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[color=003366]"You shouldn't have come here."[/color]

Akutenshi's knuckles blazed white as their fingers clenched, flesh nearly melding with the metal of a pair of controls. His emerald eyes, normally shimmering with sheer beauty, were tainted with madness, their pupils predatory slits. The man shook his head in disbelief for what had to be the hundredth time, uncaring that his silver strands of hair messily arranged themselves over his tight shoulders, and even against his paled face. [color=003366]Why? Why now? We've been so happy for so long; finally we had peace. And now this. Unbelievable.[/color]

[color=990066]It doesn't matter now, my friend. This is our chance to avenge your brother, and keep your loved one safe.[/color] Anjerasu's words were almost purred, just for reassurance purposes. In truth, the Murasame Liger was equally as irate and upset as her partner. Her golden nails, which chipped at the layered ice beneath her paws, were evidence of such, as was her flickering whip-like tail. [color=990066]But if you choose to engage, we must do it now, before she awakens and joins us. You know what will happen then.[/color]

He nodded in both agreement and defeat. Sighing, Akutenshi closed his eyes, pausing momentarily to collect his thoughts. [color=003366]"She'll blow the mountains apart and make the range a canyon."[/color] Much truth was laced in his words- his dearest was beyond capable of leveling terrains upon a whim. No doubt, seeing his father would promote such an act of violence from her. Thus, he needed to be swift with his Zoid's blade, initiate precise strikes, make no mistakes, and do so in a timely manner. For the mountains might be calm for the time being, but there was no telling when a blizzard would brew.

[color=c0c0c0]"But I have, and not without reason."[/color]

Yajuu grinned, but in a way that his teeth remained hidden behind tightly pulled lips. He bowed his head a bit, causing his glasses to reflect a near-blinding glare from the visual screen before him. [color=c0c0c0]I will reclaim what was once mine. I may have lost one of my subjects, due to a miscalculation on his character, but I know you well. You'll stand and fight until your last breath is drawn, and I'm counting on that.[/color] Raising his head back to level, the glare faded, baring one silver eye, the other a glowing blue. They both were locked upon the Murasame Liger, a mecha he knew well.

Nonchalantly, Fuki tapped his right-front Soul Bagunau upon the earth, which had cracked and spider-webbed from the minimal effort. He yawned, flashing many dagger-like teeth as his jaw stretched to its maximum impressive length before snapping shut again with a resounding clank. The Soul Tiger lazily swung his tail from side to side, burning red optics peering through his shaded visor to look over the female across from him. It was a shame he was going to have to cut her up good- she was surely a fine feline.

Can we pleeease get this over with? My circuits are freezing out here. I need a nice dry place to sunbathe.. He whined.

[color=c0c0c0]"Fair enough."[/color] Yajuu sighed. It was no wonder he rarely piloted this creature- the thing was incredibly impatient, and not to mention, lazy. Hopefully, such traits wouldn't be hindering during combat. Better yet, perhaps the Soul Tiger's aggressive nature would pull through for him. [color=c0c0c0]"I'll make this as painless as I can, 'son'."[/color] The word 'son' was expressed thickly with venom and disgust.

The two Zoids stared one another, a distance of a hundred meters between them. Upon a patch of ice, the Murasame Liger stood, her golden claws sinking through the layers to the hardened rock below. She was well accustomed to the vicious and unforgiving terrain, unlike her foe. These mountains were not only her home, but her personal training grounds. The Soul Tiger, being dominant in nature, perched himself upon a smoothed cliff jutting over a leveled section of terrain, a mountain's face mere meters to his back. He stared down at the other mecha, head lifted in contempt.

[color=003366]"You will not win this day! I will break you!"[/color] Akutenshi roared, his partner did the same in return. As his voice boomed, a surge of power flooded through his flesh, particles of energy raced through his veins, engaging every cell. The substance actually escaped through the man's fingers and settled into the Zoid's controls, where it began to spread, following the circuitry. As soon as the energy struck the mecha's Core, the Murasame Liger arched back into a second roar, her body glowing a bright white. Within a matter of seconds, she had become encased if a cocoon, which soon shattered and revealed her Mugen form.

[color=c0c0c0]"No. You're the one who will break to my will!"[/color] Yajuu proclaimed. Despite the strength exerted in his voice, he remained as calm and collected as usual, making him a far more deadly opponent. The Soul Tiger seemed to grin as it inched towards the ledge, its normal set of nails clutching to the tip. As its Soul Warp system came online, the entire Zoid's body started to hum, image waver. Fuki assumed a crouched position, his metal muscles tensing in preparation, tail straightening out behind him.

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"So how in the hell did we get stuck on patrol duty all the way in damned Delpoi? I mean, seriously?"

Gabby sighed, leaning on the control panel. Aegis trudged dutifully through the snowy mountain top, stoic as always. "You'd think, after getting promoted to captain, they'd at least give me my own unit." The Silver Wings captain whined, dropping her voice into a mockery of her commanding officer's deep bass. "But no. 'You're autonomous now, Captain Erria. Your first order is to secure the Guardian Force's outpost in the Ethan Mountains. Bah. Talk about a waste of talent."

Did you know, you're beginning to sound like Liz? "That was a cheap shot."

I'm serious. You're whining. Isn't that her job? Rael, the German Shepard organoid shot back from the core of the purple and blue Blade Liger.

"Yeah. But I'm not a slu-- Quiet. Both of you. Aegis rumbled. "Eh? What's the matter, big guy?"

Look over that ridge. There are Zoids down there. Looks like a fight.

The Blade Liger trudged towards the edge of the ridge. Gabby strained her eyes, and, with some effort made out the shapes of the two machines, clearly poised for combat. One, was a Murasame Liger. She knew, because she lived with a man who owned a rather vocal one. The large katana on it's back and the slim frame was a dead give away. The other, was one she hadn't actually seen in person before, only seen specs. She recognized it as a Soul Tiger, a capable melee fighter in it's own right.

Gabby sat straight up, flicking her long brown hair to one side and gripped the controls, unwilling to give up her vantage point just yet.
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