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TGN site was completely modified and lots of old data were "deleted" by some kind of hack attack, and this inclued my interview given in 2008 about HER Airborne.

So enjoy the full interview restored from the ashes... :wink:

1.) For those who have no idea what HER is or what the letters HER stands for why don't you tell the gamers a brief overview of what exactly HER is and what does it add to Medal of Honor Airborne?

HER means Hajas Extreme Realism, and in resume will change the gameplay of MOHA into a lot more realistic game that tries to simulate the Multiplayer of the old MOHAA (SH & BT) with Realism, which will work in Singleplayer and Multiplayer of Airborne, but a little more hard, that's why "Extreme" in the name.

Some of the HER features are no more 1 full clip to kill an enemy, now anyone can die with 1-2 good shots (inclued you), no more airdrop protection avoiding you to jump in the middle of the enemy forces, if you do it now you will probably hit the ground dead, the player have the same health as the enemies when the original had almost 3 times more, less nades and ammo to carry, lean in Multiplayer now is equal as in the Singleplayer, falling damage is more close to reality, explosions are a lot more powerfull and many others tweaks to make the gameplay not only realistic but also very well balanced.

With all that will bring back the feel of war to the game, something that I missed a lot in the original version.

2.) What new features are we to expect in the upcoming release of HER 2.3?

None. When I made HER I did everything expecting the real objective mode, and they fit like a glove now.
All was really overtested and balanced, push this more could destroy the gameplay, so I chose to keep the same gameplay that I played MOH Airborne last year, which is really cool. So my work in 2.3 was just adapt the scripting of the old versions to work with the new 1.3 patch

3.) Have you made any changes to existing content of HER to suit it better to the new objective game type added with patch 1.3?

Yes, in fact few of them was also removed. All the messages treatment that I did for older versions became useless with this patch, because they fixed all the things that I already had fixed before, so no need to have that part of my code, so I removed but kept the same colors of the HER messages. The falling damage was needed to be improved, I don't know why with my old values you still jump from a 3 store building and was still alive.. then I need to re-balance that... weird that they make even more unreal with 1.3. All the rest remains the same with my tests, which save me a lot of work.

Sad that they removed the airdrop in the new objective game type when this wasn't in fact the problem, the problem was the airdrop protection, that will kill the gameplay allowing the allies to jump upside their objectives without being damaged. That's why was my first change in the game, to avoid that unreal behavior of the allies.

Well, they fixed the problem creating a new one, now you didn't play Airborne in MOH Airbone anymore... like play Crysis without the nano suit? weird!

4.) Some people may say to you, 'why would you make a mod for a game that has so few people playing it?' we would like to know the same thing, why?

Well, will be a long reply... :P

I'm a big fan of Medal Of Honor series even before the release of the first one in 2001, I'm playing all versions since then but my all time favorite was to play Spearhead with MPSH3 Realism over many European servers. After the fiasco of Pacific Assault aside his Single Player is really great, the Multiplayer was really boring in that BF2 flag style, without the realism of the Single Player, with only respawn modes which forced all Medal Of Honor players to move to another game or comeback to the older versions, and I chose to comeback to Spearhead on that time.

So I was expecting a lot for a release of a new Medal Of Honor game with a great Multiplayer mode, and I really loved everything except that had a very easy "video-game" feel in his gameplay, nothing like the old ones... and they made again the same mistake in not adding a real objective game mode in the Multiplayer, which made me very sad... but I can't simply quit so fast, I was wanting this game for many years that I can't simply let it go.

So I created HER mainly to fix the game and believing in their promisses that will be a objective gametype soon. HER will transform Airborne into how I think he should be released, and I really did it very well at least for my own pleasure. I finished the Singleplayer campaign playing in Expert Mode with HER and was really really great!

I never played the Airborne without HER in the full version aside few minutes to make sure that they didn't fixed the game, I just can't play like original game came... was a sin make the game so easy, they could make the expert mode be more realistic like HER and leave all the video-game stuff to the easier levels... but we got instead only 3 easy levels inclined for children only.

So I was expecting that they will fix the mistakes they did in the first patch, that wasn't that difficult to fix since the more difficult part was done very well in the graphics, FX, amazing maps, etc... we only need a more balanced and realistic gameplay and a objective gametype, but seams that the game was tweaked to Mario Bros players unfortunately. The fixes wasn't like they promissed and take too much long to be done, then MOHA became a tremeduous failure, and my mod followed the same destiny...

The only good part in this sad history is that if MOH Airborne was made more realistic as it should, HER and this interview will never exist.

Well, because these big mistakes, 99% of the players quit MOHA to play something else... and since we don't have players to play pure MOHA, we don't have enough players to play with HER too, since if you didn't like the game, you probably will never believe that a very small mod like HER will fix it, so you even try it... and that's why I quit playing MOHA soon as I get the final change list of 1.2 patch... and didn't even care to make an update version of HER on that time. Because no one cares... like no one asked about HER 2.2, but now I got at least 10 emails asking for that since 1.3 patch, which is also a very small number, but there's at least a sign that now could worth, at least to a small community.

Comming back to your question, when I did the first version of HER of course I was expecting a huge success from Airborne, if not I'll never waste my time into this mod. But unfortunately this never happens.

So why after all that I still want to release a new version of HER to a dead game?

Because I really believe that MOH Airborne 1.3 with HER 2.3 become a really really great WWII game! Probably the best released until now, and if a clan setup a HER server and give the chance to my mod, I bet they will love to play this game like a modern MOH game with the same feel of the great old MOH versions...

and of course, I did it for my own pleasure, and also know that I did everything that I could to make this game a success and keep supporting all the people that try it and loved HER be able to still play it in this new version, even that alone at the Singleplayer.

HER do things that I can't show you with pics, that I can only give you an idea with the videos but anyone watch these videos with enough attention to care, because they aren't really there... they are just watching myself fighting for my survival like was easy to survive... when is not.

But if you didn't installed HER and play it you will never feel what HER really brings to the game, and doesn't matter what I say you will only really know when you are there playing...

HER was created by a hardcore Medal Of Honor player to hardcore Medal of Honor players. So if you spent years over the servers playing the past versions, I bet you will love this game with HER. And I know you will want to quit if you test the original game, but try it with HER then your opinion will really change.

And to prove all that, that HER was created... and that's why a new version was made.

5.) If Electronic Arts had released a Mod Developers Kit for Medal of Honor Airborne, what else would you add to the HER mod?

Well, we already know that will never be released mod tools to Airborne, but first I'll make my mod work together with the original game to make more people to try it without fear, the second item will be put back the airdrop in the objective gametype... and if we have enough people playing again with HER, maybe port the Frontlines mod from Call of Duty 4 which I'm working right now, cause will be really cool to play Frontlines under a WWII game.

But unfortunately this will never happen.

6.) Do you plan to release any future versions of HER after 2.3 or is this possibly your last update for the Medal of Honor Airborne mod?

If patch 1.3 is the last patch, will be the last version of HER Airborne too. If we have more patches that do considerable changes to the game, probably will have another HER version to fit into the new stuff released. But I doubt that will have more patches... so seams this is the last version of HER Airborne.

Freddy Thank You For your time out of your day to sit down with us to discus your upcoming release of Hajas Extreme Realism 2.3.

thank you TGN for all the support.
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