New Beginnings

Ian Constance
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5:04 PM - Nov 20, 2017 #1

Remiel was still in a daze, but it wasn't the anesthesia from surgery. His whole life was turning around, but it was all happening too fast.  An Organoid, a new Zoid, reinstatement with a promotion in the Guardian Force?  It was almost too much.  But even with all of that, he couldn't get his mind off Cat, and the way she had been acting around him.  She was out shopping with her share of the job's reward money, and in a way, so was he.  He had already gotten a new suit for their dinner date that night, and had made reservations at a five star restaurant, the best in Guygalos.  He had made a promise, and he intended to keep it.

Now he was busy spending REAL money.  The close calls in the Valley of the Rare Hertz, and just how dangerous the job had been had brought some things in Remiel's life into focus, helped him realize where his priorities SHOULD be.  Cat had always been there for him, and he intended to show her just how much she meant to him.  The master jeweler had a reputation for making custom pieces, and Remiel sought him out for just that reason.  The ring being finished as he waited would be one of a kind.  Red diamond, cut and set to look like a rose blossom, flanked by emeralds as "leaves" and all set in delicate platinum.  A single ring, and it would cost more than a small Zoid.  He intended to make sure Cat knew just how much she meant to him.


Catherine had two things in mind when she left the hospital that morning:  a new dress for dinner and an new weapon for her Zoid.

The dress was custom, black with red and gold accents, and had taken a few hours, but she was happy with the design.  The seamstress would finish the rest and it would be ready that evening, before dinner, complete with accenting jewelry.  Excited as a child with an allowance and wondering what to spend it on, she wasted no time making her way to the section of Guygalos specializing in the sale of Zoids and equipment.  One particular executive had already offered her a discount, and she intended to see what was on the table.