Signed with Group Yellow Media

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Signed with Group Yellow Media

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22 Feb 2010, 14:50 #1

Hey! :D

just signed today an authorization for Group Yellow Media provide my MODs at his sites, magazines, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, etc... the mods COD4 Frontlines, HER BF2 and HER BF2142 will be available there shortly and in next publications. :wink:

Group Yellow Media publish several video games and computing magazines in French such as but not limited to : Windows News, Windows XP Magazine, Windows Vista Magazine, Micro Actuel, PC Achat, Internet Pratique, Computer Arts, PC Jeux, Jeux Vidéo Magazine, PlayStation Magazine, PSM3, Consoles +, Joystick, Kid Paddle, XBOX 360 Magazine, Nintendo Magazine, Joypad, T3, Download Magazine and Fiches Pratiques.

Aside COD4 Frontlines make a good success also in France beside Germany as the two countries which most play this mod, it's the first time my work will appear in France press (what I know), aside already appeared several times on Germany like on PC GAMES, PC ACTION & GIGA TV.
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It's cool
Come on in France i have a bedroom for you :lol: