,,{K-4048b} XF-85,,,6524 Edwards AFB summer 1948,,,MPM 72042 XF-85

FV,,,{K-4023a} XFV-1 Prototype 657 xxxx,,,Valom 72007 XFV-1

F5U,,,{K-5000a} XF5U-1 Prototype 33958 xxxx,,,Hasegawa SP-63 XF5U-1
F5U,,,{K-5000b} XF5U-1 Prototype 33959 xxxx,,,Hasegawa SP-63 XF5U-1

T-34C,,,{K-4139a} YT-34C 0784 140784 xxxx,,,Sky-High 7210 T-34C

T-45A,,,{K-4146a} T-45A 2787 162787 Development Aircraft Long Beach 1988,,,Testors 647 T-45A

*****US Coast Guard

J4F,,,{K-4122b} J4F-1 V-203 xxxx 1941,,,Airfix 01073 Widgeon/Gosling

SOC,,,{K-6312b} SOC-3,,,V173 1938-39,,,Hasegawa SOC-3

*****US Army

F-86,,,{D-9784c} QF-86F,,,23215 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-288

H-1,,,{K-4110a} UH-1H,,,61087 xxxx,,,Esci 9009 UH-1D

H-21,,,{K-4116a} H-21,,,82051 93-TC South Vietnam 1963,,,Italeri 007 H-21

L-20,,,{K-4170b} L-20A,,,33727 xxxx,,,Airfix 03017 DHC-2

OV-1,,,{K-4130a} OV-1A,,,76463 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 024 OV-1A
OV-1,,,{D-9810+} spare OV-1 decals

U-1,,,{K-4046b} U-1,,,52977 US Army xxxx,,,HobbyCraft HC1354 DHC U-1

*****Air America

H-1,,,{D-9696d} UH-1H,,,XW-PFJ Air America 1969,,,Wolfpak 72-060


A-1,,,{K-2031a} A-1E,,,4 32638 xxxx,,,Monogram 6807 A-1E
A-1,,,{K-2033a} A-1E,,,AH-673 4407-CCTS, 1-SOW Hurlburt Field circa 1966,,,Revell 04398 A-1E/AD-5
A-1,,,{D-9833d} A-1H,,,TT-778 602-SOS 6/70,,,Wolfpak 72-083
A-1,,,{D-9770c} A-1H,,,TT-778 56-SOW 1970,,,SuperScale 72-477

A-7,,,{D-9659b} A-7D Early,,,WA-225 57-FWW Nellis AFB 1971,,,Wolfpak 12/9 Thanks
A-7,,,{D-9696c} A-7D,,,MN-959 356-TFS, 354-TFW Myrtle Beach AFB 11/71,,,Wolfpak 72-060
A-7,,,{D-9696f} A-7D,,,MB-970 356-TFS, 354-TFW Korat RTAB 11/72,,,Wolfpak 72-060
A-7,,,{D-9819a} A-7D,,,CO-996 73996 xxxx,,,loose decals
A-7,,,{D-9819b} A-7D,,,70955 xxxx,,,loose decals

A-10,,,{D-9834b} A-10A,,,BD-105 47-FS 1/06,,,Wolfpak 72-082

A-12,,,{K-4149a} OA-12,,,8563 10-RS Elmendorf 1948,,,Airfix A03031 Duck

B-17,,,{K-6507a} B-17E,,,Suzy-Q 12489 93-BS, 19-BG Pacific Theatre ealy 1942,,,Frog B-17E
B-17,,,{K-6507b} B-17E,,,Yankee Doodle 19023 97-BG, 8-AF England 1942,,,Frog B-17E

B-57,,,{D-9834e} RB-57A-1,,,BA464 7407-SS, 7499-SG Rhein-Main AFB 1956,,,Wolfpak 72-082

C-43,,,{K-4144d} UC-43A,,,107411xxxx,,,AZmodel 7292 Staggerwing

C-45,,,{K-4160a} C-45H,,,111495 1955,,,Hobby Craft HC1389 C-45H

C-47,,,{D-9607f} C-47 Gunship,,,EL or EN-211 1969,,,Zotz 72-033
C-47,,,{D-9607g} FC-47D,,,0-48579 xxxx,,,Zotz 72-033
C-47,,,{D-9607h} C-47 Gunship,,,0-48491 1965,,,Zotz 72-033
C-47,,,{D-9607i} C-47 Gunship,,,EL-770 2/69,,,Zotz 72-033
C-47,,,{D-9607j} C-47 Gunship,,,OS-010 xxxx,,,Zotz 72-033
C-47,,,{K-4036a} C-47A-65,,,J8 41-2100521 92-TCS, 439-TCG 6/44,,,Airfix A08014 C-47
C-47,,,{K-4036b} C-47D,,,316062 41-16062 MATS North West Territory 10/49,,,Airfix A08014 C-47

C-119,,,{D-9607e} AC-119G,,,0-25892 14-SOW, 17-SOS Phu Cat 1970,,,Zotz 72-033
C-119,,,{D-9607d} AC-119K,,,0-33154 14-SOW, 18-SOS Phan Rang 1969,,,Zotz 72-033

C-130,,,{D-9656f} C-130A,,, YD-005 347-TAW Ubon AFB xxxx,,,Wolfpak 72-015
C-130,,,{D-9632d} C-130E,,,1274 317-TAW, MAC 1975,,,Wolfpak 12/10 Thanks 2010
C-130,,,{D-9659d} C-130E,,,7681 435-TAW MAC Rhein-Mein AFB 1991,,,Wolfpak 12/9 Thanks
C-130,,,{D-9659e} C-130E,,,40504 317-TAW Pope AFB 1978,,,Wolfpak 12/9 Thanks

