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Hi, "Moonlight Mermaid" was a Halifax Mk. VII serial number NP689. She did 80+ operations before being shotdown on Mar. 15, 1945 to Hagen.

I was an honourary member of the 432 Squadron Association and knew many of the 432 Squadron boys, including Johnny Bright, an engineer who worked on and cared for Moonlight Mermaid.

Sadly, most of them passed on now.

We have some good photos of Moonlight Mermaid at the Bomber Command Museum of Canada, in case you are interested.

Cheers, krashguard
Hi, just found this site so sorry this has taken so long.
A VERY good friend of mine, Ian Duncan also was an airframe type on 432 and was assigned to Moonlight Mermaid. He told me many times of his feelings when the aircraft went missing, specially for his friend who was the tail gunner. He had many pictures of this aircraft which I believe his daughter no has.
He passed away a few years ago after many years retired from the helicopter industry here in BC.


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My grandfather was Eiler Villy Andersen. He passed away in 1997. I have been looking for crew or family members for years but haven't had any luck. If you have any connections I would greatly appreciate it!!
Hi Lori,

my name is Sven and I work as a volunteer in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia) in soil monument conservation.

For some years now, World War II has been part of archaeology. I do aerial archaeology with a team of volunteers.
I. e. we investigate plane crashes during World War II, search for crash places and determine the fate of the crews.

For a few weeks we have found in the south-east of Düsseldorf (south of the Ruhr area) the remains of a Halifax type MK VII. Through entries in the Erkrath death register we were able to prove that the bomber is the NP689.

I wanted to ask if you have any information about your grandfather, his time at the RCAF and especially about this mission in Hagen, which you could make available to me?

Kind regards Sven

Please contact me: sventleman@gmx.de

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