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The two zoids sat in the middle of the southern half of the abandoned racing arena. They were relatively normal sights here on Guylos Grand Prix Island, being standard equipment in the Empire's forces. One was a Proto Zaber in muted blue and grey, with innocuous golden wings running down its sides into the flight stabilizers it had equipped. The other was a rather cheerily painted orange and red Dark Horn, a sunburst design shining on the beast's right shoulder. Ancient and forgotten script flowed up its muzzle in an unsettling blue speaking a message that few could understand. They stood about ten meters apart facing into the opposite side of the arena where their unexpectedly bountiful opponents had arrived.

"Well boy, is this what you expected?" The zoidian chuckled as he pulled on a pair of black leather gloves. Leaning back in the pilots seat he looked at the other side with a speculative glance. "You did issue an open challenge after all."

Mark shook his head as he finished fastening his helmet and took his own flight gloves out of the netting on the ceiling. "No Grandfather, this is not what I expected. Then again, you were boasting about your abilities. Like the battle against the Sh-"

"Sheik's men during the first siege of the Emperor's fortress." Gregor interrupted. "I remember and that was a completely different situation. We were defending a bottle neck with a dozen men against about a hundred not in an open field against ten times our number." He activated the 3D radar suite and tied his hair back as it warmed up.

"We're better trained and better armed than most of them, with years of experience." Mark smiled. "We'll be fine. Do you have the encryption protocols loaded up?"

"Yes, yes, and I've begun transmitting my radar data to you under that encryption as well as our conversation. Do you have your infrared radar active?" Gregor's hands flew across the controls as the tac screen in front of him identified and catalogued 'important' items in its range. Among them were the numerous zoids of their opposition which were quickly sorted by type and represented by red cones on the display. The Dark Horn and Proto Zaber were two blue cones. "That is quite an array of forces they have there. Do you think they bought them from the same discount chain you buy your furniture?" Once started the radar would update information on the enemy, removing the need for a dedicated navigator/strategist. He also set it to track any stationary munitions they might drop, such as mines or those absurd paper decoys that Mark bought, and mark them with yellow cones to prevent collisions. Happy with the work, he transmitted it over to his many times great grandson and smiled. "Don't forget to send me your IR feed, the range on these units is rubbish."

"Yeah, I know. I'm already transmitting... and I've got your feed now too. Compiling... There we go, we've got everything here." He cut the encryption from his comm and opened up a channel to the opposition. "We thank you for joining us here today and accepting our challenge. I apologize that we didn't expect quite this many people to show up but I'm more than willing to try our hand. As promised, my unit has promised to pay for all repairs owed to you. Also, if you win you will gain a pardon for any crimes committed in the empire in the last 5 years." He reactivated the encryption and cut his transmission power so he could talk to his grandfather again. "What do you think?"

"I've identified targets. Give me control of your missiles for the first minute or so... Gas and Pass and Invisible Fortress?" Gregor chuckled. This was going to be fun.

"Sounds good. We'll go on your signal." He dropped the eyeshield on his helmet and smiled as data began running across its surface. It'd been too long.


Floating high enough to be a speck, the organoid Sleipnir looked down on the scene. He was close enough to get to his master, or his former master if it was required, but high enough up that it was unlikely that he'd be hit by a stray round. He stood there immobile on empty air, in defiance of logic and several physical laws and sighed to himself. This kind of fight couldn't end well at all.

Taison Brodoc
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Taison Brodoc
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"You couldn't help yourself, could you?"


Footfall by eversteady footfall, the chimeric mech advanced onto the race track where the largest private battle in a while would occur. It was alone, armor sparkling in the midday light, and while it was true that she looked like a paint factory exploded onto her, a prideful and low grumble escaped her demonic, wheat-shaded maw. The blue cockpit shielding glimmered just as bright, as the quartet of captain's chairs sat. Back to back, the inhabitants of the Base of Memories Lost each manned a smaller control console, and a screen that displayed all the normal battle windows for Akaiito, and also smaller ones for overall stats on the others.