F-5,,,{K-3523c} F-5A,,,FA-887 84887 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 016 F-5A
F-5,,,{K-3502d} F-5A,,,13316 4033-TFS Vietnam 1966,,,Italeri 1231 F-5A
F-5,,,{D-9824a} F-5A,,,69129 xxxx,,,AMT F-5A decals only
F-5,,,{K-3512b} F-5B,,,20440 425-TFTS, 58-TFTW xxxx,,,Esci 9035 F-5B
F-5,,,{D-9759d} F-5B,,,20440 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-312
F-5,,,{K-3505b} F-5E,,,01530 64-FITS, 57-FWW Nellis AFB xxxx,,,,Testors 679 F-5E
F-5,,,{K-3504a} F-5E,,,56 xxxxx xxxx,,,Revell 4369 F-5E
F-5,,,{D-9759a} F-5E,,,57 01557 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-312
F-5,,,{D-9759c} F-5E,,,01401 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-312
F-5,,,{D-9759e} F-5E,,,67 01567 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-312
F-5,,,{K-3503a} F-5E,,,43 01543 xxxx,,,Italeri 136 F-5E
F-5,,,{D-9759h} F-5E,,,08 01508 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-312
F-5,,,{K-3511a} F-5F,,,00891 xxxx,,,Italeri 138 F-5F

F-15,,,{D-9832b} F-15A,,,LA-103 461-TFTS, 58-TFTW Luke AFB 7/76,,,Wolfpak 12/15 Thank You
F-15,,,{D-9696b} F-15A,,,HO-107 8-TFS, 49-TFW Holloman AFB 7/79,,,Wolfpak 72-060
F-15,,,{K-4019a} F-15A,,,HO 49 49-TFW Holloman AFB xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1093 F-15
F-15,,,{K-4015a} F-15A,,,022 ASAT 318-FIS ADC xxxx,,,Esci 9050 F-15 ASAT
F-15,,,{D-9834d} F-15C,,,035 194-FS, 144-FW 10/14,,,Wolfpak 72-082
F-15,,,{D-9809a+} F-15E,,,various F-15E decals, sort later

F-16,,,{D-9671b F-16A,,,DO-407 89-TFS, 906-TFW Wright-Patterson AFB 7/91,,,Wolfpak 12/11 Thanks
F-16,,,{D-9659a} F-16A,,,NA-530 430-TFS, 474-TFW Nellis AFB 1981,,,Wolfpak 12/9 Thanks
F-16,,,{D-9833A} F-16C,,,FT-23 23-WG Pope AFB 3/94,,,Wolfpak 72-083
F-16,,,{D-9833b} F-16C,,,FT-74 74-FS Pope AFB 3/94,,,Wolfpak 72-083
F-16,,,{D-9833c} F-16C,,,FT-351 74-FS Pope AFB 3/94,,,Wolfpak 72-083
F-16,,,{D-9673e} F-16C,,,NM-482 150-TFS, 188-TFW Kirtland AFB 1996,,,Wolfpak 72-028
F-16,,,{D-9673f} F-16D,,,NM-506 150-TFS, 188-TFW Kirtland AFB 1996,,,Wolfpak 72-028
F-16,,,{K-4016f} F-16,,,MJ-383 xxxx xxxx,,,Fujimi E-6 F-16N
F-16,,,{K-4025a} F-16A Plus,,,HR-757 50-TFW Hahn AB 1983,,,Hasegawa F-16A Plus
F-16,,,{K-4025b} F-16A Plus,,,WP-8 8-TFW Kunsan AFB xxxx,,,Hasegawa F-16A Plus
F-16,,,{D-9691a} F-16C,,,WA-321 414-CTS, 57-FW Nellis AFB xxxx,,,Two Bobs 72-002
F-16,,,{D-9691c} F-16C,,,WA-69 414-CTS, 57-FW Nellis AFB xxxx,,,Two Bobs 72-002
F-16,,,{D-9788a} F-16A,,,WP-717 8-TFW Kunsan AFB 1985,,,MicroScale 72-526
F-16,,,{D-9788b} F-16A,,,LF-312 312-TFTS xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-526
F-16,,,{D-9788c} F-16B,,,ED-816 Edwards AFB xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-526

F-22,,,{D-9837c} F-22A,,,FF-174 27-FS, 1-FW Langley AFB 6/11,,,Wolfpak 72-073

P-26,,,{D-9539a} P-26A,,,11-34 33-63 34-PS, 17-PG March Field 1930s,,,Starfighter 72-119
P-26,,,{D-9539b} P-26A,,,62-95 33-83 95-PS, 17-PG March Field 1930s,,,Starfighter 72-119
P-26,,,{D-9539c} P-26A,,,47-73 33-47 73-PS, 17-PG March Field 1930s,,,Starfighter 72-119
P-26,,,{D-9539d} P-26A,,,47-47 33-47 73-PS, 17-PG March Field 1930s,,,Starfighter 72-119
P-26,,,{K-4121a} P-26A,,,15 xxxxxx,,,Revell 4117 P-26A

P-51,,,{D-9840b} P-51D,,,NG-699 473699 157-FS South Carolina ANG,,,IPMS 2016
P-51,,,{K-4164a} P-51D,,,10 100-FS Italy 12/44,,,Airfix A01004 P-51D

P-61,,,{K-4047a} P-61B,,,25564 xxxx,,,MPC 4303 P-61

F-80,,,{D-9836e} QF-80F,,,QFT-462 3205-DG 1952,,,Wolfpak 72-075
F-80,,,{K-4140a} F-80C,,,FT-650 9650 16-FIS, 51-FIW Suwon 1951,,,Airfix 02043 F-80C
F-80,,,{K-4140b} F-80C,,,FT-591 80-FBS, 8-FBW Suwon 1952,,,Airfix 02043 F-80C
F-80,,,{K-4119a} F-80,,,9653 xxxx,,,MPC 4104 F-80

