Crash landing. 76 squadron Halifax MP/B at Woodbridge.

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I’m trying to research as much as I can about one particular operation on which my father flew.
The op was to attack the Opel vehicle works at Russelsheim on the night of 12/13th August 1944.
Of the 96 Halifaxes which carried out the attack, 23 were provided by 76 Squadron and of those 23, 2 were lost over Germany and one, MP/B (LW637) crash landed at Woodbridge.

During the bombing run the aircraft, a Halifax “B” MkIII was hit by flak, killing the rear Air Gunner instantly, causing multiple shrapnel injuries to most of the crew and almost fatal damage to the aircraft. The flight engineer, my father was able to extinguish the fire which was started in the DI compass equipment just aft of the main door and stabilise the aircraft enabling them to complete their attack and drop the bomb load on target and finally make it back to the UK, crash landing at the emergency aerodrome at Woodbridge.

The crew was listed as:-
  • F/S. Neill, T.G. (Pilot/Captain) Thomas “Jock”. Seriously injured.
  • F/S. Llewellyn, J.
  • Sgt. Penner, J.
  • Sgt. Causton, R.H. (Wireless Op). Seriously injured.
  • Sgt. Levy, B.J. (Mid-upper Gunner). Seriously injured.
  • Sgt. Walters, D.E. (Flight Engineer) David Elwyn “Dewi”
  • Sgt. Appleby, C.W. (Rear Gunner) Charles William. Killed in action.
Obviously, I have already discovered a fair amount about the raid but I would be grateful for anything else which can be added to the story, particularly who was the Navigator, listed in the Woodbridge ORB as also being injured. So far I’ve not been able to name him.


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Thanks to the lovely members of the 76 squadron facebook group I've been able to name the navigator as Sgt Penner and Flt/Sgt Llewelyn was the bomb aimer on the crew.

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