[color=ff2000]"Besides. It'll be fun!"�[/color]

Taison looked back at the small battalion of zoid, then ahead at the weapon-laden duo opposing them. "Fun. Right."�

[color=ff2000]“Hey, trust me! There's nothing to worry about-"[/color]

'As promised, my unit has promised to pay for all repairs owed to you. Also, if you win you will gain a pardon for any crimes committed in the empire in the last 5 years.'

Well, hello. That rung to the spiky-haired adult's ears much more than the sheer rush of battle he was about to partake in. He, of course, didn't read the entire challengs sign-up sheet, so this turn of events was wildly surprising. And lucky too; his time in the Empire wasn't exactly the cleanest after all. Evading arrest, bribery, underground prizefighting (on too many occasions to count), theft, battery...


So a record expunging would have be a blessing for him.

A fire lit behind his youthful hazel eyes, and he howled energetically. [color=ff2000]"YOU'RE ON."[/color]

Laser lances in reflecting beautiful light as she rose, the zoids all split into small teams...

[Positions] (In relation to the opponents)

Twelve o'clock, in air: Somnium, Animus, Eienno Akaiito, Nijiiro Harusame, Moeagaru Yuki.

Nine o'clock: Sorairo, Ferox, Nagareboshi, Yuufu, Hyakurai.

Eleven o'clock: Solo, Extrema, Misora, Leo, Sangloup

Four o'clock: Raihi, Seraph, Kurogari, Throwback.

Two o'clock: Damianos, Skyeblu, Zeromaru, Stunnalicious.

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Mark breathed out slowly, drawing out stress and nervousness in a stream of air. He emptied his mind of trivialities and focused all of his mental energy on the battle at hand. He trusted in his experience both with Gira and battle in general, in his great grandfather’s skill and the way that they could and would support each other. As he breathed in again he smiled. “Ready?”

“As ready as I will be.” Came the reply over the radio.

“Right, let’s go.” He said as he flicked a switch on his right before pushing the controls forward, drawing back a bit on the left stick. The Zaber leapt forward and turned to cross in front of the Dark Horn as both of them were engulfed in a mass of oily black smoke. The soft whine of the hatches on the missile launchers opening ignored as he flipped another switch and ran towards the back of the field.

With each step the zoid shook. Every stride marked the deployment of one of the beast’s deployable mines, shooting invisibly out into the inky blackness to arm itself and await an unwary soul. Missiles also fired off in sequence, one from each box followed by another and another... Slaved to his grandfather’s console, he didn’t know exactly where they were going, but the constant hiss of missiles was only interrupted by the hum of the pods bringing new munitions into alignment with the barrels.

When the last landmine flew, he turned left again to cut behind the position the Dark Horn would be taking and avoid the line of mines that would have cropped up along its travel route. Straightening out, he heard the now empty heavy missile pods jettison as he slapped the button on his left that activated his stealth system a moment before he exited the smoke. He’d wired the stealth to that strange dummy system so that they deployed together, but he didn’t even feel it as the paper model flew off to stand by the Dark Horn’s position with his empty missile pods… He was invisible, empty of explosives, and ready to start fighting. This will be fun...
His head down and his eyes shut, Gregor’s mouth moved quickly. Barely audible, his voice gave life to ancient and forgotten prayers to gods long since forgotten to time. This battle wasn’t simply a question of skill or strength and he’d be glad for any help he got. Even without miracles, luck, or the direct intercession of the holy ones, the act brought him peace and tied this moment to all the other battles he’d fought since he was old enough to hold a blade. He shook his head to stop the memories, and the tears, as the prayers he’d raised during the first awakening of the Death Saurer joined the rest. Too fresh in his mind, the vision of entire city blocks disappearing, of the horror as he tried to distract the beast and hold it back to allow the survivors time to escape. “...and should I fall may my spirit guide those who come after me. Lead them to mercy and compassion and ensure that they may have the strength to carry on no matter what the odds.”

