There Are No More Rules

Steel Cerberus
I r T3H l33t NINJORZ
Steel Cerberus
I r T3H l33t NINJORZ
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4:08 AM - May 03, 2013 #1

Aside from the application. The application is still a thing.

Given that GZ is quiet and not a lot happens around here anymore, I'm suspending all the rules. There's really only two rules left.

1. Still have to do the application to get in.
2. Don't be a jerk.

Other then that, have fun folks. 's what this place is for.

Actually, my bad, there is a couple things to keep in mind.

3. No custom Zoids. This I am going to enforce and say a very firm no, it will never happen again.
4. No more characters from the show/games. If you CURRENTLY have one, you can keep them. If you PREVIOUSLY had one and nobody else has them now, then you can have them back. Other then that, NO MORE. A lot of our RPers have crafted deep histories and events here on GZ with a show/game character, but they may not be around anymore to keep RPing them. It may not be fair, but that's how it is now.