For Sale – 28mm Burgundian/ Wars of the Roses Medi

1051 To 1489
James Morris
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28 Apr 2012, 21:16 #1

Chaps, my apologies for posting something commercial, but I hope the non-buyers among you will enjoy looking at the pictures, anyway! I am selling off two 28mm late medieval armies, as follows:
A superbly painted Burgundian army, mostly composed of Front Rank figures. This army featured in the colour section in Warhammer Historical’s WAB Armies of Chivalry and is a one-off opportunity to obtain a personalised army of this quality. Pictures and details at:
A smaller Wars of the Roses army, painted to a good wargames standard but compatible with the above. Pictures and details at:
Thank you for looking.

Somerset Lad
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Very nice paint job!
Somerset Lad

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