His radio crackled for a second “Ready?”

He chuckled before thumbing the microphone on again. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Right, let’s go.” His grandson wasn’t religious at all, more was the pity. He never would have understood why he prayed.

He pulled a knob on the left side of the tactical screen and hit a flashing button on the right side. The first started the zoid to hissing as it spat out a clinging smoke as black and impenetrable as Lady Night’s skirts. With the second, the little red cones that indicated position and facing of their enemies began to pulse softly as missiles locked on. The missile counter near the ‘armaments’ display read a total of 14 normal missiles out of a possible six and 32 heavy missiles out of a possible zero. The anomalous reading the result of having the Zaber’s armament added to his own without correcting itself. A problem I will make sure to remedy in the future. Even so, the munitions promised to level the playing field a great deal.

Now, as in every major battle, things seemed to move too slowly. His body and the world itself crawled past as if everything was underwater while his mind raced. The enemies he’d selected before the battle were being locked onto even as he pushed the controls forward and to the right. Both sets of boosters ignited with an audible roar as the Dark Horn leapt forward and turned to cut towards the back of the arena. He saw by the radar that he’d missed the cat by only a meter and a half, but his hand was already swinging over and pressing the button that deployed the landmines. It returned to the controls, as if attached by a spring as his other hand depressed the trigger built into the control stick.

He could envision the enemy as the missiles all shot off in sequence, firing staggered to prevent the missiles from affecting each other’s flight and to maintain a constant stream of fire. The first two shot of his shot off towards a metallic gray Leogator, unique in its split role. The second pair at a light blue BLOX Geno Saurer, small, yet promising a fiery death. His last two flew toward a darker green Genius Wolf, strange with what looked like a second cockpit canopy on its back. Even though his missiles were all gone, he kept the trigger down as the counter dropped, the Zaber’s missile supplies dwindling quickly. The targets almost a blur in his mind’s eye. A solitary normal missile flying towards an unfortunate Molga, two each towards a Command Wolf and a Shield Liger BLOX, with the remaining three normal ones going after a modified Shield Liger. Four of the heavier missiles flew at the enemy’s larger feline zoids, a Shield Liger Commander, modded Liger Zero, Bio Liger and Blitz tiger. Two targeted the futuristic Diablo Tiger while a staggering five were aimed at the metal zi clad Lanstag. Each of the shadow foxes and the mimic sword liger gained a tri of explosive followers as well, with the final four flying towards the heavily armored Ankylocrusher.

Counter at zero he released the trigger, but the results would not come for a few seconds yet. Nearly an eternity right now, he imagined what his enemies would encounter. Lances of fire would erupt from the ball of smoke, the spears of light burning against the darkness. They’d fly out and down then, arcing to strike from above. Then... he did not know. The high explosives could turn armor to confetti on impact, shattering steel like it was glass and melting things farther away. What would strike and what would miss or be destroyed he could not imagine, however. It could be that all he would see when the smoke cleared was the devastated husks of his enemies burning or useless in the sunlight. On the other hand he could find that the missiles had all been destroyed or dodged and those same enemies were charging towards him. The most likely scenario would be somewhere in between, gods willing they wouldn’t miss at all but that almost never happens.

With landmines expended, he turned into the center of the arc of explosive death they had just made and stopped. The cone that was his grandson passed behind him and disappeared as the radar stabbed out of the inky blackness, searching for a target to give him. “And when you do, we will see how you fare against the last of the Shen Uonnari’s chosen guard.” He kept special watch for the light eagle zoid he’d seen earlier. He’d programmed the computer to fire the grapple hook at it automatically. If he actually got it he’d win a bet and have a very good laugh.


Taison Brodoc
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Taison Brodoc
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(I keep counting 50 missiles, but it might just be me. I’ll battle accordingly. Also, Oni and I agreed to let me include one more zoid in exchange for letting him include his new organoid)

As the thick smoke obscured the ability to locate the heavily-armed opponents, small flashes of propelled missiles caught the eyes and optics of all who attended the humongous battle on this day. Nearly fifty of the explosive ammunition broke the wall and spread out, but with a cocky sneer, one of the pilots called out:

[color=ff2000]“Shoot ‘em right out of the sky!”[/color]

...It was going to be one of those days.