F-86,,,{K-3121a} F-86E-10,,,FU-800 12800 336-FIS, 4-FIW Korea 1952,,,Academy 1681 F-86E
F-86,,,{K-3121b} F-86E-10,,,FU-834 12834 335-FIS, 4-FIW Korea 1952,,,Academy 1681 F-86E
F-86,,,{K-3123a} F-86E,,,FU-756 12756 16-FIS Korea 1953,,,HobbyCraft 1379 F-86E
F-86,,,{K-3131d} F-86E,,,FU-864 12864 39-FIS xxxx,,,Fujimi F-86F-30
F-86,,,{D-9784a} F-86F,,,FU-863 24863 391-FBS, 366-FBW xxx,,,MicroScale 72-288
F-86,,,{D-9784b} F-86F,,,FU-086 113086 84-FIS xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-288
F-86,,,{K-3133a} F-86F,,,FU-958 112958 51-FW 1953,,,Testors 344 F-86F
F-86,,,{D-9812a} F-86F,,,FU-958 112958 51-FW 1953,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1015 F-86F
F-86,,,{K-3131a} F-86F-30,,,FU-584 24584 25-FIS MiG Mad Marine xxxx,,,Fujimi F-19 F-86F-30
F-86,,,{K-3131b} F-86F-15,,,FU-972 12972 335-FIS xxxx,,,Fujimi F-19 F-86F-30
F-86,,,{K-3131c} F-86F-30,,,FU-897 12897 39-FIS xxxx,,,Fujimi F-19 F-86F-30
F-86,,,{K-3127a} F-86F-30,,,FU-897 12897 39-FIS 6/53,,,Airfix A03082 F-86F
F-86,,,{K-3111a} F-86H,,,ANG-356 31356 101-TFS Massachusetts ANG Logan Field AFB 1964,,,Special Hobby 72167 F-86H
F-86,,,{K-3111b} F-86H,,,25753 121-TFS DC ANG Nellis AFB 1960,,,Special Hobby 72167 F-86H
F-86,,,{K-3111c} F-86H,,,0-31314 138-TFS New York ANG Andrews AFB 1967,,,Special Hobby 72167 F-86H

F-89,,,{D-9508a} F-89D,,,FV-421 11142 66-FIS Elmendorf AFB 1955,,,SuperScale 72-640
F-89,,,{D-9508b} F-89H,,,FV-333 40333 76-FIS Pinecastle AFB xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-640
F-89,,,{D-9508c} F-89J,,,FV-187 4187 84-FIS xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-640
F-89,,,{D-9508d} F-89J,,,FV-137 22137 456-FIS xxxx,,,SuperScale 72-640
F-89,,,{K-4089a} F-89J,,,FV-465 32465 North Dakota ANG xxxx,,,Hobby Craft HC1377 F-89J
F-89,,,{K-4089b} F-89J,,,642 32642 Oklahoma ANG xxxx,,,Hobby Craft HC1377 F-89J

F-100,,,{D-9840a} F-100D,,,VP-180 614-TFS Phan Rang AB early 1970,,,IPMS 2016
F-100,,,{K-4166a} F-100D,,,FW-020 63020 353-TFS, 354-TFW xxxx 1958,,,Italeri 098 F-100D
F-100,,,{D-9833g} F-100F,,,813 306-TFS, 31-TFW Tuy Hoa 9/70,,,Wolfpak 72-083

F-105,,,{D-9672b} F-105D,,,00466 22-TFS, 36-TFW Bitburg AFB 1961,,,Wolfpak 72-029
F-105,,,{D-9655a} F-105G 333-TFS, 355-TFW Takkli AFB 1969,,,Wolfpak 72-009

F-111,,,{D-9835c} F-111A,,,NA-098 430-TFS Takkli RTAB 1972,,,Wolfpak 72-079
F-111,,,{D-9672d} F-111E,,,JT-068 79-TFS, 20-TFW RAF Upper Heyford 1972,,,Wolfpak 72-029

H-3,,,{D-9696e} CH-3B,,,12573 Hickam AFB 1970,,,Wolfpak 72-060
H-3,,,{D-9836b} CH-3C,,,39690 2288-TS Eglin AFB 6/65,,,Wolfpak 72-075

H-19,,,{K-4109b} H-19B,,,27515 xxxx,,,Airfix 02056 Whirlwind

H-34,,,{D-9659c} HH-34J,,,45710 304-ARRS Portland Int'l Airport 1971,,,Wolfpak 12/9 Thanks

H-60,,,{D-9655h} UH-60L,,,26882 2-Btn(A), 10-Av Reg, 10-Mtn Div Ft Drum 2008,,,Wolfpak 72-009

L-4,,,{K-4134a} L-4H,,,F 9676 xxxx,,,KP 31 L-4H

O-1,,,{D-9673a} O-1E,,,62512 USAF South Vietnam xxxx,,,Wolfpak 72-028
O-1,,,{K-4131a} O-1F,,,0-72976 21-TASS Phu Cat xxxx,,,Airfix O-1

O-2,,,{D-9673b} O-2A,,,10986 21-TASS Phu Cat AFB 1970,,,Wolfpak 72-028

OV-10,,,{D-9655c} OV-10A,,,SR-679 20-TASS, 507-TACW Shaw AFB xxxx,,,Wolfpak 72-009
OV-10,,,{K-4129a} OV-10A,,,14649 20-TASS, 504-TASG Danang 1969,,,Academy 1665 OV-10A

JN-4,,,{K-6402a} JN-4D,,,15 SC4002 Primary Training School Love Field 1918,,,Olimp JN-4A/D

T-6,,,{K-4105a} T-6G,,,TA-260 285260 6147-TCS Seoul City 1952,,,Hobby Boss 80233 T-6G

BT-9,,,{K-4141a} BT-9,,,292 46-SS 1941,,,Special Hobby 72069 BT-9/NJ-1/SK 14

AT-11,,,{K-4123a} AT-11,,,805 15945 1942,,,PM Model 303 AT-11

PT-13,,,{D-9849c} PT-13,,,127 USAAC 1940,,,XtraDecal 72258
PT-13,,,{D-9849l} PT-13,,,BL-17 USAAC 1940s,,,XtraDecal 72258
PT-13,,,{D-9808a} PT-13D,,,520 xxxx,,,Revell 4116 Decals only
PT-17,,,{D-9849e} PT-17,,,216546 USAAF Kunming 1943,,,XtraDecal 72258
PT-17,,,{D-9849h} PT-17,,,H829 USAAC 1940s,,,XtraDecal 72258

T-33,,,{K-4168b} T-33A,,,TR-604 29604 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft JS-038 T-33A

T-34,,,{K-4135e} T-34A,,,33309 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft JS-088 T-34A

