102 colours

102 colours

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Dear all.
I'm wondering if anybody can help me .
I am painting a picture of a 102 Sq Halifax and was wondering if anyone could help regards the colour of the 2 bands which were carried on the tail.
I know they were red, but how red !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Cheers, Kenny Walker.

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Aviation Artist Keith Woodcock's "Yorkshire's Relish" depicts 102 squadron Halifaxes. The two horizontal bands on the tail unit (D-fin) appear to be corresponding in colour to the same shade of red used on the fin flash marking. The Squadron and individual a/c codes appear to be a slightly "oranger" shade of red and that might be almost a vermillion. Exactly what that shade of crimson the horizontal bands are might require the use of a really good colour wheel or palette though you might want to check Bones Aviation page and refer to the section on RAF Roundels.

Look at it this way - you can always fade the colours abit as if exposed to weather & elements!

Someone might be able to find you the exact colour used by the RAF. It must have a lot number somewhere.

Good luck with your painting!