“Hey Koko,” the tomboy asked quickly, keeping her fiery eyes locked on the battle and damage report screens before her. “Didn’t you say one of your friends was gonna be here?”

Before he ever got the chance to respond, Koichi brushed the silvery hair from over his left eye, and silenced the beeps within the cockpit, warning the crew of an approaching unknown.

This variable would reveal itself to be a majestic coyote-inspired zoid. Lavender armor with silver caps and cockpit, and trim of matte grey adorned the rare beast. It craned its neck to look up at the Cruel Gale and barked kindly, “Hiya! Sorry I’m late.” It then brought the Dark Horn into its sights (considering the smoke had been blown away) and fired its tail-located missile at the armaments on its back.

[color=ff2000] “Any more questions, class? If not, let’s go!”[/color]


Knowing that the discharged smog had to be cleared before any offense could be made, the airborne quintet immediately took action, beating all five pairs of wings to blow the smoke directly towards the 6 o’clock position. Meanwhile, the other four teams had much bigger problems to attend to.

Sorairo moved first, standing before her teammates, and firing her Pile Machinegun at all twenty-one of the missiles flying her way, targeting as many as she could and picking them off in two seconds time, before resorting to a sweeping method. On either flank, Ferox and Yuufu fired humongous orbs of hellfire to aid their de facto ‘captain’. To Sorairo’s hind left, Nagareboshi donned herself in the stock Frontal Force Energy Shield to take the brunt of any remaining missiles, and Hyakurai crouched behind the Blitz Tiger. If the smoke had become cleared, Sorairo would open fire on the Dark Horn, while Nagareboshi would begin charging her Bolt Cannon

Solo and Sangloup followed this offensive defense, firing their back-located weapons (Dual Laser Gun and Twin 50mm Beam Cannons respectively) at each quick targeted missile. If need be, Misora would fire her two Surface-to-Air Missiles to counter, as well. Leo would blind fire through the center of the battle zone, while Extrema sprinted to the back of that team.

Zeromaru, figuring himself lucky that his sect only received six missiles, rapidly fired the downsized version of the Dual Pulse Lasers to destroy them. Skyeblu and Stunnalicious instinctively threw up their Frontal Force Energy Shields, standing approvimately three meters off of either side of the Geno Saurer BLOX.

Lastly, the final quartet all tried to clear out the remaining missiles designated for them, utilizing the sniper, metal cannon and vulcans on their back, before falling back 6 meters to defend.



Airborne team tries to clear smoke with wings.
Silverstar runs into battle, stopping under the flying team.

Whether or not smoke is cleared:
  • Sora/Yuufu/Ferox tries to clear missiles with PMG/Flamethrowers
  • Nagare uses FFES
  • Hyakurai hides behind Nagare’s shield
  • Solo/Sangloup/Misora attack missiles
  • Leo fires through center of battle zone
  • Extrema runs behind Solo
  • Skyeblu uses FFES
  • Zeromaru attacks missiles with Dual Pulse Laser
  • Stunna uses FFES
  • Kurogari/Throwback/Raihi/Seraph attacks missiles.
If smoke is cleared:
  • Sora attacks Forgiveness with PMG
  • Raihi attacks Forgiveness with Sniper Rifle to the hind right leg
  • Nagare charges Bolt Cannon
  • Animus tries to use Feather Rockets on Forgiveness
  • Silverstar tries to use HZ Break-Away Warhead (info here) on Forgiveness’ back weaponry.

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"This seems like a very one-sided battle."

"Does it?"

"Two against twenty-three?"

"Did you check out the combatants?"

"I just know one side's Taison, Koko, and Rikku."

"Yeah, you got their entire base against a Proto Zaber and a Dark Horn."

"...Still seems one-sided."