T-37,,,{D-9673d} OT-37B,,,SR-507 21-TASS, 507-TACW Shaw AFB 1986,,,Wolfpak 72-028
T-37,,,{K-4137a} A-37A/B,,,31090 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1036 A-37A/B
T-37,,,{K-9752a} T-37B,,,22253 67-22253 8-FTS, 71-FTW Vance AFB 8/73,,,MicroScale 72-253
T-37,,,{K-9752b} T-37B,,,87981 58-7981 8-FTS, 71-FTW Vance AFB 4/74,,,MicroScale 72-253
T-37,,,{K-9752c} T-37B,,,90345 590345 8-FTS, 71-FTW Vance AFB 9/73,,,MicroScale 72-253 (White A/C)
T-37,,,{K-9752d} T-37B,,,90345 590345 38-FTW Laredo AFB 5/73,,,MicroScale 72-253 (Red A/C)
T-37,,,{K-9752e} T-37B,,,63492 563492 4600-ABW ADC Peterson Field 5/76,,,MicroScale 72-253
T-37,,,{K-9752f} T-37B,,,76 59-0376 43-FTS, 29-FTW Craig AFB 6/76,,,MicroScale 72-253

T-38,,,{D-9837a} T-38B,,,FF-828 Adversary Unit Langley AFB 3/12,,,Wolfpak 72-073
T-38,,,{D-9837b} T-38B,,,FF-133 Adversary Unit Langley AFB 3/12,,,Wolfpak 72-073
T-38,,,{D-9837d} T-38B,,,TY-185 Adversary Unit Tyndall AFB 10/13,,,Wolfpak 72-073
T-38,,,{D-9684c} T-38A,,,ED-154 68154 Edwards AFB 8/03,,,Two Bobs 72-054
T-38,,,{D-9684d} T-38A,,,VN-096 68096 Vance AFB xxxx,,,Two Bobs 72-054
T-38,,,{K-3514a} T-38A,,,TF-597 91597 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 1018 T-38A
T-38,,,{D-9759b} T-38A,,,69 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-312
T-38,,,{D-9759i} T-38A,,,31 015031 xxxx,,,MicroScale 72-312

V-22,,,{D-9655e} CV-22B,,,40026 71-SOS, 58-SOW Kirtland AFB 2007,,,Wolfpak 72-009
V-22,,,{D-9655f} CV-22B,,,0024 71-SOS, 58-SOW Kirtland AFB 2007,,,Wolfpak 72-009
V-22,,,{D-9655g} CV-22B,,,0028 8-SOS, 168-SOW Hurlburt Field 2007,,,Wolfpak 72-009

Q-1,,,{D-9632b} MQ-1,,,247 178-RS, 119-WG Happy Hooligans 2010,,,Wolfpak 12/10 Thanks 2010

Q-9,,,{D-9696g} MQ-9,,,HO-053 29-AS, 49-W Holloman AFB 10/12,,,Wolfpak 72-060

PQ-14,,,{K-4115a} PQ-14A,,,76106 USAAF xxxx,,,Pavla PQ-14/TD2C-1
PQ-14,,,{K-4115c} Q-14B,,,QK-334 468334 1949,,,Pavla PQ-14/TD2C-1

SM-62,,,{K-6526a} Snark,,,USAF xxxx,,,Revell 7810 Snark


Beaver,,,{K-4170a} Beaver,,,XV270 xxxx,,,Airfix 03017 DHC-2

Buccaneer,,,{D-9543c} Buccaneer S.2,,,XV XW526 15 Sq RAF 1970,,,Model Alliance 72187
Buccaneer,,,{D-9543d} Buccaneer S.2,,,XV XW534 15 Sq RAF 1974,,,Model Alliance 72187

Bulldog...{K-6514a} Bulldog,,,K-2158 xxx,,,Airfix Bristol Bulldog

Chipmunk,,,{D-9543e} Chipmunk T.10,,,WX862 RAF Gatow 1975,,,Model Alliance 72187
Chipmunk,,,{K-6511b} Chipmunk T.?,,,G WK574 Cambridge University Air Squadron xxxx,,,Airfix Chimpunk

Cleveland,,,{K-6123b} Cleveland I,,,24 Sq RAF Hendon 1940,,,Heller 80285 SBC-4
Cleveland,,,{K-6121a} Cleveland I,,,AS468 1940,,,Heller 285 SBC-4
Cleveland,,,{K-6122b} Cleveland I,,,AS468 24 Sq RAF xxxx,,,Matchbox 40035 SBC-4

Corsair,,,{D-9501c} Corsair II,,,3BB JT238 759 Sq FAA RNAS Yeovilton 1943,,,XtraDecal 72209
Corsair,,,{D-9501d} F3A Corsair,,,BH2-Q JS479 718 Sq FAA RNAS Ballyhalbert mid 1945,,,XtraDecal 72209
Corsair,,,{D-9501i} Corsair II,,,P54 JT260 757 Sq FAA HMS Unicorn 7/44,,,XtraDecal 72209
Corsair,,,{D-9501j} Corsair II,,,P-13-7 JT634 1834 Sq FAA HMS Victorious 1944,,,XtraDecal 72209
Corsair,,,{D-9501o} Corsair iI,,,7.S JT565 1834 Sq FAA HMS Victorious 10/45,,,XtraDecal 72209
Corsair,,,{D-9518k} Corsair II,,RH JT427 HMS Victorious 10/44,,,Fundekals F4U
Corsair,,,{D-9518l} Corsair II,,7D JT383 HMS Victorious 10/44,,,Fundekals F4U
Corsair,,,{D-9518m} Corsair III (F3A-1A),,,8N JS706 HMS Victorious 10/44,,,Fundekals F4U

DH 4,,,{K-6510a} DH 4,,,B A7442 xxxx,,,Airfix DH 4

Dominie,,,{K-6517a} Dominie T. Mk1,,,XS736 College of Air Warfare, RAF 8/73,,,Airfix 03009 HS 125
Dominie,,,{K-6517b} Dominie T. Mk1,,,XS733 RAF College 7/76,,,Airfix 03009 HS 125

F6F,,,{K-5103b} Hellcat Mk II,,,B-9R 898 Sq FAA RN Ceylon 9/45,,,Revell 04140 F6F-5

Gladiator,,,{K-6519a} Gladiator Mk I,,,K7985 Resto in 2012, No 73 Sq 1937,,,Airfix A02052 Gladiator
Gladiator,,,{K-6515a} Gladiator Mk II,,,HE-F 623 Sq RAF 1940,,,Heller 153 Gladiator

