Origional vs upgrade

Nakamura Akira
Nakamura Akira

6:55 PM - Nov 02, 2007 #1

Nakamura and Ryuujin bothe walked into the arena from the north side. They casualy looked around for any sign of life and waited, somewhat patiently.

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Seijaku tapped her fingers upon the upgraded control panel lightly, savoring the sleek feel while her red eyes admired the multiple lights that danced all around her. Even the piloting seat felt more comfortable, and seemed to mold to her form, as if the material was made for her. "Glad you decided to wander back." The Zoidian confessed. "Where did you go anyways?" For some odd reason, her Zoid had gone up and vanished one day- right out of the blue. And though she'd have went out in search for the blue beast, she had too many things to do as Empress.

The southern metal door shifted and began to slide open, baring the Zoid in question. Slowly, a white talon was raised, heaved forward and fell silently upon the smooth metal floor, soon followed by the other. I went to the day spa to get myself looking pretty! Meikan chimed, giggling while her tail wagged happily behind her. Seijaku quirked a brow in question. "What do you mean?" I went to the spa, and got myself a beauty make over. Look! She wiggled her legs, which in return shook a pair of cannons newly linked to them.

The Zoidian wasn't convinced. And rather than to repeatedly get the same answer, she checked her Zoid's databanks, causing a screen to erect before her. Through it, Seijaku was able to see just where the mecha went and what had actually happened to her. "So, the Republic is to blame? Or rather..thank.." She scratched the top of her head, unsure what to do. On one hand, her Zoid had been abducted. But on the other..she was also upgraded at the same time.

Suddenly, Meikan's orange optics shifted to red, Combat System engaging. Curious, Seijaku lowered the screen to peer out across the arena, where a Gairyuuki was spotted. "Oh son of a-" I got a new toy too! Don't worry..I'm going to crush this poser!
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2:23 PM - Nov 05, 2007 #3

I totally forgot this battle was here.

So, Seij gets 40k and Naka gets nothing. Why? I hate being pestered, and apparently you were pestering Seij too. That's a big no no.

Have a nice day.