Looking for crew photos

Looking for crew photos

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Hello! I am a newbie here, but I am looking for any crew/training photos of my uncle Matthew James Tully who was with 6 Group Bomber Command on this crew as below. He later flew with Wing Commander McLernon and was part of the March 30/31,1944 bombing of Nuremburg on B - Baker. He also flew on N - Nan, O-Oboe, A-Able and D-Dog. All Halifaxes.

Trained at 1664 Conversion Unit in Croft Yorkshire mostly with F/L Keenan on Whitleys, Tiger Moths and Ansons.
He trained form April 1943 until August 1943.

Crew: F/L B.P. Keenan
Sgt. C.E.Osborne – Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt. M.G. Alsager – Rear Gunner
Sgt. D.R. Lalonde – Bomb Aimer
Sgt. H.J. Turner
Harper – Engineer

Was assigned to 434 Bluenose Squadron Oct 8, 1943
Transferred to 425 Alouette Squadron, Jan 7, 1944
Transferred to 408 Goose Squadron in Linton Yorkshire with W/C R. McLernon
He was then posted to RCAF Dishforth to 1664 Conversion Unit. There he flew a little bit on Lanc I – R5503 and Oxford DH-Z
Then to a Flying Control course RAF Watchfield. In April 1945 for two months.
Discharged April 10, 1945. Awarded DFC, 1945.

I have searched several related websites and have found many crew photos, none of which are his guys. I do have further information as I have his log book. Can any one help or direct me to where I may find these photos?
Thanks in advance.

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