Delay in awarding Bomber Command Clasp

Delay in awarding Bomber Command Clasp

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I wrote to my MP, Mark Menzies, in September about the length of time Bomber Command Clasps (BCC) are taking to process for members of 102 (Ceylon) Squadron.

I have this week received a reply this week from Lord Astor (under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence) as follows:

Officials have confirmed that all eligble veterans who have applied for the BCC have now been issued with their BCC. It is planned that the majority of Bomber Command Clasps will be issued by the end of 2013 to surviving spouses where applications were received prior to 1st September 2013. It is too early to say when all applications from other next of kin received will be processed. However the first awards were despatched on 24th September 2013.

If Mr Kularatne is aware of any veterans who have not received a response to their application, he should write to the Medal Office at the address below with their names and service numbers and they will investigate these cases.

MOD Medal Office
Service Personnel and Veterans Agency
Imjin Barracks

I hope this letter explains the position.

Lord Astor of Hever DL

I am concerned that some veterans are waiting to be contacted just like some were for invitations to the BC Memorial dedication in Green Park. Of course there is no central list. The April edition of the Association Newsletter did have the application forms attached for our members but there may be others.

Please let me know if you find any veterans who have not received their clasps. Likewise veterans or spouses who have not yet applied for their clasp.

Simon Kularatne
Honorary Secretary
Tel: OI253 885253

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Hi Simon,
I hope you have taken heart from the reply you received from Lord Astor, it has taken some time for the BCC's to be sent but concidering how many applicants there could be then it is also understandable. I can add to the information from a letter my Mother received on 27th September 2013 were it states,

" As I am sure you will understand priority is being given to applications from Veterans and Widows. As we have now come to the point where we have concluded the vast majority of veteran applications we are now beginning to assess applications from next of kin. The assessment of medal claims is a very skilled and time consuming task involving reference to personal service records recovered from archives. There can be no shortcut to analysing and interpreting these records, as the aim is to ensure that each individual receives the award to which they are entitled."

So I concur with you in so far as if there are any Veterans or Widows of veterans who have not applied then send of the forms immediately. I believe the next stage will be Sons and Daughters then Brothers and Sisters.
Hope this helps.