Gnat,,,{K-6512a} Gnat T.1,,,97 XP530 Central Flying School RAF Little Rissington, 1964,,,Airfix A01006 Gnat T.1

Gosling,,,{K-4122a} Gosling (J4F-1),,,xxxx West Indies 1943-45,,,Airfix 01073 Widgeon/Gosling

Gypsy Moth,,,{K-6504b} DH 60M,,,K-1852 601 Sq RauxAF xxxx,,,Novo Gipsy Moth

Harrier,,,{D-9543g} Harrier GR.1,,,R XV786 RAF Wildenrath 1971,,,Model Alliance 72187
Harrier,,,{D-9543h} Harrier GR.1,,,G XV768 RAF Wildenrath 1973,,,Model Alliance 72187
Harrier,,,{K-4029b} Harrier GR.1,,,16 XV778 1 Sq RAF xxxx,,,Hasegawa 615 AV-8A
Harrier,,,{K-4030a} Harrier GR.1,,,V XV801 20 Sq RAF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 028 GR-1
Harrier,,,{K-4030b} Harrier GR.1,,,A XV741 3 Sq RAF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft 028 GR-1
Harrier,,,{D-9826a} Harrier GR.1,,,x XV741 xxx xxxx,,,AMT AV-8 decals only
Harrier,,,{K-4007b} Harrier GR.7,,,CF xxxxx 4 Sq RAF Gutersloh 1991,,,Airfix 04039 GR-7

Jaguar,,,{D-9652c} Jaguar GR.1,,,CN XZ389 20 Sq RAF Bruggen 1977,,,ModelDecal 43
Jaguar,,,{D-9652d} Jaguar GR.1,,,M XZ359 41 Sq RAF Coltishall 1977,,,ModelDecal 435

JN-4,,,{K-6402b} JN-4A,,,B-1934 Royal Naval Air Service 1918,,,Olimp JN-4A/D

Kingfisher,,,{K-6311b} Kingfisher I,,,FN718 East Indies 1943-44,,,Airfix A02021 Kingfisher

Provost,,,{K-6508a} Provost ??,,,01 XF895 Central Flying School RAF xxxx,,,Matchbox PK-30 Provost

Sea King,,,{K-4033a} Sea King Mk43,,,XZ585 22 Sq RAF Chivenor 1995,,,Airfix A03043

Swordfish,,,{K-6521a} Swordfish Mk I,,,2Q xxxx 810 Sq FAA HMS Ark Royal 5/41,,,Cooperativa 72004 Swordfish
Swordfish,,,{K-6521b} Swordfish Mk III,,,NH-F 119 Sq RAF Coastal Command Belgium 1945,,,Cooperativa 72004 Swordfish

Tiger Moth,,,{D-9796a} DH 82A,,,D K-4288 18 Elementary & Reserve Flying Training School 1937,,,XtraDecal 72190
Tiger Moth,,,{D-9796b} DH 82A,,,G DF-184 No 5 Glider Training School 1943,,,XtraDecal 72190
Tiger Moth,,,{D-9796c} DH 82A,,,RUOA T7899 Oxford University Air Squadron 1946,,,XtraDecal 72190
Tiger Moth,,,{D-9796d} DH 82A,,,L1A 780 Naval Air squadron RN 1943,,,XtraDecal 72190
Tiger Moth,,,{K-6223a} DH 82A,,,56 N-9181 No 10 Elementary Reserve & Flying Training School 1940,,,Airfix A01025
Tiger Moth,,,{K-6503a} DH 82A,,,K-2567 RAF 1935,,,Airfix 01015 Tiger Moth

Tornado,,,{K-6505b} Tornado GR.1,,,CD ZD717 17 Sq xxxx,,,Italeri 164 Tornado
Tornado,,,{K-6513b} Tornado GR.1,,,XX948 xxxx,,,Testors 872 Tornado

Tucano,,,{K-6509a} Tucano T.1,,,ZF138 Central Flying School RAF 1989,,,Airfix 03059 Tucano T1

Vengeance,,,{K-6527b} Vengeance TT. IV,,,FD404 733 Sq Trincomalee 1944,,,Special Hobby 72042 Vengeance TT
Vengeance,,,{K-6527c} Vengeance TT. IV,,,HB335 RNAS Belfast 1945,,,Special Hobby 72042 Vengeance TT

Wessex,,,{D-9543f} Wessex HC.2,,,BK XR521 18 Sq RAF Gutersloh 1974,,,Model Alliance 72187
Wessex,,,{K-4124c} Wessex HU.5,,,635 XS522 772 Sq RN 1981,,,Italeri 082 HU-5
Wessex,,,{K-4124b} Wessex HU.5,,,F XT471 847 Sq RN Malaysia 1986,,,Italeri 082 HU-5
Wessex,,,{K-4124a} Wessex HU.5,,,XS517 84 Sq RAF Cyprus 1987,,,Italeri 082 HU-5

Whirlwind,,,{K-4109a} Whirlwind HAS Mk22,,,WV223 RN xxxx,,,Airfix 02056 Whirlwind



J2L,,,{K-4149b} J2L-6,,,2-0-28 0256 1957,,,Airfix A03031 Duck


F2A,,,{K-5501a} B-339E,,,TD-V RAAF Singapore 12/41,,,Airfix A02050 F2A-1

F-18,,,{D-9646c} F-18A,,,A21-8 RAAF 10/87,,,HiDecal 72-027
F-18,,,{K-1433d} F-18A,,,A21-8 RAAF xxxx,,,Italeri 161 F/A-18
F-18,,,{K-1431b} TF-18,,,A21-101 RAAF xxxx,,,Testors 284 F/A-18

H-1,,,{K-4110b} UH-1H,,,xxxxxx xxxx,,,Esci 9009 UH-1D

Tiger Moth,,,{D-9796e} DH 82A,,,56 A17-56 RAAF 1940,,,XtraDecal 72190
Tiger Moth,,,{D-9796f} DH 82A,,,347 A17-347 RAAF 1940,,,XtraDecal 72190
Tiger Moth,,,{D-9796g} DH 82A,,,L-TA A17-489 RAAF 9/45,,,XtraDecal 72190

Vengeance,,,{K-6527a} Vengeance TT. I,,,A27-9 7 OTU RAAF 11/44,,,Special Hobby 72042 Vengeance TT


