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Raven/Vira/Razor worked so hard on these, so even though I'm getting rid of the forums, I'm putting the descriptions here just in case they're ever needed again.

Toral City
The second city to be made on Bek, they are in direct opposition to Evrioz. Only a few Ancient Zoidians are allowed within the walls of Toral, for the people of this city are very careful. Guards are in constant motion, walking around in shifts that seem to go to all hours, keeping the peace with surprising efficiency. The city itself resembles Guygalos and New Helic, being somewhat grand in their design, having a central hall in where they handle all business of the negative or positive. This town is run like a democracy, having an appointed president and a staff of chosen associates.

Gaolien Hall
Central building in Toral, this is the office for the president and his associates. The security around and within Gaolien is top class, from those guards that can be seen strolling about at all hours to even having a few organoids at the office doors. Any suspicious activity, from loitering to unknown individuals entering, activates censors found in the walls and certain statues. This isn’t a place to cause trouble.

Great Emel Lakes
The most flourished part of Bek due to a constant circulation of water, plant life in this area has absolutely no problem growing. It is often joked to be a jungle in this region, though that isn’t far from the truth. The four lakes are spread out in a way that provides perfect protection, all seeming to connect to one another through the quickly running currents that map out across the forest. It isn’t hard to get lost in this foliage, but there is one safe spot inside this somewhat hazardous terrain; the village of Aethan. Not many are actual Zoidians, consisting mostly of half-breeds and humans, but the lot is friendly enough.

Village of Aethan
This is a dinky little town if ever there were one. Located in a man made clearing, there are only a clutter of buildings, the appointed leader of the town not wanting too much attention to fall on them from Evrioz or Toral. They live in a very amish atmosphere, being strict with their rules, but happen to be the only other town willing to care for an outsider or refuge from either city.

A large walled city, established entirely by surviving Ancient Zoidians and those who wish to see the race thrive again. Known as Evrioz, this empire is the first society to be formed on Bek, and the first successful modern Ancient Zoidian city. Life was fantastic until the current emperor, being somewhat hostile towards humans, decided seclusion would keep them safe until they could dominate outer regions. He created a dome shaped barrier around the entire perimeter of the city, keeping everything out, as well as everyone in. What powers the transparent barrier lies within the walls of the Evrioz Palace, and remains a secret even to the citizens. The perfect power conceals all energy from within the city, and has been the primary reason as to Evrioz's secrecy for many years. If the barrier should break, Evrioz would become known to the world.

If one were to gain clearance to the city, he would first pass through a gate in the first wall, being the first checkpoint to any who wish to enter. The ring is literally shaped as that, walls high and made of metal and stone. Even most organoids would have a hard time breaking through. Four gates are placed at the North, East, South and West entrance. There are only a few buildings on this site of the city, mostly for the guards that aren’t droids as places to rest before getting back to work. Once clearing the first checkpoint, one must pass through the Inner Gate. The signature droids of Evrioz line this entire pathway to the city. There are abandoned souvenir stands here and there from when past, reminding the people that they once allowed visitors, and someday hope to reopen their barrier.

The city itself is actually somewhat humble. All the buildings in the first section are created of an adobe like material, though the insides are highly technological. In the second section, there are more cobblestone roads, homes and any businesses featuring structures with a higher quality of material. Evrioz prefers to use mass produced droid like creatures to patrol their streets, instead of Zoidians or Organoids. This is due to the fact they believe every person and Organoid are essential to their rise in the world once more. These droids are often seen on street corners, remaining as still as statues, silently surveying every action in the area. They keep the crime rate near zero. It is the perfect prison.

Western Union
This side of town is often seen as somewhat hostile. The people who live here are often poorer than most occupants of the city, and seem less hospitable. A high percentage of half breeds reside here, and an even smaller percent of humans. The droids of Evrioz manage to keep the peace relatively well, but if there ever was a place they needed to intervene, it would be the Western Union. Rumors of an Evrioz resistance group circle, but no one has been able to pin anything on the citizens. The buildings here are slightly less kept than the rest of the city. The ground is usually cheaper stone, sometimes dirt, and the back alleys tend to have a shady aura.

Court of Redemption
This is the town square of Evrioz. It is a wide open area, often hosting glorious festivals and extravagant parties. It is also a place of city meetings. There is a large stage in the center, and here performances and speeches are made. However, the uses are not limited to this, and it has been known to be used for executions. How death is caused varies from crime to crime. When not being used for official purposes, it often resembles some kind of flea market. A beautiful fountain towards the south is a popular play place for children while their parents buy, trade, and sell goods.

Evrioz Palace
Settled within the very center of Evrioz, it is the heart of the city, operating everything from within. Circling the palace is a smaller version of the Outer Ring. Droids are seated like statues at measured distances to keep any who aren’t allowed in, out. The palace itself is clearly high class. Marble pillars, extravagant staircases, the works. Rooms are situated throughout the building, enough for the royal family, the council, servants, guards, and whoever they feel like dragging in by their hooked claws. It is frighteningly ordinary, however, complete with a kitchen, dining room, lounge, living room, and more. Rumors say experimental labs, a dungeon, and the barrier's power source are kept in some kind of basement beneath the palace... but they are just rumors.