The 'Desert Hideaway' is pretty straightforward. It's an old renovated military hangar in the middle of a desert (dur), the only hidden part about it being that the place is surrounded by really big sand dunes. Those don't provide much in the way of defense or cover, but they're fun to snowboard down in the winter =D

The inside of the place is big. Seeing as it used to be just an old hangar, most of the original equipment is intact, leaving the resident mechanic very happy. Since renovation, though, the place now has...two floors? We can't really call the top one a floor though, more like a floor and and a half. It's structure is more like a loft, really, and the only way to get up there is one old fashioned iron-rung ladder in the wall.

Yes, you heard me. ONE ladder. Emily can build another floor but she's too lazy to install an elevator.... o_O

The loft area has a few rooms, a big den, a bigger kitchen, and a few bathrooms scattered about the place. There's lots of windows on the outside rooms, and also a few on the inside that look out into the hangar.

The one big sticking point about this place is security. Emily, having few enemies and a secluded home in the middle of nowhere, isn't particularly worried about having unwanted guests come and knock her front door down. To be sure, there are a few cameras scattered about the perimeter and an alarm system installed, but other than that the only means of defense are whatever Zoids are at home.


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