"Have you seen their gear? And the Dark Horn?"

It wasn't much of an audience, but two additional pilots and their zoids were stationed nearby to watch the show. A Shadow Fox was lying down, head raised with Aeolus sitting between his ears, paws crossed. Rosen had his Zabat at his side, arms folded, black hair fluttering with every breeze that blew over.

"Show's starting," Aeolus announced, indicating to the battlefield. Rosen looked out.

"Lovely sight," Rosen remarked. He opened up a bag of jerky for himself as they eyed the massive team of zoids that was getting into position. In the middle of it all stood the Dark Horn and Proto Zaber that had been mentioned, poised proudly despite the odds. He had to admit he was curious as to how they were going to handle twenty-three—

—twenty-four zoids now. The audience watched as the E. Coyote stepped onto the field, chiming at Koichi.

"This ought to be good."

They watched smoke go off. That was always an intriguing start to a battle. Missiles burst from the inky plumes and speared the air, whistling toward the groups that had taken up position. And all around the two, zoids were throwing up everything they had.

While the fliers didn't have too much going for them in the field of blowing things away, a couple could manage significant blasts with their wings. With the distance and the limited power they had, however,—not to mention the thickness of the smoke,—they could only nudge the blackness a few meters away, barely showing the first hints of mines lurking underneath the smoke.

Team Nine O'Clock was looking at a nasty wave of heavy missiles. They blasted holes into the sky, but the valiant Sorairo would have it hard on her first round: one heavy missile slammed into her right side, disabling the machine gun and hyper beam cannon on that side. The dual laser gun would take some damage as well, sputtering and suffering some malfunction. Needless to say, Sorairo would have some difficulty moving about. If anything, she could still crawl, and the weapons on her left side could still function. Two missiles smashed into Nagare's shield as that was going on, severely depleting the shield's energy levels.

While Team Eleven O'Clock didn't have as much to worry about, they still took hits. Poor Leo, whose focus was on shooting through the center arena, would find himself knocked clean out by a heavy missile, not a shot ever landing on their enemy. Solo would take moderate damage to his left shoulder, hindering mobility somewhat and giving one of his missile pods possible malfunction. Sangloup would take moderate damage to his back, losing his beam cannons in the process. Misora would be saved by the Surface-to-Air missiles.

Team Four O'Clock didn't have a pretty wave, either, but considered the situation, the damage wasn't too bad. The worst of it was a heavy missile to Seraph's left side, shredding the armor.

Finally, Team Two O'Clock. No one was hurt, save for Stunnalicious's Frontal Force Energy Shield, energy moderately depleted by one of Forgiveness's missiles.

A spot in the smoke would nudge away, the only indicator that Gira had left at all. A shadow of the Proto Zaber would stand in the blackness, papery features concealed by the smoke as it took its position by the Dark Horn. From the southwest would come a small breeze, tugging and pulling at the smoke as it was caught inside the abandoned racing arena.


Gira: Stealthed, plenty of energy to spare. Out of missiles.
Forgiveness: Out of missiles.

Somnium, Animus, Eienno Akaiito, Nijiro Harusame, Moeagaru Yuki, Silverstar... conditions to report.

Sorairo: Right side blown up, weapons on that side disabled (machine gun, hyper beam cannon) and damaging the dual laser gun. Mobility severely hindered.
Ferox: A-okay.
Nagare: Frontal Force Energy Shield's energy heavily depleted.
Yuufu: In good condition.
Hyakurai: Surviving another few seconds with her antlers unscathed.

Solo: Moderate damage to left shoulder. Hindered mobility and possible missile pod malfunction.
Extrema: Lookin' good.
Misora: Lookin' pretty.
Leo: Not looking so hot; KO'd.
Sangloup: Moderate damage to back, beam cannons disabled.

Raihi: In good condition.
Seraph: Having an ouchie; left side heavily damaged. Moderate hindrance to mobility.
Kurogari: In good condition.
Throwback: Lookin' good.

