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"I want to catch at least one more," Dakota said from her perch on Blitzkreig's face. The Dark Spiner had his spines folded into his back, and both white Zoids were covered with canvas so their white coloring wouldn't stick out. No doubt, people had started to hear things and report things about a pair of albino Zoids causing trouble.

The albino twins were in Port Taggern, if for nothing else then a change of scenery and perhaps something else interesting in this silly place. Their Whale King, a stock standard red color, sat at the end of the dock, bobbing in the water easily. They could get up and leave as quickly as they needed to, but they had some time to look around.

They walked down the docks and into town, dressed plainly and covering as much of their dreadfully pale white skin as they could. On the docks, they passed a Bio Volcano, black and viral green, who regarded them with a milky white eye as they passed.

Walking the streets, the pair only looked around and gabbed about random topics, nothing too important. Nobody on the street paid attention to them, and vice versa. Oddly enough, the Port was one of the few places that still had payphones set up occasionally along the sidewalk, and the one they happened past had someone in it. It was a female, noticeably muscular with her hands and forearms wrapped in cloth tape, and a sleeveless shirt and jeans.

The woman in the phone booth caught their attention for whatever reason, though only one of the twins kept looking even after they had passed. She gently tugged her sister aside, and went to lean against a nearby wall of a storefront, and dig around in her pocket until she found the scanner they used to identify Zoidians from humans.

Maxine sighed a little at her twin, "Can't we take a break for at least a day?"

"There's something about her that bothers me," Dakota hissed, raising the red scanner lens to her eye and peering through it as it activated and started scanning. She frowned nearly immediately, "I thought so. Come on," she gestured to an alley behind them, and headed off out of sight, for now.

"Well can you ask your guy to meet me half way at least? I'm exhausted here, dude," JC sighed, leaning her forehead against the pane of glass inside the phone booth, "Well, I'm tired of running back and fourth across the planet just to see you. ...well hey if you can do that, then make it happen, but for today," she stopped, and chuckled, "Alright, alright, thanks. I'll see you in a few hours," she hung up the phone and sighed, pushing the booth open, "If I can find my damn Organoid that quickly."

She strolled out of the booth and down the street, back to where she left her zoid. It was the most obvious place to start looking for the little bat. The walk back was quiet, but as she walked among some of the shipping boxes sitting on the docks, the hairs on her neck prickled.

(Well that's weird,) she thought, reaching back to rub her neck and look around. Normally, when a feeling hit her like that, there was a reason for it. She listened a few more seconds, the feeling still nagging her and not letting her lower her guard, "Why are you following me?"

"What made you think I was following you?" the albino stepped out from behind one of the metal crates, "Though, I was. You could make this easy on us both, Zoidian, and come quietly," she said, holding her hand out.

JC stared in disbelief, like her brain couldn't process what she was being asked to do. When she finally did realize it, she chuckled and shook her head, turning to face the albino woman and cracking her knuckles, "You're either stupid or you have a gun in your pocket. Either way, if it's the second you'll just shoot me in the back anyways," she reasoned aloud, clenching her fists and walking towards the albino.

As they fought, Dakota was surprised at how much sheer strength the Zoidian had. JC was right about one thing, she did have a gun but didn't want to use it. Had to bring her back alive, after all.

JC didn't notice the second twin sneaking up on her until it was just about too late. Max was sneaking, trying to get JC in some kind of choke hold or something, when the Zoidian realized there was someone behind her. She turned, and without thinking, smashed her fist right into the other girl's face. That gave Dakota the opening she needed, locking her arm around JC's neck and squeezing down on her windpipe to block it, and she dropped after a few seconds

Max blinked, dazed, holding her nose and doubled over to let the blood drip onto the ground, "I think she broke my face."

"Well, we'll break something of hers later," Dakota growled, dropping the Zoidiain unceremoniously to the ground, "Let's get the Zoids..."