Info needed about crew of Halifax JB803 of 77 squadron

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I am researching the crew of Hallifax JB803 which crashed in my hometown Muiden, the Netherlands, may 1st 1943.

We are currently erecting a monument in honour of the crew.

I have found some information about the Canadian crew with two photo's of them and some documents.

We know very little about the UK crew, I know that Sgt. Ian Douglas Crawford also has a second grave in Glasgow. Probably an empty grave to honor him. Ian is buried in Muiden with the rest of the crew.

Sgt. Louth is officially still missing, he is probably buried in Amsterdam, we are currently looking if it is possible to get him identified by the Dutch army.

We are looking for the stories of the crewmen and for photo's of the crew.

The crewmembers are: 

Sergeant (Flt. Engr.) Ian Douglas Crawford, RAF, 634710
Sergeant (Nav./Air Bomber) Leon Hannam, RAF, 1383305
Flying Officer (Nav.) Arthur Edward Parsons, RCAF, J/11636
Flight Sergeant (Air Gnr.) Thomas Deuel Scarff, RCAF, R/95040
Sergeant (Air Gnr.) Raymond Shepherd, RAF, 929961
Sergeant (Pilot), Gordon Watson, RAF, 1383608

And missing Sgt. William R. Louth  RAF 1198324

Is there any way to find more on the crew or a way to contact familiymembers?

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I did have some success in finding the family of my father's pilot and close friend when I used the Royal British Legion's "Lost trails". ... uggested/1

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Thanks! I will follow that up!

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