Damianos: Lookin' especially good.
Skyeblu: In good condition.
Zeromaru: Unharmed.
Stunnalicious: asdfjk; missile to shieldface. Moderate depletion of shield energy.

Nudged a few meters toward six o'clock position thanks to aerialists.
Wind says hi and nudges smoke few meters toward one o'clock.

"Yow, watch them go," Aeolus said as missiles were blown up left and right. One could imagine the explosions burning holes into the canvas of the sky. He winced as the LB Murasame went down from a particularly nasty hit, eyes scanning the field for the Proto Zaber and the Dark Horn. "The two-man team sure knows what they're doing."

"Told you," Rosen remarked. "Now it's up to them to figure out how to fight twenty-four zoids."



And of course, if there's a discrepancy somewhere or if a disagreement is to be made, feel free to bring it up.
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Mark wasn't at all surprised to find that most of the missiles hadn't managed to take their targets. With this many zoids firing they were sure to take down a great many of the explosives through sheer panicked firing. The fact that there weren't any opponents actually down on this side of the field was a bit disappointing though. No matter, it would be alot harder for them to block him.

He looped around to come at his first target from the side. It looked like a stock Shadow Fox, a potential problem with its stealth capabilities. If there was a type of zoid he absolutely loathed to fight it was, ironically, a stealthy one. Lining up on the fox manually, he depressed the fire button on the left stick for a half second before pulling back on the controls. The shock cannons belched forth a trio of heavy shells at the side of the unfortunate zoid. As Mark pulled back Gira leapt, aiming to land on top of the zoid.

He thrust the controls forward again, making the tiger forcefully jump from its perch towards his next target. This one, a modified Liger Zero, might be a bit of a problem. Mark flicked the chargers on the forward strike laser claws and aimed more towards the front shoulders. Hopefully it would react to the Shadow Fox's plight by turning towards the oncoming Zaber. Gira landed on the ground and burst forward, claws extended to try and tear at the CAS zoid. Glowing claws seemed to materialize out of thin air as it flew.

Mark braced himself, making sure that if they couldn't actually reach the Zero they would catch themselves to run off rather than faceplanting in the dirt. On landing, he cut the SLC chargers and circled around to come in towards the second group from behind. He blinked to himself as he saw something that didn't show up on his radar. "Shoot. Gregor! We've got something out here that's got passive."


The targeting locks on the aerial zoids started to come in as soon as he stopped moving. The truly ancient zoidian smiled softly to himself as his hands moved along the control banks on either side of the cockpit as fast as possible. He couldn't exactly tell what the flyers were but the radar crown could tell how big they were so he decided to go by that.

He prioritized the largest zoid as the target of the Heavy Beam Launcher, which mysteriously had exploding shells similar to a flak gun. Everything else up there he fired whatever was closest, with the exception of the high density beam cannons/boosters. The computer would have to do the targetting and the firing, he couldn't see anything.

He felt the various weapons shift on the zoid as they tracked their targets through the smoke and began to fire. The whir of the gatling gun and the shudder as the beam launcher fired were the only things he could really identify, the others sounded too similar to each other to tell. Even so he knew there was going to be a lot of hostile light in the air.

The Beam Launcher was firing at the largest, with the beam gatling sweeping from one edge of the formation to the other to chew up as much of whatever shields they might put up as possible. The 80mm anti-air guns were firing at the flyers on either side of the pack with the 20mm beam cannon and the tri-barrel cannon firing at whatever the radar classified as the 'closest' target. For good measure the armored zoid lifted its head and let a ball of flame fly at them as well.

As soon as the second round for the launcher had fired, Gregor stopped all the guns and threw up both of his shields. He backed up as fast as possible until he had covered one length of his zoid and moved over to the left about ten feet, careful to stay out of the blast radius of the mines. Waiting a few seconds, he let the computer start coming up with targetting locks again. "Gregor! We've got something out here that's got passive."

The zoidian shook his head and keyed his own microphone. "Your problem for now. I'll try and peg him when the smoke settles."

Also, stats.