F-104,,,{D-9672f} F-104G,,,No 10 FBW Klein Brogel AFB 1971,,,Wolfpak 72-029


F-5,,,{K-3507c} F-5E,,,39 4839 1985,,,Hobby Boss 80207 F-5E


C-45,,,{K-4160b} Expeditor Mk III,,,2340 1965,,,Hobby Craft HC1389 C-45H

F-5,,,{K-3502b} CF-5A,,,116766 Cold Lake xxxx,,,Italeri 1231 F-5A
F-5,,,{K-3523b} CF-5A,,,116726 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 016 F-5A
F-5,,,{K-3512a} CF-116(F-5B),,,116807 xxxx,,,Esci 9035 F-5B
F-5,,,{D-9825a} CF-116(F-5B),,,445 38445 xxxx,,,AMT F-5B decals only

F-18,,,{D-9643a} CF-188A (F-18A),,,409 188761 7/06,,,CanMilAir 72-233
F-18,,,{D-9650a+} CF-188A (F-18A),,,24 optional schemes,,,Leading Edge 72.24
F-18,,,{K-1433c} CF-188A (F-18A),,,439 Sqn xxxx,,,Italeri 161 F/A-18
F-18,,,{K-1441b} CF-188A (F-18A),,,409 Sqn 1988,,,Airfix 3058 F/A-18A
F-18,,,{K-1434b} CF-18C (F/A-18C),,,410 Sqn xxxx,,,Testors 662 F/A-18D
F-18,,,{D-9650f+} CF-188B (F-18B),,,5 optional schemes,,,Leading Edge 72.24

F-86,,,{K-3122a} Sabre V,,,AS-192 6/55,,,HobbyCraft 1386 Sabre V

PT-27,,,{D-9849b} PT-27,,,FJ888 RCAF Alberta 1942,,,Xtradecal 72258

Chipmunk,,,{K-6511a} Chipmunk T.?,,,026 18026 RCAF xxxx,,,Airfix Chipmunk

Otter,,,{K-4046a} Otter,,,689 3689 RCAF c1956,,,HobbyCraft HC1354 DHC U-1

*****Republic of China

F-86,,,{K-3122b} Sabre V,,,F-88085 113185 4/60,,,HobbyCraft 1386 Sabre V

PT-17,,,{D-9849k} PT-17,,,215977 1942,,,XtraDecal 72258

*****China PLA

T-6,,,{K-4105b} T-6G,,,China PLA Air Force xxxx,,,Hobby Boss 80233 T-6G


F-100,,,{K-4166c} F-100D,,,G-209 Royal Danish AF 1961,,,Italeri 098 F-100D


Gladiator,,,{K-6515b} Gladiator Mk I,,,F 1940,,,Heller 153 Gladiator


A-1,,,{D-9614c} AD-4N,,,21-LE 127888 Djibouti 1967,,,Eagle Strike 72062

F-8,,,{D-9767d} F-8E(FN),,,21 151752 Foch 6/67,,,PrintScale 72-095
F-8,,,{K-1231c} F-8E(FN),,,32 xxxx,,,Hasegawa F-8E
F-8,,,{K-1253a} F-8E(FN),,,39 xxxx,,,Heller 259 F-8
F-8,,,{K-1221d} F-8E(FN),,,33 xxxx,,,Italeri 1230 F-8
F-8,,,{K-1215a} F-8E(FN),,,30 xxxx,,,Esci ERTL 9075 F-8E(FN)
F-8,,,{K-1215b} F-8E(FN),,,29 xxxx,,,Esci ERTL 9075 F-8E(FN)

F-84,,,{D-9652e} F-84F-51,,,9-AU 23068 1961,,,ModelDecal 43
F-84,,,{D-9652f} F-84F-51,,,9-AC 29058 1961,,,ModelDecal 43

F-100,,,{K-4166b} F-100D,,,42154 xxxx,,,Italeri 098 F-100D

F8F,,,{K-5402b} F8F-1B,,,F 5167 French Indochina xxxx,,,Sword 72022 F8F-1/2

F4U,,,{K-505a} F4U-7,,,15F-20 xxxxxx Suez 1956,,,Italeri 048 F4U-7

H-21,,,{K-4116b} H-21,,,16 Algeria 1956,,,Italeri 007 H-21

H-25,,,{K-4026b} HUP-2,,,23.S-6 130077 xxxx,,,Mach 2 HUP-2

P-2,,,{K-4102b} P-2H,,,25F 148434 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft JS-082 P-2H

SBC,,,{K-6123a} SBC-4,,,1940,,,Heller 80285 SBC-4
SBC,,,{K-6121b} SBC-4,,,1940,,,Heller 285 SBC-4

SBD,,,{K-6003b} A-24B,,,F 254541 1944,,,Airfix A02022 SBD-3/5

T-6,,,{K-4107a} T-6G,,,WA Algeria 1957,,,Heller 079 T-6G
T-6,,,{K-4107b} T-6G,,,Gabon 1976,,,Heller 079 T-6G


F-86,,,{K-3133b} Sabre 6,,,JA-120 1954,,,Testors 344 F-86F
F-86,,,{K-3141b} F-86F-40,,,JA-344 1963,,,Hobby Boss 80259 F-86F-40

H-21,,,{K-4116c} V-43A,,,QF-874 German Army 1959,,,Italeri 007 H-21

Skyservant,,,{K-6518a} Skyservant,,,59+10 Federal German Navy 1972,,,Matchbox PK-107 Skyservant

Tornado,,,{K-6505a} Tornado IDS,,,44+76 xxxx,,,Italeri 164 Tornado
Tornado,,,{K-6513a} Tornado IDS,,,98+03 xxxx,,,Testors 872 Tornado


A-7,,,{D-9819c} A-7D,,,159662 xxxx,,,loose decals


PT-17,,,{D-9849j} PT-17,,,33 La Aurora 1943,,,XtraDecal 72258


F-5,,,{K-3511b} F-5F,,,506 xxxx,,,Italeri 138 F-5F

F-14,,,{D-9647a} F-14A,,,3-6067 160365 1978,,,HiDecal 72051
F-14,,,{D-9647b} F-14A,,,3-6020 160318 1987,,,HiDecal 72051
F-14,,,{D-9647c} F-14A,,,3-6022 160320 1995,,,HiDecal 72051
F-14,,,{D-9647d} F-14A,,,3-6041 160339 2003,,,HiDecal 72051


