518 squadron Philip Heslop Milne

518 squadron Philip Heslop Milne

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Hi I'm looking for any information on my Grandad Philip Heslop Milne he was a wireless operator and air-gunner with 518 Squadron and was killed in the plane crash over the Scottish island of Tiree on August 16, 1944.I just found out today there was a memorial on the island for the crew ,it's been an emotional day for the family especially my farther finding out the information as we never Knew anything about my grandad it was never spoken about my nana was pregnant when the accident happened she was called Madelline.If anyone has any photos of my grandad or any information please contact me.

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Hi Philip, If you use the SEARCH function on this forum and put in the word "Tiree" you will see all the information from the organizer of the memorial and the families of the other men killed when the 2 Halifaxes collided over Tiree and crashed killing all the crew of both aircraft.

Ken Organ, the organizer of the memorial on Tiree whose father was one of the airmen killed, may be reached at nagro@hotmail.co.uk and I think this is a current good email. Ken may have more personal information on the crewmen in the Halifaxes that crashed.

You can also get more information on the history of this crash by putting in this google search "Halifax LL186 + Halifax LL296" and see the results.

I also got the crash report from the Australian national archives and it reads below, Cheers, Karl

Aircraft Type: Halifax
Serial number: LL 296
Radio call sign: "S"
Unit: 518 Sqn RAF
Summary: On 16th August 1944, Halifax LL295 crashed at Tiree Argyllshire, Scotland. The Isle of
Tiree is on the west coast of Scotland, and
is about 2 miles west of Scarinish. All on
board the aircraft were killed.
Crew: LL296

PO Turner Captain (Pilot)

FO Revillord, L (2nd

Sgt K Willams, (Flight Engineer)

418036 FO Stephens, T
(Navigator Bomb Aimer)

Sgt R Stevenson, (Met Officer)
WO A Milne (Wireless Air Gunner)
PO Bradley, F (Wireless Air Gunner)
PO Regenstreif, M (Wireless Air Gunner)
PO Turner is buried in the Troon Cemetery, Ayrshire, Scotland.
FO Stephens, Sgt Srevenson, PO Bradley and
PO Regenstreif are buried in the Soroby
Burial Ground, UK.
WO Milne is buried in the Sunderland (Bishopwearmouth) Cemetery, UK.
Sgt Williams is buried in the Beringston (Plymyard) Cemetery, UK.
Commonwealth War Graves do not show where FO Revillord is buried.

In a report on the accident, the Wg Cdr CO
of 518 Sqn reported : “Assuming that the R/T
in aircraft “M” was serviceable, Flying Control
had been in contact with the aircraft 10
minutes before, and it seems that FO Organ the Pilot of “M” was nearer the drome than
he thought as he had not called
up for permission to join the circuit. . Due to the patches
of cloud, his aircraft came in contact with aircraft “S” piloted by FO Turner.”
An inquiry into the accident by the Flt Comman
der, Flight ‘A’ stated that :“ It would
appear that Halifax LL296 “S” having been
given permission by R/T to land, was flying
in an upwind direction above the runway in
use in order to set the directional Gyro.
Having reached a point approx 1000 yards from
the end of the runway, LL186 “M” broke
cloud dead ahead, and then banked violently to
starboard but the starboard wing of “”S”
collided with the port wing pf “M”. Both
aircraft burst into
flames on impact, the
fragment falling to the north and south of
the island of Loch. The weather conditions at
the time were 5/10ths cloud at 300 feet. Visi
bility was 7 miles w
ith a cloud base of
10/10ths at 1000 feet.