New VBCW Books from Solway

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Solway have just released two new books in the popular 1938 VBCW series.
The first is a new flag book covering the Royalist and reactionary forces, with superb artwork from Pete Barfield (the flags are also available from Solway at 28mm on cotton or paper).
The second book covers the developing story north of the border. The Armies and Enemies of the Scottish Republic covers the internal Scottish factions, including Army of the Scottish Republic, League of St Andrew, Shetland, The Lord of the Isles, The Red Clydesiders, and King Robert IV's Jacobites! Again, plenty of color, including plates by Pete Barfield.
Both volumes are available now at £8 GBP each, plus postage.

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Already got the SCOTTISH ONE,too many armies and ideas and not enough money is just not fair.......although the Jacobites might be an idea.....

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Aye, just ordered the Scottish one. I await with eager anticipation!
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Will ordering some new books off Solway's ebay account