Gladiator,,,{K-6519b} Gladiator Mk I,,,26 No 1 Sq Irish Air Corps 1940,,,Airfix A02052 Gladiator


H-1,,,{K-4110c} Bell 205,,,81 xxxxxx xxxx,,,Esci 9009 UH-1D

PT-17,,,{D-9849g} PT-17,,,31 Kfir Sirtain 1953,,,XtraDecal 72258


F-86,,,{K-3127b} F-86E(M),,,4-50 19766 1958,,,Airfix A03082 F-86F

Tornado,,,{K-6505c} Tornado IDS,,,36+34 xxxx,,,Italeri 164 Tornado

AV-8,,,{K-4042a} TAV-8B,,,1-02 55033 Italian Navy 1991,,,Heller 80344 TAV-8B


F-86,,,{K-3141a} F-86F-40,,,966 JASDF xxxx,,,Hobby Boss 80259 F-86F-40
F-86,,,{K-3151a} F-86F-40,,,000 6-S, 8-Wing Tsuiki xxxx,,,Hasegawa 0010 F-86F
F-86,,,{K-3151b} F-86F-40,,,831 Headquarter sqn JASDF Iruma xxxx,,,Hasegawa 0010 F-86F
F-86,,,{K-3132a} RF-86F,,,426 501 Recon Sq JASDF xxxx,,,Fujimi F-20 RF-86F
F-86,,,{K-3132b} RF-86F,,,428 501 Recon Sq JASDF xxxx,,,Fujimi F-20 RF-86F
F-86,,,{K-3132c} RF-86F,,,425 Headquartes Sq JASDF xxxx,,,Fujimi F-20 RF-86F

H-3,,,{K-4043a} HSS-2B,,,88 8088 JMSDF xxxx,,,Fujimi 30 HSS-2B
H-3,,,{K-4043b} HSS-2B,,,84 8184 JMSDF xxxx,,,Fujimi 30 HSS-2B

P-2,,,{K-4102c} P-2H,,,64 61-4664 JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft JS-082 P-2H

S-2,,,{K-4111a} S2F-1,,,13 136665 4-AG, 51-S JMSDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa JS-102 S2F-1(S-2A)
S-2,,,{K-4120a} S2F-1,,,13 136665 4-AG, 51-S JMSDF xxxx,,,Hobby Craft HC1351 S2F-1(S-2A)

T-33,,,{K-4168a} T-33A,,,382 81-5382 JASDF xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft JS-038 T-33A

T-34,,,{K-4135a} T-34A,,,JG 0503 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft JS-088 T-34A
T-34,,,{K-4135b} T-34A,,,321 41-0321 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft JS-088 T-34A
T-34,,,{K-4135c} T-34A,,,306 41-0306 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft JS-088 T-34A
T-34,,,{K-4135d} T-34A,,,406 61-0406 xxxx,,,Hasegawa Minicraft JS-088 T-34A

Betty,,,{K-6520a} Betty,,,757-4 xxxx xxxx,,,Lindberg 70956 Hellcats & Betty


F-5,,,{K-3501c} F-5E,,,50493 Royal Jordanian Air Force xxxx,,,Testors 686 F-5E


F-5,,,{K-3511c} F-5F,,,738 50738 xxxx,,,Italeri 138 F-5F


F-5,,,{K-3503c} F-5E,,,FM-2207 xxxx,,,Italeri 136 F-5E

*****Muskat and Oman

Provost,,,{K-6508a} Provost,,,XF688 Sultan of Muscat and Omans AF xxxx,,,Matchbox PK-30 Provost


F-5,,,{K-3502a} NF-5A,,,K-3058 xxxx,,,Italeri 1231 F-5A
F-5,,,{K-3523a} NF-5A,,,K-3005 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 016 F-5A
F-5,,,{K-3512c} NF-5B,,,K-4008 xxxx,,,Esci 9035 F-5B

F-16,,,{K-4025c} F-16A Plus,,,J-636 xxxx,,,Hasegawa F-16A Plus

F-104,,,{D-9652g} F-104G,,,D-8245 1976,,,ModelDecal 43
F-104,,,{D-9652h} F-104G,,,D-8244 1977,,,ModelDecal 43
F-104,,,{D-9652i} F-104G,,,D-8245 1974,,,ModelDecal 43
F-104,,,{D-9652j RF-104G,,,D-8101 1969,,,ModelDecal 43
F-104,,,{D-9652k} RF-104G,,,D-8101 pre-1969,,,ModelDecal 43
F-104,,,{D-9652l} RF-104G,,,D-8141 pre-1969,,,ModelDecal 43
F-104,,,{D-9652m} TF-104G,,,D-5804 1976,,,ModelDecal 43
F-104,,,{D-9652n} TF-104G,,,D-5803 1976,,,ModelDecal 43
F-104,,,{D-9652o} TF-104G,,,D-5803 1970,,,ModelDecal 43

L-4,,,{K-4134b} L-4H,,,26 xxxx,,,KP 31 L-4H

T-33,,,{K-4132a} T-33A,,,M-51 Whiskey-4 51-6528 xxxx,,,Hasegawa 706 T-33A

*****New Zealand

F4U,,,{D-9501e} F4U-1D,,,469 NZ5469 16 Sq New Britain 10/45,,,XtraDecal 72209
F4U,,,{D-9501f} F4U-1D,,,471 NZ5471 16 Sq New Britain 10/45,,,XtraDecal 72209
F4U,,,{D-9501k} F4U-1A,,,307 NZ5272+NZ5307 No 1 Servicing Unit Henderson Field 10/44,,,XtraDecal 72209
F4U,,,{D-9501m} FG-1D,,,32/62 NZ5632/62 14 Sq Iwakuni 1946,,,XtraDecal 72209
F4U,,,{D-9501n} FG-1D,,,32/62 NZ5632/62 14 Sq bofu 1948,,,XtraDecal 72209

