New Beginnings

The capital of the Guylos Empire is the city of Guygalos. Very much like the other towns and cities on Zi, Guygalos is in dire need of a power wash. It is difficult to find a corner you can turn and not find an Imperial Soldier on duty. The war may be over, but they all remain very loyal to their work. They stand ready and willing, to fight at a moments notice to protect their Capital and Emperor.

New Beginnings

Ian Constance
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Nov 20 2017, 05:04 PM #1

Remiel was still in a daze, and it wasn't just the anesthesia from surgery. His whole life was turning around, but he wasn't completely sure he wanted it to. Fear of change would be too strong a way to put it, but he was apprehensive. An Organoid, a new Zoid, reinstatement with a promotion, and Guardian Force. But more than all of that, his mind was on Cat, and the way she had been acting around him. She was out getting a new dress for their dinner date and doing a little shopping with her half of their reward, and he was doing something similar. Getting fitted for a suit hadn't taken long, even with his heavily bandaged hand. Now he was looking at spending REAL money.

The jeweler was busy putting the finishing touches on a custom piece Remiel had carefully described. A rose cut red diamond, flanked by pear cut emeralds to serve as the 'leaves', all set in platinum. The ring cost more than a small Zoid. Only the best.

The jeweler was fast and skilled, and the ring was finished. Once secured in the box, Remiel was on his way.


Cathrine had spent two hours in this one shop alone, but the seamstress had her measurements and Cat was happy with the design. But she was tired by the time she left, and even with the dress being a rush order, their date was at eight that night, so the seamstress only had about six hours to finish if Cat was going to have time to get into it, get last minute adjustments, and then still have time to get to the restaurant. Five stars, the best in Guygalos, with food imported from across Zi.

She sighed happily just thinking about what the night could hold. Remiel had barely been conscious when he had made the reservations that morning, but he had written it down, and had promised he would go get his suit shortly after she left. She wanted to do a little shopping before then though. Accessories, of course, but even more.

It didn't take the mercenary long to reach the section of town specializing in Zoids, weapons and components. Flare could use some extra fire power, especially with Remiel getting the Geno Saurer, Cat wanted an upgrade too. And one shop in particular had already offered a discount.