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hello it's Hanie here!

so, i just got back here from quite a long hiatus ._.
and i'm curious about how the ranking works?
hmm like, how you do the ranking?
cuz from what i see, the names and levels are different for everyone

Jayy ღ
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May 24 2016, 03:58 PM #2

Hanie, love, we're at jcink now (for almost 6 months at this point).
I hope you'll find us here - if you haven't already.

To answer your question, ranks are set up Muse / Olympian / Titan - each one stands for a different stage you're at in your graphic making, whether it's starting out and getting the fundamentals down, expanding, growing, and solidifying your style, or branching out and really giving meaning and variety to each of your graphics. Within those 3 main sections, are 3 groups... and the groups represent various skills you may or may not have. Within the groups are 3-4 ranks (which is where all the different names and stars come from) - this is so that we can promote you on a section by section base. Say you're signatures are awesome and to the next level, but your icons are not... instead of not promoting you, we move you up one rank.

It might sound like a lot (especially cuz I ramble), but it's pretty easy to get used to, I think.

Anyway, again, we're not doing anything over on IF anymore (just luck that I happened to stop by here), so make sure to visit our jcink site.
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