SBD,,,{K-6001b} SBD-3,,,NZ5005 RNZAF 12/43,,,Airfix 02022 SBD-3/5

Tiger Moth,,,{D-9796h} DH 82A,,,AI NZ882 RNZAF 1940,,,XtraDecal 72190


F-5,,,{K-3512d} F-5B,,,241 xxxx,,,Esci 9035 F-5B
F-5,,,{D-9825b} F-5B,,,13387 xxxx,,,AMT F-5B decals only

H-3,,,{K-4033b} Sea King Mk43,,,062 xxxxxx 330 Sq RNAF HQ Bodo 1972,,,Airfix A04043 Sea King


PT-17,,,{D-9849i} PT-17,,,404 Las Palmas 1940,,,XtraDecal 72258


F-8,,,{D-9767c} F-8H,,,316 148628 Philippine Air Force xxxx,,,PrintScale 72-095

*****South Africa

Tiger Moth,,,{D-9796i} DH 82A,,,524 SAAF 6/45,,,XtraDecal 72190

*****South Vietnam

A-1,,,{D-9770d} A-1J,,,LP 142064 Da Nang 1966,,,SuperScale 72-477
A-1,,,{K-2021a} A-1J,,,LP 142064 Da Nang 1966,,,MPC 4005 Skyraider

F-5,,,{D-9824b} F-5A,,,13315 xxxx,,,AMT F-5A decals only

H-34,,,{K-4037b} UH-34D,,,JE 40891 1966,,,Hobby Boss 87222 UH-34D

O-1,,,{K-4131b} O-1E,,,DJ 12503 23-TG Ben Hoa xxxx,,,Airfix O-1

T-28,,,{K-4127a} T-28D,,,TL-371 38371 xxxx,,,Testors 410 T-28B/D

*****Southern Rhodesia

Tiger Moth,,,{D-9796j} DH 82A,,,7 SR28 SRAF late 1940s ,,,XtraDecal 72190


AV-8,,,{K-4008b} AV-8A,,,008-5 8 Squadron Spain,,,AMT/ERTL 8801 AV-8A

F-5,,,{K-3502c} RF-5A,,,23-30 AR9-061 xxxx,,,Italeri 1231 F-5A

F-18,,,{K-1433b} F-18A,,,151-02 xxxx,,,Italeri 161 F/A-18


H-46,,,{K-4118a} 107-II,,,12 N10120 xxxx,,,Airfix Vertol 107-II

BT-9,,,{K-4141c} SK 14,,,80 1940s,,,Special Hobby 72069 BT-9/NJ-1/SK 14


F-5,,,{K-3505c} F-5E,,,J-3002 Swiss Air Force xxxx,,,Testors 679 F-5E
F-5,,,{K-3501a} F-5E,,,J-3002 Swiss Air Force xxxx,,,Testors 686 F-5E
F-5,,,{K-3503b} F-5E,,,J-3002 Swiss Air Force xxxx,,,Italeri 136 F-5E
F-5,,,{K-3504c} F-5E,,,J-3018 Swiss Air Force xxxx,,,Revell 4369 F-5E
F-5,,,{K-3507d} F-5E,,,J-3031 Swiss Air Force 1980,,,Hobby Boss 80207 F-5E

F-18,,,{K-1433e} F/A-18C,,,J-5023 Swiss Air Force xxxx,,,Italeri 161 F/A-18
F-18,,,{K-1436a} F/A-18C,,,J-5002 Swiss Air Force xxxx,,,Kitech 08M-M347 F/A-18A


F8F,,,{K-5402a} F8F-1,,,2315 2 FBW RTAF xxxx,,,Sword 72022 F8F-1/2


F-86,,,{K-3123c} F-86E,,,435 xxxx,,,HobbyCraft 1379 F-86E

AT-11,,,{K-4123b} AT-11,,,28 1970,,,PM Model 303 AT-11


F-86,,,{K-3123b} F-86E,,,006 xxxx,,,HobbyCraft 1379 F-86E


P-51D,,,{D-9790a} P-51D,,,N51RH North American Rockwell 1970's,,,DrawDecal 72s-P51-4
P-51D,,,{D-9790b} P-51D,,,N51RH Rockwell International 1970's,,,DrawDecal 72s-P51-4
P-51D,,,{D-9790c} P-51D,,,N51RH Rockwell International 1970's,,,DrawDecal 72s-P51-4

Electra,,,{K-6525a} Electra 10,,,NR16020 xxxx,,,Merlin Lockheed 10

Ford 5-AT,,,{K-4169a} 5-AT,,,NC9683 American Airways 1933,,,Airfix 4009 5-AT

Gipsy Moth,,,{K-6504a} DH 60G,,,G-AAAH Amy Johnson xxxx,,,Novo Gipsy Moth

Heron,,,{K-6524a} Heron II,,,G-AORG Jersey Airlines xxxx,,,Airfix 3001 Heron II

Pitts S2A,,,{6506a} Pitts S2A Special,,,G-WILD Toyota xxxx,,,Amodel 7228
Pitts S2A,,,{6506b} Pitts S2A Special,,,G-BADZ Rothmans xxxx,,,Amodel 7228
Pitts S2A,,,{6506c} Pitts S2A Special,,,xxxx Microlease xxxx,,,Amodel 7228
Pitts S2A,,,{6506c} Pitts S2A Special,,,xxxx xxxx,,,Amodel 7228
Pitts S2A,,,{6506c} Pitts S2A Special,,,HB-MSG xxxx,,,Amodel 7228
Pitts S2A,,,{6506c} Pitts S2A Special,,,N5J xxxx,,,Amodel 7228

RWD-5,,,{K-6501a} RWD-5 bis,,,SP-AJU 1933,,,ZTS S-05 RWD-5
RWD-5,,,{K-6501b} RWD-5,,,SP-AJU xxxx,,,ZTS S-05 RWD-5
RWD-5,,,{K-6501c} RWD-5,,,SP-ARP xxxx,,,ZTS S-05 RWD-5

Ryan,,,{K-6516a} Ryan,,,NX211 Spirit of St. Louis 1927,,,Hawk 608 Spirit of St. Loius

Skyservant,,,{K-6518b} Skyservant,,,SE-EDT Swedish Red Cross 1969,,,Matchbox PK-107 Skyservant

Tiger Moth,,,{K-6522a} DH 82a,,,G-ACDC Tiger Club 2013,,,Airfix A01024 Tiger Moth